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Henry Schein supply rep specializing in the business of dentistry. Dentists who choose to work with me see an average of 90k production increase in 1 year.

OSHA Fines Increase by 78% on August 1st This dramatic increase in OSHA fines was described as a “catch-up” based upon the inflation rate from 1990, when they were last raised, to the present.

Marketing Your Dental Practice

Are you getting the amount of new patients that you'd like? Are you confused about where to spend your marketing budget or every why you need to at all? Are you fed up with being sold business solution after business solution? Why not let Henry Schein help? The only way our business grows is if yours does as well.

"When you trust Henry Schein with your dental supplies, we do everything we can to grow your practice to its greatest potential"

Contact me if you're interested in learning more about how I can help.

What's your marketing plan? Your Henry Schein representative can help your practice set marketing goals, create a plan, and implement strategies to bring new...

Matt Montag - Henry Schein's cover photo

Matt Montag - Henry Schein's cover photo

Matt Montag - Henry Schein's cover photo

Dental Business Institute: Business Education for Dentists

Are you an entrepreneurial dentist in the Northern Virginia area looking to grow your business through adding multiple locations? Watch the video below and contact me if you are interested in learning more.

The Henry Schein Dental Business Institute is a year-long educational program that guides practitioners in building a business model to achieve their practic...

Dentrix Practice Advisor

If you are like many Dentrix users, you understand there is never a shortage of new tools and reports to learn in order to make your practice run more profitably. If you are unfamiliar with the Practice Advisor report, stop what you're doing and watch. Eliminate the Guesswork with Dentrix Practice Advisor The new Dentrix Practice Advisor takes the guess work out of data analysis and puts all of your practic...

Why Word Of Mouth Marketing Is The Most Important Social Media

Understanding the relationship between word of mouth marketing and social media marketing is the foundation needed to design a successful social media marketing strategy. Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). Isn’t this really the original social media platform? I grew up with the famous Faberge commercial that showed a woman who “told 2 friends” about the product and how “they told 2 friends … and so on … and so on”. Hasn’t WOM always been [...]

Webinars - Henry Schein

Check out these FREE Webinars offered through Henry Schein Dental

1. How do you know when you're ready for an associate?
2. Why it's imperative to understand practice valuation
3. Ensuring successful business partnerships.
4. What you need to know to prepare to sell your practice. Find and register for dental webinars from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, a leader in dental sales and brokerage services nationwide.

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Matt Montag - Henry Schein's cover photo

Henry Schein Practice Analysis

Get a practice analysis ran for $239. In my experiences the video is a little off, My average total production opportunity is closer to half a million, and 99/100 we can capture 100k of that in less than a month. WATCH:

A Henry Schein Practice Analysis can identify more than $100,000 in potential production for your practice. Watch this video to find out how and request your...

ASDA journal dedicates issue to ‘the millennial dentist’

What an incredibly well put together, effective, and timely publication. Impressed by the ASDA for being proactive and putting together such an in-depth view into the minds of Millennial Dentists which gives the much needed understanding and insight into older generations so as to prepare both sides for future healthy working relationships.#FutureofDentistry The Journal of the American Student Dental Association dedicated its latest issue on the “Millennial Dentist.” “Stereotypes brand millennials as lazy, entitled and narcissistic. I…

Had a great day yesterday at #GiveKidsaSmile. Thanks to Gainesville Pediatric Dentistry for donating over $12,000 in free #dentistry

Matt Montag - Henry Schein

Matt Montag - Henry Schein's cover photo

[12/05/15]   I help treat your business, so you can focus on treating your patients.

Aside from being the world's largest dental supply distributor, Henry Schein Dental is also the industry leader in providing business solutions for private dental practices. My job as a Field Sales Consultant for Henry Schein is to partner with dentists and work together to grow their practice. I do this primarily by focusing on the business side of the practice. Some of the categories I specialize in are growing production through implementing various efficiencies, insurance fee negotiation, equipment and technology investments/adding practices, marketing, insurance coding, PPO management, and case acceptance.

If you choose to work with me, I'll begin by providing a comprehensive exam on the business by running a henry schein practice analysis. This 30 page analysis breaks down each department and shows what your practice would produce at 100% productivity rate (using existing active patient count and imaging equipment) how much production opportunity exists in your practice, and specifically where the lost revenue is coming from. Once we identify where the opportunity exists we identify a treatment plan, set collection goals and I work with you to help you reach these goals.

Matt Montag - Henry Schein



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