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Do not go to this dental office. I just had my second visit and had to get my first cavity filled here. The dental hygienist helping me named Angie said I needed to do orbital x-rays taking pictures around all of my mouth and teeth. I told her I just had this done last year at the dentist office I left. I asked Angie the dental hygienist multiple times to make sure that it’s covered by my insurance and multiple times she assured me this was covered. I didn’t feel comfortable that she actually checked this and kept pressuring me to take the x-rays. I have now received a bill of just shy of $300 and I had literally just came to their office for this same fraud at the old dentist I left. Please do not get bait and hooked like I did. This is so unprofessional they would take advantage of someone especially during these times. This is a representation of the character of all the staff here. Please SHARE! I will be sharing on all social media.
Amazing staff very friendly and inviting great with children. A+
Dr Brown and her staff are above the rest!! Everyone is friendly and make going to the dentist relaxing!! Highly recommend this office and her expertise!!
What kind of insurance do you take there?
A note about Waukee Dental: From the greeting, to the staff, cleaning and Kaisha Brown you will find a superb, friendly, courteous and professional experience. If you are looking for a new dentist give Waukee Dental a try!
Have a great open house, wish I could be there!!!

🤍been a fun 3 years!!!

Happy Business Anniversary, Waukee Dental!


On Monday, May 11th Waukee Dental will start our phased approach to re-entry to essential and elective care following the recommendations from the Iowa Dental Board, American Dental Association and the CDC.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Please stay tuned as we continue to update you on our new office protocols. #waukeedental #thekeytoyoursmile

Happy Hump Day & Welcome to our last Waukee Dental Employee Spotlight. Today we are highlighting our NEWEST member to our dental family - Julyn. Her first day was scheduled to be at the start of April - we are looking forward to getting back into the office and make Julyn an official part of Waukee Dental :)

Hello everyone! My name is Julyn, Waukee Dental’s newest dental assistant. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 I have not officially clocked in for my first day yet, but I am excited to start working, getting to know my new co-workers, and meet some wonderful “new to me” patients!

I am originally from Fairfield, IA. Three years ago I decided to make the move to Des Moines. Which so far has proven to be a great decision! I have been an assistant for almost eight years and love helping improve patient’ smiles, even if it’s one tooth at a time 🦷

Since living in DSM I have joined a running club downtown and was training for my first half-marathon. Although the races have been cancelled, running has been a great way to get me outside and off the couch! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Netflix/Hulu series and am always up for some new show recommendations! I’ve also spent a lot of my time painting rooms in our house, trying to learn TikTok dances, and online shopping for home decor!

Although I’m sure my dog loves having me home all the time, I can’t wait to start working and getting to know everyone that comes in! Let’s all do our best to stay positive and healthy! As Troy Bolton said, “We’re all in this together”

Happy Monday -- Here is your daily Waukee Dental Employee Spotlight! 🔦💡

Hello all! Last but not least we have ME:) . My name is Jim and I'm am the Account Manager at Waukee Dental. I am SO incredibly lucky to get to work for such a wonderful office.....which is what makes this mandated closure so difficult.

I've been doing my best to keep myself busy during this time. I've been "attempting" to be artsy and crafty, getting back to my childhood roots of coloring (courtesy of Dr. Brown), making friendship bracelets, and putting puzzles together. One of my passions is health and fitness so I am very thankful for some of our local fitness instructors going digital and helping me stay fit when all I want to do is snack.

My dogs, Flynn (6 y/o pomchi) and Ella Grace (3 y/o Goldendoodle), have LOVED having me home more often. We've been going on walks almost daily and they get so excited EVERY time I just stand up from the couch, thinking it's time for a "W "(we can't say the work "walk" anymore at my house at risk of getting pummeled by overly excited pups).

I am a part of the emergency team at our office so you may have heard me call you once (or twice... SORRY) to push out your appointments. Friendly reminder that if you are in any unmanageable dental pain to give us a call. We want to make sure we allow our amazing health care workers and hospital staff as many resources as possible to help combat COVID 19. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU HEALTHCARE WORKERS!!!!

Finally, please comment on this post to let me know what you've been doing while self-isolating. I love trying new things and need some ideas!

All of us at Waukee Dental look so forward to seeing your smiling faces when we can get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Stay healthy, stay positive, and don't forget to brush and floss!

Everyone please meet Susan, our next employee up for the Waukee Dental Employee Spotlight :)

Hello my name is Susan. I am a Dental Assistant at Waukee Dental. Here are a few things we have been doing throughout the weeks. Walked 5 miles at Grays Lake, colored with my son, went to pick up essentials at Walmart AND talked my husband out of getting tiger pants (Tiger King, anyone?;)). Stay health friends. Miss my work team!

