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I decided to take a chance and post on here about an issue that has been plaguing my life for some time...I am a first time mom as of 09/10/18. The reason this matters is because I desperately want to be here for as long as I can for my son Nikolai, and provide him everything he deserves and more. I was diagnosed with Mucoepidermoid carcinoma when I was 19 years old. I went through extensive exploratory surgeries and experimental surgeries as my case was extremely rare. I was actually the first documented female to have a salivary gland cancer in the base of my tongue and in my lymph nodes. As the doctors were unsure of what to do and how my cancer would respond after surgically removing it, they decided to go ahead with radiation treatments to my mouth and neck area where the tumor in the base of my tongue and where the lymph nodes were. I was later told that they decided not to remove my teeth because of my age and they thought I would not suffer extreme side effects from the radiation because I was so young and my body would be able to handle it. About 6 or 7 years after the radiation treatment, my teeth started to chip. I was in my mid-twenties at the time, and fixed what I could by getting fillings and what not. I started getting abscesses so bad in my wisdom teeth that eventually they had to be removed, however before I could get them removed, I was told I needed to do a couple months of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the hospital as they were worried that the damage from the radiation would keep my mouth from healing after the surgical extractions. I did all of this and thought my problems were over...About a year later, things started to get worse quickly. I would be eating and actual chunks would just break off of my teeth. I did not know it at the time, but the radiation had critically damaged my bones and teeth, making them very brittle. This coupled with my lack of saliva from all the salivary glands that were killed during the radiation treatments had pretty much killed my teeth. By that I mean that they are literally dead bone. For years I have tried to get them removed and covered by insurance as most plans cover dental care for issues caused by cancer treatment, but I've had three different insurance plans since this started and not one has given me the time of day or been willing to cover anything more than the standard 2k a year plan most of us have. A couple years ago I suffered some 3rd degree burns, and while I was under to have my burns treated, they removed about 13 of my teeth as they were worried about the infection in my teeth affecting the healing of my burns and skin graft. I was told they were going to take all of them, but when I woke up, I had 11 left on the top and 5 left on the bottom. The five on the bottom were all standing alone, so they all broke off within about a month after the surgery. Now there are just black bits of bone in my gums where the teeth once stood. The top teeth that remain are broken, jagged, black, and severely stained where a tiny bit of enamel remains. Abscesses and horrible pain are a part of my everyday life. Their are many reasons that this makes things hard for me, and by association, my son. The first thing people think is that I have "meth-mouth". Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to, as soon as I open my mouth, their attitude towards me changes. I dare not smile, or if I do, I am sure to cover my mouth. I went on my first job interview yesterday - a job I am more than qualified for, the interview was strangely short. The woman who interviewed me no longer seemed to have the enthusiasm she had about hiring me that she had when we spoke on the phone on Friday. I am very worried about my life and providing for my new baby going forward. Not only am I in pain all the time, with today's society constantly worried about appearances, I doubt I will even be able to get a job at a call center at this point and with how horrible it looks. There is also the fact that your dental health affects your overall health, and one of these days an abscess may spread to my brain or my heart. To be honest, with the frequency and severity of which I get them, I am surprised it hasn't happened yet. The other thing that weighs greatly on my mind is having my son remembering his mother looking like this. He would get teased and be embarrassed and I do not want that for him all because of me. Lastly, I have not dated anyone in years, on the rare occasion someone has approached me, as soon as I open my mouth its a done deal. I guess I've learned to just put out the "don't talk to me" vibe as I would rather no one approach me at all. I don't want to end up not providing my son with stability, security, and family all for something so easily fixable if I could just find the help to do it. My bone is too weak for implants, therefore all I need are extractions and dentures....If anyone on this site can find it in their hearts to help me or point me in the direction of getting some help with this, I would appreciate it more than you could ever know. I just want to be able to live without pain, smile again, get a job I deserve, and maybe one day make my family whole. I also want to say that I have tried so many dental programs, programs saying they offer treatment to low-income families, etc. After showing up and waiting my turn at so many places, I always get told that they are only covering "routine' procedures. I've been to dental schools, I waited in line for over a say and a half at the fairgrounds last year and even they turned me away....I am just basically trying to convey that I have tried so many times to get help with this and honestly I am at the end of my rope. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a great day!
Thank you very much for your Business
I am VERY pleased to have found Agave Sleep & Wellness... They are friendly , professional, and efficient . I just received my mouth appliance and so far it's GREAT ! They could not have explained the entire process any better and I think it's all going to work out just fine. I HIGHLY recommend them !!
Pet food recall notice:
Thank you very much for your Business
I LOVE AGAVE...THEY ARE FABULOUS...ALWAYS VERY KIND...WORK WITH YOU...Truly care about you...they make it easy to get an appointment and are very sympathetic to your needs...and offer payment options...I have been going here for about 4yrs...
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"Dental examinations and the health of a person's mouth could become highly useful indicators of frailty and be added to general health screening assessments in older people."
Thank you for your Business
Thank you for your Business

