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Biondo & Foley Dental Group


Yesterday was a beautiful day made better by spending it with Ava, Stephanie and Gerdine, 3 amazing 8th graders who wanted to give some supplies and hot food to homeless people in Lowell. We heard things like “I’m so happy right now” and “I feel human again” and that’s significant in this time when so many teens are feeling isolated and depressed. While putting things together, they had deep conversations ranging from race and ethnic relations and their own life experiences, social media and teens, to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Teens are interested in all of these things and think about them with a lot of nuance and empathy. We all felt sadness and compassion as they talked to people on the streets, many of whom are disabled and many who were clearly grateful for any help with basic needs. We talked about how these experiences are planting a seed in them at their age so that they will keep learning and want to work toward solutions to the root causes of homelessness and other problems in society. They filled us with hope in one afternoon, and we can’t think of anything better for us to do right now than to keep supporting young people who care so deeply.

Special thanks to Biondo & Foley Dental Group for generously donating all the toothbrushes and toothpaste for the bags on short notice! 💜
Dr. Foley & BFDG you are the best! Thank you so much for thinking of Addie. It made her day and she is enjoying every bite! Thank you❤️❤️

Excellent family and cosmetic dentistry for children and adults of all ages. All members of the Biondo and Foley Dental Group are committed to excellence.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of dental care possible in an environment that promotes health and trust. We are a state of the art facility that utilizes the latest technology to provide comprehensive and personalized treatment for each patient. The comfort of our patients is a priority to us and we are dedicated to making every visit with us both pleasing and relaxing.

Operating as usual


We are so excited to be awarded “Most Loved Pediatric Dentist 2021”! THANK YOU to our patients and families, we are so grateful for your continued support!!

We are so excited to be awarded “Most Loved Pediatric Dentist 2021”! THANK YOU to our patients and families, we are so grateful for your continued support!!


We are so happy that our Doctors were able to receive their first vaccination a couple of weeks ago. Next up..the rest of our team!

We are so happy that our Doctors were able to receive their first vaccination a couple of weeks ago. Next up..the rest of our team!

[05/28/20]   Hello BFDG patients!

We are excited to be starting back and can’t wait to show you all of the new changes at the office!

At this time, we are limited to seeing emergent or about to become emergent patients. Our office hours are still limited and do change daily, but please feel free to call the office as needed. If we are not there, someone will gladly return your call. If you have an upcoming appointment that was previously scheduled, we will be in contact with you soon to either confirm or reschedule it as needed.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this time. Together with our strong and amazing staff members, we are excited to share this new frontier with you, and we do so with confidence. We can not wait to see you and smile with you again soon.

Be well!

Drs. Biondo & Foley


Please note extended closure until May 18, 2020


Important Covid-19 Update


Important COVID-19 Update 02/24/2020

Biondo & Foley Dental Group | Hulafrog Merrimack Valley, MA

We were so excited to find out that we received an award for most loved family dentist for 2020!! Thank you to all of our amazing patients that participated, we wouldn't be here without you!
We are so thrilled and so honored to be on such an impressive list, alongside so many other fabulous businesses!!! We are grateful! Thank you!!! Offering family and cosmetic dentistry for children and adults of all ages. Children are instantly at ease and relaxed as both dentists and hygienists walk them through their appointment, keeping them comfortable and engaged throughout. At the end of their appointment they get to pick out a prize an...


Such an Amazing Day celebrating THREE Engagements with these Amazing Ladies!!! Congrats to our Three Brides to BE!!!!


WOW!!!! What a way to start the day-having this award personally delivered to our office! We had no idea! I can honestly say that we are so fortunate to have Dr. Biondo and Dr. Foley who are not only so caring (and the BEST 😉) but, they love what they do and are total perfectionists as well. We also have the most amazing team that we could ever dream of! They are just as diligent, smart and kind as our fab Doctors! Thank you to Wicked Local and to everyone who voted. We are truly so honored for being recognized. Thank you again!!!


