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Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry


Thank you doctor Libby! we had a lot of fun with the Painting classes!
thank you so much Dr Libby! The kids and I had so much fun!
Thank Dr. Libby. The boys had so much fun today. Ok, so did mom😉
Dr. Libby and her crew are awesome!
Dr Libby is the sweetest. She is about an hour away but that okay.. great staff
We love Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentisrty! Our 3 boys always look forward to getting their teeth cleaned, and everyone is so friendly.
I'm a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and fully trust Dr. Libby and team. They have been amazing in helping us through dental injuries on the weekend as well as stellar routine care. Dr.Libby even had my husband video her with instructions since I'm never able to make appointments. Thank you for giving amazing care to your patients!
Free Fun and Fireworks tonight. Anyone is welcome.😊 Feativities start at 6 but not mandatory to be there at that time.
LOVE Dr Libby & her staff!!! Her quality of care is above and beyond any other.
Dr. Libby is awesome and truly cares about each and every patient! Everyone is special!!!
Everyone and everything at DRPD is impressive and outstanding. We have two children, one who’s happy to lay there and watch tv while getting cleanings, and another who is TERRIFIED! They’ve worked with us through happy dentist appointments to help our daughter feel safe. Eli was so awesome last time. We’ll definitely never look for a new dentist again.
Dr Libby is amazing. My daughter has been seeing her for almost 10 years. She’s watched her grow up. Dr. Libby is so nice and compassionate and loves, loves, loves her job. Her staff is amazing too. So many of them have been there most of the time. Thank you for caring for Iliana :)

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Ideally, you should brush your teeth twice a day, and brushing before bed is crucial. Saliva helps fight cavity-causing bacteria, but you don’t produce much saliva while you are sleeping. Cleaning your teeth before bed prevents acids from eating through the enamel on your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay.

Two-thirds of your tooth is visible; the rest is underneath your gums.

Your child's first dental visit should be a memorable one!

As your child grows, their jaws also grow to make room for their permanent teeth.

As your child grows, their jaws also grow to make room for their permanent teeth.

We love to see your kids smile!

We love to see your kids smile!

Limiting the amount of sugar that your kids consume is good for their teeth and overall health.

Our dental offices are designed with your kids in mind!

We strive to keep your kids smiling!

If a child loses a baby tooth too early, a space maintainer can be used to keep the space open for an adult tooth to come in.

A pediatric dentist has at least two additional years of education and training beyond dental school and is able to provide better dental care to children.

Don't press too hard when you brush your teeth.

Instill good dental care habits in your children while they are young so that they can develop a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

We’re all ready for our patients!! ❤️ #safetyfirst #WeLoveToLoveYou #DrLibbyDDS

Supervise your children to make sure they are using the right amount of toothpaste. Using excessive toothpaste can increase their chances of consuming too much fluoride.

Did you know that a baby tooth won't fall out unless there's an adult tooth to replace it?

Taking care of baby teeth DOES matter! Healthy baby teeth mean healthy adult teeth.

Bleeding gums are generally caused by inadequate plaque removal. Plaque contains germs that attack the healthy tissue around the teeth.

Dental problems do not go away without treatment!

Proper dental care starts early on. Practice good flossing and brushing habits with your children to help them avoid dental issues later on.

Star Wars fans we are! Go to and find Star Wars day activities! Have fun and May the 4th be with you.

What a fun class! Loved the llama 🦙 and we absolutely loved all the art you have shared with us!! Thankful for CCarrie Curran Art Studiosand so happy many of you joined in the last class! Please keep sharing your artwork with us 🖼 🎨 🖌 #carriecurranartstudios #DrLibbyDDS #WeLoveToLoveYou

Today is our last class with Carrie Curran Art Studios 🖼 🎨 🖌 We can’t wait to see all your beautiful creations!! Have fun!!!

Not sure what to make for dinner? 🤔 I got the perfect idea!! TTom and Lin Catering - TLC they deliver too!!

What a fun class today!! Thank you guys for joining Carrie Curran Art Studios today!! We hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did! Please send us your art! We absolutely love receiving pics!!

Immune Boosting Exercises/Therapy-Dr. Infantino's Immune Boosting Recharge Fast Series-Video 5

Thank you Dr. Infantino from Platinum Wellness for sharing all these great videos! Take a look at these IMMUNE BOOSTING EXERCISES 💪🏻

Dr. Infantino's How to boost your immune system fast (72 hrs) to head off the Coronavirus quickly. Learn proven foods to eat (and what never to eat) along wi...

How fun was today’s class with Carrie Curran Art Studios?! So fun!! We are so happy so many of you joined in!! Here are some of the pics we received. Please show your art in the comments, we love it when you share! #OnlineArtClass #DrLibbyDDS #DrBobbyDDS #StayHome #carriecurranartstudios #WeLoveToLoveYou

The Plemons Group not only do they help with choosing many different types of affordable insurance plans like homeowners ins, renters ins and health ins. They also help with retirement planning! Give them a call (480)676-5721!
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Safe Food by TLC

If you haven’t tried Tom and Lin Catering - TLC you are missing out!!!
How Safe Food Works
They provide meals in separately labeled cryovac bags.
Just boil and serve or reheat via your favorite method.
All Safe Food portions feed 6.
What a great idea!!! Oh, and THEY DELIVER TOO 👍🏻 !!
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#SpreadFaithNotFear Spread Faith, not Fear

Immune Boosting Foods- Video 4- Dr. Infantino's How to Boost Your Immune System Fast (72 hrs)

Another great video by Dr. Anthony Infantino from Platinum Wellness! Please share! #BetterTogether #DrLibbyDDS #DrBobbyDDS

Dr. Infantino's How to Boost Your Immune System Fast (72 hrs) series to head off the coronavirus. Learn proven foods to eat (and what never to eat) along wit...

He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matthew 28:6

What a fun art class with Carrie Curran Art Studios!! Please show us your bunnies 🐰! Here are some pics we received and we LOVED THEM! #BetterTogether #CarrieCurranArtStudio #DrLibbyDDS #DrBobby #OnlineArtClass #StayHome #DontRoam

[04/11/20]   For those waiting for the Art Class!!
So Sorry we are having a glitch with zoom! We should have no limit on participants. We are working on it. If you couldn’t get on, try again!!

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