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Great seeing you all this week!
Thank you for the fun Santa pic day, snacks and activities My 2 daughter and I had so much fun and the Santa pic! ☺️ you guys are always great with us at dental visits too!
Good morning! Sidney’s daisy troop is looking for someone (dentist or hygienist) to come speak to her daisy troop. Meetings are usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6. Any interest???
Thanks, yet again. This morning I came in to have some cavities filled and had massive anxiety. Dr. Lyons and Betsy talked me through my anxiety without making me feel like a crazy lady. While they always do wonderful work at this office, today they were kind, caring, compassionate and 100% listened to my concerns. Thanks again Betsy and Dr. Lyons. I greatly appreciate you.
I'm anxiously awaiting the Disney drawing hahahahahahahaha! When in September does it occur?
Union Hills Family Dental, now the #1 happiest place on earth . Disneyland comes in at #2. AWESOME staff , happy and it is like " Cheers " where everyone knows your name. I have had procedures there and they make sure you feel no pain. They tell you what to expect and well, I am very happy there. The whole staff is incredible. I would name them but I do not want to leave anyone out. You WILL not be disappointed at the happiest place on earth, Union Hills Family Dental

We perform all aspects of dentistry including cosmetics, orthodontics, oral surgery, implants, periodontal therapy, endodontics, and pediatrics.

Operating as usual

DID YOU KNOW that crowns are built to fit patients' smiles perfectly and work effectively with the rest of their teeth? 👍 #dentalcrowns #healthysmile #perfectfit

Beware of Tara when she’s got her resting witch face on! 😜


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WHICH CANDY always sticks around at the bottom of your trick-or-treating bag or candy bowl? Comment below with your least favorite Halloween candy! 🍬 #halloween #halloweencandy #halloween2020

OUR BOSS is a total boss! Happy Boss’s Day to all of the amazing bosses out there! ☕ #bossday #bestboss #thankyou

Work is always fun when you have such a great boss and we wanted to wish a Happy Boss's Day to Dr. Ellis!

Move over Sanderson Sisters, We're celebrating our own 3 little witches today. Happy Birthday Luzy, Betsy and Ruthie!

WE’RE REMINISCING ON the very first scary movie we ever watched! 😱 Do you remember yours? If so, comment below! #scarymovie #halloween #spookyseason

CULTURES FROM ANCIENT EGYPT to the Roman Empire and all the way up until the Age of Enlightenment blamed their cavities and toothaches on something really weird: tooth worms. 🐛

Where did this incorrect theory come from? We still don’t entirely know. It could be that they saw diseased pulp (without much ability to magnify it) and thought it looked like a worm. It wasn’t until pioneering dentists like Frenchman Pierre Fauchard came along that the tooth worm theory was debunked and they got closer to the real causes of cavities.

We can’t make fun of ancient physicians for their theory too much, though. While it’s not true that parasitic worms are boring holes through teeth, cavities are indeed caused by tiny organisms: bacteria! They probably would have figured that out much earlier if they’d had access to microscopes. 🔬

Fortunately, tooth decay wasn’t very widespread in those days because sugar wasn’t widely available. Sugar is harmful oral bacteria’s favorite thing to eat. 🍭That’s why the modern dental health community recommends limiting sugar intake to mealtimes and cutting back as much as possible! #toothdecay #history #dentalhistory

Putting on Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Honoring all those who have been affected by breast cancer. Please share your pink pics with us!

IT’S BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH so we’re posting to say that our team supports all those who’ve been affected by breast cancer. We stand with you! 💓 #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth #awareness

The Mighty Thor is all smiles for Dental Hygiene Month! Look at how clean he keeps those chompers. Doesn't hurt that his owner is the fabulous Dr Ellis!

WE’RE KEEPIN’ IT CLEAN for National Dental Hygiene Month by practicing great dental hygiene this and every month so we can have a healthy smile year round! 😃 #nationaldentalhygienemonth #dentalhygiene #oralhealth

WE COULDN’T MISS a chance to thank teachers for all of their hard work and dedication. Thank you teachers for everything you do! 🍎 #worldteachersday #thankyouteachers #teacherappreciation

YOUR SMILE is absolutely boo-tiful! 👻 #october #dentalhumor #spookyseason

Scare Away Breast Cancer!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Chad is showing his support and wearing pink . Let's all do our part to save the 👻BOOO-bies👻.


IT’S INTERNATIONAL COFFEE DAY and since it’s no secret that we’re big fans of a good cup of joe, we want to hear what your favorite way to order a coffee is! Drop your usual order in the comments below to enter to win an Amazon gift card. ☕

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It's Coffee Day! Coffee definitely helps keep our staff going!

