David B. Heering, DMD

At the practice of Dr. David Heering, we specialize in implants, treatment of gum disease, oral surgery and much more. At the dental practice of Dr. David Heering, we specialize in conservative treatment of gum disease, cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile, and that can replace single or multiple missing teeth.

We also diagnose and treat oral pathology. We incorporate the latest technological advances in periodontics to treat all phases of periodontal disease. Utilizing both non-surgical and surgical procedures, it is our goal to maintain the health of your existing teeth for a lifetime. In cases where tooth loss is inevitable, Dr. Heering is highly trained in the placement of dental implants. We view it as our responsibilty to educate our patients on the latest development in periodontal and implant care in order to help them make more informed decisions regarding their oral health. We pride ourselves on the personal care and compassion that we show to each of our patients.

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While healthy gums should be a relatively consistent shade of pink, pale gums may indicate it's time to see your physician. You may have anemia. | heeringdmd.com


Your smile is a window to your overall well-being. In addition to oral health issues, evidence of other medical conditions, eating disorders, harmful habits, and nutritional deficiencies can also be found in the mouth. | heeringdmd.com


David B. Heering, DMD


David B. Heering, DMD


With a bone grafting procedure, a periodontist can help to regenerate the hard tissue supporting a tooth as well as establish sufficient bone mass for the placement of a dental implant. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


Diabetes increases your risk of gum disease. By managing your blood sugar and taking care of your smile, you can protect your overall well-being and your oral health. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


What you eat matters! While sugary foods and beverages can be harmful to your oral health, other foods that are rich in nutrients help to keep your teeth and gums strong and boost your resistance to dental disease. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


David B. Heering, DMD


Why floss? Protecting the health of your smile means removing any residual plaque and bacteria between your teeth and gums. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


Because the symptoms are typically painless, less than 60% of people with gum disease even know they have it. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


Even with dental implants, periodontal care is essential. While a dental implant can't develop a cavity, it's still susceptible to gum disease. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com

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Thank you for all of your help. Dr. Heering and staff have been great to work with. Very caring. Calling to check up on a weekend!!
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Check out this 5 star Google My Business review by Mike Brooks:
Thank you for all of your help.
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New research suggests a link between gum disease and type 2 diabetes: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/315993.php?sr | heeringdmd.com/periodontal-disease


Approximately 3 million people in the United States alone have had dental implants and that number is predicted to increase by 500,000 every year. | heeringdmd.com/services/dental-implants


Learn about the health conditions associated with periodontitis here: https://www.everydayhealth.com/periodontal-disease/what-gum-disease-can-mean-your-overall-health | heeringdmd.com/periodontal-disease


David B. Heering, DMD


Dr. David Heering | davidbheeringdmd.com


More and more research suggests a link between gum disease and conditions such as heart disease, cancer and a number of other systemic problems. At Dr. David Heering we’ll help you maintain optimal periodontal health. | heeringdmd.com/periodontal-disease

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Heering Implants & Periodontics

Check out this 5 star Google My Business review by Shakeela KHAN:
Dr Heering is the best peridontist I have met.. He did my surgery for bone grafting and inplants which was very close to the sinus area so it was bit complicated. He really took his time not just with the procedure but also explaining all of the steps. I would difintley reccomened Dr Heering for any periodontal work.
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Researchers have learned how to improve the bond between dental implants and bone: https://phys.org/news/2018-07-bond-implants-bone.html | heeringdmd.com/services/dental-implants


Check out these 6 tips for maintaining your oral health: https://www.consumerreports.org/dental-oral-care/secrets-to-dental-health | davidbheeringdmd.com


David B. Heering, DMD


Dr. David Heering | davidbheeringdmd.com


First introduced by a Swedish surgeon named, Per-Ingevar Branemark in the 1950’s, today dental implants are the most popular and widely recognized method for the replacement of missing teeth. | heeringdmd.com/services/dental-implants


By drinking lots of water you not only keep your body well hydrated, every sip you take cleanses your smile to help wash away leftover food and residue. | davidbheeringdmd.com


Diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis and other medical conditions can increase your risk of gum disease. For the professional help required to help protect yourself against periodontal problems, contact Dr. David Heering for care. | davidbheeringdmd.com


David B. Heering, DMD


David B. Heering, DMD's cover photo


Dr. David Heering | www.dentistinhamilton-nj.com


Getting treatment early can help save teeth that are at risk from gum disease. By contacting Dr. David Heering for care, you can protect the health and integrity of your smile. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


Despite the fact that it is almost entirely preventable, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one out of every two adults over the age of 30 in the United States has periodontal disease. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


Millions of adults across the nation are affected by gum disease and don't even know it! Visit Dr. David Heering for a comprehensive assessment of your periodontal health and to find out your best options in care. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


So you brush and floss already--excellent! But have you ever wondered the best order? Find out here: | dentistinhamilton-nj.com


The term "periodontal," refers to the gums and tissues supporting the teeth. While it comes from the Ancient Greek word roots, perí (around) and odoús (a tooth), the word itself was not coined until the middle of the 19th Century. | dentistinhamilton-nj.com

Our Story

Welcome to Heering Implants & Periodontics. David Heering, DMD, is a board-certified periodontist specializing in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease, the placement of implants, and oral surgery.

Dr. Heering earned his doctorate of dental medicine at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and completed his advanced specialty training in periodontics at Boston University. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Periodontics.

Keeping pace with the latest advancements in periodontics is a high priority for Dr. Heering. He has completed numerous professional courses in periodontal care and implant technology, and is certified to perform the Pinhole Surgical Technique—a new and innovative, minimally invasive procedure for correcting gum recession.

While Dr. Heering brings over 25 years of periodontal experience and expertise to patients and referring dentists, he also brings something equally important: personalized attention and care.



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