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You'll enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, gentle treatment Caring professionals, complete services, all in a bright, cheerful, new office. You'll enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, gentle treatment & convenient appointments. Children, always welcome. Most insurance plans accepted. Senior discounts. Free consultations for cosmetic dentistry. Tooth whitening, bonding, veneers, dentures, same day relies & re

Operating as usual

[03/16/20]   Dear Patients & Family’s,
Our office will be closed March 17,2020 - March 26,2020 at the recommendation of the California Dental Association and CDC .
We are kindly asking our patients to assist us in reducing the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus and that we may maximize our sanitation procedure for the benefit of of our patients, staff and family’s .
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We are postponing our appointments til a later date and we appreciate your cooperation  and understanding during time.
Please everyone be safe, if you do have a dental emergency call out office at 760 241 6460.

Dr Barlow and Staff


We wish you all a happy Halloween today.. be safe as you go out and trick or treat tonight and don’t forget to brush your teeth....from Dr. Barlow and his staff .


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST DENTIST IN THE HIGH DESERT.. we celebrated having lunch with Dr. Barlow today.. we appreciate him so much and thankful for him everyday .Heres to a another great year Dr Barlow 🤗🎂


Doctor Barlow and staff had fun this evening getting recertified for CPR.


Congratulations to Dr Barlows daughter for getting into Loma Linda university school of dentistry, at the office today shadowing her father. We enjoyed having her in the office today.


Happy valentines from Dr. Barlow and staff.. Be safe out in the rain today and have a fabulous valentines.


Merry Christmas from Doctor Barlow and staff. Our office will be closed Dec 24 returning Jan 2, for the holiday season. We wish you all a very safe and memorable Holidays.


Jeff Barlow DDS & Associates


Doctor Barlow and staff would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Our office will be closed for the holiday weekend and will be back Monday November 26.


Give Dr. Barlow’s office a call and schedule a routine cleaning with our Hygienist Tiffany.


Happy days are happening at Dr.Barlows


Happy Halloween from Dr. Jeff Barlow and his staff.


Early prevention is the key to a healthy smile.



Happy Halloween from Dr Pac man & his Ghost Crew😲😲😲😲


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, enjoy your family and friends. Have fun be safe hope to see you before the end of the year.


Timeline Photos

[09/16/14]   Do you have a chipped tooth that you've never taken care of? If you've been worried that the repair will be painful, a cosmetic dentist can either use bonding material or a veneer in a painless procedure that will turn your formerly imperfect smile into a thing of beauty.

[09/11/14]   Having white teeth starts with proper oral hygiene. When you take proper care of your teeth, you can slow the erosion of tooth enamel. Eroded enamel often appears more yellow and faded.

[09/09/14]   What’s the fastest way to whiten your teeth? It’s usually an in-office teeth whitening system. It can be done in as fast as one office visit.

[09/04/14]   For more than 50 years, water has been fluoridated successfully in the United States and has been credited with reducing tooth decay by 50 percent to 60 percent.

[09/02/14]   Are you concerned that extraction is the only solution to an infected tooth because of cost? Let’s take a look at what your mouth needs and discuss your options for paying for a root canal.

[08/28/14]   Imagine this—in the time it takes to get a manicure or a massage, you could change your look with a beautiful, white smile. Take years from your appearance, and reverse years of yellowing with a one-hour professional teeth whitening, and see how much better you can look and feel.

[08/26/14]   Nylon was discovered in 1938 by Du Pont and because it was tough and moisture proof, it was perfect for bristles on a toothbrush. People had been using hog hair toothbrushes before he developed soft nylon.

[08/19/14]   There are several reasons that the soft tissue in the root of a tooth can become infected, necessitating a root canal. Most common are deep cavities, periodontal disease, a cracked or chipped tooth, and repeated dental work.

[08/14/14]   Evidence of dentistry has been dated all the way back to 7000BC. It was in the Indus Valley Civilization and included curing teeth disorders with bow drills that may have been operated by bead craftsmen. Evidence has shown that this method was not only effective but reliable as well.

[08/12/14]   If braces become damaged due to an accident or by eating the wrong type of food, it’s important that you call your orthodontist right away. Either they’ll make arrangements for you to be seen, or walk you through the solution over the phone.

[08/07/14]   In most cases, you can expect to need a crown after a root canal treatment. Removal of the pulp leaves the tooth in a brittle condition, but a properly performed crown is a highly routine procedure.

[08/05/14]   Did you know that smoking presents one of the most significant risk factors associated with the development of periodontal disease? Once the disease develops, continued smoking can also lower the chances for successful treatment.

[07/31/14]   Did you know that periodontal disease has been associated with other health issues? Studies have linked gum disease with heart disease, blood sugar issues, and even preterm delivery in women.

[07/29/14]   The treatment of periodontal disease has been making huge forward progress since the early 1960’s. Nowadays there are many ways a patient can have their gum disease treated. Please come on in to find out more.

[07/24/14]   Did you now that dentists are able to perform gum lifts? A gum lift raises and sculpts the gum line by reshaping the gum tissue and possibly the bone beneath. Gum lifts are done when teeth are abnormally short or asymmetrical. Gum lifting will elongate the teeth to provide longer, symmetrical teeth.

[07/22/14]   Grinding your teeth at night — a disorder called “bruxism” by dentists — can wear away at your teeth, leading to cavities and tooth breakage. If you think you’re a grinder, talk to your dentist about getting a custom-made “night guard” to slow the damage.

[07/17/14]   Many long-time smokers may experience a yellowing of their teeth over the years. This can now be rectified by a whitening treatment that can change the appearance of the afflicted teeth within the first few weeks.

[07/15/14]   One of the most common issues for periodontists is gum recession. As the recession continues, gaps are exposed between the gum line and teeth where plaque can collect and eventually affect the health of the teeth in that area.



Tooth whitening, bonding, veneers, dentures, same day relies & repairs. Crowns & bridges, fillings, root canals. Extractions, gum treatment.



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