Christmas in January! Just when we thought Dr. Biondo and Dr. Foley couldn't get any more creative, generous, thoughtful and FUN! They surprise us with an all expense paid trip to Disney!!! We experienced 5 star Club level service at the Beach Club resort, enjoyed hopping between the parks, hanging by the pool and dancing and singing on the Boardwalk! Here are a few of mannny pictures we took this weekend-SUCH A BLAST!!! Absolutely the best trip we've taken together! We cannot thank them enough, we are so lucky and thankful that we have such amazing bosses!!

[07/28/16]   WOW!! We are shocked and so honored! We didn't even know it was voting time! This is so amazing!!!
We want to thank Wicked Local and everyone who voted. We love our wonderful patients and truly feel so lucky to have each and every one of you. To feel the love back is awesome-thank you SO much! Thank you again to Wicked Local and to all of our fabulous patients! We love you!


As we were sitting here talking about what an AWESOME TIME Dr. B's three fab boys had at Gronk football camp this past weekend, it reminded us that it is the time of year that we really like to remind all kids (and parents) to remember to wear their sports mouthguards!
In our dental practice, we tend to see that kids remember to wear their guards more for their actual sports seasons, but tend to be more relaxed and forget to wear them at their sports summer camps. Mouthguard use prevents more than 200,000 orofacial injuries per year.
Although over the counter mouthguards may be used, custom fit guards made by dentists do provide the best protection and have the best compliance rate.
Although we love seeing you all, we don't want to see any injuries! So grin and wear your guard this summer-and always!
Now seriously, how adorable are Dr. B's boys-and Gronk! :) What fun they had!!


We have great news!! Our newest member of BFDG has finally arrived! Please join us in welcoming
Taylor Noelle 8lbs 1oz and 21in. long
We are so happy for our wonderful Jenny and her great husband, Evan, as they welcome their beautiful new addition!
Welcome to the world, Taylor!


This was the photo Dr Biondo was telling you about this morning- her 3 boys on the 1st day of school with “Jim’s Gym” in the background! How lucky to be able to start everyday thinking about your Dad, your family, and your wonderful generosity- THANK YOU!!! Joanne Doherty Dee & Fran Doherty


What an awesome way to kick off a fabulous holiday weekend! VIP bowling at Kings with the BFDG crew!! So much fun and so many laughs (maybe a few at Jess' expense with her own bowling shoes brought from home) LOL! Not too mention the delish food and amazing music to dance too while waiting our turn to bowl!! 😎🍴🍕🎶🎳
And I'm thinking my belly is only SLIGHTLY bigger than that bowling ball?!? Huge thank you to Drs Biondo and Foley for such a great afternoon!!


I hope everyone had a great weekend, I sure did! Drs Biondo and Foley threw me the most amazing baby shower I could have ever imagined!!! I was so overwhelmed by the amount of thought and love they put into every detail. I had such a blast and so many laughs with my BFDG family. There were way too many fun photos to chose from so here are just a few!!! ☔️ Jenny


Biondo & Foley Dental Group


Biondo & Foley Dental Group's cover photo


Hey FB friends this is Jenny, you have to see this picture!!!! is Dr. Biondo's oldest son, John, with GRONK! John is literally Gronk's #1 fan, so for him to get this football camp experience this weekend was the cooooolest evvvver! He played tons of football with Gronk and all of Gronk's family and friends...John caught passes from Gronk, high fived him, got his autograph, took pictures with him,learned how to "Gronk" the ball and Dr B said he even learned Gronk's dance moves!
Way to go, John! You are one cool dude and you deserve it! Happy almost 9th birthday, dude! Xo 🏈


Thank you Dr. Biondo and Dr. Foley for the BEST Christmas gift EVER! A weekend filled with lots of laughs and fun, amazing food and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE at Mohegan Sun!


