Artistic Dental at the Biltmore

Artistic Dental at the biltmore is a comprehensive dental practice that opened in 2000.

John Dougherty isn't your average everyday dentist. As a traveling dentist to under-served children and families living on the Indian reservation in his first years after dental school, then working for other private practices he searched for his place in the dental field where his talents could be best used to help others. He knew that by being his own boss he could provide that care without restrictions, and found his dental home at 2333 E Campbell Ave. He is an outdoor enthusiast who has hiked the Grand Canyon North Rim to South Rim more than 20 times, and has completed a 600-mile bike race in Oregon. But what truly sets him apart is his dedication and compassion to his family, his patients and team, and the Phoenix community. He opened Artistic Dental at the biltmore in 2000 to provide the latest treatments in comprehensive dental care, taking an integrative approach in treating patients from children to seniors in order to help achieve optimal oral health.

TEETH ARE A LOT more complicated than they might seem from the outside, which is why we’re going to have a quick dental anatomy lesson, from crown to root. 🤓

The crown is the part above the gumline. The outermost layer is the enamel, the hardest substance in the human body. Beneath the enamel is dentin, which is a lot like bone. It contains microscopic tubules that run from the pulp chamber to the outer enamel. That’s why we can feel temperature in our teeth. 🌡️

At the core of each tooth is the dental pulp chamber. The pulp includes the blood vessels that keep the tooth alive and nerves that provide sensation — including pain receptors that let us know when something is wrong. 😮

The root is the long part of the tooth that connects to the jaw bone. Tiny periodontal ligaments hold each tooth in place, and gum tissue provides extra support. The roots are hollow, with canals that link the nerves and blood vessels in the dental pulp to the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Roots don’t have enamel, but they are protected by a thin layer of cementum and the surrounding healthy gum tissue.

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WHOA! Beaver teeth become orange over time due to the iron in their food, which means the younger the beaver, the whiter the teeth! 🤔 #funfact #didyouknow #cuteanimals

DECADES OF PSAs and instruction have been pretty effective at stripping traditional cigarettes of their “cool” facade, but modern kids and teens aren’t as wary of vaping. Vaping is often portrayed as a much healthier option to traditional smoking, but the vapor still contains nicotine and ultra-fine toxic chemicals and heavy metals. 🚭

Nicotine reduces blood flow, affecting teeth and gums, potentially causing gum recession and death of gum tissue. It can also reduce saliva production, leading to dry mouth (which causes all kinds of problems, from bad breath to tooth decay), and it can trigger teeth grinding, which damages teeth. 😁

Kids who don’t smoke cigarettes may still be vulnerable to vaping because of all the messaging that it’s not as unhealthy as traditional smoking — not to mention the brightly colored vape pens and candy flavors the liquid comes in. As parents, we should talk to our kids about the effects of vaping and help them understand that they don’t need a harmful and addictive habit to be cool and grown up. 👍

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NOT EVERYONE HAS wisdom teeth. According to one study, as many as 40% of people get less than a complete set of third molars, if they get any at all. But why do the people who have wisdom teeth often end up needing to get them removed? 🤔

If wisdom teeth are going to show up, they usually do so between ages 17 and 25. Many of us simply don’t have room in our jaws for third molars, which could be because modern diets don’t stimulate enough jaw growth to give them the space they need. 🍽️

Without that space, wisdom can become impacted (meaning they remain trapped beneath the gums, where they may form cysts or burrow towards the roots of neighboring teeth) or cause a lot of crowding. They’re also harder to keep clean and free of tooth decay.

Symptoms of problem wisdom teeth that teenagers and people in their early twenties can watch for include pain towards the back of the dental arch, redness, swelling, or tenderness. It’s important to keep up with regular 6-month dental appointments so that impacted wisdom teeth can be addressed before they start making trouble for the other teeth. ✔️

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APRIL IS STRESS AWARENESS Month. A lot of us have plenty of things that stress us out, and that can actually have harmful effects on our physical health — including our dental health. 😟

When we remain stressed for long periods of time, it can compound existing TMD issues, make us more prone to grinding our teeth, and weaken our immune systems against things like gum disease, oral infections, canker sores, cavities, and dry mouth.

An important way to fight back against the effects of stress is to keep up with our oral hygiene routines. Daily flossing and brushing twice a day for two minutes can make a huge difference in our oral health. It’s especially important to maintain these habits while stressed, because even something as simple as having fresh, clean teeth can help us feel a little better and more in control! 😊

A few other ways we can de-stress include doing relaxation exercises, going for a walk, throwing ourselves into a creative project, or doing something relaxing like reading, watching TV, or taking a shower. We’d love to hear what our patients do to keep their stress levels down! ❤️

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WE’VE ALL BEEN hearing the phrase “social distancing” a lot lately in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, but what does it actually mean and why is it so important for us all to do? 🤔

Basically, social distancing means staying at home and avoiding physical contact with other people as much as possible, remaining at least six feet apart. The more people do this, the fewer chances the virus will have to spread, and the better our hospitals will be able to handle incoming cases on top of all the non-coronavirus patients. (That’s what it means to “flatten the curve.”)

COVID-19 is spread through person-to-person contact or by touching things an infected person has touched. From there, the germs on the hands can lead to infection when we touch our faces without vigorously washing our hands in between. 🙌

An infected person can go days without symptoms while already being contagious, which is why taking steps like staying home, only going out for groceries about once a week, and washing our hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds all help to slow the spread. 👍

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DENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS are on the front lines of the fight against oral cancer. We encourage our patients to join the fight by staying informed about symptoms and risk factors, and we want to pay special attention to this issue during Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

Most people know tobacco use is a major oral cancer risk factor. Frequent, heavy alcohol consumption is the next biggest factor. Men are twice as likely to develop oral cancer as women, and people over 45 are more at risk. Less obvious risk factors include HPV, neglecting oral hygiene, and getting too much sun (which can cause lip cancer).

Symptoms of oral cancer include a sore that doesn’t heal, red or white patches, an unusual lump, a strange thickness in the cheek, a persistent sensation of having something stuck in the throat, numbness of the mouth or tongue, difficulty chewing or swallowing, and chronic bad breath.

The survival rates for oropharyngeal cancers have been increasing over the last thirty years, and we can continue that trend with awareness and early detection. Oral cancer screenings are often part of routine dental exams, and the dentist may spot the signs of oral cancer before the patient notices any symptoms — just one more reason regular dental appointments are so important!

HAPPY WORLD HEALTH DAY! 🏥 What a great opportunity to thank healthcare professionals for helping to keep us healthy — thank you! #thankyou #gratitude #healthcareprofessionals

HAPPY WORLD HEALTH DAY! 🏥 What a great opportunity to thank healthcare professionals for helping to keep us healthy — thank you! #thankyou #gratitude #healthcareprofessionals

APRIL IS ORAL CANCER AWARENESS Month and we want you to watch your mouth! 🤭 Early detection can double your chance of survival so make sure to get screened! #oralcancerawareness #oralcancerscreenings #oralhealth

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