COMMENT BELOW with how you plan to spice up your life a little this fall! 🎃 #pumpkinspice #fall #autumn

Tomorrow is International Coffee Day! Our buddy Chad feels a little dead inside until he has his cup of Joe. What's your coffee order? Comment below for a chance to win a gift card!

DO YOU HAVE a specific meal that you didn't like as a kid and still have yet to eat? If so, comment below and tell us what it is! 🥙 #commentbelow #childhoodmemories #food

THE TOOTHBRUSH IS one of the most important tools we have for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. While that seems like a total no-brainer, there are still some pretty common toothbrush mistakes people make!

1. Not Replacing an Old Toothbrush
If a toothbrush has frayed, bent, or missing bristles, it can’t do its job very well. Time to replace it! In fact, the ADA recommends replacing toothbrushes multiple times a year. 🗓️

2. Not Brushing for Two Minutes
“Brush for two minutes” is probably the thing dentists repeat most often, but it’s true! ⌛ Repeated brushing motions are key to effective cleaning; simply making a couple passes over each tooth surface isn’t enough.

3. Scrubbing too Hard (or With Hard Bristles)
A lot of people brush their teeth with the same amount of elbow grease as when they clean grout out of their kitchen tiles! This is called over-brushing and it can actually cause gum recession! Ease up, and use soft-bristled brushes.

4. Improper Toothbrush Storage
Bacteria loves moisture and darkness, so storing a toothbrush in a sealed case is going to lead to a lot of smelly germs on the tool for cleaning teeth. Store it upright where it can get airflow so that it can fully dry between uses. (And keep it away from the toilet! 🚽) #brushyourteeth #toothbrush #tips

REMEMBER TO TREASURE yer teeth me hearties! Those chompers are more precious than any buried treasure in the seven seas. ☠️ #talklikeapirateday #treasureyerteeth #shipshapesmile

IT'S TIME TO PLAY FALL FAMILY FEUD! The top 6 answers are on the board. Can you guess what they are? 🥧 #familyfeud #commentbelow #fall

Treasure Yer Teeth! Saturday is Talk like a Pirate Day! Dr. Elllis and Shari Arrr already getting in the spirit. Arrrr you?
Send us you favorite pirate photos or jokes in the comments mates.

IN TIMES LIKE THESE, we could all use a little extra inspiration. Tag a positive account you love in the comments below! 🌅 #inspo #inspiration #motivation

COMPOUNDS CALLED tannins are what cause drinks like coffee or wine to stain teeth! An easy way to prevent these compounds from clinging to teeth is brushing before you drink because the tannins tend to cling to plaque. ☕🍷 #funfact #oralhealth #brightsmile

GRANDPARENTS ARE SOME of the best teachers out there! Here’s something my grandparents taught me that I hold dear. Share something your grandparents taught you in the comments below. 👵👴 #grandparents #wisdom #commentbelow

NOT ALL OF OUR teeth have the same shape. The reason we need so many different types of teeth is that we are designed to eat both plants and meat. Let’s take a closer look at the four types of teeth we have. 🤔

The incisors are the front four teeth (both on the top and the bottom). The middle ones are central incisors and the two on the sides are lateral incisors. These teeth are great at slicing food, but not for chewing it.

The next teeth in line are usually called canines or eyeteeth. These have the longest roots of any of our teeth and make up the “corners” of our smiles. Their sharp points help us grip and tear food, especially meat. 🥩

Third in line are the eight premolars. They have sharp outer edges to help the canines tear food and some chewing surface to help the molars grind it up. We only have premolars as adults; they replace our baby molars. 👶

Finally, we have between eight and twelve molars. These are our largest teeth, with wide chewing surfaces and multiple roots. Molars are essential to grinding up food before we can swallow it. #teeth #toothfacts #interesting

First visits to the dentist can be a fun experience especially with these ladies. Thanks Amaris for being a great patient and great job on having NO CAVITIES!

MAINTAINING MENTAL HEALTH is essential to a person's well-being. Take time to take care of your mental health. ❤️ #mentalhealth #wellness #wellbeing

IT’S LABOR DAY and we want to hear about everyone’s plans. Comment below with how you’re spending the day! ☀️ #laborday #nationalholiday #dayoff

WE’LL BE SMILING all the way through September. Let’s make this a great month! 😄 #smiles #healthysmile #dentistsofinstagram

We love to have a good time here at Union Hills Family Dental. We believe a strong team is important to have a strong practice. Team building activities are always a great way to spend some time together away from the office. We all had a blast having lunch and painting some fun Halloween crafts. Who knew we had so many crafty ladies on our team.

IT’S SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH so we want to share the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. 📱 If you are struggling, we want you to know that help is always available. #suicideprevention #mentalhealth #suicideawareness

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