Smile Esthetics and Wellness Dr. Beth Hamann and Dr. Liza Hamann, and their expert dental staff provide preventative dental care, dental cleanings,digital x-rays, teeth whitening, orthodontics, advanced restorative treatments and much more.

Agave Dental is known for painless procedures, excellent service, and superior results. Dr. Beth Hamann is one of the premiere female dentists in the Phoenix area. Her specialty is Invisilign Braces and has been practicing dentistry since 1985. Dr. Hamann is apart of the American Dental Association, the Arizona Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists. Call to schedule appointment today.

Operating as usual

Think your toothbrush is clean? Our mouths contain bacteria, so keeping it covered or stored in a closed container might lead to problems. Let it air dry in a holder that allows it to stand up.

Room 5 is looking extra festive this week! If you see our delightful hygienist Michelle, make sure you wish her a Happy Birthday. 💜

Teeth that are out of alignment are more likely to chip or fracture with time as the biting forces are not balanced throughout the mouth. Traumatic biting pressure will damage teeth long term. The most important goal of ortho is achieving a bite that balances biting forces over all the teeth.

Our patient was thrilled with her Invisalign result. Not only does she have a beautiful smile, but now her bite is perfect.

Our patient loves her new smile! We replaced her older crowns and placed two veneers to create a more natural look.

Treatment by Dr. Liza Hamann

You may notice you’re not seeing much of our lobby these days! We are still escorting patients from their car to their sanitized prepared room. If the summer heat is too warm, we are welcoming a limited number of patients into the reception area. Please let us know where you may be more comfortable. Your health, safety, and comfort are our priority.

Happy Friday!
Who’s ready for the weekend?

Veneers by Dr. Liza Hamann

Our cute patient is smiling big under her mask!

We were able to give her a brand new crown in one visit. Her broken tooth was prepared today, custom designed by Dr. Liza Hamann and then milled here in our office!

No need to worry about wearing a temporary crown or coming back for a second delivery appointment.

#cerec #cuttingedge

Accidents are unavoidable, so knowing how to handle a dental injury until you can receive professional help will definitely make a big difference. Follow these tips below:

Invisalign finish by Dr Beth Hamann! 🤩🤩

We had the cutest visitor last week. 🥰

Leo’s here to tell you visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be scary! We’re here to make your visit as comfortable as possible. @ Arcadia, Arizona

With everyone wearing masks all day, NOW is the perfect time for Invisalign! No one will know you’re undergoing treatment!

Our patient started Invisalign in October and just finished his last aligner in July!

Want to start 2021 with a straighter smile? Call us to set up your consult! ☎️ 602-957-2411

Treatment completed by Dr. Liza Hamann

Even babies without teeth need dental care, too. This is to ensure that bacteria and sugar that cause cavities don't stay too long in their gums.

Did you know there are 270 species of Agave?


Seeing our patients smile is the highlight of our day!

Rose our hygienist has been cleaning Willie’s teeth for 23 years! Thanks for trusting us at Agave Dental with your dental health.

On Tuesdays we wear Teal!

Come see one of our lovely hygienists for a cleaning!

From left to right: Heather, Michelle, Kary, Lisa, and Rose!


During these trying times we have taken extra precaution and are going above and beyond to provide a clean and safe environment for our patients. We are practicing routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces in our facility. The health of our staff and patients is extremely important to us.

It’s never too late to improve your smile!

Our patient was thrilled with her Invisalign and whitening results. She only wished she had done Invisalign sooner. ☺️

Treatment by Dr. Liza Hamann

Call us for your consult.
☎️ (602) 957-2411

Happy Friday! Wishing you all a relaxing and safe weekend.

Subtle changes can make a big impact!

Our patient was in Invisalign treatment for a short 24 weeks!

Treatment by Dr. Beth Hamann

Wishing Dr. Carolyn Hogan a happy retirement!

Another happy patient. We were able to complete his veneers in time for his upcoming wedding!

Thanks to @golddustdental for a gorgeous natural result.

