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And one more thing to add below, is that she is always most willing to go out of her way to accommodate all
her patients needs, and is always most attentive not only to me, but to all of her patients! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for dentist as she is the very, very best! Mike Darr
Mei ying Liu is the the most special dentist and lady I have ever gone to. She treats everyone with kindness, decency, and respect and is always very professional in treating all her patients whom she regards, not only as patients, but as her friends! In short, she is quite a lovely and special human being and lady, and I am very glad I found her!!! Most sincerely, Mike Darr

Mei-Ying Liu, DMD At Dr. Mei-Ying Liu’s office, you and your family will always receive quality dental care in a welcoming and friendly home environment.

Dr. Liu is someone that you can trust. She has proudly served the people of Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Mercerville, Trenton, and West Windsor area since 1988, and she will be here to take care of your dental needs. She values family and the importance of maintaining or restoring health.

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[06/08/21]   Dentists recommend regular flossing, but many people don't floss often enough. Lack of flossing can cause cavities between teeth and inflamed gums.

[06/03/21]   If you or a family member are an ice chewer, you may want to rethink the habit. Chewing ice places undue stress on teeth and can cause them to chip or break.

[06/01/21]   Resist the urge to give your infant juice in his or her bottle. The sugar content in the juice can spur tooth decay, even at that age. And, if your child dozes off with the bottle, it can cause other oral problems.

[05/27/21]   Did you know that newborn babies do not have the bacteria that lead to tooth decay? They actually receive it when their parents kiss them or blow on hot food and drinks before each feeding.

[05/25/21]   Are you facing or currently undergoing chemotherapy? If so, it is important that you schedule regular dental visits to monitor any oral health issues that can develop during your treatment.

[05/20/21]   If you are using a toothbrush that is worn, it may not be cleaning your teeth as well as it should. Be sure to replace your toothbrush regularly.

[05/18/21]   What are a few common superstitions about teeth? That a large space between the teeth is an indication of someone who does not tell the truth while wide front teeth are an indication of someone who is generous.

[05/13/21]   It's important to tell your dentist if you are pregnant. All elective procedures should wait until after your baby arrives but cleanings are extra important because pregnancy can cause hormonal changes that leave you more susceptible to gum disease.

[05/11/21]   Did you know that in laser dentistry, CO2 lasers are considered among the best in the field at controlling bleeding? This is due to the laser’s high heat and because it leaves behind functional carbon residue, called chars. A char can act as a dental dressing and even maintain sterility at the site of surgery.

[05/06/21]   Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the center of a tooth caused by bacteria. Your dentist will remove the bacteria, fill the root canal and seal the tooth with a filling or crown. This is done under local anesthetic to ensure it is not unduly painful.

[05/04/21]   Did you know it was customary during the middle ages to kiss a donkey if someone had a toothache? Thankfully, we have much better alternatives today!

[04/29/21]   The man who is generally called the "Father of Modern Dentistry" was French surgeon Pierre Fauchard, who in 1723 published a textbook of sorts on the practice of dentistry.

[04/27/21]   Another benefit of laser dentistry is that the high-energy laser instantly seals capillaries and facilitates immediate coagulation of blood vessels. The result? A major decrease in blood loss and faster recovery times.

[04/22/21]   Regular, daily flossing of your teeth is the best way in which to prevent gum disease. Be sure to floss at least once every day and remember to brush at least twice a day. Incorporate a mouth rinse into your oral regimen for a cleaner, healthier mouth and a younger-looking smile.

[04/20/21]   A healthy diet makes for a healthy mouth. Eating fruits and vegetables keeps your teeth clean by scraping some of the plaque and bacteria off of them.

[04/15/21]   Did you know that people tend to chew their food on the same side of their mouth as the hand they write with? So, left handers tend to chew their food on the left side and right handers tend to chew their food on the right side. Perhaps ambidextrous handers chew their food on both sides?

[04/13/21]   Regular dental visits are important, especially for little children. When the child becomes accustomed to visiting a dentist, the child will not feel scared when receiving necessary treatment at a dental clinic.

[04/08/21]   Do you suffer from malocclusion? This condition exists if your teeth are not properly aligned. It can cause discomfort, problems with chewing, and even speech difficulties. Fortunately, it is treatable.

[04/06/21]   When you take maintenance medications daily that dry out your mouth, you may find that you have more trouble with bad breath and cavities than before you started taking the medication. Be sure to let us know about your issues during your next checkup.

[04/01/21]   Brushing after every meal is something that we tend to forget to do. However, taking the time to do so (or at least floss) when you're at work or in a social settings may save you from the embarrassment of having bad breath or having something stuck between your teeth.

[03/30/21]   With IV moderate sedation for a dental procedure, you are literally receiving the sedative drug through a vein. This is beneficial, as the drug will not only go to work more quickly but the dentist will be able to continually adjust your level of sedation for maximum benefit.

[03/25/21]   Do you know that just like your fingerprints, your tooth prints are also unique and the size, shape and placement of each tooth differs from other people. This means that no one can smile the way you do!

[03/23/21]   The world’s oldest toothpaste formula, which was used more than 1,500 years before Colgate began marketing its brand in 1873, was discovered on a piece of dusty papyrus found in the basement of a Viennese museum.

[03/18/21]   If you need your cavities drilled out and filled or a rotten tooth extracted, a general dentist would be the person to see. However, if you have issues with jaw alignment or would like to have your crooked teeth fixed, then book an appointment with an orthodontist.

[03/16/21]   Did you know that eating onions can help you maintain good oral health? This is because they have anti-microbial properties that protect the teeth and gums from harmful bacteria. To get the best results however, onions must be eaten as regularly as possible, whether raw or cooked.

[03/11/21]   Do you have a number of cavities or other procedures you’d like done in one appointment? Sedation dentistry makes that possible because the dentist can operate more efficiently when there are no interruptions from the patient.

[03/09/21]   Different people prefer different toothbrush types. If you don't feel you're getting a good clean, try a different style head and see if that works better.

[03/04/21]   Were you aware that if you don’t floss, you miss cleaning 40% of your tooth surfaces? You should make sure to brush and floss twice a day, and don’t skip the back molars, they need love too!

[03/02/21]   Do you dislike the look of your teeth? Don’t let an unsightly smile keep you from enjoying life. Talk with us about cosmetic dentistry procedures that can improve your smile.

[02/25/21]   Have you started to notice that cavities keep popping up in your mouth no matter how stringent you are with your brushing and flossing? We may have additional options that can help keep your mouth healthy.

[02/23/21]   If you eat before your appointment, be sure to brush, floss and rinse with a little mouthwash. What you had to eat can linger on your breath. We won't say anything but, you know...

[02/18/21]   Did you know that handling gum disease with laser treatment preserves and can even regenerate bone? A laser treatment for periodontal disease works by cleaning teeth and gums (under the gum line), resulting in the total destruction of bacteria and toxins.

[02/16/21]   Dentistry is a branch of medicine that focuses not just on the teeth, but on the whole oral cavity including the tongue, salivary glands, jaw, and neck. Dentists also work hand-in-hand with other medical professionals as some oral issues are linked to more serious disorders.

[02/11/21]   Do you know that dental implants help prevent jaw bone loss? They preserve and stimulate the growth of the jaw bone and, therefore, are more preferred than dentures.

[02/09/21]   How does a dentist help protect you from other diseases? It's a variation on the theme of "you are what you eat." Everything you swallow goes into your body. By examining your teeth and gums, dentists are clued into the bacteria that you are sending into your system.


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