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Voted one of Des Moines’ “Best Dentist Offices.” When you smile, we smile. Welcome to Weston Dental!

Welcome to Weston Dental! Weston Dental (previously Rittler Weston Dental) has been serving patients in the Des Moines and surrounding areas for 30+ years. We are dedicated to the best dental care for you and your family! We offer comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. Our services include digital raidographs, crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, tooth colored fillings, x-rays, sealants, and general exams. We always welcome new patients. Please call us today for your initial consultation. We know that you will find our staff friendly, helpful, and most of all, professional.

Operating as usual

[08/10/20]   Due to local severe weather and loss of power, our office closed as of 2:30p today.

Please call 515-222-1852 to leave a message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Thank you and everyone please be safe!

🎉🎉🎉HAPPY 25th WORKiversary Jenn!!!!🎉🎉🎉

What an INCREDIBLE achievement!!! 👏 Trying to find adequate words [or where to even begin] in expressing appreciation for her many contributions and commitments over those years is extremely difficult, as her part of our whole is exceptionally remarkable!

Jenn has had a dedication to the practice that is truly a source of inspiration and is profoundly valuable! She is a delight to work alongside of and her experience as well as, knowledge of dentistry both clinically and administratively is as impressive as her effortless kindness and positivity! From the patients whom she considers family as she's been a part of their lives over these many years, to our staff who looks (up) to her for guidance and an unwavering support.

If you know Jenn you've experienced first hand her contagious optimism and eternal smile! Jenn can always find a solution to any situation and approaches every task with zeal, only wanting THE BEST for the patients and practice! Over 25 years Jenn has become such a solid part of what our practice exemplifies, we adore her and she is absolutely one of the greatest things about Weston Dental! 🎉🙌💜🦷

Effective tomorrow: Friday, May 8th we are THRILLED to be back in the office scheduling appointments & providing care!!! We've missed our profession and the amazing patients who make our days incredible! We are so grateful to be safely resuming care!🦷🙌


Weston Dentals main goal has always been to protect the health of our patients, our team, and our community. Please note further extension of office closure due to the COVID-19 presence and impact. We miss all of our wonderful patients and look forward to resuming care when we are guided to safely do so.

We sure are missing each of our patients SMILES during this closure! Tonight we spent some time catching up as a team & seeing ⬇️THESE SMILES⬇️!

#TeamWeston --> checking in personally & professionally, looking forward to when we're back in the office, & being grateful to find one another healthy!

We are utilizing this time away from our scalers & suction (😉😊) to discuss new ways to approach treatment: from planning & patient education to completion. As well as, exciting continuing education opportunities we have taken part in to apply in our patient care! 🦷🙌

From our team to you: stay safe everyone! 🙏 #WereInThisTogether #WestonDental #TechnologyForTheWin #WeMissYouAll

Extension of Closure: Please note ⤵️

Please note our update of continued closure.

Thank you and stay healthy!

Please be advised, we appreciate your cooperation.

The greatest THANK YOU there is for our amazing Dentists are all the SMILES that leave our office!!


Dr. Weston & Dr. Kim provide care for every patient they see with a benchmark for success and comfort throughout the treatment they deliver.

In addition to being outstanding doctors, they are both remarkable mentors to our entire team as we strive to represent and replicate their message in our own patient interaction. The team at Weston Dental is unanimously PROUD to be a part of their mission in oral care! #NationalDentistsDay

Happy Dental Assistant Appreciation Week::

Our four Dental Assistants: Jenn, Sarah, Aly, and Ashley wear many hats from day to day that contribute to the success of our practice for our patients and the team! We APPRECIATE all that you each of you do, and always with the best smiles! 🙌🦷

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Bailey Webb, Dental Hygienist!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Bailey devotes herself outside of the office to her husband: Erik, their darling daughter: Boston, and their Chihuahua: Macklin. She is grateful for many wonderful friends and their time together as well!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Bailey feels an educational approach to patient care is the most fulfilling aspect of her many duties. Motivating patients for improvement in their homecare routine and alleviating fear or anxiety, common in dental appointments, is a greatly relevant goal for her!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Bailey enjoys being part of an office with such a supportive and positive energy. Everyone at Weston Dental goes above and beyond to help each other, and shes delighted to contribute to the great things happening here!

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Brooke Beckman, Dental Hygienist!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Brooke makes the most of life enjoying family and friends with summers boating at her familys Ozark lake home or cheering her sister on at sporting events. Brooke is enthusiastically planning her July wedding and looks forward to life as Mrs. Grenell!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Brooke finds that dentistry as a whole provides a rewarding day to day but, she appreciates progressive results through therapeutic treatment as care continues. She is avidly encouraged by improvements for her patients and providing them an excellent level of care!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Brooke feels very fortunate to work with a group of women who not only make her excel professionally but, she also considers friends. She feels that Weston Dental provides a positive atmosphere which resonates in the care patients have as their take away as well!

