Grace H Yeh, DDS

We're proud to keep you smiling, Alhambra!

Our practice has been taking care of Alhambra’s smiles in a comfortable family environment since 1982. Specializing in children’s dentistry, our entire team is dedicated to building relationships with our patients through excellent care and creating an environment that’s educational and fun. We frequently update our office with the latest technologies to give our patients the most effective, cutting-edge treatments possible. Between our advanced office and highly trained team, you can rest easy knowing your child’s dental health is in good hands.

We all love a treat now and then. When you brush and floss, even the sweetest cupcakes are be no match for your pearly whites!

Providing comfortable care to Alhambra's princes and princesses since 1995.

The greatest ace to keep up your sleeve.

More daylight means more time in the day to work on those pearly whites!

Time flies when you're in a room this fun.

Good things come to all those who come see us.

Swing by and learn how fun it is to hang out with our staff.

Some easy ways to smile could be waiting in your inbox.

We can't wait to to brighten your day and smile!

Great experience hinge upon a great team. You'll always find both right here!

Here's to a day filled with all the things that make you smile.

Take your dentist visits to the next level.

Be honest! (a dentist always knows)

This Valentine's Day -- show your teeth how much they mean to you.

There's nothing like a good shout out to make somebody's day, Alhambra!

Patient care that always goes the extra yard.

So let us just say that there's no community as great as this one!

A sight for sore eyes (and teeth).

What are some of your oral health goals for 2019?

Making our customers happy is one resolution that's easy for us to keep.

The princes and princesses who visit our office can always expect the royal treatment.

With all of our toys and games, the wait is never boring here!

Begin the new year with a smile.

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you!

And to all a good morning!

Let's spread some good cheer!

"All I want for Christmas are thirty-two clean teeth."

The place that's even happier than The North Pole.

Forget sugar plums -- we have visions of this dancing in our heads.

It sounds tough, but we know you can do it!

When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

Every story has a beginning, and we want to know yours!

A healthy smile is one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself.

Let's all show some #LocalLove today!



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