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Treating gum disease is much easier than you might think. In as little as eight hours, Dr. Gordon Wilson and our team can show you how to open your practice doors to hundreds, if not thousands of patients who are seeking alternatives to traditional gum surgery. In fact, you may have hundreds of them already in your office. An estimated 100 million people in the United States have moderate and severe periodontal disease. An estimated 97 million of those people would rather risk losing their teeth than have traditional surgical pocket reduction. Many of these people are in your community and they're looking for alternatives. Some have been fighting this disease and are frustrated with poor results. Some haven't seen a dentist in years and have many restorative needs beyond periodontal disease, including root canal treatment, crown and bridgework, or dental implants. Perio 101 can turn many of these people into new patients for your practice. Dr. Wilson’s unique protocol gives patients information and tools that simply make sense. Treatment acceptance is extremely high because: •The process is easy to understand •The treatments are affordable •Recovery is fast and easy with maximum preservation of original periodontal tissues The doctors chair time is minimal, because the dental hygienist and dental assistant will complete most of the work. Best of all… once you have helped these people take command of their disease and control it like never before, they will have the utmost trust in you to perform their restorative treatment. It's not unusual for a $4,000 periodontal case turn into a $20,000 restorative case.

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In honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Please share if you honor them also.

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Perio 101 Introductory Video

Another Amazing Report Card! Congratulations, Annie! In 3 months you're gums will be completely healthy!

Another Amazing TLC Report Card! Congratulations, Annie!

TLC 4 Gums

Great Experience at TLC 4 GUMS - by Mark S.

I can't say enough great things about my experience at TLC 4 Gums and Dr. Wilson and his staff. I went in for a consult and the experience was above my expectations from the second I walked in until I left. Front office staff is very nice and friendly. Dr Wilson's assistant spent a lot of time educating me on gum disease, causes and prevention. Dr. Wilson is extremely knowledgable and all about using cutting edge techniques and technology. He is very friendly and approachable and has a way of putting your mind at ease when discussing your treatment options. I do not have dental insurance so they offered several great payment plan/financing options. I wasn't expecting that and feared I'd have to put off some of the treatments until I had the money but I was able to secure financing and schedule my treatment appointment that day. I'd recommend Dr. Wilson and his staff to anyone looking for dental/periodontal treatments.

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[08/03/16]   BREAKING NEWS!!! Just as I have been teaching for years now... FLOSSING IS NOT effective at removing plaque. The patent-pending TLC 4 GUMS protocols are superior to flossing. That's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee to our perio patients. Dental professionals feel free to comment. Check out the link in the comment section below.

Best Phoenix Dentist Dr. Gordon Wildon, Exceptional Five Star Review by MB (480) 661-4867 TLC 4 GUMS - Gordon Wilson, DDS Phoenix reviews New Rating Dr. Wilson and his team are amazing! I have never been mor...

TLC 4 Gums

Congratulations Dr. Wilson!!!

Congratulations Dr. Wilson!!!

TLC 4 Gums

You'd be amazed by all the activity that happens in your mouth ... there's all sorts of stuff going on in there! And it's in color too! Did you know there are foods you can eat that repair your teeth without the drill?

Want Great Lips? Follow These Tips! Here’s your mission: name an actor or actress whose lips you find attractive. How many immediately come to mind? Three, four … ten? It’s pretty easy, right? Now try to name just one Hollywood star who has attractive teeth. Not nice teeth. Attractive teeth. Not so easy! The reason for that is because…

TLC 4 Gums

..unless it's chewing on ice or skipping your dental appointments. In that case, forget we said anything. :)

What's Going on with My Tongue? Colors! Shapes! Eh? "What's going on with my tongue? … It's got some weird colored patches on it … should I worry?"

If you're noticing your tongue is looking a little patchy lately, with sections of red outlined by lines of white or yellow, you have what is referred to as a "geographic tongue"

TLC 4 Gums Patient Reviews

Cure for gum disease? Read what our patients say about our office!

14,000-Year-Old Tooth Shows Oldest Form Of Dentistry And It’s Pretty Grim Early humans had to deal with cavities too and an infected 14,000-year-old tooth may have just given us a glimpse into the oldest known evidence of dentistry. Instead of sterile instruments and anesthesia, our ancestors had their cavities removed with sharpened stone tools. So, the next time you’re…

Periodontal Therapist Answers: Do I Need a Periodontist? Periodontal Therapist in Scottsdale, Dr. Gordon Wilson, at TLC 4 GUMS is no stranger to periodontal disease. At his practice, TLC 4G...