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Taylor Steinkamp, Dental Hygienist!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Taylor spends her time outside the office as the proud dog mom to her beloved Goldendoodle, Bella. She enjoys cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones and her favorite player, Brock Purdy. Running, yoga, and an enthusiastic focus on her friends and family such as, being her cousins #1 fan for softball are among her favorite things to do!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Taylor finds getting to know each patient and their families through continuing care over time a priviledge of her profession. She also feels the importance of patient education and helping make the mouth-body systemic connection incredibly valuable. She strives to provide the highest level of care to every patient she meets and treats!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Taylor's contagious smile and upbeat energy have been a wonderful addition to the practice since April 2019. She looks forward to coming to work with a happy, caring team of women everyday and says, "there is no such thing as the 'Sunday Blues' when it means a Monday at Weston Dental!"

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Amy Bejarno, Dental Hygienist!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Amy is the the epitome of a CyHawk with two of her three children in college, 1 at Iowa State and 1 at Iowa, and her youngest in high school. Hawkeye football games with her husband and their children as well as, enjoying time with family and friends is what keeps her life full and fantastic!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Amy will celebrate 30 years as a Hygienist in May & 13 of those providing exemplary care and building relationships with patients at Weston Dental. She approaches every appointment with the mindset to accomplish treatment as though they're family, and many of our patients feel that way while in her chair!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Amy appreciates working alongside a group of women who care about our patients and for one another. Whether that means lending advice or support for personal reasons or lending a hand or time for professional reasons. She values each team member and feels grateful for her work family!

📣 Did you know ⤵️

Weston Dental has 4 Dental Hygienists who have attended and graduated from accredited programs & maintain their Continuing Education biannually to uphold their licenses [as required] by the State of Iowa Board of Dental Examiners 📝

➡️ These 4 ladies not only provide our patients with a gold level standard of care but, they do it all with hearts of gold too! 🦷👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Together with Dr. Weston & Dr. Kim they assess each patients specific overall oral health and determine the absence or presence of disease, abnormalities, and risks. A diagnosis is determined based on clinical findings through radiographs and charting. As a team they are able to then formulate an evidence based and patient centered treatment care plan, educate individuals, perform the procedures, and evaluate a response to care to ensure happy, healthy smiles! 😁

#DentalHealth #WestonDental #DentalHygienists

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Ashley Reed, Dental Assistant!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Ashley spends her time outside of the office with a preteen daughter and twin boys! If life wasnt already busy with them, shes also currently planning her destination wedding in just a few months! Traveling and working out are also favorites for her!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Ashley feels the importance of educating our patients about maintaining oral health extremely valuable. Helping individuals with an approach to their specific dental needs for an overall success is very rewarding!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Ashley absolutely loves what a fast paced environment Weston Dental provides for her. The team unity where everyone has a professional respect and a personal admiration is something she is grateful to be a part of!

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Aly Davis, Dental Assistant!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Aly keeps busy with her husband, who is her best friend, & their four kids. She cheers for everything Hawkeye, & yoga is a very strong presence in her lifestyle!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Aly has been learning and growing in dentistry for 18 years, although she takes pride in any task shes given, she is most proud of the versatility she offers. Cross trained to support both clinically and administratively, coordinating the OSHA & HIPAA programs, & overseeing the social media are among her accolades.

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Aly feels extremely fortunate to work with a team that makes every day so positive. There is such an amazing team mindset for one another's successes, its truly the most uplifting energy every day at Weston Dental!

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Sarah Chase, Dental Assistant!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Sarah finds her time outside of Weston Dental spent happily sketching or drawing, enjoying the outdoors, and of course time together with her husband and friends!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Sarah's artistic capabilities flow into her favorite procedure of crown preparation and finalization. The aesthetics of blending a tooth shade to match naturally, & achieving the angles and symmetry all come together with her eye for the art of dentistry!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Sarah feels so lucky to work with such a fun and nice team! She looks forward to and enjoys working alongside each and every one of her coworkers, that alone for her makes this the greatest place to work!

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Jenn Juel, Dental Assistant!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Jenn stays busy outside of the office with her family: which includes her high school sweetheart husband and their adorable granddaughter, boating on summer weekends, and focused on fitness!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Jenn enjoys all aspects of dentistry from maintaining to improving smiles, accomplished both clinically & administratively. But, her current favorite endeavor is our ZOOM whitening system! Contributing to patients confidence and self esteem with whiter, brighter smiles is such a positive take away!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Jenn truly is our 'Smiles for Miles' teammate as she has happily traveled 100 miles round trip every day for her 25 years with Weston Dental. She cherishes her teammates and all of our patients, fulfilled by viewing the practice as family, & that makes it worth it every day!

