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Hudson Family Dentistry 06/10/2014

Did You Know? Minor Tooth Contouring and Reshaping Can Enhance Your Smile!

Hudson Family Dentistry Some dental procedures that can beautify a smile — orthodontics or implants, for example — take months. Others take only minutes! Tooth contouring and reshaping is one of them. So just what is this remedy, and why would you need it?
Tooth contouring involves removing a tiny amount of enamel (the to

Hudson Family Dentistry 06/02/2014

Braces: A Rite of Passage Even for Hollywood Kids

Hudson Family Dentistry Her parents Will and Jada are Hollywood royalty, who helped her land her first acting role when she was 7. She released a hit single, “Whip My Hair,” before she had quite reached the age of 10; shortly afterward, she was signed to a record label. Yet the young singer and actress Willow Smith has at

Hudson Family Dentistry 05/30/2014

Dry Mouth FAQs

Hudson Family Dentistry Dry mouth is a condition that many of us have experienced at some point in life. However, for some people it is a problem that can wreak havoc on their lives. This is why we have put together this list of questions we are most frequently asked about dry mouth.
What is dry mouth?The medical term fo

Hudson Family Dentistry 05/22/2014

Herbal Remedy Helps Alleviate Pain and Swelling After Dental Procedures

Hudson Family Dentistry Alternative medicines — also known as herbal or homeopathic remedies — have grown in popularity in recent decades. Because they don’t think of these remedies as “medicines,” many people will try them based on their friends’ advice or an internet search — with or without a doctor’s advice. Any herba

Hudson Family Dentistry 05/14/2014

Keep an Eye on Abnormal Tooth Wear

Hudson Family Dentistry Tooth wear, especially on biting surfaces, is a normal part of aging — we all lose some of our tooth enamel as we grow older. Even primary (“baby”) teeth may show some wear before they’re lost. But there’s also excessive, premature tooth wear caused by disease or abnormal biting habits. This type o

Hudson Family Dentistry 05/06/2014

How Dental Implants Saved Taylor Hicks' Smile

Hudson Family Dentistry If (heaven forbid) you were to lose your two front teeth in an accident, and you needed to choose a tooth replacement method, which one would you pick? Once upon a time, that question faced Taylor Hicks, the former American Idol winner who now plays a regular gig in Las Vegas. Back then, when he wa

Hudson Family Dentistry 04/28/2014

Kids and Sports: Preventing Dental Injury With Mouthguards

Hudson Family Dentistry There's nothing quite like watching your son or daughter compete on the athletic field. It's a mixture of anticipation, pride — and occasionally, anxiety. Despite all the protective gear and training, kids are sometimes injured playing the sports they love. In fact, when it comes to dental injuries

Hudson Family Dentistry 04/25/2014

What's The Difference Between Bridgework and Dental Implants?

Hudson Family Dentistry When a natural tooth can’t be preserved, it is important to have it replaced as soon as possible. Presently, there are two excellent tooth-replacement systems in wide use: traditional bridgework and high-tech dental implants. What’s the difference between the two methods?
Essentially, it comes down

Hudson Family Dentistry 04/18/2014

Herbal Supplements: Do You Have to Tell Your Dentist?

Hudson Family Dentistry If you’ve come in to our office lately, chances are you’ve been asked to fill out a form or answer a question about what medications — both prescription and non-prescription — you are currently using. Of course, if you’re taking a blood-pressure drug or a pill to help control your cholesterol, you

Hudson Family Dentistry 04/09/2014

Martha Stewart Shares Tooth Touch-Up Secrets

Hudson Family Dentistry Here’s a quick quiz: What recent activity did domestic guru Martha Stewart share via social media for the first time? Need a hint? Was she following the lead of other celebrities like rapper 50 Cent (AKA Curtis James Jackson III), actress Demi Moore and country music star LeAnn Rimes?
Give up? The

Hudson Family Dentistry 03/12/2014

Olivia Newton-John Recalls Daughter's Teething Troubles

Hudson Family Dentistry Singer Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe is now a lovely, grown woman, but Olivia recently recounted to Dear Doctor magazine a rather creative method she found to sooth Chloe's teething troubles many years ago.
“When Chloe was a baby and teething I remember using a frozen bagel for her sore gums,

