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Ginger at Museum of Dreams!!! She loves Roth Orthodontics!!!
Ginger loves Roth Orthodontics!!! #RothOrthodontics #MuseumOfDreams
Harry E. Fuqua III at the "Geysir Geothermal Area" in Iceland. Don't be fooled, it was freezing!
Wait .... Did I remember to put in my bands?? Harry E. Fuqua III at Gullfloss Waterfall in Iceland!
Hoping for "the gift of the gab" ... Harry Fuqua kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, Cork, County Cork, Ireland. 🍀
Monkeys, jungles, and volcanoes! Loving my family trip to Costa Rica! Pura Vida! - Jake McIntire
Sydney’s amazing summer adventure was 8th grade orientation. You can just see the joy and excitement in her face! She loves Dr. Roth... hates the end of summer!
Here's my photo contest entry, straight from the horse's mouth, hehe!! Taken on vacation in Ireland, at Clonshire Equestrian Centre.
Dr Roth and his staff have been amazing since day one. We go to the Agoura office and it is like your at a small boutique office. Yet Dr Roth has 2 offices and gives the same amazing service at both. We are thrilled with the outcome of our son’s treatment and know our daughters teeth will be just as beautiful!
We are so happy with the beautiful results, thank you Dr. Roth and team, you are awesome!
Thank you, Dr. Roth for doing a great job on Kayla's teeth. Perfect teeth, beautiful smile that will lasts a lifetime. It is all worth it. Thank you for your amazing staff as well.
Olivia had the biggest smile today after having her braces removed. Its been a long journey since she was 7 years old. Thank you Dr. Roth.

Dr. Roth embraces a non-extraction approach to Orthodontic care. With early intervention and carefully planned treatments, our patients retain their natural smiles.

Through the use of Invisalign, the Damon System and the latest in orthodontic technology. We achieve exceptional smiles by creating a fun and unique atmosphere that fosters lasting relationships with our patients. We believe that our best results are attained when our patients are engaged in the process. We encourage questions and love to see friends and family interested in our patients' treatmen

Operating as usual

Photos from Roth and Frankel Orthodontics's post 01/09/2021

Happy New Year everyone. I hope the events of this week are not an indication of what the year has in store. I am optimistic that things will get better soon. Happy Birthday to our DJ. Dr. Frankel was thoughtful enough to get her a cake and have a lunch. Please take a moment to like the Roth and Frankel Orthodontics page. I’ll still be posting on this page as well but less about the office and more just to keep in touch with you all. I miss everyone!


I dropped my aligner on the floor this morning and couldn’t find it. Good thing my dog Dante is such a good retriever. 😕🤣 ...happens even to me.


My heart is full. This year has been filled with uncertainty, fear, and division not just for us here in the United States but around the entire world. As many of you know, my wife and I, along with our friends Michael and Gayle have been building a school in the village of Mubaku, Uganda. With help from our friends and patients, we completed our first building last year. Our attendance grew from just under 40 students to over 200 and the number of girls that now attend school has more than doubled.

Our goal for this year was to build the nursery school and the Women’s Empowerment Center to enable women of the village to participate in the local economy. When the pandemic hit, we assumed that people would be so worried about their own well being that supporting a project halfway around the world would be the last thing on their minds. Fortunately, we were wrong! The outpouring of love has been overwhelming. The building is almost complete. During one of the darkest times for the people of Mubaku, the construction has been a source of light and a beacon of hope.

November is the traditional month for Thanks and for Giving. In spite of all the difficulties we have faced this year, I am incredibly grateful to be able to have served all of you and for the faith and confidence you have placed in me. I am particularly grateful to all that have donated to our school and have helped make a huge difference in the lives of these children and their families.

There is still much to be done. We are currently raising money for a rainwater collection system, a latrine, and furnishing for the newly constructed nursery school. In addition, as the school receives no money from the government of Uganda, parents are asked to pay an annual school fee of $50. This provides their child with all needed educational materials, a uniform, and daily hot lunch for an entire year. Many parents can’t afford this and choose to simply not send their children. Fortunately more than half our students are sponsored by people like you. As the new term begins, we are once again seeking sponsors for these children.

Please join Roth Orthodontics in the spirit of Thanks-Giving by making a donation to the Mubaku School. Any amount helps. If you wish to sponsor a child for a year, please make a $50 donation and then contact me at [email protected]. We will match you with a child. To make a donation, go to our website and click the red heart or donate button.

“Love is the brightest star in life’s darkest skies”. Thank you all for your support and may the year ahead be filled with love, peace, and hope!!


