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Allison House has been practicing for 17 years. She is a past president of the Arizona Dental Association. She serves as a delegate to the American Dental Association. She speaks to dental students all over the country about ethics and leadership.

Allison House has been practicing for 14 years. She is diligent about keeping up to date with many continuing education classes including at the prestigious Pankey Institute and at the world class Spears Education Center. This ensures that her patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care available. Dr. House is the President of the Arizona Dental Association, a delegate to the American Dental Association, and a Board member for the Arizona Cactus Pine Girl Scout Council. She volunteers for the Murphy Dental Clinic, for Christina Smiles, and for the Mission of Mercy. These are all nonprofit organizations that do charitable dentistry.

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[10/17/18]   Dentist of the Year Award—Dr. Allison House
In 2010, Dr. House served as AzDA’s treasurer—when AzDA’s budget was in tough shape. Her leadership set the standard for fiscal responsibility, and she was the architect of budget innovations that had AzDA annually put money away for to cover future expenses. In 2015, at age 40, become one of AzDA’s youngest, and most accomplished presidents.

She has been a longtime Board liaison and member of the Council on Membership and has served as a mentor to countless young women dentists. As a priority of her presidency, she founded AzDA’s Women in Dentistry community.

She is also a speaker for the “ADA Success” program and travels throughout the United States speaking to dental students. She is also a Fellow of the International College of Dentists. She is a member of the board of the Arizona Dental Foundation, a member of the board of the Arizona Dental Political Action Committee, and as a delegate to the ADA House of Delegates.

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Dr. House was named 2018’s Dentist of the Year by the Arizona Dental Association.

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[05/03/18]   Dear Dr.House,

I am a competitve fitness model. I eat very healthy and I work out. I actually thought I was the epitome of healthy. However, I just found out that I have 10 cavities! ( TEN!) How can this be? I brush my teeth every day.

Not a tooth model

Dear Not a tooth model:

A 2013 study published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine looked at athletes who visited the dental clinic for Olympians at the 2012 London Games.

Oddly 55% of them had cavities, 45% had dental erosion, 76% had gingivitis, and 15% had serious periodontitis!

And these people are truly the epitome of physical health.

It is also interesting to note that Michael Jordan had significant dental issues during the 1984 Olympics. His dental issues were severe enough that they could’ve kept him from playing in a game.

There are numerous reasons why athletes could have such bad teeth:

1. Athletes burn an enormous amount energy while exercising, so they eat and drink more frequently than the average person — and the more food that comes in contact with teeth, the greater the chance for tooth decay.

2. The type of food and drink that athletes consume often comes in the form of sports drinks, energy drinks and nutrition bars, which can wreak havoc on teeth. Note that Gatorade may actually erode teeth faster than soda.

3. Athletes often suffer from dehydration caused by extensive sweating. The lack of water in the body means less saliva in the mouth, and one major function of saliva that few people know about is to protect enamel on teeth.

4. Many people (not just athletes) grind their teeth during intense physical effort. It is possible athletes grind more because of the stress of playing at such a high level.

Please get your cavities filled, change your brushing and flossing habits to 3 times per day, and keep training!


Dr. H

[04/26/18]   Dear Dr. House,

My dentist told me I need dentures. Needless to say, I am devastated. I knew this was coming, but I am only 51 years old! I asked him if I could do implants and he said I could not because I am diabetic and I " don't have good bone". Is this true? What are my options? Do I have to do this?

Soon to beToothless

Dear Soon to be,

I am sorry to hear you are devastated and I understand the fear you are expressing. And, please understand, you will never be toothless. Your new teeth will just be artifical, much like a new hip or a new knee. (We don't refer to people as "kneeless"!)

I do hear your question about implants, and I will answer it, but I want to address your biggest fears first:

1. This will be a transition for you, just like getting a new hip or a new knee is a transition. There will be things you cannot do that you could do when you had a full functioning set of natural teeth. However, you will be able to smile and eat in a way that a partial set of natural teeth has not allowed you to do in a long time. Just like getting a new hip, you will have to follow your dentist's recommendations after surgery and give yourself some time to heal and adjust. There will be a new normal after all the work is done and it will be ok.

2. Be upfront and honest about your concerns with your dentist. Are you afraid of your teeth looking fake? There are things that can be done to make your denture look more natural. For example, teeth should not be white (like a lab coat white) and they should not be perfectly straight and all the same length. Bring a picture of yourself with natural teeth to help guide your dentist. Are you afraid they will fall out? Talk about how that concern can be relieved.

3. You would be surprised at how many people are in full dentures. If they are made well, you cannot tell. Most people think of their grandfather's dentures, but technology in dentures has come a long way since your grandpa got his dentures.

4. Wearing dentures does not reflect a defect in your character or a failure of any sort. It is simply a medical condition that needs to be addressed. Again, much like a new hip does not reflect a defect in someone's character. Yes, if any of us could go back in time, we would most likely take better care of ourselves. But that is a lesson learned from having lived life. You cannot tell a young person this truth and have them listen!

Now about implants: they are a wonderful option and the technology has made them very stable and strong. However, your body must be able to accept a foreign body to be implanted. Many patients with chronic illness, such as uncontrolled diabetes, cannot have a foreign object implanted without serious consequences. I highly recommend you talk to a specialist ( a periodontist or an oral surgeon) to see if controlling your diabetes could change the prognosis for implants.

I hope this information helps you. And I hope you will be able to smile a big toothy smile for your next family picture.


Dr. H

Patients Love Dr. Allison House, DMD - A Top-Rated Dentist on Dental Insider Each day, thousands of patients rely on our comprehensive dentist profiles and reviews to find dental professionals providing the highest level of care.

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At House Dental we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality dental care available in a comfortable, caring manner.

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We are so pleased to offer our patients the use of an intraoral camera. This is an amazing diagnostic tool for viewing different angles in the mouth that we would not have been able to just a few years ago. The camera gives us the ability to view the entire mouth on a monitor so that we can get a closer look at any potential issues or problems that may arise. In addition, the patient will have the ability to see for themselves first hand the same images we are seeing. These digital images are also excellent for gaining procedure acceptance from insurance companies.

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At House Dental we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality dental care available in a comfortable, caring manner. Contact us today for your next dental appointment.

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