Kenneth Sacks DDS

Kenneth Sacks DDS


I was in excruciating "discomfort" prior to seeing Dr. Kenneth Sacks, D.D.S F.A.E.S. One visit Root Canal ,and I have been pain free ever since.

Neither my previous Dentist, or the Endodontist he referred me to, could get me out of pain, or numb, and my face was swollen!. I was in excruciating agony as I still apparently had some live Nerve Tissue in the Root of my tooth.

Dr. Kenneth Sacks saw me immediately, redid the Root Canal using a different Technique. This was 70 years ago!

I have been pain free for 50 yrs now, and I still have that tooth! I also had a Build Up and a Permanent Crown. All were COMPLETELY PAINLESS!

My 1st Dentist was an old Army Dentist whom I called a Bloody Butcher! The Endodontist wasn't any better.

Dr. Ken Sacks rules, the others drool!
I met Dr.Sacks 50 years ago. We were introduced by a mutual friend My INITIAL visit I needed a Root Canal. I was terrified as I had a bad experience with my previous Dentist. I wanted the tooth out! He asked me to give him a chance and I did. It was 100% PAINLESS! When he told me I was finished I couldn't believe it. I highly recommend him, as he is a PERFECTIONIST in his chosen field.

Kenneth Sacks, DDS is a dentist/dental office located in Warrington, PA . A dentist is trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases of the gums, teeth, and jaw.

Please call Kenneth Sacks, DDS at (215) 343-4800 to schedule an appointment in Warrington, PA or get more information.

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[06/26/14]   Do you ever feel like putting off your regular dental check-ups because you aren't experiencing any pain? Remember, we're often able to uncover new problems during our visits that we can correct before you begin experiencing any discomfort.

[06/24/14]   It's important to remember that painful gums aren't the sign something's wrong with them. If you've noticed your gums have started to recede, it's time to schedule an appointment right away.

[06/19/14]   Do you have chipped, broken, or discolored teeth? Composite bonding is a great treatment option, as this type of restoration blends invisibly with the remainder of the surrounding tooth structure.

[06/17/14]   If you're trying to turn back the clock on your looks, you may be looking for more than just new ways to fight wrinkles. Let's talk about what procedures we have available to take years off your smile.

[06/12/14]   Did you know that one of the newest ways to treat gum disease is done with a laser? Laser treatment targets and kills bacteria caught in the mouth pockets around and between teeth.

[06/10/14]   The first tooth replacement discovered was uncovered in Mexico. There the skeletal remains showed evidence of a fake tooth originating probably from a wolf. The site was dated to 2500BC.

[06/05/14]   Losing your teeth can be a very emotional and traumatic experience. Having dentures fitted by a professional can turn people's life around and give them back their confidence and ability to smile with pride.

[06/03/14]   If you are pregnant, or have diabetes or cancer, research shows that you are at a greater risk for gum disease, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. Women experiencing menopause also often are at a higher risk for gum disease.

[05/29/14]   If your regular dentist has referred you to us for regular care, there's not necessarily anything to be concerned about. Patients with certain medical histories are simply better served by the specialized knowledge we provide.

[05/27/14]   One of the factors that affect the cost of dentures is the type of denture that is needed. The cost of a fixed denture will be higher than removable dentures. Another factor is the type of support that is used. Implant supported dentures are more expensive than tooth supported dentures.

[05/22/14]   Remember, that when it comes to your teeth sugar is sugar. It doesn't matter if the sugar is from a natural fruit or juice, or from a candy bar all types of sugars will result in acid attacks on the teeth which can last up to 20 minutes.

[05/20/14]   Did you know that up until the 17th century, dentures were often removed before eating as they were not secure enough to serve this purpose? Modern dentures do not need to be removed and most people find that they can eat whatever they want with their well fitting dentures.

[05/15/14]   Have you thought that your teeth aren't as long as they should be because of how little is exposed when you surprise? It's possible that an exposed smile is a sign of the progression of periodontal disease.

[05/13/14]   Antimicrobial therapy treats gum disease by slowing down the growth of bacteria in the mouth. In antimicrobial therapy, antibiotics are used to kill specific bacteria.