We have just completed our first full week at the new Oak Park office. It has been a great experience. We have so much more room, a lawn for parents to wait for their child, a private consultation and exam office, and we are bathed in wonderful natural light. Thank you all for your positive comments and your patience during the move.

For me, however, the best part of the move has been getting to work side by side with Dr. Frankel. As most of you know, I am extremely picky when it comes to our final results and the quality of our patient care. I thought I would never be able to find someone to join me that shared the same philosophy and vision, but I have! Dr. Frankel is not only a very skilled orthodontist, but he is also compassionate, kind and funny. The staff really enjoys working with him as well. How lucky are we!!!

Hopefully we will see you all soon at the new office...


We just finished our third week back after our closure. Things are running smoothly, thanks in part to one of the hardest working members or our team, Jayden. If you haven't met our SterilizationTechnician, say hi to him the next time you are in. He is an amazing young man and we are fortunate to have him on our team. Thanks to Jodye for this awesome photo..I love the way his mask matches the color of the sky.


We are finally up and running again. Thank you all for your patience and understanding with our new Covid 19 protocols. This is usually my favorite time of year in the office as I watch patients whom I have know for many years graduate and move on to the next phase of their lives. The Class of 2020 missed out on much of the pomp and circumstance associated with senior year and we missed out on seeing your smiling faces and finding out what the future holds for you. If you are willing, I would love you to share your Senior picture and let us know what you will be up to. Just for laughs, I have shared mine..Birmingham High School, Class of 1975.


I hope you all are doing well during these trying times. As many of you know our office has been closed since the middle of March. We sure miss seeing all your smiling faces. In the meantime my partners and I have spent countless hours preparing the office and changing our procedures so that we can continue to provide excellent care in the safest environment possible. Pictured here is my friend Mark installing plexiglass barriers between our chairs. We will start seeing patients again on the 19th. We will be sending instructions on your appointment confirmation call explaining our new arrival procedures. Please listen to these carefully. We have also reduced the number of patients we can see at one time. We have added addition work days to try to accommodate everyone. Please be patient the next couple of months as we play catch up and iron out the new protocols. Remember, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. I look forward to seeing you soon.


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and making good use of their time. The staff and I have been taking online courses to help better prepare for our re-opening. We sure miss seeing all your smiling faces. In the meantime, I have been trying to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. Here are some photos I've made during walks in our neighborhood. Please feel free to share what you have been up to. Hope to see you soon...


Today is International Women’s Day. I am truly blessed to work with all these amazing women. ❤️❤️❤️


Miss Oregon USA

My heart is full...with your help we managed to get one year sponosorships for 92 of our students. We will start construction on the Nursery School and the Women's Empowerment center in the next few weeks. The outpouring of love and support is amazing..Ms. Oregon USA discovered our school and visited this week...Thanks again for your overwhelming support!!!

Mubaku Bright Future Nursery and Primary School is a school in Murchison Falls that is funded by sponsors and tourists. The school has about 350 children from the community. I was grateful to join as @MissUgandaNorthAmerica and the Ugandan Community in North America donated 120 books to the school's library. We spent time talking to the children, reading to the children, and encouraging them to read. Then the students gave us cultural presentations, songs, and dances!


Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Roth Orthodontics. Give the gift of a smile to someone you love.


Pretty good olive harvest this year. Now the long wait begins to turn these inedible fruits into something really beautiful. It just takes vision, a little hard work, and patience...kind of reminds me of orthodontic treatment. Good way to start off a new year!!



Who would have thought “Orthodontia” would be a Jeopardy category?

What is... #Invisalign on #Jeopardy? We loved seeing the Invisalign brand make a special appearance as a clue on the game show! Check out this clip of the clue being played on Jeopardy! 👇


Enjoying our office holiday party. I feel so grateful to work with this amazing group of women..From all of us to all of you Happy Holidays. May 2020 bring all of us peace, good health, and much joy!!


True confessions- I got lazy about wearing my retainer and some teeth have moved. I’m getting ready to start my Invisalign treatment. So the journey begins. Anyone want to join me and start theirs? I’d love the company. Lol


Don’t forget your hardworking delivery people this holiday season. We placed this by the front door a few days ago. It definitely seems like it has been very much appreciated. Thought I would share the idea.


The elves were busy today making holiday wishes come true-braces off by year's end...Congratulations to Jordyn, Philippa, Tony and Ben on your beautiful smiles---may you use them often!


Now that our Summer Photo Contest winners have all been announced and have collected their prizes, I want to share another "unofficial" winning photo. As many of you know, my wife Lisa-ann and I along with our dear friends Michael and Gayle started building a school in Uganda last fall. The first phase is complete and the school held its grand opening in August. Unfortunately, my wife and I were unable to attend but our friends made sure that we were still included by arranging this photo. I was overwhelmed with emotion when they sent it to us.

