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Thank you again to Sutherland DDS and Especially Dr. Lewis and Melissa. I cannot say enough how much I love this team!from the front office staff to the back office, from the minute you walk in you know you will be taken care of! If there was such a thing as six stars I would do it!
Some days are for fun, some days are for work... and SOME days are for both! Fridays at Sutherland DDS are always fun 😜😷
The whole staff goes out of their way to make the visit comfortable and pain free. Thank you each and everyone/ Jerry

We are your Redding Dentist. Using the latest technology, we strive to deliver the best diagnosis and treatment currently available in dentistry.

Operating as usual

It’s National Dog Day and even though Bella only has 12 of her 48 teeth she got a treat from Happy Tails on Hartnell. Shop local and say hi to Bella’s new auntie !!!

Today is a very special day at Sutherland DDS!!! We are celebrating 3 special things.

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beautiful Carli S. 💜 We just adore you and are so blessed to have your beautiful smile, warmth and hard work up in the front. You’re one of the first people our wonderful patients see, and they’re always greeted with a big smile.

Second, Happy 1 Year Anniversary to our Carlie H! Our back office Carlie who is such a hard worker, full of life, fun and giggles. We are so thankful to have you a part of our team, cheers to many more years!

And Third, our Em is BACK from her trip home to Michigan! We have missed you these last 3 weeks but so happy you were able to spend time with Family and Friends. Our team is whole again now that you are back.

We love all 3 of you and are so thankful for having you in our lives! 💜

Yesterday was our beautiful assistant Monica’s Birthday!!!!

Where would we be without your beautiful smile, your wonderful laugh and your hard work! We love having you around and look forward to seeing your beaming smile every morning!!

Hopefully you had a wonderful relaxing day, or doing something fun outdoors! 💛 Happy Belated Birthday Monica!

The goodies just keep coming in!!!!

Dr Lewis’s wife Christine is so very talented!!! Not only are her Cookies adorable and so fitting for the office, they taste AMAZING!

Thank you for surprising us with some happy and yummy cookies! She has such an amazing talent with the mind blowing desserts that she creates! ❤️

Tooth Fairies, Happy Smiles, Toothbrushes as well as Toothpaste bottles (not pictured) all made out of cookies 😊🥰

Special Delivery!!!!!!

We have such a wonderful dental family!!! Our lovely Emily has ventured off to visit her family for the next 2-3 weeks, but surprised us with sweet notes and donuts the day after she left!!!

She asked that our beautiful Carli bring the goodies in to us as a surprise!!! So Carli and her daughter came in to visit for the morning yesterday on her day off!!!

We could not be more thankful for the wonderful people we get to call family here at Sutherland DDS! ❤️

Sutherland DDS

Today is a very special day here at Sutherland DDS!

We are celebrating two work anniversaries!!!

Today marks 2 years that Dr Lewis joined our team! He has been such a wonderful addition for not only our patients but also to our staff! We love his sense of humor, his family and patient values, and the dental education he brings to our team!

Today marks 1 year that the beautiful Tara joined our team! Her big personality up front brings a smile to not only our staff but our patients as well! She is very attentive to details and has helped transform the front through this pandemic! We love you Tara girl!!!

Cheers to many more years of fun, dental and laughs with you both! Happy Work Anniversary!!!

Happy Friday!!!!! It has been crazy busy at Sutherland DDS. We want to thank you all for your understanding and flexibility during all the new changes.

As some of you know Nate one our our hygienists moved and is his last day was last Thursday. We are going to greatly miss him but we are excited for his next adventure!!!

We would like give a shout out to Danielle and Shawna for accepting full time with us!!!!! Danielle has been with the Sutherland team for almost 4 years at part time. Shawna has been with us 3 years as part time. We are so very grateful to have both of their knowledge and experience full time!