[05/08/14]   According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, the color stability of dentures is dependent upon the quality of the materials used, in addition to the processing method. Highest quality materials is essential for authentic, well fitting dentures.

[05/06/14]   Why wear dentures? Well, they will help you to eat comfortably, speak clearly, and can improve your confidence and self-esteem. Full dentures, to replace all of your original teeth, fit snugly over your gums and look as real as your natural teeth.

[05/01/14]   Did you know that at age 40, men and women both suffer from declining bone protective hormones?' This natural occurrence can lead to gum disease. Have regular check ups!

[04/29/14]   Why is saliva so important to the health of teeth? Because saliva helps to remove food particles from the teeth and contains components that help to neutralize acids. That rush of saliva production which occurs during a meal is actually extremely important for your teeth.

[04/24/14]   Do you ever worry that your children don't fully grasp the proper way to brush their teeth? Just let us know and a member of our staff can work with them during their next appointment.

[04/22/14]   Starting good dental habits with your kids can lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth. More than half of all kids between 6 and 8 years old have tooth decay, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

[04/17/14]   Although smoking is more popularly known to increase risks for oral cancer, smoking can reduce oral health in a number of ways. The effects of smoking within the body including effects on blood vessels and the immune system can also lead to poor oral health.

[04/15/14]   The first dentistry school in the world was established in Bainbridge, Ohio. It was started by Dr. John M. Harris and opened its doors on February 21, 1828.

[04/10/14]   At its earliest stages, gum disease can generally be easily treated with a thorough, professional cleaning followed by a regular program of brushing and flossing at home. It's important to visit when you notice the first signs of gum irritation.

[04/08/14]   By 1905, pain management in dentistry took a leap forward with the creation of a local anesthetic called procaine. Alfred Einhorn, a German chemist, sold his creation until the trade name Novocain.

[04/03/14]   Ulcerative gingivitis is a serious gum disease that is caused by a bacterial infection in your mouth. This form of periodontal disease develops quickly and is painful. Gum sores are prevalent symptoms, as well as a fever or chronic sore throat.

[04/01/14]   Before you decide to move forward with a tooth-whitening procedure, it's very important to set the proper expectations. Obtaining a bright porcelain white smile after only one appointment may not be attainable.

[03/27/14]   Periodontitis is a serious dental disease that affects the tissue that supports your teeth and gums, including the bone. Chronic periodontitis affects between 10 and 15 percent of all Americans.

[03/25/14]   While most people associate heart disease with bad genes or eating too many bacon cheeseburgers, the problem could be your gums. Let's take a look in your mouth to help you stay ahead of this growing risk factor.

[03/20/14]   If you've been busy planning a wedding, you may have forgotten about one of the most important details until the last minute. Even if you don't have long before your wedding, we can help give you the smile you'll want to remember in pictures.

[03/18/14]   Our dentists know that you want as much information on your dental condition as you can get. And we will give that information to you in spades! We also want you to be informed on your treatment which is why we take the time to explain our plan of treatment.

[03/13/14]   Necrotizing periodontal disease is a serious gum disease that causes a wide range of symptoms, such as bad breath, significant pain when brushing, sensitivity when eating or drinking (especially cold or hot fluids), a whitish film on the surface of the gums, and the disappearance of tissue between the teeth.

[03/11/14]   Is excessive gum tissue affecting the quality of your smile? With advanced technologies including the use of lasers it is now possible to quickly remove gum tissue to create a beautiful smile in just a matter of minutes through a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure.

[03/06/14]   It's extremely important not to put off your regular dental checkups. Since gingivitis and other gum diseases have been linked to cardiovascular disease, ignoring your mouth could put your heart at risk.

[03/04/14]   Although it's usually preferable to complete a treatment plan as quickly as possible, we understand that finances may not always accommodate this. We're always happy to design a treatment schedule that fits your family's budget.

[02/27/14]   The first 'modern' dentures were crafted by silversmith and goldsmith Claudius Ash in 1820. Ash mounted porcelain onto 18-karat gold plates with gold springs and swivels, and were superior both aesthetically and functionally.




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