Advanced Family Dentistry - Dentist Nashua NH

Advanced Family Dentistry - Dentist Nashua NH


Please forgive me....I have every intention of paying u what I owe.....but due to financial problems i am having i was forced not only stop paying you but other disgruntled businesses.......its not like me not to pay for services even though I've been having problems with them but I'll handle it.......I will pay you as soon as I'm in the black.....dont know thing I can tell you my roomate who took off on me....1st one ever and now I have to pay 700 more which I could of been paying g as before....well at least I got that off my chest.......I hope everyone there and everyone's loved ones are doing well......peace
ok i went there yesterday.. not only was a treated with a professional support staff the dentist was very honest with me compared to a few others i have dealt with in the past.. they set me up and really looked at my problem and my issues and gave me the truth of my jaw bone situation and they gave me the best options. 3 D imaging helped detect all my issues and she really let me know the problems I have and most affordable options.. some may not want to hear the truth but her you will get it. and the best treatment for it ! can't wait to go back to get what i can get done and done right by them
We have been going to Advanced Family Dentistry since about 2008. The doctors and staff there are exceptional, caring and friendly. Our visits have been positive experiences, very accommodating for appointments. The office, treatment rooms and bathroom is super clean with professional setup. Jesse, the nurse and Dr. Baht are a welcomed “team”.
I wanna put a big THANK YOU!! You guys know how to treat people... I was comfortable at all times.. You guys explained everything to me.. And when I had questions you guys where always there to answer them for me.... Thank you so much for given me back my smile xoxo
New dental supply company in Manchester, NH

To Whom it may concern,

We would like to introduce ourselves and our ever growing dental product lines and services to your professional practice. As a new start-up located in Manchester, New Hampshire, we will continually strive to bring you the best prices on the products and services you need most to operate smoothly and efficiently. As our product line and services grow, we'd love nothing more than to offer you great monthly specials from consumables, handpieces, lab equipment and so much more.

Please feel free to sign up for our Monthly Email Specials and feel free to ask us to provide you a competitive quote for your next purchase.

We're happy to be here and happy to serve you,

Thank you so much,

David Dieter, VP Operations / Sales Manager
Douglas Bews, President / Marketing Outreach

Dügendaav Dental Supply
1087 Elm Street, Suite 409
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
Welcome Dr. Baht!

Come on down to Dr.Bhat’s office to get your teeth cleaned and your smile shiny! We are opened Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm. Welcome to our practice!

We look forward to having you as a patient and thank you for selecting us for your dental care needs. Every patient has different needs and we pride ourselves on offering individualized treatment. We will give you an honest assessment of your needs and then strive to help you reach your goal of oral health.

Operating as usual


Be the reason SOMEONE smiles Today!

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How to Improve Your Smile with Dental Bonding Treatment

Wondering how to improve your smile with dental bonding procedure? Here's how you can do it 👉
#dentalbonding #dentist #dentistry #dental #cosmeticdentistry #smile #teeth #dentalcare #dentalclinic #oralhealth Concerned about your dental imperfection? Click here to know how dental bonding can bring back your charming smile today without any hassle. 06/25/2019

TMJ Pain: Causes and Treatment | Advanced Family Dentistry

TMJ disorder can be a severe issue if it doesn't get treated properly. In this article, we have shared some of the common factors that cause TMJ and effective ways to deal with it. Click here to learn more:

#tmj #tmd #oralhealth #dentistry #Nashuadentist #Advancedfamilydentistry #dentist #dentalcare Anybody suffering from TMJ pain can be affected by several sleepless nights. Read this blog to find out effective ways to get rid of it today.


Facts you probably missed about dental crowns.


Scare to smile. Get back your smile with our advance cosmetic dentistry.

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We are committed to take care of your #smile. So keep smiling every day!

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A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care.

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Dentists are Fun.
Dentists are Great.
Make an appointment and
Don't be Late!
Merry Christmas..🎄😊

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Around three forth of American suffers from one or other Periodontal gum Disease. Visiting a Dentist can make sure that you are not one of them.
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Dental emergencies can come up without any prior warning. So, you must be prepared 24/7. Here is how you can deal with it.
Learn more here:
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Warm Thanksgiving wishes from our Advanced Family Dentistry family to yours! We're grateful to have the privilege of taking care of your smile.
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Happy Veterans Day! Today, and every day, we honor those who have served our nation.
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Dental dentures play a critical role in restoring the chewing ability of the patients. Maintaining it properly can increase its lifespan for more than a decade.
Learn more to maintain it:
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Wondering how an early visit to a pediatric dentist along with your child can keep your child’s teeth fit and healthy? Click here to know the top 4 reasons:
#Dentalhealth #Kidsdentist #Pediatricdentistry 10/03/2018

How Can You Make Your Veneers Last Longer?

With proper maintenance, veneers can last for many years. In this article we have shared the top 6 tips that can help you improve its longevity.
Click here to learn more:
#Emergencydentist #Dentalcare #Nashuadentist With proper maintenance, veneers can last for many years. In this blog, we have shared the top 6 tips that can help you improve its longevity. Click here to know more.