Fun fact!!!!!
🦷Danielle graduated Hygiene school in 2002 and was awarded the Golden Scaler
😷Shawna graduated Hygiene school in 2015 and was awarded the Colgate Total Student Achievement Recognition
💉Sarra graduated Hygiene school in 2016 and was awarded the Golden Scaler

We are very fortunate for all our amazing staff!

Thank you to so many of you who have made masks for us and blessed us. Susan Magrini you totally have allowed us to maximize our N95 THANK YOU!!!!

Welp looks like someone lost a tooth!!! Makella Lewis lost her very first tooth last night! Thankfully Dr Lewis aka Dad was there to help!!! Hopefully the tooth fairy brought you something special!!! 💜 Congratulations on losing your first tooth sweetheart! Remember the tooth fairy likes clean teeth!!! 🥰

Congratulations to our amazing DA, Ashley, passed her Infection Control and Dental Practice Act class this weekend. She is an amazing part our out team and we are so proud of her!

Why Hygienists Should NEVER Treat Patients with Active Oral Herpes - Today's RDH As a dedicated and meticulous dental hygienist, you may find yourself noticing small details that are unnoticed or dismissed by most people. So when a patient presents for her prophy with an active herpes simplex lesion on her lip (herpes labialis), your antennae immediately go up. As you mentally d...

Congratulations Jerrik Melton for graduating from Lassen View Elementary School!!! Your Sutherland DDS family is so proud of you !!!

Wow!!! Another wonderful lady gifted us with masks to wear over our masks. Thank you Lisa Landry for blessing us!!!

We are back in action. Sarra Brewer explaining to Shandel Slaten Sutherland why Cocofloss is in it’s a class of its own!

Thank you Bethel Church, Redding for your GENEROUS gift of face shields and masks! Wow! Now that’s community.

Thank you so much!
Dr. John Scott Sutherland and team!

Check out Dr. Sutherland with his clean shaven face for the N-95 mask!!! He is ready for phase 4 to grow it back!

Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing Mommas!!!!

When the pH of your mouth drops to 5.5 demineralization of your teeth occur.

Say you have a soda at 9 am and you slowly drink it till 12. Your mouth is in a constant state of demineralization because the pH is below 5.5. VS. Having a soda at 9 am and drinking it within 20 minutes.

Helpful Tips-
Limit the exposure time to acidic foods
Swishing with water after acidic foods/ meals
Making sure you have a good amount of saliva
*if you suffer from dry mouth talk to us🙂

Just remember.....

Happy Wednesday!!! We miss you all terribly dental family! We pray you are well, we pray you are safe. Never forget we are ALWAYS here for you, not just as you’re dental professionals but as your friends and family! Our staff has been keeping quite busy with beautiful projects around the house and with their families! What are some things you are doing to help pass this time until we can see each other again? ❤️ Post below so we can hear all about your adventure!

Have we talked to you about gingival grafting (also known as gum graft)?

This is a nice visual of before and after grafting 😳

Why would grafting need to be done? Recession or potentially not enough attached gingiva remaining.
The first picture shows the area of recession and it looks to be about 3-4mm’s. As we have said before you can not grow gums back ( I’m sure some day you might 😉). Maybe you have noticed this or your Dr./ Hygienist. We usually recommend grafting because we are concerned with the root exposure causing sensitivity, caries, infection or even tooth loss.
We usually refer you to a periodontist (gum specialist) to have a consult to go over options/ prognosis and cost😷.

What is this?

If you stated tartar, calculus, or build up you are correct!!!
This is a couple before and after pictures. This is what your hygienist is removing in your mouth when you come in.
-Some people build up more than others.
-Some calculus comes off easier than others.
- This also builds up under the gums
How do you prevent or limit?
- Brushing 2x's daily
-Flossing 1x daily (nightly preferred)
-Mouthwash ( we like to recommend listening total care/ ACT)
-Additional home care aids recommended by your hygienist.
- Regular routine cleanings based on your hygienist/Dr. recommendations. We usually recommend 3, 4, or 6 month routine preventative cleaning or Periodontal Maintenance.

