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Dr. Carol Ford has been working in dentistry for the past 30 years. Her unique ability to connect with her patients on a personal level allows her to develop strong relationships and create long-range strategic plans for optimal oral health.

At our dental office situated in the heart of Phoenix Arizona we offer a complete range of treatments from cosmetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry to everyday general family dental care. In particular we offer: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers and Zoom Whitening.

Operating as usual

Yes she deserves the tiara!
Final cleaning of her office .... we love you Dr. Ford!

Ford Calaway Dentistry & Orthodontics

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Dear Dental Family,
I would like to thank you for the trust and confidence that you have shown me over the last 30 plus years. It has been my privilege to
serve you, your families, and friends as your dental healthcare provider. Recently, I have decided to move on to the next chapter of
my life with my husband, Steve. This year marks my 38th year as a dentist. I am excited to spend more time with my husband and
family and it is time to turn my practice over to someone that will treat you and your family’s dental needs with the same high
quality and compassion you have experienced with me.
It was important to me to find someone who shares the same philosophy, passion, and compassion to continue my dental practice.
Dr. Asin and Dr. Williams have moved on as they were not interested in buying, so I have sold the practice to Dr. Austin Calaway to
take over the legacy of Dr. Carol Ford & Associates. Dr. Calaway is a graduate of Midwestern Dental School. I am confident Dr.
Calaway will continue treating your dental health needs with the high quality and caring you deserve. I am thrilled to share the team
will be remaining to support you as well. Vito will NOT be staying on and I know that most of you will miss him more than me!
Dr. Calaway and his wife Lily moved to Phoenix 6 years ago from Washington State and made the decision to settle roots here
almost instantly. Lily has been successful as a hair stylist in Scottsdale while Dr. Calaway has continued his journey for finding a
permanent location to practice dentistry in the valley. Both strive for excellence in their professional careers. In their free time, they
love to eat at the many amazing restaurants that the valley has to offer, as well as travel when time permits. Dr. Calaway also enjoys
the many outdoor adventures that Arizona has to offer including spending time in the mountains in Flagstaff, trips to Havasupai
Falls, and hiking the many amazing hikes within a short drive from the office.
Like any relationship, Dr. Calaway believes a strong foundation starts with proper communication. Communication between doctor
and patient is critical for the doctor to understand the patient’s expectations as well as for the patients to understand prevention of
disease as well as necessary treatment required to get back to a healthy smile. With proper communication the doctor and the
patient can collaborate to make an informed decision about any treatment required to get that perfect smile back.
The best and most affordable form of dentistry is preventative dentistry. Dr. Calaway’s goal is to help his patients stay out of his
chair as much as possible. This is accomplished by utilizing a handful of preventative measures, including regular maintenance visits
with our first-rate hy-genius’s, Gina R and Gina I. Dr. Calaway enjoys what he does, is personable and easy to talk to, and genuinely
looks forward to meeting you.
The office location and telephone number will remain the same. All fee structures for each patient have been reviewed in detail and
current financial and treatment contracts will continue exactly as before with no anticipated changes except that Dr. Calaway will
oversee and deliver your care.
Thank you again for the many years of trust and confidence that you have placed in me. Many of you have become my dear friends.
I will only be completing any existing cases to ensure the transition is smooth and seamless to each of you. You may see me from
time to time, working with Dr. Calaway to teach him some of the amazing things I have learned through the years. I Have confidence
in Dr. Calaway, who truly puts his heart, soul, into his work.
Sincerest regards,
Dr. Carol Ford, Lynn, Gina R, Gina I, Karen, Jailyn, Neli and VITO

Vito loves the treats he gets from patients! Here he is patiently balancing it on his nose until he is released and tosses it in the airy to nab it! What a blessing this guy is. He is always making us SMILE!

Hey Everyone! We are still smiling at Dr Carol Ford and Associates! We are taking all the precautions to keep ALL safe and have been very successful. We look forward to seeing you and helping you support your respiratory immunity by keeping you oral health in tip top shape! If you haven’t seen us in a while give us a call to learn about the protocols we have in place for your appointment.
See you soon!!

Our friends at AZPERIO brought special cookies to acknowledge Dr. Ford for being selected as a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix!

As always, we are humbled to be voted a TOP DENTIST by PHOENIX magazine for 2020. A BIG "thank you" to everyone that took part!

[07/22/20]   Hello beautiful people!

We hope that your week is off to a wonderful start and are looking to end this week on a great note! We wanted to take some time this morning to share a review that we received for our office:

"To: Dr. Carol Ford and the Incredible Team

Yesterday, I experienced a very tough day in life as I will be 70 years old in four months. However, I have always had the philosophy of no pain no gain. Even though I had no pain it was long and very uncomfortable but you and your great team made all that could be done, you all made it as accommodating as possible.

Let me tell you what has taken place since the procedure. It has already changed my life in a very positive way. In the past my smile was caught in a dark cave that very seldom or never came out. You took the smile of the cave and released it from the cave, you gave it its freedom. Since I left your office, my smile has totally changed my outlook of expression. There is no better feeling than a beautiful smile. This has all happened in a short 24-hour time frame.