Waukee Dental Employee Spotlight of the Day -- Please meet Tammy and see what she has been busy with during this time away from Waukee Dental. :)

I am Tammy a dental assistant for Waukee Dental. My husband and I live in Adel. We moved this past late summer so have been working on landscaping our yard now that the weather has somewhat gotten warmer. We have two daughters and two granddaughters. Since the quarantine, I have completed a 1000 piece puzzle, painted some furniture, and worked on organizing my storage area in the basement thus finding more projects to do! I am also a quilter so have been busy completing some quilt tops and have actually completed two quilt tops from start to ready for the quilter! I am now working on a quilt for my sister and have many more to keep me busy for a long time! I have gone on a daily walk or two as I enjoy being outside The walks also give you time to reflect on life and I am very grateful for my family, my work family(who I miss being with everyday!), and my health. We shall get through this together!!

NEXT, is a very familiar face :) -- Employee Spotlight for today is Sheila! Another smiling face that has been here since day one!

Hi! I am Sheila, part of the front office team at Waukee Dental. During the first part of my time away from work my family was busy packing boxes and moving from our home. We did take some time out to color some pages from Dr. Brown! Since settling in to our new place we have been playing games, cooking, watching shows and weather permitting going for run/walks. My youngest daughter, Paige is busy with online college classes and my oldest daughter, Shane is busy applying for teaching positions.

I’ve made some curbside coffee runs to Sweetwaters and we try to order curb side pick up from a local restaurant at least once a week in hopes of helping the small businesses in these unprecedented times. I look forward to seeing my awesome co-workers and wonderful patients. Be well!

Waukee Dental Employee Spotlight

Hello everyone! I’m Erica, the newest Dental Hygienists and youngest 😉 at Waukee Dental.

I want to start off my introduction by saying THANK YOU! Thank you to all of our healthcare professionals/staff, teachers and all other essential workers that are on the front lines taking care of each and everyone of us to make sure we stay safe, healthy, informed and fed during this difficult time. ❤️

Okay, now back to sharing a bit about me and what I have been doing during this time away from the office. My other half, Matt, has been working from home so I’ve had to keep myself and our dog, Copper, entertained during this time. I’ve been working on teaching Copper new tricks. The newest is lay down. Let’s just say when we are back to work, everyone’s fur babies are definitely going to miss us.

I have been busy deep cleaning and organizing my house, baking, making lots of salsa, experimenting different meals with our Ninja Foodi, getting back in the groove of working out and volunteering as tribute to get groceries for my sister and her family. I have put together three puzzles (I forgot to take a picture of the first one— it was Minnie and Mickey Mouse) and am working on my fourth. I have also completed several hours of continuing education classes.

I have to say, my inner child has definitely come out during this time. Who remembers the awesome craft where you put beads on pegboards and then you iron them???? Gotta love MELTY BEADS! I have made a ton of them as they are a good distraction and help pass time. And who wouldn’t take this time to color.... it’s relaxing. 🖍

I can’t wait to be back in the office and seeing all our wonderful patients and caring for those beautiful smiles. Until then, remember to brush twice a day and floss once daily 🦷.

Stay home 🏡 and stay healthy everyone. 👋 💙

NEXT UP for Waukee Dental Employee Spotlight - Jen :)

Hi guys, I’m Jen you normally see me at the front desk at Waukee Dental. I really miss seeing all of you and laughing daily with my awesome coworkers.

We have been staying really busy during this time. My husband is still working full-time, sometimes overtime. The kids and I are home holding down the fort, we are so blessed to live on a farm. We have been working on lot of outdoor projects. The kids have been busy with school work, fishing, watching a beaver dam on the bike trail, catching frogs, writing letters to friends, and working with their show cattle. I take time every evening to go on a walk to de-stress and have a minute to myself. I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy.

Stay strong and positive! Can’t wait to see you all again!!!

Hello! My name is Angie and I am a Dental Hygienist at Waukee Dental.

My husband works for Central Bank and is still able to go into the office everyday so that leaves me to keep our 7 year old busy during the day. We have done a lot of walking, arts and crafts, baking, cleaning/organizing, school work and to be honest some days we do a whole lot of nothing. I have also been taking a lot of online continuing education classes and working on my french braiding skills. Our 16 year old is pretty self sufficient and doesn’t require much from us except food!

A big thank you to all of our healthcare professionals, hospital staff, teachers, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, truck drivers, law enforcement, EMS, local and state officials and employees, farmers and anyone I may have missed that are an essential part of keeping Iowa healthy, fed, safe and informed.

I wouldn’t be a doing my job if I didn’t remind everyone to brush twice daily and clean in between your teeth regularly🦷 These are 2 of the easiest and simplest things you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Also, if you have been sick remember to change out your toothbrush for a new one.

I can’t wait to be back in the office so we can continue taking care of our amazing patients!

Stay home and stay healthy everyone!!💜

Ps. I asked my daughter to take a picture of me and this is what I ended up with🤷‍♀️

Waukee Dental Family — our next staff introduction probably needs no introduction at all.... been here since day one, dental assistant Andrea.

Hi crew, I am Andrea a dental assistant at Waukee Dental. One of the first three members of our tight knit family. During this time away from the office, I have increased the number of walks I take a day. So, next time you’re out and about you may just stumble upon my smiling face 😁.