Gordon Wilson, D.D.S. discussing Treating Periodontal Disease Phoenix with Randy Alvarez

Randy Alvarez host of The Wellness Hour interviews Gordon Wilson, D.D.S. on new treatment options for people with Periodontal Disease. LANAP Laser Dentistry ...

Perio 101 Introductory Video

- Learn how to turn you dental assistant into a producer who out produces most dental hygienists!

- Together, your dental assistant and dental hygienist can produce $4,000 per day!

- Increase your job satisfaction while decreasing your stress!

- 200 Million Americans need this service!

- Starting just one TLC case each week can translate into an additional practice income of $200,000 per year!

- Your practice will immediately earn additional income, as the course will pay for itself upon completion of your first or second case!

- Increase Production and Collections while decreasing Overhead!

- 8 CE Credit Hours for Dentists and Hygienists!

Click on the link to learn more:

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Perio101 Gives You The Edge on Non-Surgical Perio Treatment

Dr. Gordon Wilson has created Perio101, a non-invasive, very cost-effective alternative protocol to traditional gum surgery which your office can learn to pr...

[04/20/13]   Our hygienist produces $4,000 per day!

Ok, she actually only produces $3,965.05 per day, but I really wanted to get your attention! And to be fair, she has an assistant to help her produce these numbers.

If you’re trying to maximize your dental practice’s financial performance, then you should know that the productivity and performance of your staff has a huge impact on your profitability. The industry standard is that the hygienist should produce 33% of the overall office production. In my office, the hygienist produces 43% of the overall office production.

Think about it... if 85% of the adult population has some form of periodontal disease, that percentage shouldn’t be too surprising. The industry standard is also that the hygienist should produce about 3 times what you pay them. Now, my hygienist has an assistant, so when I factor in what I pay the two of them, they are still producing over 6 times what I pay them!

If you would like to learn how to maximize your practice’s financial performance by increasing the productivity of hygiene department, contact us so that we can train your staff on the patent-pending TLC protocols!

TLC 4 Gums

Watch a testimonial from one of our STAR patients!

Perio 101 will teach your office how to eliminate pocketing and bleeding for your patients and maintain a healthy periodontium for life! It's easy for the entire dental team to understand and implement, but more importantly... it's easy for your patients to understand and adhere to!

Perio101 Benefits | Perio 101, Dr. Gordon Wilson Perio 101 offers continuing education for gum disease treatment at your dental practice.

TLC 4 Gums

We can teach you how easy it is to treat periodontal disease like a wound and achieve amazing results every single time!

We can teach you how easy it is to treat periodontal disease like a wound and achieve amazing results every single time!

We can teach you how easy it is to treat periodontal disease like a wound and achieve amazing results every single time!

We can teach you how easy it is to treat periodontal disease like a wound and achieve amazing results every single time!


Let Perio 101 teach you how to easily add $200,000 of hygiene production to your bottom line each year. Call 480-661-4867 to sign up for a class today!

Let Perio 101 teach you how to easily add $200,000 of hygiene production to your bottom line each year. Call 480-661-4867 to sign up for a class today!

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[01/28/13]   We hope everyone has a great Monday! If you have a successful case today please post your results or share any and all successes here!!!

Productive Dentist Academy

Interested in learning more about Perio101? Contact us today to reserve your spot at our training in February. You will make your tuition back with your first treatment plan!

[12/20/12]   We have the key to turning your dental assistant into a team member who produces more than the average dental hygienist. Learn more at or call (480) 331-TLC6.

[12/17/12]   We will be hosting a Perio101 training event in Scottsdale this February. If you are curious on how to implement our minimally invasive protocol into your practice you will not want to miss this one! We are limiting our training day to 2 offices. Contact us for more info!

Over the course of 15 months, and without the use of scalpels or stitches, this patient experienced a 100% decrease in the number of sites that had initially exhibited bleeding and a 100% decrease in the number of sites that initially exhibited suppuration. He also experienced an 81% decrease in the number of pockets initially measuring 4-5mm and an 83% decrease in the number of pockets initially measuring 6mm and above. What can Perio 101 do for your office and your patients?

[12/06/12]   Do you have a patient with Periodontal disease they haven't been able to get under control? Message us with their contact info if you think they would like to be a part of our case study.

Great Infographic on oral health vs. overall health. What types of perio protocols do you use in your office?

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TLC 4 GUMS - Gordon Wilson, DDS

What are your patients saying about your perio protocol? Here is what ours are saying about Perio101!

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