Successful businesses are the result of great leadership and a great team which is certainly there. I compliment you all and should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

In closing, I would like to quote the opening lyrics of a song done by Boyzone and later recorded by the Bee Gees, that says it best: 'Smile an everlasting smile a s mile could bring you near to me'

It says it all!

From my heart, I very sincerely THANK YOU!


Our intention in sharing this message is that even with all the unknowns and uncertainties of the world; one thing we know for certain is ensuring our patients leave our office happy and ecstatic with the quality of care we provide!

We appreciate all of the kinds words we have received from our patients over the past few months and we look forward to continuing the quality of care each of our patients expect when coming to our office!

With a heavy heart - we thank you ALL!

Dr. Carol Ford & Team

[07/17/20]   Make it a habit to Overwhelm someone with your kindness!

Johnson Files

We have to laugh at ourselves!

Gotta love the secret dentist code that basically means "cavity". 😂

To see our other videos, go to

It’s Jailyn’s birthday!! Happy birthday to our exceptional dental assistant!!

Happy Fathers Day Images


[06/16/20]   Hi Everyone! We hope you are all HEATHY and staying safe. We advise you to follow social distancing and wear masks when you cannot be at least 6 feet apart. We are still here and working our regular schedule to serve you.

Dr. Carol Ford & Associates is continuing its vigilance with the enhanced cleaning and infection control protocols implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to provide our clients and team members with the safest possible healthcare environment.

Our practice screens all patients and visitors to our offices. A team member will ask each patient/visitor a few travel-related and health screening questions, both prior to their appointment and upon arrival in our office and conduct a temperature check using a temporal thermometer. Patients who consider themselves High Risk for serious illness should consider rescheduling their visit to a later date you are comfortable with. If you’re not feeling well, please contact us to reschedule, whenever possible, in advance of your visit. Additionally, our specialists screen the records of the patients ages 65+ with specific risk factors; those patients’ cases are scrutinized for medical necessity.

All team members are surveyed daily to ensure adherence with social distancing standards and status of their health. All team members will be in masks at all times. Importantly, all personnel are aware of their responsibility to our patients and our team members: they notify our leadership of possible exposures, don’t come to work when they’re not feeling well and comply with our advanced mitigation and Personal Protective Equipment protocols.

To reduce the risk of transmission to our patients and team members, we want to minimize the number of visitors in our reception area. Therefore, we request that our patients’ friends/family/drivers remain in their vehicle or the building’s lobby during the patient’s visit. Please ensure we have your accurate mobile phone number in our records.

We appreciate your support of these infection control measures. Your oral health is vital to your overall wellness and your ability to resist the impact of respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, so we encourage you, if healthy, to maintain your regularly scheduled hygiene appointments with your general dentist and our practice. If you have questions about an upcoming appointment, please contact us at 602-955-7788 or [email protected]

In good health,

The team at Dr. Carol Ford & Associates, and VITO!!

Vito doing his job today! Making people feel very comfortable. ❤️

We’re getting started on Monday!

Reopening May 4, 2020

As you know we have been closed for the last 8 weeks by Executive Order from Governor Ducey. The order has now been lifted to allow dental practices to reopen under certain specifications on May 1. We take your oral and general health very seriously and will be screening carefully all who walk through our doors. You may not know that having a healthy oral environment is key to a healthy Immune system. Patients have been neglected long enough and we must do everything we can to get back to caring for you.
We have been working to develop the required protocols for patient care that have been outlined by the CDC and are ready to go on May 4, 2020.
When you return to our office you will notice we have gone to great extents to ensure your health and safety as well as our own.
The purpose of this post is to advise you of some of the changes you will be experiencing when you make and present for an appointment.
• We are limiting the number of people in the office at one time and you will likely not even have an opportunity to sit down prior to the dental chair!
We have developed protocols to limit “touch points” and will be sanitizing even more thoroughly than ever before.
• We have purchased medical grade air purifiers so the air is circulating and purifying constantly. They are approved to be cleaning our air specifically for Covid-19 and other viruses.
• We will be asking screening questions over the phone at the time of scheduling and asking you to call us from your car when you arrive to provide further instructions before coming to the door.
• We will be taking your temperature when you arrive and our team will be screened with temperature and symptoms daily as well. We will be wearing additional personal protective equipment to keep us all safe.
• Because of these changes, you may have some difficulty getting an appointment. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone that is healthy and needs to get in but we have to extend our turnaround times for additional disinfection for your safety. We appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes.
• If you are unable to get be seen in a timely fashion, PLEASE step up your personal home care regimen. Our hy-genius’s are more than willing to have chat on the phone about any concerns you are having or make recommendations. Just give us a call.
• We are so anxious to get back to work and look forward to seeing you again. We have plenty of air hugs for you!! If you have ANY questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

Warm regards,
Dr Carol, Dr Roya, Jonathan, Gina R, Gina I, Karen, Jailyn, Diane and Vito!! 🐾🐾

Vito is getting bored staying home everyday! Next week our team will begin preparing to reopen on May 4. The safety of our team and all our clients is of the upmost importance. We will be changing protocols and we will look different, but our same service and loving care will be on hand. We look forward to seeing ya’ll soon! Stay tuned!

