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And one more thing to add below, is that she is always most willing to go out of her way to accommodate all her patients needs, and is always most attentive not only to me, but to all of her patients! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for dentist as she is the very, very best! Mike Darr
Mei ying Liu is the the most special dentist and lady I have ever gone to. She treats everyone with kindness, decency, and respect and is always very professional in treating all her patients whom she regards, not only as patients, but as her friends! In short, she is quite a lovely and special human being and lady, and I am very glad I found her!!! Most sincerely, Mike Darr

Mei-Ying Liu, DMD At Dr. Mei-Ying Liu's office, you and your family will always receive quality dental care in a welcoming and friendly home environment.

Dr. Liu is someone that you can trust. She has proudly served the people of Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Mercerville, Trenton, and West Windsor area since 1988, and she will be here to take care of your dental needs. She values family and the importance of maintaining or restoring health.

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[01/28/21]   Why can extensive damage occur to a tooth without causing pain? Because the nerve fibers which signal pain are only located under the tooth enamel. We often see severe tooth enamel decay which has gone unnoticed because there was no pain.

[01/26/21]   Pregnancy is no time to skip dental appointments. In fact, because of the changes the mother's body is undergoing, it is important to work more closely with the dentist to create an oral healthcare plan that addresses them.

[01/21/21]   Many dentists handle different types of procedures, such as braces and tooth extraction. We are happy to explain the range of dental services available without being referred to a specialist.

[01/19/21]   Are you skeptical of the use of lasers in dentistry because they aren’t more widely used? Since dental drills are only a fraction of the cost, it’s usually a matter of finance, not efficacy.

[01/14/21]   If you have had a piercing in your mouth, it is particularly important that you make regular visits to the dentist. The bacteria in the mouth can invade the pierced area, leading to serious oral diseases and severe damage to the tongue, mouth, teeth, and gums.

[01/12/21]   Have you ever heard about the 2-2-2 rule to keep your teeth healthy? According to this rule, you should visit the dentist twice a year, brush and floss twice a day, and spend two minutes each time you brush and floss your teeth.

[01/07/21]   What is dental sealant? This is a material used to cover the surfaces of the back teeth to keep them from decay. Because they're difficult to reach and clean using regular toothbrushes and floss, these teeth will need specialized protection to ensure they don't develop problems from inadequate maintenance .

[01/05/21]   At what age should your child first see a dentist? According to the American Dental Association (ADA), your child should see a dentist by their first birthday.

[12/31/20]   Tooth decay may not cause any symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. So if you have toothache, tooth sensitivity, grey or brown spots on your teeth, bad breath or an unpleasant taste in your mouth, see your dentist right away.

[12/29/20]   After you are finished brushing your teeth, did you know that you should also brush your tongue? This is important for an overall clean mouth.

[12/24/20]   In some sedation dental offices, you might find them using nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas. This is often used as a mild form of sedation. A sedation dentist will determine whether it's needed or not to make sure you're relaxed and comfortable.

[12/22/20]   What are the four major care components to keep your teeth healthy? Well, if you said brushing, flossing, dentist appointments, and diet, then you’re right! All of these are essential to keep the teeth clean and prevent painful dental problems.

[12/17/20]   Want to make sure your kids develop good oral hygiene habits? We are an imitative species and children will mimic their parents behavior. Let them see you brushing twice a day, and they will want to do the same.

[12/15/20]   Did you know that standard dental floss is generally considered the most effective tool for cleaning the tight spaces between your teeth?

[12/10/20]   According to the reports, 69% of people in the United States between ages 35 and 44 have at least one missing tooth. 1 in 4 people above 74 years of age have lost all their teeth.

[12/08/20]   Did you know that dental lasers can be used during teeth whitening processes? The lasers in these processes are very low intensity soft tissue dental lasers and they are used to boost results and speed bleaching processes that whiten teeth.

[12/03/20]   Toothbrush tips: Toothbrushes should be changed at least every three to four months or after an illness, whichever comes first. In addition, try to keep the family's toothbrushes separated to prevent bacteria from spreading from one to another.

[12/01/20]   Dental hygienists are specially trained to work as part of the dental team and their main job is to prevent and treat gum disease. This includes professionally cleaning your teeth by removing plaque and tartar, but they may also take x-rays to help your dentist diagnose any potential problems.

[11/26/20]   Teeth are labeled according to position. From front to back, they are the: central incisor, lateral incisor, cuspid or canine, first bicuspid or first premolar, second premolar or second bicuspid, first molar, second molar, and finally, third molar or wisdom tooth.

[11/24/20]   Dental lasers are said to be able to reshape gum tissue and bone to expose healthier tooth structure. Referred to as "crown lengthening," such reshaping provides a stronger foundation for the placement of restorations.

[11/19/20]   Do you know that there are more bacteria in the human mouth than there are people on the Earth? In fact, a single mouth can be home to more than 6 billion bacteria.

[11/17/20]   Did you know that the cranial nerves in your head make up around 80 percent of your brain's total sensory function? The trigeminal nerve is a major player in your cranial membrane, is the largest of your 12 cranial nerve centers, and passes directly through your jaw. No wonder TMJ can be so painful!

[11/12/20]   Despite all of your precautions and efforts, sometimes a tooth may just crack or break. If this happens, we can make a crown to repair and cover the damage. It's better to save as much of the tooth as possible rather than remove it.

[11/10/20]   How should you brush your teeth? Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, apply a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste. Holding the brush at a 45-degree angle, brush using circular strokes while ensuring that the bristles reach into the spaces between the teeth.

[11/05/20]   Experts believe the Chinese may have created the first metal tooth filings. Early medical texts reference a silver-based paste which appears to have been compounded as an amalgam to repair cavities in teeth.

[11/03/20]   TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, the sliding hinge that connects the jawbone to the skull. TMJ disorders can be caused by a variety of things including injury, arthritis, habitually clenching your teeth or grinding them at night.

[10/29/20]   When searching for a dental school to pursue a career as a dentist, it is recommended that you search for a dental school accredited with the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

[10/27/20]   Going to the dentist shouldn’t be a chore. That is why we try to make the experience as unintimidating as possible. Your teeth deserve good medical care and we promise to give it.

[10/22/20]   Ever wonder why bony structures like teeth have nerves inside? Apparently, this is to keep you from destroying them. By having a feedback mechanism, your brain stops you from chewing on things that are too hard for the teeth to manage.

[10/20/20]   John Baker was the first dentist in America to receive medical training. Born in England, he was trained as a medical surgeon and dentist. He immigrated to Boston in 1763, where he set up practice as an “operator for the teeth.”

[10/15/20]   When you apply too much pressure while brushing your teeth, you run the risk of causing damage to tooth enamel or the gums that are around your teeth.

[10/13/20]   While teething biscuits can help to reduce teething pain, it is important to stick with biscuits which are sugar free and to wipe the baby’s mouth out after a biscuit has been consumed to avoid bacteria growth on the gums or new teeth.

[10/08/20]   While you may know that poor oral hygiene can cause health problems, the reverse is also true: several diseases (like diabetes) can cause problems with your teeth and gums.

[10/06/20]   Despite advancements in dental technology, sometimes, there is just no way to save a badly damaged tooth. In these cases, a dentist will have no choice but to extract it to eliminate pain and prevent infections that will end up making things worse.

[10/01/20]   To help ease your fear of going to the dentist, you will want to do your research to ensure that you have found a dentist who will make you feel safe during every appointment.

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