We understand how stressed kids feel while visiting a dentist. Thus, we always try to maintain a positive vibe in our office by building a child-friendly environment.
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Do you feel worried about visiting a dentist even today? At Advanced Family Dentistry, we implement sedation dentistry to help you overcome the childhood trauma that is forbidding you from visiting one.
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Dental implants are the best solution if you are suffering from a tooth decay. Visit an experienced dentist and get dental implant surgeries done with utmost efficiency. The process is completely painless and is free of side-effects.
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Cosmetic dentistry can instill confidence in your mind by enhancing the beauty of your smile. It also monitors the health and normal functioning of the teeth. Consult your dentist today to know how cosmetic dentistry can be beneficial for you.
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A broken or damaged tooth can lead to a wide array of dental problems. This again affects your various body parts in the long run. Therefore, you must not neglect in visiting a dentist if your teeth suffer any kind of external injury.
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[08/23/18]   A dental crown is a messiah to your damaged tooth. It can provide you instant relief from pain.
Learn more:
#Dentalcrown #Restorativedentistry #Dentalhealth #Dentalcare 08/20/2018

Know About The Causes Of TMJ Disorder

TMJ is a serious disease and can be caused due to a wide variety of reasons.
Learn how:
#TMJdisordertreatment #Dentalcare #Dentalhealth #Emergencydentist TMJ disorder, also known as, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, is a situation in which the patient suffers from immense pain in the jaw. The TMJ connects the lower jaw (mandible) to the skull (temporal bone). Therefore, any minor abnormality in this area causes immense pain in the neck, head, face,....


Teeth grinding is the habit of clenching & grinding the teeth especially while sleeping. This can lead to attrition and wear your tooth. Visit your dentist if you are experience such dental problems.
#Teethgrinding #Dentalcare #Dentalhealth 08/02/2018

Top 4 Reasons Why Should Invest In A Dental Implant

4 Reasons Dental Implants are Worth the Investment...
How... Learn here:
#Dentalimplant #Implantdentistry #Dentalcare These days, dental problems are quite frequent. As per a recent study conducted by the eminent dentists of the world, every six people out ten suffer from oral diseases above the age of forty. This means the percentage of people suffering from dental problems is a whopping 60%. While it is always be...


The best way to reduce the chances of getting tooth sensitivity is by maintaining a good oral hygiene and keeping your mouth healthy. Always brush and floss properly and visit your dentist to prevent any dental problems.
#Oralhygiene #Flossing #Dentalcare 07/27/2018

Are You Experiencing An Intense Toothache? It Could Be A Dental Abscess

Right from inflamed gums to a throbbing toothache, the symptoms of a dental abscess could be quite painful.
Click here to know more:
#Dentalhealth #Dentalcare #Toothache Not following the required measures to keep your mouth healthy can result in several dental diseases. A dental abscess is one of the most severe oral diseases which can largely affect your dental health. It is an accumulation of pus which takes place inside the teeth and causes an immense amount of....


Dental emergencies can be often uncalled for. There are common symptoms of a dental emergency. Visit your dentist if you’re experiencing any of these following situations. You can call our Dental Emergency experts at – 603-821-9046
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The plaque that builds up between your teeth and gums can lead to periodontal disease. This can further spread into the teeth and can destroy the bone in your jaw and lead to tooth loss. The most effective way to prevent gum disease is by regular dental cleanings.
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Dental implants are the longest lasting tooth restoration procedure. With a success rate of 98%, dental implants have become very popular and are now highly affordable. Call us for a Free Dental Implant Consultation.
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Root Canal treatments allow patients to keep their affected tooth which can last a lifetime. With advanced technologies, the procedures are now almost painless and have a success rate of 95%.
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5 Mandatory Precautions You Must Take After Root Canal

A root canal procedure will help you get rid of the pain caused by your infected tooth. But, you must follow a few measures after the treatment to avoid complications.
Learn more here:
#Rootcanaltreatment #Infectedtooth #Dentaltreatment An infected tooth generates problems of acute stiffness, toothache and inflammation within soft core of the cavity. Clinical experts across the world endorse the Root Canal treatment as one of the most effective solutions for putting an end to this dilemma. In this procedure, the infected pulp (whic... 07/04/2018

Teeth Whitening And The Benefits Associated With The Treatment

Teeth whitening is an effective way to get rid of tooth discoloration. The treatment is affordable and can be extremely advantageous.
Learn more here:
#Teethwhitening #Cosmeticdentistry #Dentalcare A beautiful and appealing smile not just defines a person to some extent but, also enhances the personality. However, discolored teeth not only have a negative impact on your smile but, can also largely affect your oral health. Not maintaining a meticulous dental hygiene can certainly lead to staine...


Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste can help prevent the breakdown of enamel. It can also restrict the emergence of tooth decay but, using an immoderate amount of fluoride toothpaste can cause fluorosis which can lead to mottled teeth.
#Toothdecay #Dentalcare #Dentist 06/27/2018

6 Tips That Can Help Speed Up the Healing Period After Wisdom Tooth Surgery - Advanced Family Dentistry

The surgical site after your wisdom tooth extraction will take a certain amount of time to heal. However, a few measures can help speeding up the healing period.
Learn more here:
#Toothextraction #Dentalhealth A wisdom tooth can cause an insufferable pain, especially when it is impacted. The impaction occurs when the tooth does not get adequate space to erupt and the dentist might suggest getting it extracted if the condition gets extremely severe. You will certainly get relieved from the discomfort after...


A dry mouth can lead to bad breath, therefore, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Saliva fights germs in your mouth and keeps it moist. It also helps you chew your food properly.
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