Hudson Family Dentistry 03/05/2014

Reducing the Risks and Effects of Dental Sports Injuries

Hudson Family Dentistry Sports are an important element in human society — besides providing enjoyment they also build discipline, teamwork and character.
But sports activities, especially for children and teenagers, also carry the risk of physical injury — and your teeth and mouth aren’t immune. About 22,000 mouth injuri

Hudson Family Dentistry 02/24/2014

Saliva is a Key Ingredient in Oral Health

Hudson Family Dentistry When you think of saliva, the word “amazing” probably doesn’t come to mind. But your life and health would be vastly different without this “wonder” fluid at work in your mouth.
Saliva originates from a number of glands located throughout the mouth. The largest are a pair known as the parotids, loc

Hudson Family Dentistry 02/21/2014

Solving the Problem of Missing Teeth With Orthodontics and Restorations

Hudson Family Dentistry Normally, teeth erupt and grow in a symmetrical alignment: on the top palate, for example, the two central incisors take center stage; on either side are the lateral incisors, and then beside these the canines (cuspids).
But what happens when teeth don’t grow in? The result can be a smile that just

Hudson Family Dentistry 02/13/2014

How Designer Nate Berkus Got a Head Start on a Great Smile

Hudson Family Dentistry When it comes to dental health, you might say celebrity interior designer and television host Nate Berkus is lucky: Unlike many TV personalities, he didn't need cosmetic dental work to achieve — or maintain — his superstar smile. How did he manage that? Nate credits the preventive dental treatments

Hudson Family Dentistry 02/05/2014

Saving a Diseased Primary Tooth Could Benefit Future Oral Health

Hudson Family Dentistry Dentists go to great lengths to save an adult permanent tooth. Even though restoration technology is incredibly advanced, none can completely replace the biological function of natural teeth. Treating a diseased tooth to preserve it is a high priority in dentistry.
It would seem, though, that a chi

Hudson Family Dentistry 01/28/2014

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

Hudson Family Dentistry If you think cavities are an inevitable part of childhood, think again; tooth decay, which is actually an infectious disease caused by bacteria, is completely preventable. This is a good thing, because tooth decay can be painful and interfere with a child's ability to eat, speak, and focus in schoo

Hudson Family Dentistry 01/24/2014

Root Canal Treatment: A First-Timer's Guide

Hudson Family Dentistry It’s often said that thereâ??s a first time for everything: Driving a car by yourself; getting your first “real” job; even… having a root canal?
Now don’t get us wrong — we’re not wishing that anyone should go through a medical procedure, no matter how minor. Yet the fact remains: A root canal proc

Hudson Family Dentistry 01/16/2014

Did You Know? Major League Baseball Players Have New Restrictions on Chewing To***co

Hudson Family Dentistry Chewing to***co is a known cause of oral cancer, yet many a Major League Baseball player has been seen walking onto the field with a round tin visibly poking out of his back pocket. That was before this year. Recognizing the influence big-leaguers have on their young fans, MLB players agreed to a n

Hudson Family Dentistry 01/08/2014

Keep an Eye on Your Oral Health While Taking Blood Pressure Medications

Hudson Family Dentistry One of the top concerns in healthcare is the interactions and side effects of medications. Drugs taken for separate conditions can interact with each other or have an effect on some other aspect of health. It's important then that all your health providers know the various medications you are takin

Hudson Family Dentistry 12/31/2013

Implant Overdentures: a Marriage of Options for Lower Jaw Tooth Replacement

Hudson Family Dentistry For well over a century, removable dentures have been the main treatment option for patients suffering from severe or total edentulism (loss of teeth). In recent years, however, the dental implant has been recognized as the best option because it can provide patients with permanent tooth replacemen

Hudson Family Dentistry 12/23/2013

There's a Battle Going On - And It's In Your Mouth

Hudson Family Dentistry Your teeth are under constant attack from bacteria that normally live in your mouth. When these bacteria thrive, they create acid that begins to dissolve the minerals in your enamel (the outer layer of your teeth). In your defense, your saliva protects against these bacteria and adds minerals back

Hudson Family Dentistry 12/20/2013

Matthew Lewis's Metamorphosis

Hudson Family Dentistry Remember Matthew Lewis? You've seen him in all of the Harry Potter movies, where he played the bumbling Neville Longbottom: a pudgy, teenage wizard-in-training whose teeth could best be described as... dodgy. We won't spoil the movie by telling you what happens to him in the end — but in real life,

