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[10/31/17]   Do you think fake teeth today are expensive? In the early 1800s dentures were made of expensive porcelain and attached to 18 karat gold plates.

[10/26/17]   It wasn’t until the mid 1800s that dentists started using porcelain to shape dentures. Before this time, they went through an experimental phase that included using human teeth or metal for dentures, neither of which worked very well.

[10/24/17]   Did you know that poor dental hygiene can cause severe gum disease that can result in tooth loss? A cosmetic dentist can offer you tips regarding how to take better care of your teeth. A cosmetic dentist can also perform certain procedures to enhance your smile.

[10/19/17]   Some cosmetic dental procedures are not simply about cosmetics and are performed to improve oral issues such as correcting an uneven bite. Your dentist is able to perform a number of procedures, some of which might be very subtle, while others might involve longer repair work.

[10/17/17]   Dentures can be a great option for people with several missing teeth. These replacements for teeth can be either full or partial depending on your specific needs and preferences and are custom-fit to make them feel as natural as possible.

[10/12/17]   Have you ever seen someone with teeth that are white and perfectly shaped and admired his or her beautiful smile? While many of us aren't born with "perfect teeth," it's possible to choose from a couple of different whitening procedures to get a smile that will attract compliments.

[10/10/17]   Imagine that you are in charge of hiring for a company, and a candidate that you meet has noticeably stained teeth. Could you ignore that first impression? A cosmetic dentist can improve the shape and color of your teeth so that you'll be able to impress interviewers when searching for a job.

[10/05/17]   Could your smile use a total makeover? Cosmetic dentistry procedures focus on creating a beautiful smile, no matter what type of dental issues you may have, with specific procedures to address stained teeth, missing or fractured teeth, receding gums and misaligned teeth.

[10/03/17]   Does your child or teenager have unsightly teeth stains? Plenty of safe cosmetic dentistry options are available to remove or cover teeth stains in children and adolescents. Schedule an appointment to find out what type of procedure may be best.

[09/28/17]   Bonding involves using a tooth-colored dental material to fill in gaps or chips in the teeth, to enhance the color of teeth, or to fill small cavities. Typically involving one office visit, bonding is long lasting and can be used to cover the tooth’s entire surface to change color and shape.

[09/26/17]   Technicolor teeth can occur when teeth with composites, crowns or restorations are whitened because these materials are not meant to be whitened. To avoid technicolor teeth, talk with your dentist about what can be done to create a uniformly white smile.

[09/21/17]   Want to whiten your teeth with the highest concentration of peroxide available? Have your teeth whitened at your dentist's office. Your dentist will ensure that your gums are protected during the procedure before applying the highly concentrated whitening solution to your teeth with a customized tray.

[09/19/17]   Did you know that smoking is the leading cause of tooth loss and that smokers are at an increased risk for gum disease? If you are a smoker and want to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth, you should contact us.

[09/14/17]   We help you determine the cosmetic dentistry procedures that will work best for your individual situation. This includes a thorough review of your health and medical history, as well as lifestyle and habits.

[09/12/17]   If you’re a participant in full-contact sports, you may be trying to figure out what to do after breaking a tooth. Even when it’s for strictly cosmetic purposes, we have the ability to replace or reshape the tooth.

[09/07/17]   Is arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome preventing you from brushing your teeth properly? Talk with your dentist about how to choose the right type of mechanical toothbrush to keep your teeth healthy and your smile in tip top shape.

[09/05/17]   Dental bonding is a process that involves the application of a dental composite material that looks and feels like enamel. The bonding material is applied to the surface of the tooth and is then sculpted, hardened, and polished to look like a natural tooth.

[08/31/17]   Cosmetic dental procedures can be subtle or more involved. Subtle changes can include whitening the teeth, replacing a missing tooth, or repairing a chipped tooth. The results are usually visible quickly, but go a long way toward enhancing the entire smile.