When we take Annual Xray’s of your teeth we are not just looking for cavities but also bone level. We can compare previous and current Xray’s to see if periodontal disease/bone loss is progressing. 😷

Franklin Graham

Yay! Sutherland DDS team! At Christmas we picked items to donate to this organization and medical supplies was on a few of our peeps list. Makes us proud to be a part of you, Samaritan's Purse! #forsuchatimeasthis #loveourteam

Samaritan's Purse has been asked to help in New York as the state and their medical infrastructure has been overwhelmed by the coronavirus. This morning six tractor trailers left our office in NC with a 68-bed emergency field hospital, medical supplies, and equipment. An advance team including one of our doctors left last night and is there now with a larger medical team to follow. Dr. Elliott Tenpenny said, “It’s important that we help because this is what we’re called to do as Christians. We help those who are in the ditch of life.” Please pray as we respond in Jesus’ Name.

Thursday’s Tip of the Day-
The 3 causes of wear 🤔
The picture really explains it all, but I would like to elaborate on Abrasion.

Abrasion is more of a smooth circular wear around the gum line of your teeth.

You may also hear us say the term Abfraction which like an abrasion happens at the gum line. The difference is an Abfraction looks like a wedge or notch has been taken out of the tooth at the gum line.
Abfractions are caused by aggressive brushing, clenching/grinding, or even malocclusion (an imperfect bite).
So really... The 4 causes of tooth wear 🤷🏼‍♀️

Happy Wednesday
Our tip for today is to make sure you change out your toothbrush or toothbrush head every 3-4 months. Unless you notice the bristles are becoming frayed you should change out sooner.

* But Why change out your brush🤔

🙋🏼‍♀️ Toothbrushes build up bacteria as well as loose effectiveness over time. When you have a broke down toothbrush you are not removing the plaque and bacteria like you should. Thus causing your oral condition to worsen 😢.

*** If your fraying the brush pretty extensively prior to three months, then most likely you are brushing to aggressively. This will not only cause damage to the brush but also your gums 👎🏻

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Are you ready for Tuesdays Tip- Sonicare vs. Oral B.
We get asked all the time which one is better Sonicare or Oral B🦷

*From a hygienist/ personal perspective You can’t go wrong either way. I have both, and both work great. My preference is the Sonicare!

What’s the difference?
*Sonicare- Produces Sonic vibrations that creates micro bubbles that help get deep in the pockets giving the extra clean feeling. Has a humming sound as it works. (reminds me of a hummingbird)
*Oral B- Has a circular brush head, that has a osculating/rotating motion. Oral B’s brushing motion also helps get that deep clean feeling, that you just can’t get with a manual brush. This brush is a little louder than the Sonicare.

** Both brushes are set to 2 minutes to make sure you are brushing for the recommended time😉.

**A huge pro to Oral B is all the brush models have the pressure indicator light 💡. This light tells you when you are brushing your teeth to hard🛑.This feature is only on certain models of Sonicare 🤷🏼‍♀️

There are times when I recommend one over the other, but we see great results with both! Attached are web links for both if you would like to research further 💜
Hope this helps!
Sarra RDH

Since we can’t do much at the office these days😢We can at least utilize our page to bring you helpful tips while we are off! Mondays Tip-Always change your toothbrush after you have been sick 🤒 🦠

Ahhhh we miss our staff so much. Sarra brought smiles to our face as we socially distanced love to sweet little Em. When will this end, we miss our peeps !!!

When we can only see emergencies, Dr. Sutherland finally gets to his projects!!!

Making lemonade out of lemons!

COVID-19 (Coronavirus): What dental practitioners need to know

Well the CDA and state of California has asked us to only treat emergencies.

While we do not believe in fear, we do believe in safety and in taking care of our staff and patients.

Please pray this will end! CDA is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and has gathered the latest information and tips in one place

It’s National Dentist Day!!
We are so very thankful for these two guys! 🦷😷

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