📣 Did you know ⤵️

Weston Dental has 4 Dental Assistants who are not only registered with the State of Iowa [as required] & maintain their Continuing Education biannually to uphold their licenses 📝

BUT➡️....these 4 ladies have also completed the extensive additional training to be Expanded Functions Dental Assistants! 🦷👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Which means not only are they able to perform more job duties for & with Dr. Weston & Dr. Kim but, they're also able to be THE BEST that all our amazing patients deserve with these capabilities in providing care to each & every smile! 😁

#DentalHealth #WestonDental #DentalAssistants

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Autumn Klunder, Office Manager!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Autumn spends her time away from the office with family and friends, cheering on the Drake BULLDOGS, & running!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Autumn has spent 18 years knowing the ins and outs of dentistry like the back of her hand! Weston Dentals front office is a well oiled machine thanks to her!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Autumn LOVES our practice like a second home and our patients like extended family. She truly values the friendships and relationships she has built over almost two decades!

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Dr. Jean Kim!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Dr. Kim can be found spending time with family and friends when she isnt at the office providing dental care!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Dr. Kim enjoys meeting patients, working with them to achieve their oral health goals & getting to know them in the process. She is focused on providing the best care to every patient!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Dr. Kim is grateful for working with great people, both coworkers and patients!

Team Highlight: 🦷🥼

Meet Dr. Leah Weston!!

🔎Personal Highlight ➡️ Dr Weston enjoys spending time with family & friends, cheering on her alma mater: The Hawkeyes, & enjoying the outdoors!

🔎Professional Highlight➡️ Dr Weston finds educating patients & helping them achieve & maintain improved oral health one of her biggest rewards!

🔎Practice Highlight➡️ Dr Weston loves all our wonderful patients & establishing relationships with them through the years. As well as, her team who make every day not seem like 'work' & truly a fun atmosphere!

Weston Dental's cover photo

[02/11/20]   Have you ever wondered what DOES D.D.S. mean?!


🔎 It means:: Your Dentist graduated from an accredited dental school! D.D.S. is an acronym for-->Doctor of Dental Surgery and means they received a formal education specializing in the branch of medicine focused on the study, diagnosis, prevention, & treatment of diseases focused on the oral cavity. 📚🔬 #DentalHealthMonth #WestonDental #themoreyouknow

Dentistry that makes you SMILE, Dentistry for todays Lifestyle. 🦷 #WestonDental

#GeneralDentistry #DistinctiveDentistry #OnemorereasontoSMILE #SciencemeetsArt

Did you know Weston Dental is a General Dentistry practice?

That means➡️ You want it?! We got it!!
Preventative: routine check up & cleanings🔍
Restorative: fillings, crowns, IMPLANTS🦷
Cosmetic: whitening, veneers😁

AND MUCH MORE! We love to see your smile! Whether keeping it healthy or getting it healthy! 🙌

Have you wondered about or wanted a BRIGHTER WHITER SMILE?! 😁🦷

Did you know our office has the ZOOM whitening system & weve seen some of the most AMAZING results?! 🤩🙌

Call our office at 515-222-1852 to answer questions or schedule a time!! ☎️📅

[02/04/20]   Dental Health Month--> FUN FACTS

•The first toothbrush with bristles was created in China in 1498 using bristles from hogs, horses, and badgers.

•Commercial dental floss was first created in 1882 & was made of silk.

•You know that we each have unique fingerprints, but did you know we each have unique tongue prints?

•Tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body

The more ya know.....!!! 😁

February is Dental Health Month!!!

Throughout the month look for interesting & fun dental facts from our office as well as, info on our amazing Team who help keep your SMILE healthy!!! 🦷👩‍⚕️😀

Staying up to date as a Team! 🦷🙌📚

Continuing our education as providers is an important necessity for a positive & safe practice! #WestonDental #SmileSquad #ConEd #OSHA #PattersonDentalSupply #InfectionControlStandards

Bravery comes in all sizes!! 🦷🦸‍♀️🙌

This Rockstar patient had no shortage of bravery as two baby teeth were wiggled out today to make room for her big permanent ones coming in! All 😁 & 👍!!

We are so THRILLED with the turnout that we were able to contribute to West Des Moines Human Services Toy Drive. 🎁❤💚🎄🙌🎁❤💚🎄🙌

THANK YOU to our incredible team, their wonderful families, & our amazing patients...due to their generosity there will be a lot of children whose Christmas morning will definitely be MERRY & BRIGHT!

Weston Dental Holiday Outing 2019 🎄🎉🍽🎨🖌🦷

We are happy to celebrate another WONDERFUL year with all of our amazing patients but, also with one another! Happy Holidays from ALL OF US at Weston Dental to ALL OF YOU! ❤💚😁 #HolidaySmiles

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