Ok fans, this is HUGE! Get this!
Our very own Dr. Biondo along with Dr. James Wu, the Oral Surgeon we work with (both doctors seen in picture along with a couple of our staff members) are the first dentists to have completed and inserted the FIRST Biomet 3i DIEM2 full arch implant prosthesis case in the entire Merrimack Valley!!!
This innovative type of case can be done when a patient that needs all their teeth taken out but does not want to have something removable (like a denture) receives implants the same day as the extractions. A temporary prosthesis is made before hand and then it is screwed into the implants right away, allowing patient to never go without teeth. Later, after months of healing, this final Biomet 3i DIEM2 case (seen here) is inserted and torqued into the implants, allowing the patient to esthetically look fantastic and able to have perfect function. This maxillary prosthesis was made of Zirkonzahn zirconia with customized color and shades. It is as beautiful as porcelain but, with the same wear and characteristics as the enamel on natural teeth. How cool is that?!
Looks AMAZING! Great job Dr B!!!!


Yesterday was such a fantastic day for the St. Augustine School Walkathon! It was a great event and we were so proud to be a sponsor! Dr B also volunteered and walked, she had a wonderful time with fabulous people and such fantastic kids! Speaking of...Here are Dr B's 3 boys sporting their gorgeous BFDG smiles! Way to go guys!!! :)


Thank you all SO much for your kind words yesterday!
Dr Biondo and Dr Foley surprised all of us with a SPA DAY!! They turned our office into a spa (well, I know most would agree it already seems like one-LOL!) They had us pampered all afternoon-what a treat! It meant so much to us that we could all celebrate this special day together!

[05/01/14]   Hi everyone-
Please join us in congratulating Drs Biondo and Foley! It was 10 years ago today that the Biondo & Foley Dental Group opened its doors! Both doctors spent the previous years working for other dentists and they always had the dream of one day building their own “dream” office that was not only providing excellent dentistry, but also offered a fun and relaxing atmosphere full of laughter and friendships. We are so glad they took that leap of faith because their dream came true!
Here’s to the next ten!!!!!!


An awesome patient of ours sent this and made us LOL!!! thought you'd enjoy ;) 03/28/2014

The Duchenne Smile Reference Chart

Hey guys, it's Jenny!!
I sure hope this study is true...I'm sure you can all attest to all the joy and laughter that occurs throughout these four walls!
I think Dr Biondo needs her own category- Extreme Duchenne!When you get her laughter going, you can hear it in the next state! LOL!!! Happy Friday! Say cheese, snap a photo and compare your results to see where you fall on the smile scale.



(Dr. Biondo's response to her patient who is a Denver fan)

"You're seriously telling me you're a Broncos fan BEFORE I get you numb?!?!!" THAT'S gutsy! :)

[12/23/13]   Merry Christmas! Enjoy this wonderful time of year with your family, friends and loved ones :)


Open Wide!!!!!! haha :)
Let's hope we get enough snow on Saturday to make one of these!!
Have a GREAT weekend! :)

[11/29/13]   As many of you know, tonight is the night that our wonderful Jenny is getting married! We are all so excited to attend the wedding of a great girl that found a great guy! Please join us in wishing Jenny and Evan a lifetime of happiness!!! Yay!!


We are extremely thankful for our friends, family and wonderful patients.
Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Halloween!!!
Don't forget to brush and floss after all that candy ;)


We spliced together a side by side photo of our most recent teeth whitening patient, Halle Ween. She came in stressed because her smile wasn't ready for the holidays, now she sparkles!
Halle Ween's smile is ready for the holiday season, is yours?!?
If not, call us today!!!! :)


3 more days until the BFDG crew arrives in HOLLYWOOOOOD!!!

To all of our wonderful patients,
In case of an emergency no need to worry! Our Doctor's can be reached on their cell phones (unless we are in flight). We also have a local Dentist on call, Dr Andre. Please call our office and listen to the voicemail for forwarding numbers.
See you when we get back!!!! :)





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