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[05/19/16]   Have a wedding coming up, or maybe your prom? Stony Dental Care now has 50% off custom teeth whitening trays for $234 (regular price $468)! Call today to make an appointment 683-2001.

[08/14/14]   Root canals are not as scary as they seem. You might feel slight tenderness at the treated site for a few days, but this is actually quite manageable and can be relieved with over-the-counter, non-steroidal pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

[08/12/14]   Did you know that actors in decades past used to undergo tooth extractions and implants just to get their gorgeous smiles? Now, you can get that Hollywood smile you love without having to pull a single tooth.

[08/07/14]   When treating an inflamed or infection pulp, we first make an opening in the tooth’s crown. We then use small instruments to clean the pulp from the chamber and root canals. Finally, we shape the canal and prepare it for filling.

[08/05/14]   Crafts can be a fun and educational way to communicate with your kids about oral health. Give your child two identical coloring sheets depicting a mouth. Let him or her color one like he or she thinks a healthy set of teeth looks, and one how he or she thinks an unhealthy set looks.

[07/31/14]   Did you know that many of the tell-tale signs that someone is wearing dentures such as, clicking, slipping or unsightly stains, are actually signs of poor fitting dentures or ones that are not being well looked after?

[07/29/14]   If you've always wanted to straighten gaps and other imperfections in your teeth, don't worry about having to wear enormous, sharp braces that will make it difficult to talk or smile. Technology has changed dramatically over the years so that nearly invisible braces are available for most patients - and a particularly good choice for adults who may feel a little uncomfortable wearing braces.

[07/24/14]   Because your dentures represent a considerable investment, we will give you detailed techniques on removal and cleaning, and recommend several effective cleaning products for you to use on your dentures at the end of the day.

[07/22/14]   When dentures are first applied, the brain perceives them as 'food' and so sends messages to the salivary glands to produce saliva. This may occur for the first few hours but it quickly wears off and the glands return to normal.

[07/17/14]   Is excessive gum tissue affecting the quality of your smile? With advanced technologies – including the use of lasers – it is now possible to quickly remove gum tissue to create a beautiful smile in just a matter of minutes through a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure.

[07/15/14]   Maintaining a regular brushing and flossing schedule is particularly important for a child, because it limits the amount of time that acid, which is formed from bacteria in your child's mouth, remains on the teeth.

[07/10/14]   Having your teeth whitened is a great way to update your appearance with minimal expense, minimal sensitivity, and no down time. What’s more, the change is subtle enough that you will look younger, but the change won’t be so obvious that your smile will appear unnatural.

[07/08/14]   An apple a day keeps the doctor away — and can also help keep teeth healthy. Can’t brush or floss after a meal? Eat an apple; its natural acidity will wash away stains. Wash it down with water to get rid of excess sugar.

[07/03/14]   If you should need multiple root canal procedures to the same tooth, we will still strive to save your tooth. Retreated teeth can last as long your natural teeth.

[07/01/14]   The bone in the area of your gums where you are missing a tooth, or several teeth, is called a ridge. The ridge, upon which your denture fits, is susceptible to change based on your overall physical health, and the care you give the gums.

[06/26/14]   Original Ivory dentures were made from various animals such as the walrus, elephant, even hippopotamus. These dentures were popular during the 18th century and were replaced later by porcelain in the 19th century.

[06/24/14]   Did you know that, during medieval times, dentists were non-existent? Many people would go to a barber or physician, who would often just remove their teeth. This usually helped ease the pain of an infected tooth.

[06/19/14]   When respondents participating in a survey were asked, “What would you most like to improve about your smile?” – the number-one reply by far was teeth color, as most respondents wanted to improve the whiteness and brightness of their teeth.

[06/17/14]   The teeth whitening gels used in tooth bleaching may cause some mild tooth and gum sensitivity; however, the degree of this sensitivity will depend on the person. Other than that, there is no reason to be concerned about any side effects involved with professional teeth whitening.

[06/12/14]   Did you know that most root canal treatments require no more than two visits to an endodontist? Unlike the myths of popular culture, root canals these days are fairly comfortable, relatively painless treatments.

[06/10/14]   We understand that even people who take immaculate care of their teeth may need a root canal at some point. Having an inflamed tooth doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been lax in your dental hygiene.

[06/05/14]   You can make teeth cleaning fun for your kids by having them create their own toothpaste. Try gathering up four or five different homemade toothpaste recipes, and having a “taste test” session to try them all out. Allow your children to choose their favorite, and then they can make their own.

[06/03/14]   If whitening treatments tend to make your teeth and gums particularly sensitive to heat or cold, you can counter that tendency with over-the-counter numbing products. The numbing agent will alleviate the temporary discomfort and soothe minor pain.

[05/29/14]   Did you know that dentures were some of the earliest forms of dentistry? They were first produced in Northern Italy in 700BC and were made from human and animal teeth.

[05/27/14]   Teeth have four main parts: the protective layer of enamel around the outside; a bone-like substance called dentin under that; the pulp of the tooth, which contains all the nerve endings and blood vessels; and finally, the cementum, a layer of tissue covering the tooth's root.

[05/22/14]   Were you aware of detergent foods? These are foods that help to keep your teeth clean, like apples, carrots, and celery. Interestingly, some foods like raisins and dried fruit can cause more tooth decay than chocolate, because they tend to stay on the teeth longer.

[05/20/14]   Cosmetic dentistry involves, for instance, adding dental material to the teeth or gums, such as in bonding, with porcelain veneers or crowns, or using gum grafts. Porcelain veneers are also known as "laminates."

[05/15/14]   A “dental dam” is a small, protective sheet we place over the infected area of your tooth. We do this to isolate it and keep it clean during root canal procedures.

[05/13/14]   The food that your children eat contributes to their dental health. Cheese, milk, nuts, chicken, and other meats are good, because they help restore two important minerals found in teeth: calcium and phosphorus.

[05/08/14]   Do you know the best way to keep your teeth in a healthy condition? Go to your dentist once every six months. Dental exams and x-rays are the best way to diagnose problems before they become too serious.

[05/06/14]   Children have 20 “baby” teeth, which act as placeholders for when the permanent or “adult” teeth. Most adults will eventually have 32 teeth, including the four “wisdom” teeth that grow in during their late teens or 20s.

[05/01/14]   Have you been dragging your feet on getting your long or pointed teeth reshaped because of the potential for pain? Remember, since enamel has no nerves, the majority of teeth reshaping procedures are virtually painless.

[04/29/14]   While it is not always practical to clean your dentures after eating, if possible remove them and at least rinse them off to remove food particles. This will help maintain denture color and gum health, and prevent bad breath.





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