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Our office will be operating 2 hours late today Monday, February 11th, 2019, due to inclement weather. Stay warm and be safe!

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Update: Our office is closed today due to icy road condition & many uncleaned small roads. Stay safe everyone!

Our office will be operating 2 hours late tomorrow Wednesday, January 30th, 2019, due to inclement weather. Stay warm and be safe!

Sugar attracts bad bacteria that can lead to dental plaque, tooth decay, and cavities. Luckily, it’s easy to fight these problems with these simple tips:

1 - Watch what you eat and drink. Are you eating a balanced diet? Using a straw when drinking sugary and acidic beverages? Adding raw fruit or vegetables to your meals to increase the flow of saliva? What are your eating habits that affect the health of your teeth?
2 - Cut down on sugar. Sugary foods should only be eaten occasionally; however, if you do indulge in some sweet treats, drink some water. If you like soft drinks, have it in moderation or not at all.
3 - Last but not least, practice good oral hygiene! Brushing at least twice a day is an important step in preventing cavities and tooth decay. It’s even better to brush your teeth after every meal and before you go to bed.

Happy brushing!

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Did you know that 48% of adults think a smile is the most memorable feature after they meet someone for the first time (according to a survey by American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)? That’s nearly half the people you meet! So whether you’re at a networking event, job interview, or getting your professional headshot for LinkedIn, make sure you bring in your best smile to leave a good, long-lasting impression.

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We will be open at 10am (2 hour delay) on Monday, 01/14/2019. Keep warm & drive safely!

If you are trying to find an easy way to improve your smile, then DRINK WATER! Water is the healthiest drink available to you and it really helps your teeth stay super healthy - especially if it’s fluoridated, which helps strengthen teeth and fight cavities. So make sure you help your teeth out and drink a few glasses of water today!

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Optimal Dental Center - Reston Office

Does your toothbrush look kind of like this? Then it’s probably time to replace your toothbrush. Ideally, you should replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months or sooner if the bristles are frayed.

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How are you spending your New Year’s? Tell us in the comments!

Keep your smile bright this season with these holiday dental tips from the Optimal Dental family:

1 - We know it’s exciting to rip open packages and bottles, but your teeth are not the right tools for the task. Use scissors or a bottle opener instead to open all the holiday goodies.
2 - Choose your snacks wisely. If you want to eat nuts and do not have a nutcracker, choose a different snack. If you have one of those holiday platters of candy, try to skip it. Munching on nuts and candy may be delicious, but they can wreak havoc on your teeth.
3 - Drink water! This should be a no brainer, but try to avoid drinks and juice with lots of sugar and opt for water instead. If you can, drink water with fluoride in it to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

We hope these tips keep your holiday smile shining and we wish everyone a happy holidays!

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We hope your smile shines as bright as holiday lights! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Do you use an electric toothbrush? Share your preference!

Protect your oral health against gum disease before it can develop. Contact us to schedule your next visit today.

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Your comfort is our top priority. Learn why patients are giving us five-star ratings. #Restondentist #Reviews

Our team would like to share our thanks for allowing us to serve you. You let us achieve our passion of providing dental care to a fantastic community!
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We treat each patient with fully personalized care based on their oral health needs. Learn more about our practice and the services we offer at http://restonva.dentist/

Enjoying great company, lively conversation & delicious food at Present Restaurant in Falls Church with the business owners & HR directors of our Corporate Partner Companies and our Referral Partners. Thankful for all of the support & business they have referred to us this year!

We got the first snow of the season!!! We will be open as usual today to care for our patients. Drive safely everyone!

When is the last time you bought a new toothbrush? We recommend getting a new toothbrush every three months to ensure optimal oral health. #ToothBrush #DentalTips

Today is National Pickle, National Spicy Guacamole & World Diabetes Day. Enjoy a yummy pickle, a delicious bowl of spicy guacamole, but most importantly strive for a healthy diet, enjoy regular fun physical activities & help keep your sugar level in check. Share a picture of pickle, spicy guacamole or healthy fun fares you enjoy today & MAKE IT A HAPPY & HEALTHY DAY!

Hairy tongue is a bacterial accumulation on the tongue that makes it look like it’s covered in hair. Combat this condition by brushing and flossing daily, and with regular visits to our office. Contact us today to learn more. #HairyTongue #Dentistry

Happy National Brush Your Teeth Day!

We are glad to help make brushing easy & fun by gifting the seniors at Wakefield Senior Center cool dental goody bags. Love seeing their smiles!!!

Keep brushing the teeth you want to keep everyone 😁!

“Like” if you floss before brushing, “Share” if you floss after brushing.

We are excited to count down to the few days left before our Dental Charity Day in our two office locations in collaboration with Hope for Tomorrow, Drukpa USA, and Live to Love to provide free dental care for the Himalayan and Bhutanese community including monks and underprivileged individuals and families.

We are deeply appreciative of all of our volunteers (11 Drs., 8 RDHs, 9 DAs, 9 Admin and 7 community volunteers), sponsors (Mr. Rick Flemming - Crest & Oral B, Travis Tate - MainStreet Bank, Oanh Henry - Allegra Marketing Print Mail of Fairfax, Yusuf Papal - Cheesesteak Express and Kabob Depot) and many donors for making this day possible.

Your health is of the utmost importance to us. Contact our kind and experienced team to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Ask us about our Kid's Day - The day for our kid patients to have fun while getting their teeth cleaned at the same time.

Ask us about our Kid's Day - The day for our kid patients to have fun while getting their teeth cleaned at the same time.

The lifespan of a taste bud is about 10 days. The five known tastes detected by taste buds are: bitter, sour, salty, sweet, and savory, though studies are finding many people identify water and fat tastes as well.
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We care about our patients as if they are a part of our own family. View http://restonva.dentist/testimonials/ to see why our patients love us.

It’s our Kids Day at our Fairfax office, once again!!! Our Drs. & staff were hard at work getting the office ready for a fun day for our young patients to come in for their checkups & cleanings.

Do you eat strawberries? These natural teeth whiteners have vitamin C to fight plaque and stains.
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For those who think brushing once a day is enough, you increase your risk of developing tooth decay by 33%.
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Adding mouthwash to your dental hygiene routine can help clean your teeth and protect them against decay. #Dentist #RestonSmiles

There are many ways to treat overly sensitive teeth such as trying special toothpaste, adjusting your brushing, and avoiding acidic foods and drinks. If the problem continues, contact us for an appointment. #Dentist #SensitiveTeeth

Fun fact: the average American spends 38.5 total days brushing their teeth over the course of a lifetime. Who thinks they will end up with more? #DentalFunFact #Brushing

Neglect is expensive. Don’t wait for your small problems to become big problems. Schedule an appointment today.

Toilets can splash up to 6 feet when they are flushed. Make sure to keep your toothbrush far away from your toilet, or simply close the lid. #Dentist #ToothBrush

Did you know: Your tongue is not the only part of your mouth that has taste buds. Your cheeks, esophagus, and the epiglottis all help differentiate between flavors.

If you use mouthwash, remember not to use it immediately after brushing your teeth as it can wash away the benefits that toothpaste provides.
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Before toothpicks were used to make cowboys in western movies look cool, they actually served the purpose of picking food out of your teeth. To avoid getting splinters, we recommend flossing. #Dentist #Toothpicks

We can tell if you floss regularly or if you only did it for your appointment. Call us a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. #Dentist #Flossing

Can you roll your tongue? Around 65 to 85 percent of people can. Tell us what your secret talent is below. #HiddenTalent #Dentist

The seasons are changing. Is it time to make your dental appointment? #RestonDentist

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