Hudson Family Dentistry 12/12/2013

Consider all the Cost Factors When Deciding on a Crown Restoration

Hudson Family Dentistry A crown restoration is a fabricated replica of a natural tooth. The mechanics and methods to prepare the tooth and attach the new crown are standard procedures in dentistry. But the crowns themselves — their individual shape, color and material from which they’re constructed — can differ greatly de

Hudson Family Dentistry 12/04/2013

Preventing Early Childhood Cavities

Hudson Family Dentistry When do you think is the earliest age that tooth decay can start? Would you be surprised to learn that the answer is… just two months!
In spite of our best efforts, throughout the world tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease of childhood. And the unfortunate truth is, it’s largely prev

Hudson Family Dentistry 11/26/2013

Gum Disease: A "Silent" Problem You Shouldn't Ignore

Hudson Family Dentistry Because its symptoms can be easy to overlook, gum disease is sometimes called a “silent” malady. But don't underestimate this problem! Untreated periodontal disease can progress into a serious condition, possibly leading to tooth loss and even systemic (whole-body) health issues. With proper preven

Hudson Family Dentistry 11/18/2013

Reality Star Kept His Eyes on the Prize: New Teeth!

Hudson Family Dentistry If you follow the hit TV reality show Amazing Race, you know that professional-hockey-playing brothers Bates and Anthony Battaglia won the $1 million prize in the latest globe-spanning competition. You may also have witnessed Anthony removing his false front teeth from time to time — like when he h

Hudson Family Dentistry 11/15/2013

Five Guidelines for Improving Your Youngsters' Oral Health

Hudson Family Dentistry Young children are like sponges, soaking up patterns of behavior they will later apply in many circumstances throughout life. In this learning process, they often look to family members for guidance. Some good habits, like saying “please” and “thank you,” can be taught verbally. Others are best lea

Hudson Family Dentistry 11/06/2013

Don't Ignore Bleeding Gums - A Sign of Trouble Ahead

Hudson Family Dentistry Ninety percent of people have noticed bleeding from their gums when they brush or floss their teeth at some time or other. You may wonder if this is a result of brushing too hard — but that's not usually the case.
If your gums don't hurt — even if they bleed easily — you may think the bleeding is n

Hudson Family Dentistry 10/29/2013

Tooth-Colored Fillings: True or False

Hudson Family Dentistry Do you have silver dental fillings that you wish you didn't have? Wouldn't it be nice if no one could look in your mouth and see how many cavities you had as a kid? Tooth-colored fillings may offer a solution to the problem of too much metal in your mouth. How much do you really know about non-meta

Hudson Family Dentistry 10/21/2013

"Tooth Fairy" Brady Reiter Works Her Magic for Children's Oral Health Charity

Hudson Family Dentistry Did you know that severe tooth decay is America's #1 chronic childhood disease? Actress Brady Reiter didn't know either — until she became the star of the movie Tooth Fairy 2, and then joined forces with the National Children's Oral Health Foundation: America's ToothFairy®.
“Before, I didn't even r

Hudson Family Dentistry 10/18/2013

Gum Disease: Are you at Risk?

Hudson Family Dentistry Did you know that roughly 75% of Americans suffer from some sort of gum disease? Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) refers to the progressive loss of attachment between the fibers that connect the bone and gum tissues to the teeth, and the consequential loss of the tooth-supporting bon

Hudson Family Dentistry 10/11/2013

Fluoride is a Proven Weapon in the Fight Against Tooth Decay

Hudson Family Dentistry In the early 1900s, a Colorado dentist noticed many of his patients had unusual brown staining on their teeth — and little to no tooth decay. What he unknowingly observed was the power of a chemical substance in his patients' drinking water — fluoride. While commonplace today, fluoride sparked a r

Hudson Family Dentistry 10/03/2013

Battling Bruxism and Saving Your Teeth

Hudson Family Dentistry Do you clench your jaw or grind your teeth? Bite your nails? Chew on pencils or toothpicks? Or, heaven forbid, unscrew hard-to-open bottle caps using your precious pearly whites?
Over time, habits such as these — referred to in dentistry as “parafunctional” (para – outside; functional – normal) or

Hudson Family Dentistry 09/25/2013

Are mouthguards important? Just ask Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels

Hudson Family Dentistry Protecting one's smile is important at any age. This is especially true for people who participate in contact sports or other activities where a trauma to the mouth can occur. While we all tend to believe that we are safe and that injuries “only happen to other people,” we could not be further from




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