Treatment by Dr. Liza Hamann

We will be out of the office on Monday in observation of Memorial Day.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Smile makeover
Our patient was unhappy with how her teeth had darkened over the years. We replaced an older crown and covered stained fillings with veneers.
Treatment by Dr. Liza Hamann

During our time out of the office, We've been thoughtfully planning for a future smooth and safe return to Agave after COVID.
We want to share with you a change to our office flow and will continue to keep you updated accordingly.

At your future visit to Agave you may notice that we will ask you to remain in your vehicle and text your name to 790-91. This will let us know you have arrived for your appointment. Your clinician will escort you directly into your room, once it is sanitized and prepared.

Less time in the waiting room means better social distancing.

We’re open for emergencies today!
Chyla is showing off her #ootd


We love making our patients smile!

This was a special case to us because this patient is so sweet! For years she put off addressing her dental concerns, but finally decided it was time last fall. We were so excited to see the final result and most importantly our patient loved it. What do you think?!

We worked with @golddustdental to create a natural, harmonious smile with four veneers.

Treatment by Dr. Liza Hamann

These are trying times for small businesses. There are many ways to support your favorite local vendors! Leave a kind google review, schedule a future appointment, order products online, or order take-out! We’ve tagged some of our favorite local businesses below. Share your neighborhood favorites in the comment section!

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We miss our patients! 👋
While we have continued to see emergency appointments as needed during COVID, we really miss catching up with our regulars! 🥰

This was a fun case from this past February. Our patient has always been unhappy with the proportions of his front teeth. After discussing a treatment combination of Invisalign and veneers, we decided to do some conservative bonding on two of his teeth first. This gave him an idea of what veneers could look like in the future. What do you think?! Treatment by Dr Liza Hamann

Coffee dates and happy hours look different these days.

How are you staying connected with friends and family while keeping your distance? #flattenthecurve

We loved this image from @bluezones - two neighbors sharing some coffee.

As per ADA recommendations Agave Dental will not be open for routine visits, procedures, or cleanings. We will continue to see urgent appointments during limited office hours.

Please call Agave Dental if you need assistance with a dental emergency or if you are in pain.

Coronavirus | Home | CDC

The spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as the Corona virus, is becoming a growing concern for everyone. At Agave Dental, we are monitoring the situation very closely as well as taking every precaution possible to ensure the safety of all that walk through our doors.

Our office has always practiced a high level of infection control by following all procedures and recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Before you enter the exam room, all surfaces are cleaned, protective equipment covers replaced, non-disposable items and tools sterilized between patients and disposable items disposed of properly. All dental staff involved in patient care are required to wear protective equipment such as gloves, masks and eyewear when needed as well as wash their hands before seeing a new patient.

If you would like to know more about the specific precautions we take every day, please ask.

In addition, we ask that you and your family take your own precautions and do not come into the office if you have a fever, cough or are experiencing any other flu-like symptoms. If you are sick, please give us a call and we will gladly help you reschedule your appointment.

Here at Arise Dental the health and safety of you and your family will always be our number one priority. If it’s been a while since we’ve seen your smile, please call to make an appointment.

For more information on how to help you and your family stay safe, please visit CDC Coronavirus: Coronaviruses are common throughout the world. They can infect people and animals. Five different coronaviruses can infect people and make them sick. They usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory illness.

Happy Friday from Agave Dental! We’re open today, Come say hi 👋

🧁 Let’s talk sugar! 🧁
Sugar and starchy foods are fuel for bacteria to cause decay. Did you know it’s not necessarily the amount of sugar we eat or drink but rather the *frequency* that causes many cavities? Sipping on sweet drinks all day leads to decay. Drink your coffee in the morning and brush or rinse after!
Pictured above is a patient who had a soda habit. We took care of her cavities with a few fillings and recommended fluoride application to strengthen the tooth structure. Now she is cavity free and seeing our hygienist Heather regularly for gum health.
Treatment by Dr. Liza Hamann

A lot of people think root canals are extremely painful. Decades ago that may have been the case, but with modern technology and anesthetics you won’t experience any more pain than if you went to have a cavity filled.

Our Story

Dr. Beth Hamann and Dr. Liza Hamann, and their expert dental staff, provide preventative dental care, dental cleanings, digital x-rays, teeth whitening, orthodontics, advanced restorative treatments and much more. Agave Dental is known for painless procedures, excellent service, and superior results. Dr. Beth Hamann is one of the premiere female dentists in the Phoenix area. Her specialty is Invisalign Braces and has been practicing dentistry since 1985. Dr. Hamann is a part of the American Dental Association, the Arizona Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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