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We are located in the beautiful city of Victorville. Our goal is to work with you to achieve the best oral health.

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When to Replace It

You should not keep a #toothbrush more than 3 to 4 months Lots Of Things We Use Don't Have Wear Dates. 06/11/2014

Dental Crowns in Victorville CA - Root Canal

Oranges! You must be surprised but yes, this citrus fruit is actually healthy for your teeth and gums.
It helps to strengthen your blood vessels and connective tissues. Dental Crowns Victorville CA, Our Clinic Providing Dental Services like Teeth Whitening and Root Canal Treatment


Did You Know proper #dentalcare prevents many problems such as pain & sensitivity? Get the scoop with just a click:

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How many teeth does the average adult have?
28, 32, 38 or 42 05/26/2014

Affordable Dentistry Victorville CA - Dental Clinic in California

How To Get #Healthysmile?
Eat Right To Make Teeth White!
Eat fruits & vegetables; avoid high sugar & starchy food that causes tooth decay. Affordable Dentistry Victorville CA, Dr. Bhatt is proud to be your complete Dental Clinic in California offering complete dental services at an affordable price.


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Do you often suffer from bad breath? Start using a tongue scrapper to eliminate bad breath germs living on your tongue.


Built to last! Dental implants are a long-term solution. Traditional, tooth-supported dental bridges only last five to seven years, while dental implants can last a lifetime when properly placed and cared for over time.


Laser dentistry has proved to be a boon in dentistry to both doctors and patients. The benefits that Laser dentistry offers for patients are:
1. No painful drilling
2. Painless wisdom teeth removal
3. Faster healing
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Bacteria also live on the surface of your tongue and cause bad breath, making cleaning your tongue very essential!


Super foods for our Super Fans!


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Keep your teeth in your mouth, not in a cup. Dental implants allow you to keep your teeth where they belong, in your mouth. Call 760-245-7800 for more information!


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Have you considered dental implants? Implants are aesthetically superior to bridges and dentures—they stay and look like real teeth. You might even forget you ever lost a tooth! 04/25/2014

Steak can whiten a person's teeth, while beets, pickles and ketchup stain

Coffee, colas and candy stain teeth, but chocolate, tea and strawberries whiten Some surprising foods such as steak whiten and improve teeth, but white wine not only stains, its acidic composition etches tiny grooves in teeth.


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Affordable Dentistry Victorville CA - Dental Clinic in California

We focus on providing technologically advanced dental care in an environment where patients feel comfortable and respected. Affordable Dentistry Victorville CA, Dr. Bhatt is proud to be your complete Dental Clinic in California offering complete dental services at an affordable price.


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Advantage of Dental Implant is there is no need to scale down the broadening teeth. Visit our clinic if you are thinking for Dental Implant. 03/28/2014

Root Canal Victorville CA - Root canal treatment California

Looking for #rootcanal near #victorville then visit Root Canal Victorville CA, Looking for cost effective root canal treatment. Feel free to call us at any time. Ph no : 760-245-7800 03/28/2014

Wisdom teeth Victorville CA - Best Wisdom teeth treatment

Looking for #wisdomteeth near #victorville then visit Wisdom teeth Victorville CA, looking for a Wisdom teeth removal or treatment, then visit us. We are anytime available. 03/28/2014

Dental Crowns Victorville CA - One Visit Crowns

Looking for #dentalcrowns near #victorville then visit Dental Crowns Victorville CA, crowns helps you in achieving your perfect smile. Dr Shailesh Bhatt is pioneer in fixing dental crowns. 03/28/2014

Oral Surgery Victorville CA - Best Service in Oral Surgery

Looking for #oralsurgeon near #victorville then visit Oral Surgery Victorville CA, Dr Shailesh Bhatt provides oral surgery treatments for the patients in the resident of Victorville.

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Implant Dentist Victorville CA - Dental Implant Services in victorville

Looking for #implantdentistry in #victorvilleca then visit Implant Dentist Victorville CA is Dr.Shailesh Kumar allows you to fix all your dental issues for affordable prices. Feel free to call us to book an appointment. 02/10/2014

Dentist Victorville ca - Victor Ville Family Dentistry

Looking for #dentist in #victorvilleca then visit Victorville Family Dentistry allows you to fix all your dental problems with sophisticated dental equipment for affordable prices. Feel free to call us.


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