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Successful programs to help with tongue tie, unhealthy breathing patterns, stopping thumb & finger sucking, pacifier usage, & nail biting.

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Oral Myofunctional Therapy of York

This article not only explains how breastfeeding influences tongue function, but how tongue function influences the entire body. This is definitely worth reading!

Sippy Cups: 3 Reasons to Skip Them and What to Offer Instead In the article Step Away from the Sippy Cup, I discussed how the sippy cup was invented for parents, not for kids. An engineer got fed up with his toddler spilling juice on the carpet and the rest …

Oral Myofunctional Therapy of York

Here is some helpful info on the differences between #SleepApnea and #UpperAirwayResistanceSyndrome...

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Parents, break your child's thumb-sucking habit with the help of an IAOM certified orofacial myologist! Take a look at what can happen if your child doesn't break the digit sucking habit. #IAOM #ThumbSucking #OrofacialMyologist #EliminateThumbSucking #Dental #Parenting #Children #Adults #OrofacialMyofunctionalTherapy

International Association of Orofacial Myology

A #tonguetie can lead to speech problems. If you suspect your baby has a tongue- tie, contact a certified #orofacialmyologist. IAOM certified Orofacial Myologists can evaluate and make appropriate referrals.

International Association of Orofacial Myology

Muscular and functional changes following adenotonsillectomy in children.

Time to Move the Tongue Freely May Be Required to Develop Speech Perception Free Research in Brief | January 2016 Time to Move the Tongue Freely May Be Required to Develop Speech Perception Author Notes © 2016 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Article Information Hearing & Speech Perception / Research in Brief Research in Brief | January 2016 Time to Move…

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Why is a tongue-tie release important for an adult?

Do you breathe through your nose or your mouth? And why is this important? - Fitness Journal Waikato myofunctional therapists Nerissa Dryland and Amy Cudby recently attended the Academy of applied Myofunctional Sciences (AAMS) symposium in Los Angeles. Bringing together world leaders in the form of lactation consultants, orthodontists, dentists, myofunctional therapists, osteopaths and spee…

The Airway, Breathing and Orthodontics By Dr. David C. Page & Dr. Derek Mahony ABSTRACT Dentists need to play a bigger role in managing airway development and craniofacial formation even though the relationship between the airway, b...

Almost 8 Percent of U.S. Children Have a Communication or Swallowing Disorder Nearly one in 12 children ages 3–17 has had a disorder related to voice, speech, language or swallowing in the past 12 months, and more than half of them receive intervention, according to results of a national survey.

Picky eating in kids could be sign of bigger health concerns Children who are selective eaters may have health issues reaching far beyond diet, study finds

Why Biting Your Nails Is More Than Just A Bad Habit The question: I've always been told that I should stop biting my nails because it's "bad for me." But why is it bad? The answer: Sure, biting and picking at your nails is kinda gross. It also is a sure-fire way to make your manicure that...

Tongue Tie In Babies/Infants - Causes, Symptoms & Treatments Breastfeeding can be a battle for quite a number of new mothers. A wailing, hungry infant can lead to anxiety and depression.

Fun And Games Help Toddlers Make Healthy Choices The last concern on children's minds is eating healthy. Yet adding a little fun and games to the equation can make a dramatic difference when it comes to eating right.

Fall Back! Daylight Saving Time Ends November 2 - Farmers' Almanac Daylight Saving Time ends November 2, 2014. Learn more about this annual time change in which we "fall back" one hour.

Highland Park pediatric dentist helping tongue-tied babies After just three days, it was painfully clear that breastfeeding wasn't working for Karen Poskozim or her newborn son.

Common Fall Allergens & How to Fight Them Don't let Fall allergies get you down, learn about these 4 common Fall allergens & how to best avoid them.

Baby tongue tie culprit in case for breastfeeding TONGUE tied newborns and their mothers will benefit from an intensive investigation of a case of a 16-day-old boy by UWA human lactation researchers....

Tongue-tie (Ankyloglossia) Most of us think of tongue-tie as a situation we find ourselves in when we are too excited to speak. Actually, tongue-tie is the non-medical term for a relatively common physical condition that limits the use of the tongue, ankyloglossia.



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