[08/29/17]   A great tool to help keep braces clean is an electric toothbrush. The electrically powered bristles are often able to get into small crevices between braces and teeth in order to remove small food particles.

[08/24/17]   False teeth have come a long way over the years. In Victorian England, people who had false teeth were served dinner in their bedrooms. They were then expected to join the family at the dinner table and refrain from eating, to avoid the possible embarrassment of their teeth falling out.

[08/22/17]   Dental implants are a popular form of cosmetic dentistry that replaces missing teeth without a person having to wear removable dentures. Alvin Strock inserted the first implant in 1937, and so commenced a revolution in the field of cosmetic dental work.

[08/17/17]   What are the benefits of using crowns or veneers that are crafted with 100% porcelain? Nothing matches the realistic look of porcelain crowns and veneers, and all porcelain crowns and veneers are just as strong – if not stronger – than metal products.

[08/15/17]   How are porcelain veneers attached to your teeth? Your cosmetic dentist will have to remove a very small amount of tooth enamel, so that the porcelain does not create an unnatural-looking tooth. Resin is used, together with a special curing light, to bond the veneer to the tooth.

[08/10/17]   Did you know that bonding is one of the quickest and least expensive cosmetic procedures available to help patients enhance their smiles? Cosmetic bonding describes the procedure of applying and sculpting tooth-colored resin, a durable plastic, onto damaged or flawed teeth.

[08/08/17]   Do you have teeth that are already sensitive to cold? Be sure to let us know when we’re discussing your cosmetic treatment. If there’s a way to minimize the onset of additional sensitivity after the treatment, we’ll be sure to use it.

[08/03/17]   Dentures made in ancient Japan were made of all wood. These wooden dentures could be made to fit any state of tooth loss and were the same shape as dentures today!

[08/01/17]   One way to protect your child’s smile is to maintain the spacing in baby teeth to prevent problems later on. If baby teeth must be removed early due to decay or an accident, have a space maintainer put in to keep the teeth from drifting.

[07/27/17]   Did you know that the main cause of tooth discoloration is aging? As you grow older, the enamel on your teeth wears down and can result in a dull, discolored appearance. Your teeth can also become discolored from smoking and consuming large quantities of coffee or tea.

[07/25/17]   While bonds can be used to cover stains or restore the shape of a tooth, it is important to keep in mind that with time bonds will eventually discolor. When the bonds do discolor, they can either be replaced with new bonds or longer lasting non-staining veneers.

[07/20/17]   Cosmetic dentists also often specialize in replacement tooth fillings. If you have unattractive gold and silver fillings, you can opt to have them replaced with a white-colored filling that closely matches your natural teeth.

[07/18/17]   Shaping, or enamel shaping, is a cosmetic dentistry process by which the dentist reshapes the tooth by filing it or otherwise removing some of the enamel. Not only is this process not painful at all, but it produces immediate results.

[07/13/17]   Receding gums will not only affect your smile, but if gums continue to recede they can cause nerve exposure and tooth loss. Schedule an appointment and find out how your gums may be preserved to save your teeth and your smile.

[07/11/17]   "Enameloplasty," "odontoplasty," "contouring and re-contouring," "slenderizing," "stripping," and "sculpting" are all terms that relate to the removal of tooth enamel, a permanent and quick procedure used to improve a tooth’s appearance. These treatments are typically used to fix a crooked or chipped tooth or teeth that are too long.

[07/06/17]   What type of stain is hardest to remove on teeth? Any stain which forms on teeth due to something that is ingested – like a prescription medication – is usually much harder to remove than superficial stains caused by foods or beverages.

[07/04/17]   Patients looking for a prosthetic tooth replacement should consider a bridge. If you have healthy, sturdy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, your dentist will place crowns over the two adjacent teeth, with a prosthetic tooth attached to the two crowns. The end result is that no one will notice that you ever had a missing tooth.

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