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Visit our Brooklyn, NY dental office, where your smile is our top priority. Dr. Alfred J. Lanfranchi and his entire team are dedicated to caring for you!

When you visit our Brooklyn, NY dental office, your smile is our top priority. Lanfranchi and his entire team are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, high quality dental care that you deserve. Our goal is to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining long term dental health and a beautiful smile. Recent advances in dentistry enable us to give you much better care. In fact, recent techniques make it possible to keep your teeth for the rest of your life. Dr. Lanfranchi has honed a very effective, minimally uncomfortable injection technique that capitalizes on the principles of the "gate control theory of pain perception". Patients who have avoided the dentist due to a fear of anesthetic injections will experience only the very slightest bit of discomfort.Some of the comments frequently made by patients are "Was that it?", "Was that the needle?",and "I didnt even feel it!". We will want to learn more about your dental history and that of your family. Dentists use to only be interested in what was wrong with your mouth, but we're more concerned with why you are the way you are.Its not enough to just fill the holes in your teeth,but to identify and diagnose the underlying problem. Dr. Lanfranchi offers patients a comprehensive list of cosmetic and restorative dental services designed to meet the needs of the whole family, from children (2+ years) to adults and seniors. Some of the services we provide include: Mini Dental Implants Lumineers Teeth Whitening Tooth Colored Fillings Crowns (Caps) and Bridges Dentures and Partials Cleanings & Exams Cosmetic Imaging Root Canal Therapy Periodontal Treatments Extractions Oral Cancer Screening

Operating as usual

[08/02/17]   Hope all the hard working teachers are enjoying their summer vacation

Ann Wilson

Really thrilling and hard to believe -- very surreal
#tbt #throwback

Ponder this !!!

To all teachers, have a joyful and restful summer and energize your batteries for the coming semester. Thanx for a great years work. You're the BEST.

Set your sites Hi ands NEVER give up.

Teachers do us PROUD each and every day. Thank You.

[05/24/15]   Toothbrushing Basics........ Thoroughly brush twice daily. Brush AFTER breakfast. It may feel better to brush before, after a long nights sleep, but no brushing after breakfast leaves food particles between your teeth until bedtime. Also brush just JUST BEFORE going to bed as tooth decay is rampant while you sleep. Brushing thoroughly after dinner but snacking while watching TV or eating anything before going to sleep can be very damaging. Brushing should be the last thing done before going to sleep. Another good idea is to rinse thoroughly after lunch or any snacking during the day.

Its how hi teachers can set the bar.

So True, unfortunately.

[04/27/15]   Podiatry 101......... Due to our extensive training in general medicine at Columbia Dental School, I was able to create a very effective procedure to eleviate the excruciating pain of a cortisone shot in the heal. Anyone requiring such an injection will emphatically corroborate it. First off a lidocaine injection is given into the inflamed area just prior to placement of cortisone. That's 3 mistakes. 1.... Lidocaine doesn't work well in inflamed tissue. 2..Injection into an inflamed area hurts like h---. 3.....anesthesia takes time to develop and be effective. I researched my anatomy books for the distribution of the nerves to the heal. I found an accessible area approx. 4inches from the area that was Not inflamed and was closer to the spine ( anesthesia at this point will numb the entire area up to and beyond inflamed area that is innervated by those nerves.) A short time later, the cortisone shot was comfortably placed much to the patient's satisfaction.

[04/20/15]   Unless you've resigned yourself to be toothless, it behooves everyone to see there dentist regularly. If Im not mistaken, less than 5% of us are immune to dental disease. All of which starts out very small and incipient (baring traumatic injuries). Every cavity and gum disease starts out as a small harmless lesion. The tiny cavity, can be repaired easily and INEXPENSIVELY with a small filling.. Left unattended, it progresses to a large filling or a crown or a root canal. All of which take considerably more time and cost MUCH more. Gum Disease progresses, untreated, from gingivitis to periodontitis. The former is treated effectively with a cleaning, while the later requires special surgical procedures. A cooperative effort by you and your dentist can keep your mouth healthy and very likely assure a complete dentition for a life time.