Check out our amazing patient reviews and see the relationship you can expect with Dr. Ford and her staff!

Happy Birthday Dr. Ford!!

[03/31/20]   March 31, 2020
Office Remains Closed until April 30.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

We are definitely being challendged to learn to "Dance in the Rain" Our hearts and well wishes go out to all those who are affected by the unprecedented pandemic of Covid-19 Virus. At Dr. Carol Ford & Associates we have been closed since March 17 and at this point, we have been mandated by the state to remain so, until at least April 30 or further notice. Our phones are continuing to be answered by a remote service with access to our records, 7am-7pm Mon-Fri. Patients of Record are being treated on an emergency basis only. If you have an emergency, we will be available to talk to you and address any problems. The answering service will contact your doctor and you will receive a call back.
We recommend using this time to reinforce some healthy habits and create new and improved ones as well. It will be very beneficial to STEP UP your home care routines. Brushing and flossing as well as using waterpik or other tools is highly recommended to continue and perhaps add additional sessions. Your gums may be feeling sore, red or bleeding from missing our hygiene recare appointments and your periodontal health is a big concern to us. Dry brushing can be done while watching TV. Simply using a dry brush and continuing for as long as you want, stimulates the gum tissue and greatly reduces plague. It will be very important to get back into our schedule as soon as we can open. At this point we are looking at May and we will remain in touch as we receive more information.
In the meantime, Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Wash your hands at least every 20 minutes for 20 secs- you can sing Happy Birthday to yourself twice! OR you can sing happy birthday to ME (it is my birthday today! yay!) twice. I will feel the energy if you sing really loud. PLEASE STAY HOME except for essential shopping or doctor’s appointments. Spend time outside and get more exercise! The weather is beautiful here so we can take advantage of it. We will get through this together and hopefully come out of it much better people. We all look forward to seeing you once again.
All our Best,
Dr. Carol, Dr. Roya, Gina I, Gina R, Karen, Jailyn, Diane and Jonathan.

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Nervous about the cost of dental treatment? Dr. Ford will discuss your options and make suggestions to help you build a financial and cosmetic dental plan that leads to healthy teeth and a lasting smile. A thorough hygienic consultation will help you maintain your teeth for years to come.

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In cosmetic dentistry, the sign of an expert is the ability to create teeth that are the right color and shape, fit well and work flawlessly. Your cosmetic dentistry plan may include teeth whitening, dental veneers, or crowns and bridges. Whatever the plan, Dr. Ford will spend the time needed to create the teeth you want and need, not just for a great cosmetic appearance, but for long-term support of general health.

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We managed to get out and pack some much needed food boxes for our community. 1440 boxes packed!!

[03/19/20]   Yesterday my team and I decided to close the office in response to the recommendations of the American Dental Association to mitigate and contain the COVID-19 Virus. We hope to reopen by April 6 but as you know these dates may be very fluid. Our phones are being answered remotely but you may get our VM at the office. At this time we are not checking the VM so don’t be surprised if you don’t get a call back right away. If you have an appointment during this time frame we are attempting to call and reschedule, but again rest assured we will get it rescheduled as soon as possible. We are responding to emergencies for patients of record. In the meantime I stole this from a friend but it is my wholehearted belief.

Nothing extraordinary comes from ordinary
We are experiencing a massive interruption of our status quo. Collectively. When we are interrupted there is always a message.
Do we have resistance to disruption? Almost always. Do we love uncertainty? Rarely (with the exception of falling in love, of course). Is it seductive to spend our attention on “What’s happening?” and trying to answer “What’s the cause?” and “How do we stop it?” Yes, it is.
The truth is that the sooner we accept the interruption and surrender our resistance, the sooner we are open to receive the messages.
We are being gifted an opportunity to stop, together. To pay attention to the space between us, together. To gather our resourcefulness, together. To do things differently, together.
We have an extraordinary opportunity to engage, not merely at the level of the circumstance, but at the level of the energy we each bring to the collective in the face of the circumstance.
People singing to and with each other from their balconies in Italy.
Restaurants offering free lunches to school children who rely on school lunch to eat.
Neighbors offering to shop for elderly neighbors.
Cleaner air emerging and birds singing in slowed down cities as pollution clears.
Our energy state matters. It determines at what level we can respond in the moment. And we need them all! We need to address the crisis. We need to face the problem. We need to rise to the challenge. We need to seize the opportunity. We need to celebrate the gift.

So my friends, rest assured this will pass. Please take care of yourself and others whenever possible! We’ll keep you posted!

With deep gratitude to our loyal clients,
Dr Carol, Dr Roya, Jonathan, Diane, Gina R, Gina I, Karen and Jailyn & VITO.

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Reopening May 4, 2020
Happy Birthday Dr. Ford!!
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