Dr. Donna Orlando-Martin

Dr. Donna Orlando-Martin


Dr Donna and her wonderful staff helped this Army Veteran with a new smile better then what the VA would have done TYVM DR DONNA AND STAFF :)
I'm not one to leave reviews, in fact, I never have whether good or bad but this dental office was the worst health care experience of my life.

First of all, they don't respond to the contact form on their website or emails so don't waste your time trying. I got tired of waiting for a response, so I called to make an appointment for a sore gum that I believed was infected. It had been about a year since my last dentist appointment, so they planned a cleaning as well. I was scheduled for 3:00pm the next day. Or so I was told... The next morning I received a text confirming my appointment, but for 3:15pm, not 3:00pm like I was told by the receptionist.

Regardless, I arrive for my appointment at 2:50pm in case the text was a mistake. I signed in and filled out the new client paperwork including my insurance information, which was also provided to the girl I made the apt with. I waited for 1 hour before getting called back to begin my appointment. ONE HOUR. Not to mention, I sat and watched 4 people who got there after me, get called back before me. The nurse, or whoever she was, called me back and never even introduced herself.

She did some x-rays of my teeth and looked at my gum, which is the main reason I was there, and tells me it looks like I was, "Chewing on my gum," and that's why it was bothering me and that it would, “Heal on its own”. WHAT!?! It wasn’t even POSSIBLE for me to have chewed my own gum given the location. I wasn’t buying her, “Professional” opinion.

She began cleaning my teeth and stopped 5 minutes in and said she had to go ask the receptionist if it's covered by my insurance. Again, WHAT!?! Shouldn't that have been done before I was taken to a room AND you started working!?! She left to go talk to the receptionist and comes back in and tells me she's working on it and that she's going to continue what she was doing with my teeth. I said I would not let her continue and that I wasn’t going to allow her to until my insurance was figured out and I was made away of what my insurance would cover. The receptionist came in and told me how much it would be and what my insurance covered and at that point I told her it's OK to continue.

This cleaning was hands-down the most painful experience of my entire life. NOTHING she did it was gentle. She hardly stopped to let me have a break while I was wincing in pain and almost in tears from what she was doing. She stopped and said that was all she could do for that day and I'd have to come back to have them finish the cleaning. So I just waited an hour for her to tell me I'm going to have to come back for her to do what I came here for them to do!?! I have NEVER had to go to the dentist 2 separate times for the SAME cleaning. This woman then was going to send me on my way and rush me out and I said I wanted the doctor to look at my gums and confirm that this wasn't an infection before I left. After begrudgingly agreeing, she sent the doctor in and yet again the DOCTOR does not introduce herself to me or ask me my name, for that matter. Her only question was if I had seen her sister leave the office and my response was, “Well I'm a new client so I don't know who your sister even is”. At this point she STILL didn’t ask my name or introduce herself or apologize, she simply stated that her sister was the blonde woman with the long legs that just left…

Finally she looked at my gums and said that I will definitely need antibiotics for my gum. If I would have taken that nurses information and left the office I would have left with a living infection inside of my gum that could have spread to my teeth, into the rest of my body and ended up being incredibly damaging, if not life-threatening. The fact that I had to PUSH to have a doctor check me; especially as a new client and someone who waited for an hour; is ridiculous and completely unacceptable.

The doctor said she'd write my script for antibiotics and they will schedule my next cleaning at the front desk. The receptionist schedules the cleaning and then adds another appointment with the hygienist. I asked what that was for and she told me I had to have two of my fillings redone. This is information that should have been given to me when I was speaking with the doctor, not as a surprise announcement while scheduling what I thought would be a cleaning. Not to mention, my fillings are not loose, or bothering me, so there is NO point. This was just a way to get more money out of me. I had my two appointments scheduled, was given my script and I left.

This was the most unprofessional business and healthcare office I have ever gone to and I will NEVER go back. I will be cancelling the next two appointments. I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy.

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27 Central Avenue
Lancaster, NY
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