[04/10/15]   While speaking to my elderly father, I inquired if he asked the doctor how to use a device he was instructed to use. He said,'the doctor was very busy so he asked a technician to show me.' So I said to my father, did you ask him to watch you use it? ( My father had tried at home but could not.) My father said 'Oh the office was overcrowded and very busy.' To which I exclaimed,' being consistently overbooked should NOT deprive you of being treated properly. Mainstream healthcare has recently been relegated to assembly line,factory production lines. When you eventually get the brass ring and have those precious moments with the doctor, take GOOD ADVANTAGE. Think of all your questions ahead of time and write them down. Besure the doctor thoroughly answers all of your questions.

[03/27/15]   Criteria for successful dental anesthesia;
1.....Choice of proper anesthetic. There are numerous anesthetics available. Some last only a short time and some last for hours. After many years , Ive realized although the manufacturers say theirs will work on every patient, Ive consistently seen that some work better on certain patients.
2.....Placement is critical for complete anesthesia.Upper teeth can be anesthetized locally at or very near the tooth. Lower teeth, due to the increased density of the bone and cortical plate(outer most surface), require placement at a distant location in the back of the mouth.
3......In all cases, the anesthetics need a period of time to properly prevent pain impulses to be transmitted (felt) by the patient
In summary.......Proper adherence to all 3 will make your dental visit much more comfortable.

[03/19/15]   Dental Hygiene Tip of the Day... If you notice your gums are receeding and your dentist says you're brushing too hard, do this. Buy red disclosing tablets in the pharmacy/dental section. These tablets will stain the plaque that needs to be removed to prevent tooth decay. Chew a tablet and brush til all the red(plaque) is removed then STOP. Now that the red is gone, brushing beyond this point is excessive wear and tear on your teeth. For most of you, Im sure you will notice you are brushing faaaaar longer than than necessary.

[03/07/15]   Commentary...........40 years ago, dentistry was MUCH different than today. Aside form the thousands of new materials a dentist has at his disposal, treatment in the dental chair was comparable to the 'Spanish Inquesition". At the time, although it was available, Novocaine wasn't used for fillings. In addition, before say 1965, belt driven handpieces were in common use. The speed (40,000 rpm) was very slow and there wasn't any water spray cooling. This resulted in very long, painful procedures. Modern day high speed turbines (similar to those in jetliners with air/water spray cooling) and lasers and of course Novocaine has made dentistry consumer friendly at least.

[03/02/15]   'Dentistry with a Person Touch'. Visit us @
and see the difference. Come in, and FEEL it.

Worthy of being: Confusious Says ???

[02/18/15]   Welcome Mrs Paramichael for joining our growing family of UFT member patients at

[02/06/15]   I recently heard a discussion on radio which considered the possibility of a master plan for the nationalized very irrelevant tests being given. Testing for an 8 grader on material that is more appropo for high school for example. The test is far more difficult than it should be requiring a CURVE in grading to make any sense out of the test. BUT, and maybe I read too much about conspiracy theories, 'What if the test is deliberately structured to ear mark the top 10% of students who are intelligent enough and whos brains can function within these parameters to put them in a special class by themselves. When the feds were inundated with hackers of confidential information they realized they were swimming up strain trying to control them so instead of prosecuting them they HIRED THEM to work for the government. All comments most appreciated.

[01/30/15]   Teachers in NJ are overhealmingly 'FREAKED' about the nationalized tests. Useless, unfair, wasted money to name a few. New York........... what say you ?????????

As a dentist, this one really hit home. It gives me MORE of a appreciation for the job done by all of you. Kudos. :-)

[01/07/15]   A hardy welcome and Happy New Year to all of the members of the UFT who recently joined our family of dental patients @

Happy New Year to All who educate, train and mould our children

[12/22/14]   Hot off the Presses
Recently the American Academy of Geriatrics has reached some AMAZING statistics. In a study of over 3,000 men an women over 60,the ones who had lost all of their teeth had a 10% reduction in memory AND less mobility (walking). WOW Blew me away !!!