Many of you were part of making this happen with your generous donations. I am so thankful for the outpouring of love that made this possible, but this is just the beginning. There is so much more to do: furnish the school, certify teachers, sponsor children who can't afford the $50/year school fees, etc. Please take the time to look at our website to see where we started and where we would like to go. During this season of thanks, I want to extend my gratitude to all of you!


Finally the results of the Summer Photo Contest are in! The judge had a difficult time choosing the winners amoungst all the excellent entries. I'm glad it wasn't my job as I could have never decided. Here are the top 4 photos:
1st place is Heather with her horse in Ireland
2nd place is Olivia in the Dirt Buggy
3rd place is Lola the Matador
4th place is Ariel Defying Gravity.
Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating. 09/11/2019

Summer Photo Contest

The judge has picked her favorite photos, but is having a difficult time deciding which three should be award prizes and is asking your help. Ultimately she will make the final decision, but your input will be helpful. We have created a survey to help us gauge which photos you like most. Please help out our judge by selecting your favorite photo. Your response would be greatly appreciated.


Sienna and Sydney in Sicily..the one of them in front of Mt. Etna made me erupt into a smile.

These are the last official entries into the Summer Photo Contest. The photos will be sent to the judge today and hopefully we will announce the winners soon..thanks to all who participated. It was wonderful to be included in your summer plans.


Zooey brought us all the way to New Zealand..thanks for entering the Summer Photo Contest ( although technically it should be the Winter Photo Contest in New Zealand, right?


Bailey ending summer with a splash. Thanks for entering the Summer Photo Contest.


Wow...Great job Cade with these amazing photos..I'm sure they will make a real splash in the Summer Photo Contest!


Wow...Maddie could be a model for Roth Orthodontics..thanks for entering the Summer Photo Contest.


Michael and Gayle's trip to Egypt..crocodile mummies whose teeth are over 2000 years old..this was when I first opened my practice..look how great their teeth still look..I guess it pays to always wear your retainer...


Charissa's entry into the Summer Photo contest..they really capture the essence of summer...what a great dog!!


Olivia - playing in the mud with a beautiful smile and zipping along in Hawaii.Wow! Thanks for entering the Summer Photo Contest.


Shea just got her new Herbst appliance and entered the Summer Photo Contest...two birds with one stone...good luck!


Sarah's entry into the Summer Photo Contest..very clever!


Here is Ginger Jacoby’s Sunmer photo submission.
She’s at the Museum of Dreams!!!
Great place for Roth Orthodontics!!


Isabella the mermaid..."Dive deep for the treasures you seek" Thanks for entering the Summer Photo Contest!


Sophia in Tuscany and Paestum, Italy. My kids have always been fascinated by the round hay bales in Tuscany and Umbria. So glad you got to see Italy, Sophia and thanks for bring us along with you.! Good luck with the Summer Photo Contest.


Jack's big catch with Mom and Sister holding it up. Looks like a fun trip. Thanks for entering the Summer Photo Contest..If you plan on entering still, all photos must be submitted by Monday.


Jackie and Victor (mom and son braces) in front of Independence Hall. Thanks for bringing us along and entering the Summer Photo Contest.

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I was working with a patient today when her mom asked me if I had ever heard of Damon braces. I had to chuckle because t...
Spring is in the air. The hummingbird feeder at our Agoura office has been very busy this much fun to watch. We...





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Dr. Roth graduated with high honors from the University of California at Los Angeles, School of Dentistry in 1983. He then attended the graduate Orthodontic program at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas where he received not only his Orthodontic degree, but also a Master of Science in Dentistry. Baylor's Orthodontic residency has been ranked consistently as one of the top Orthodontic programs in the country. Upon his return to Southern California in 1985, he established his practices in Woodland Hills and Agoura Hills. In addition, he joined the faculty at UCLA, Department of Orthodontics. He has conducted extensive research and has published several articles. His first love however is creating beautiful smiles and helping build self esteem for his patients. He and his wife Lisa-Ann have four children and have resided in the Conejo Valley for the past twenty years. When not busy practicing orthodontics and raising his children, Dr. Roth enjoys making black and white photographs, handcrafted artisan beads and Venetian glass beads. Dr. Roth is also an avid horseback rider and a student of the Italian language. Finally, Dr. Roth enjoy preparing and eating homemade meals. Dr. Roth is an active member of the Los Angeles (West Hills) community and is passionate about the power of education. He is on the Board of Directors for River Oaks Academy, a public charter school. In addition, he is an active member of the Conejo Valley Homeschoolers and he actively promotes Children's Art.

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