Kenneth Rothschild, D.D.S

Kenneth Rothschild, D.D.S


Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community.

These new families are looking for a new EVERYTHING!

Town Hall contacts these new families each week as soon as they move into their new home.

These new families will find new places to eat, work out, wash their car......they need a new Hair Salon, Spa, Auto Repair Shop, Optometrist, Dry Cleaner, Pet Groomer, Day Care Facility, Florist, Nail Salon, get the idea. They are actively seeking new local businesses and creating new purchasing patterns. They will become someone's next new local, loyal customer.

Town Hall will direct them to you before your competition even knows they are here.

Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one business per category, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being featured in our local Welcome Kits.

I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.

Please reply to this email with your availability or call me at your earliest convenience.

For a faster response, or if you prefer, feel free to text me on my cell which is listed in my signature.

Andi Hyman
(571) 550-0359
[email protected]
Best dentist ever!!! I'm always scared of going to the dentist ever since I was a child. But when I started going at Dr. Kenneth Rothschild's office everything changed. He is very personable, and his nimble hands makes you so comfortable during the procedure. From the receptionists to the hygienists (special mention Karen 👍🏼) they are all awesome!

By incorporating an interceptive approach, we are able to offer integrative dental care and bring together those factors of health, stability and function, with comfort and appealing esthetics.

In our dental practice you can expect an interceptive, integrated approach to your oral health care needs. It has been our experience since 1983 that by using this approach we have been able to achieve an extremely high level of success. Patients are taught to understand the most common factors that can potentially lead to a less than ideal state of dental health. With the appropriate oral health

Operating as usual 27/12/2019

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Check out this blog by RSS Feed Maintaining good oral hygiene, regular professional cleanings and oral checkups are the best preventative measures against gum disease. Read on our blog to learn more! 12/11/2019

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New 5 Star Review Our compliments to Mary W., Karen, Terri, and Sandra. Knowledgeable and friendly, they make every visit pleasant. 21/08/2019

New 5 Star Review Dr. Rothschild is knowledgeable, caring, and a really good dentist. 14/08/2019

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null Most dental procedures today only require local anesthesia to numb just the affected area. It's a safer approach than general anesthesia: the unconscious state created by putting someone "to sleep" can lead to some unpleasant complications.But patient comfort involves more than preventing physical p 22/07/2019

New 5 Star Review Punctual , straight forward and professional. Great visit. 15/07/2019

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null A certain news story a few years ago notwithstanding, dentists still recommend flossing along with brushing to adequately remove disease-causing plaque. If there is any controversy at all about flossing, it's whether you should perform it before brushing or after. Each perspective has good reasons." 11/07/2019

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New 5 Star Review My first appointment today was outstanding! I definitely found my new dentist office!!! 26/05/2019

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New 5 Star Review I’ve been going to Dr. Ken since I was a teenager. That was 45 years ago. Still love all the work that he does for me and my family. 17/05/2019

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New 5 Star Review I really like all the staff with whom I interacted. Everyone was very professional and friendly. 26/04/2019

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New 5 Star Review Dr. Ken and Dr.Tammy, Terri and Karen are professional, knowledgeable, and caring. Pleasant, friendly office, well managed by Sandra. It makes my wife and me glad to be in such good hands. 16/04/2019

New 5 Star Review Always received as a friend had a first visit with the new dentist Tammy she was so good I almost fell asleep and I Am the biggest chicken 🐣my front tooth looks amazing 😉 so grateful . Sandy and Karen are so welcoming love the waiting area clean lots of drinks coffee tea water and magazine col... 16/04/2019

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