[12/19/14]   Your dentist is not only a skilled technician who fixes teeth, he's also a physician of the oral cavity........ Recently one of my longtime patients came for a check up. After a thorough exam prompted by what I saw, I asked if he was diabetic to which he said no. I then asked ,'When was your last physical' to which he sheepishly answered about 3 yrs'. Since he was over 60, I suggested he have one soon. He returned a month later and said his blood test was OK. I asked if a test for diabetes was done and he answered no. I urged him to request one from his internist which proved to be positive for diabetes.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ALL

[12/13/14]   Thank you April P. for joining our family of patients @ and Merry Christmas and Happy Hannauka to ALL

[12/07/14]   Do I really need a crown??? When a significant part of a tooth is destroyed by trauma or decay, just a filling usually wont do. A filling, FILLS , a hole and needs atleast 2 retaining walls to secure it. It also only fills in the space and does not support the rest of the tooth. Very often the filling is more resistant to fracture than the remaining tooth.. A crown, on the other hand, both replaces the missing part and after judicious preparation will support and protect the entire tooth. In the former scenario, should an unprotected wall fracture root canal therapy and other work will be necessary or the tooth may very well have to be extracted. Dollar wise and Pound foolish ?????

[12/01/14]   Clinical Note........ Chronic periodontal disease causes lower birth weight in new borns. If you're saying 'that's not so terrible' ,the baby will be a bit smaller. Think again. The lowered weight is NOT only in size but also to the developmental maturation of numerous organ systems.

Teachers are awesome !!!!!

[11/14/14]   Replacing teeth serves three purposes.
1...Cosmetic for a nice smile
2...Chewing (mastication) to prepare food that is eaten to a small enough size to be digested. Basically increasing the surface area exposed to digestive enzymes.
3...Stabilize the arrangement of your teeth which should be positioned in a very precise orientation. When any teeth are lost, the teeth in that area and the teeth that occlude (contact) with it will move into the empty space and reduce chewing efficiency. Similar to people on a crowded train. When someone disembarks, everyone repositions themselves.

[11/07/14]   Until 1974 crowns were cast gold with tooth colored acrylic (plastic). The mainstay for the next 30 yrs has been porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain is esthetic but brittle. A metal framework gives it the strength. Only short coming, is the color is opaque. After many years of research, about 10yrs ago there was significant improvement in the physical properties of porcelain. Today, crowns in many instances are all porcelain. Unlike porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain can mimic the true colors and translucencies of natural tooth structure and are awesome.

[11/02/14]   ITS NOT JUST SPIT!!!!
Recent research at the University of California has discovered markers in saliva for a number of systemic dieases. Cancer and Diabetes i.e. Dr. David Wong, a professor at UCLA is confident that this research will be HUGE in early detection of systemic disease without the need for a blood sample.

[10/31/14]   Forensic Odontology.......Incorperating dental records into the NCIS data bank would be soooooooo enormous to law enforcement. There are 180,000 dentists in the country so theoretically that's how many more eyes would be on the look out. AWESOME !!
Btw... only 10% of the missing or unidentified persons have a DNA Profile.

[10/24/14]   Forensic Odontology..........As a second installment on this topic, completion of the dental information in the NCIS data base would be an awesome reference library for law enforcement. Contrary to what's portrayed on TV, DNA analysis cannot be done in a matter of hours nor even days. Actually it presently takes a number of months. That being said, a complete dental recognition data base could be referenced electronically for identification in a matter of minutes.Until recently, FBI agents have been instructed in a crash course on dental coding. The algorithm that has made coding so accurate, similar to DNA analysis, has made it very complicated. For this reason, dentists around the country have been asked to participate
in this enormous endeavor.

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