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[03/17/20]   *COVID-19 Response Update*

To all of our patients and extended family,

The New Jersey Dental Association issued the following statement, "The NJDA strongly recommends that dentists practicing in New Jersey voluntarily suspend nonessential or nonurgent dental care for the next 14 days."

In an effort to do our part to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to protect our employees and patients, we are following the recommendations of the NJDA. Baldino Dental Arts will temporarily suspend all non-emergency care. I will remain available to see patients on an emergency basis only and can be reached on my personal cell phone at 201-400-0489.

Thank you and stay well,

Dr. Michael Baldino

Baldino Dental Arts is proud to support New Jersey Center of Dance and our favorite little dancers and their friends!! Keep smiling girls!!

These future Dr. Baldino’s got to observe their Dad performing surgical procedures this morning. They want to be just like Dad!! #BringYourChildrenToWorkDay2018

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American Dental Association

Oh what bootiful smiles! We've got toothy pumpkin carving stencils just for you.

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