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Our team is dedicated to establishing a relationship with our patients that allows us to deliver the highest level of care. Life is lived moment by moment, and our health ensures that these moments are full.

We take our commitment to your well-being seriously and strongly believe that oral health is fundamental to overall health and happiness. Together, we work towards a goal of uniting all aspects of life so that we can be fully present and in the moment wherever we are. We understand that dentistry can be stressful, so we listen and give advice from a patient’s perspective. We take pride in our unhu

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We hope you enjoy a wonderful 2019 filled with much success and happiness!


Imagine live-tracking your dental health right from your phone! Engineers have developed breakthrough technology that can make this a possible feat. Learn what’s in store for the future of oral health technology: https://bit.ly/2rLbL1r


Our team at Wilmington Dental Group wishes you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!


Imagine live-tracking your dental health right from your phone! Engineers have developed breakthrough technology that can make this a possible feat. Learn what’s in store for the future of oral health technology: https://bit.ly/2A3MMvc


During the holiday season, we’re often tempted to indulge in cookies, candy, and other treats. Here’s how you can keep your teeth healthy so that you don’t have to include dental implants on your holiday wish list! Click to learn more: https://bit.ly/2QZu7dj


What else about you is unique? Your teeth! Teeth structure vary from person to person, so they are often helpful in identifying crime victims or those who commit the crime. Forensic odontologists can even apply this to identify unknown bite marks!


Looks like this elf’s dream came true! Known for promoting good dental health to both Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and children all around the world, Hermey the Elf was awarded by the American Dental Association in 2014 with the title of “DDG” (Dental Do Gooder).


Love coffee, but hate the stains? Don’t worry—we’ve got some tips to help keep your smile in check! Learn how you can enjoy your favorite beverage without worrying about your pearly whites: https://bit.ly/2BboT4t


Dr. Washington Sheffield was the first to put toothpaste into a collapsible tube (similar to what we use today), a design that toothpaste manufacturers took a liking to and began to mass produce. Before then, toothpaste was primarily sold in jars!


Whether it's a chance to meet Santa or attend an exciting party, Wilmington has plenty in store for you and your loved ones to celebrate the holidays! Learn about the festivities happening in our community throughout this month that you can take part of: https://bit.ly/2SB05d1


Do you know the origin of the holiday classic, “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”? In 1944, music teacher Donald Yetter asked a group of second graders what they wanted for Christmas, and he couldn’t help but notice their lisps due to missing teeth!


Now that the temperature’s dropping, you may notice some increasing jaw pain. If so, there’s a reason for that! Click to learn what causes this phenomenon and how your dentist can provide you with relief: https://bit.ly/2SsQq8G


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Here’s something you didn’t learn from “Jaws”: Sharks don’t get cavities! Research has found that shark teeth is coated in fluorapatite, a mineral involving fluoride that helps prevent decay and dental caries. This acts as a permanent coating of toothpaste on their teeth.


When it comes to your dental health, having a trained professional’s opinion is always the way to go. Click to learn why “DIY-orthodontics” as a means of saving money on dental visits will cost you more in the long run: https://bit.ly/2Shwplf


According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, infections from the human papillomavirus (specifically the HPV 16 type) has been linked to a subset of oral cancers. Stay on top of your health to ensure this virus won’t lead to more serious problems.


Did you know that the day after Thanksgiving is recognized as National Flossing Day? After eating all that food, be sure to floss and remove excess food bits to take care of your smile!


We hope you and your loved ones have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for this year?


Did you know that 1 in 8 Americans have some form of temporomanidibular joint disorder (TMJ)? Between cold weather and plentiful feasts, you may experience some increased jaw pain this time of year. Talk to your dentist about the proper treatment to relieve the symptoms.


Oh, how things have changed... In ancient times, it was believed that touching your diseased tooth with a hyena’s teeth was a cure-all for toothaches! Today, we suggest scheduling an appointment with your dentist.


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Ever heard of Anodontia? What about Hyperdontia? If you haven’t, you’re not alone—these are just a couple of the more uncommon and lesser known dental issues. Click to learn more about some unusual issues one may experience with their dental health: https://bit.ly/2DmfrxV


Today we honor all who served our country. We hope you enjoy a safe Veterans Day!


60% of American adults would rather have straight teeth instead of clear skin. Tell us which you would choose in the comments below!


Before you pack a sports drink in your teen’s backpack, learn about the hidden harmful effects these beverages can have on your teen’s smile: https://bit.ly/2RAZkQT


Although there are plenty of smiles to be had this time of year, the dropping temperature may cause you to have some jaw pain. Sharp jaw pain during chilly weather can be a symptom of temporomandibular joint disorder (aka "TMJ"). Notify your dentist for the proper treatment!

[11/02/18]   Did you know that over half of all cases of mouth cancer are related to poor diet? Eating a diet rich in fruit can lower your risk by 50 percent, and eating vegetables can lower your risk by more than 30 percent! Remember: healthy choices bring a healthy smile.


We hope you enjoy a safe and spooky Halloween!


We’ve all done it—covering your mouth mid-conversation upon realizing that your breath is less-than-fresh! When mints don’t do the trick, it’s worth it to find out what exactly is causing you to have bad breath. Click to learn more: https://bit.ly/2JokPBw


Use them or lose them! Dental benefits reset on December 31st, so right now is a great time to take a look at your plan and take advantage of any unused benefits before the end of the year.


Time for a quick history lesson! Learn how archeologists are using dental plaque to learn more about the lives of our ancestors: https://bit.ly/2ErWZ9b


Are you ready for tricks and treats? Halloween is approaching, and there are plenty of fun local festivities for you and your family to enjoy! Click to learn more: https://bit.ly/2ynVNOQ


If you experience both of these symptoms simultaneously, you could be dealing with dry mouth. Don’t worry, regularly drinking water can relieve your mouth! If the sores persist, notify your dentist to determine if they could be an indication of something more.


Taking care of your smile should not go away with age. With a statistic this low, retirees may feel inclined to skip routine dental care, which can put their oral health at risk for diseases and other problems.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. While you may see many people sporting pink bracelets, clothes, or even hairstyles, we have chosen to raise awareness by writing about the connection between oral health and breast cancer. Click to learn more: https://bit.ly/2ykAkq0

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