After my morning walks, I usually read my daily quote from Hoda Kotbs daily devotional book — “I really needed this today.” My days vary from helping Dr B with emergencies to me tackling the newest puzzle I acquire or the next page in my Suduko book. I hope everyone is staying safe and I can’t wait to see you all sooner rather than later.

Here is a little of what Dr. Allison has been up to with her time away...

“I’ve been using my time off to complete DIY projects. I’ve painted rooms, organized closets, and given the yard some much needed TLC. My husband and I have enjoyed having more time together and my cat, Sir Winston, loves having his parents home. For date night we have been doing a “fancy dinner night” once a week. We have gotten more use out of the formal dining room and my grandmother’s china in the last month than ever before!” — Dr Allison

Hi! I'm Karlee, a Dental Hygienist at Waukee Dental! The last three weeks have been a huge change for us all, to say the least! I usually tend to stay very busy, so this situation has been a little challenging. 😷

My husband continues to go to work, but we have 2 school aged kids that keep me entertained! Their school has offered some online classes to continue their education. My daughter has been able continue to take dance classes via Zoom. 💻

We have been staying busy with things around the house and are trying to make the best of the situation. We have been busy cleaning, organizing, and completing small projects around the house. We have been cooking (A LOT) and trying new recipes. I finally opened our air fryer my mom gave to us for Christmas and have been experimenting with that. • (Anyone care to share some good recipes using the air fryer?) • 🍽

We have been creative with our time together. Since we have been home for every meal each day we had an abundance of leftovers. I decided to turn leftover night into an opportunity to get the kids involved and we created a restaurant in our kitchen. My daughter made a menu and my son set the table and lit candles. My daughter was the hostess and server and my son was the chef. Lots of giggles and memories were made that night! Another night we did a Hawaiian themed dinner. The kids dressed up and we made fun orange juice drinks with an umbrella.🌺

Fun fact: my favorite hobby is kickboxing. 🥊Since the gyms are closed, I ordered some mitts to be able to keep the whole family engaged in activity at home.

We have been fortunate to have some warm spring weather, so we've been spending some time fishing. We just stocked our pond about a year and a half ago, so it's fun seeing how much the fish have grown! 🎣

I have also completed several hours of continuing education in the past month! It's nice to have healthy distractions from the stress of the daily updates in the news. 🤓

I can't wait to get back to the office and see those smiles again and clean those pearly whites! 🌟🦷🌟

In the meantime, Stay Positive, Stay Active, Stay healthy, and Stay Home! 🏠
Find a reason to smile every day!😁


COVID-19 General Information | Iowa Dental Board


As we continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to continue to communicate with you as timely as possible. Last night, Governor Reynolds and the State of Iowa proclaimed a mandate for all dental offices to cease elective and nonessential treatment until the State Public Health Emergency is lifted in 3 weeks’ time, on April 16th at 11:59 pm.

Waukee Dental will be able to resume normal business operations and treatment on Friday, April 17th. If you currently have an appointment scheduled between now and April 16th, we will cancel your appointment and contact you to assist in rescheduling. Please be patient as it may take a few days for us to reach out to those of you who have a nonessential appointment scheduled with us. For the safety of our staff and the community at large we will be operating on a smaller staff with limited hours during this time.

If you are experiencing dental pain or a dental emergency, please call our office (515) 777-7568, you will either reach a Waukee Dental team member or a recording with details on how you can get in touch with a doctor on call, regardless of our hours or office status.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. The Waukee Dental Family – patients, staff and community are always our number one priority and we are here for you in any capacity we can be. Stay healthy and please take care of yourself and your family.

Best regards,
Dr. Kaisha Brown


dentalboard.iowa.gov In response to ongoing questions, the Board offers the following guidance to assist licensees in determining which procedures would be considered emergencies for the purposes of complying with the recommendation to postpone elective procedures.


Jon Gordon Reading The Energy Bus for Kids

Happy Monday,

I hope everyone had a great weekend of relaxation and are ready to tackle their weekly goals.

Have you set your goals for the week? One of my goals is to read more books. My favorite books are inspirational/motivational books and I recently found my favorite author, Jon Gordon. Last year, I had the Waukee Dental team read The Energy Bus. The Energy Bus offers ten simple rules to help create positive energy in your life, work and relationships.

Jon Gordon received many requests to do a reading on his Energy Book For Kids and today, he followed through and posted a YouTube video -- what a great way to start your week! If you are looking for an activity to reboot your energy during this time, parents and kids take 15-20 minutes on listening to Jon Gordon read the Energy Bus for Kids.

Each one of you posses the greatest power in the world - the power to choose to be positive rather than negative!

Thanks & Stay Healthy,
Dr. Kaisha


A requested resource from teachers and parents, bestselling author Jon Gordon reads from his popular book, "The Energy Bus for Kids." Order "The Energy Bus f...

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