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This is a 2500 year old gold Scythian cup that shows that folks have been going to the dentist for quite awhile. Joe and Carol are the best
Hey Joe and Carol....nice to see you here!! Happy New Year and I hope all is well with you. Joan and I are out here in Forks Twp, PA and doing well.....retired now for almost 4 years!! Best to you guys!!

Joseph F. DeGeorge DMD
Carol A. DeGeorge DMD

Operating as usual


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

This time, though difficult, has allowed me to brainstorm ideas on how to make orthodontic treatment more convenient for our patients now and in the future.

For all those who have wanted to learn more about braces or Invisalign, but do not have the time to schedule an in-office appointment or simply feel more comfortable at home, we are offering VIRTUAL SMILE CONSULTATIONS!

And for all our awesome patients currently in treatment, this tool can be used to check your progress when not able to make it into the office 🙌🏻

Click the link in our bio to access our website. Choose the “Virtual Smile Consultation” tab to take you through the steps to begin the process 🦷😀

[03/17/20]   In compliance with state and federal recommendations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, DEGEORGE DENTAL will be temporarily closed for all non-emergency visits. Please continue to visit our website for updates.


Two beauties!

Special day for Amelia and Scarlett 🎉 These girls make braces look beautiful !! And now we have a fun way to tell them apart... their color choice 🤪☺️ Great job girls!!!💗💗 #twinning #braceson #alliedsmiles #orthodontics


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Tyler’s big day!! He had his pre ortho meal at Chic-fil-A 🐔 and now he’s all braced up 😬😬 Now that’s our kinda final meal 🐔😋Great job Tyler!


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Congratulations to our contest winner for #nationalorthodontichealthmonth 👏🏻🥳!! Thank you Landon for helping us announce our lucky winner! There were 791 cheeseballs😱🤩 Bonnie K is the winner!!!


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Dr. Allie getting a little taste of her own medicine!! Keeping those pearly whites clean thanks to Jillian and Dr. Carol 🦷🤗


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Caitlin brings such energy and fun to our office every time she visits 🧨💥 Braces on and looking fabulous 🥳😃👏🏻 .
PS Don’t forget to visit us TOMORROW at 1:00pm on Main Street in Clinton at the Half Marathon Expo and Superhero Sprint!!


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Tobin is all done with Phase I treatment ...Look at those pearly whites!! Now he gets a well deserved break from seeing us every month😜🙌🏻🤗 08/20/2019

Va**ng and oral health: It's worse than you think Drs. Scott Froum and Alisa Neymark examine the effects of e-cigarette ingredients and their notable deterioration on oral health, as well as offer insight into how explosions while va**ng and burn injuries from e-cigarettes can lead to disfigurement of oral soft tissue.


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Braces on for these cool guys 😎😀👬#twinning #brothers Can’t wait to see those million 💵 smiles!!!


We will miss you Jess!

Braces off for Jess! Just in time for her move across the country. Good luck, Jess- your smile is bright ✨✨ We’ll miss you!!!🦷😬🎉



Braces on braces on braces 🤪These guys are looking sharp with their stylin’ hardware 😁🦷



Braces off for Alaina just in time for summer 🌺☀️💦😎 Now that is a face of pure joy !! #summersmile


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Dr. Allie’s #littlesis got her braces off just in time for 8th grade graduation👩‍🎓 A new smile 😃 and so beautiful 🥰!!


All smiles because Dr Carol made Landon’s 7th birthday wish come true! The tooth fairy is finally coming to his house tonight! 💫


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Thumbs up for Jess and the start to her Invisalign journey 😁 🦷 😀!!


Great smiles at Alliedsmiles!

Maren is all smiles with her new set of braces😁 We’re so excited for you and your orthodontic journey!! 🦷


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

This past Saturday was filled with Mary Poppins Jr. at JP Case Middle School! ☂ Michele (Dr. Allie’s #littlesis) and the whole cast and crew were AMAZING!!! 🎵


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

A surprise #bracesoff for Beck today!! 🎉 He has grown so much over the years... Dr. Allie is on her tip toes and he still towers over her! Swipe right to see his amazing transformation and his brand new smile!! 😃😃


Sooooo cute!

Elliana spent her day off from school with us today🤗 She was rockstar getting her X-rays!! 💪🏻The apron was heavier than her😂 Next step, palate expander!!


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Look at that big, happy smile!! And this is just the beginning! Welcome to the Alliedsmiles Ortho family , Jeffery !! 👏🏻😁


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Caleigh is on her way to an even more beautiful smile😀 #braceson #alliedsmiles #orthodontics #ownyoursmile


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

The perfect gift from a very thoughtful patient… And the perfect quote to start off the weekend! 🎉🎉 Happy Friday! Don’t forget to wear your pretty smile!!! 😁


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

We may have a future 🦷 expert on our hands!👩🏼‍⚕️ Kate wants to be an orthodontist when she grows up❤️ Braces on and she is smiling big 😃 #alliedsmiles #orthodontics #braces #ownyoursmile


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

We’re GLO-ing at Alliedsmiles Orthodontics! Thank you to @gloreginaglo for an awesome demonstration😁 Come visit us to get your GLO whitening for the holidays! #alliedsmiles #orthodontics #ownyoursmile #whitening


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

An early Christmas present for Brody!!! 😀👍🏻☃️ #brandnewbraces #alliedsmiles #orthodontics #smile


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Ashlyne is showing off her brand new braces✨✨Welcome to our Orthodontic family 😃 #alliedsmiles #orthodontics #braces #smile


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Look at all these cool dudes 🏍 🦁 👻🎃🍫Happy Halloween from all of us at Alliedsmiles Orthodontics! #alliedsmiles #orthodontics #happyhalloween


Happy Halloween 👻


National Orthodontic Health Month continues! Extra fudge brownies are on the menu for today! Stop on by! 😬😬😬


It’s World Smile Day! And we are sending you a big one to happy up your day! 😀 #worldsmileday


It's great to be able to offer Orthodontics in our office now!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of October and National Orthodontic Health Month! We are celebrating by raffling off tickets to Gravity Vault in Flemington, NJ! Good luck to all 😀


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

October is National Orthodontic Health Month -


Alliedsmiles Orthodontics

Arnold is rocking some awesome pearly whites! Congrats on your brand new smile 😃 🎊 🙌🏻

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National Orthodontic Health Month continues!  Extra fudge brownies are on the menu for today!  Stop on by! 😬😬😬



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