Dr. Jeffery Hurst DDS

Dr. Hurst is a General Dentist and has been practicing in his Lakewood office since 1981. We take pride in providing our patients with quality care and take your comfort very seriously.

We look forward to meeting new smiles of all ages.

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If you've driven by you may have noticed we look a little different out front. We're still here and yes still open, just some reconstruction going on due a patient accidentally heading into the parking lot a bit too fast. Everyone is okay thank goodness.

If you've driven by you may have noticed we look a little different out front. We're still here and yes still open, just some reconstruction going on due a patient accidentally heading into the parking lot a bit too fast. Everyone is okay thank goodness.

[07/21/21]   Erika T.

Dr. Hurst is amazing!! And Christie is amazing! Love love love this dentist they
are so good and aren’t out to get your$$$$

[07/15/21]   Here we are half way through July and the summer is just speeding by. June was an interesting month to say the least. Doctor and kristi both had birthdays, Linda fell and broke her elbow and there was a bit of an accident at the front of the building. So if you've driven by we ARE open even though things are a little boarded up out front. If you would like to send Linda a note with get well wishes just give me a call for her info. Thanks and have a great weekend.

Image: Fire in the Sky Fireworks Display on July 4 07/04/2021

Image: Fire in the Sky Fireworks Display on July 4

Happy 4th everyone!!


Image: Fire in the Sky Fireworks Display on July 4 Found on Google from laramielive.com

[06/17/21]   Morris Thompson

I am very happy with my visits to Dr. Hurst. Dr. Hurst has been my Dentist 1995. Dr.Hurst takes time to get to know his patients and provides his patients with up to date information to properly care for their teeth

[06/17/21]   Fred Grant

Been going to Dr Hurst and his sidekick Julie for over 30 years. They’re the best! Best hygienists in the business with Linda and Christy is an added benefit!

[06/17/21]   Emily Ehr

It is always a delight to go in to see Dr Hurst… I can’t believe I’m saying that :-) but everybody at Dr. Hurst’s office is wonderful you’re treated like part of the family, it doesn’t feel like one of those big corporate dentist offices! I would highly recommend these guys

[06/17/21]   Robert Bower

Apr 17, 2021
I was extremely satisfied with his repair on a broken tooth. I’ve been with Jeffery for twenty years and never had a problem with the front office or service.!

[06/17/21]   Johnny Wood

Apr 9, 2021
Me and my family have used Jeffery Hurst for over 4 years and have not had a single bad experience. Thenks for treating me and two young kids with kindness and care each time we have been in for a visit!

[06/17/21]   Patricia Olbert

Apr 14, 2021
What a wonderful experience. I was not quite prepared for I had at my first visit. Dr. Hurst put my fears and concerns. With a long apprehension of dentists, I went to my first appointment and was totally won over. Thanks to my friend, Diane, I will finally get the work done and fortunately not as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks to the staff for making me comfortable.


Wishing you all a wonderful summer! Don't forget to SMILE and get out and enjoy some of the beauty Colorado has to offer. 😁

Wishing you all a wonderful summer! Don't forget to SMILE and get out and enjoy some of the beauty Colorado has to offer. 😁

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Found this on Pinterest

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Here are some Dental funnies to make you smile.

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Funny Dental Wallpaper - WallpaperSafari 01/21/2021

Funny Dental Wallpaper - WallpaperSafari

Funny Dental Wallpaper - WallpaperSafari Free download Funny Dentist Photos Wallpaper HD Wide for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet. [1067x756]. 43+ Funny Dental Wallpaper on WallpaperSafari

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Found this on Pinterest

Found this on Pinterest Discover even more ideas for you

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Found this on Pinterest Discover even more ideas for you


If you currently are an existing patient and you refer a friend who schedules an appointment with us this month, you will both receive a gift card!

[12/02/20]   Happy December.
Can you believe it's that time of year already and what a strange year it has been for sure. We missed many of your faces this year, but we look forward to catching up with all your smiles come 2021!


Dr. Jeffery Hurst DDS's cover photo


Dr. Jeffery Hurst DDS's cover photo


Don't forget.


Dr. Jeffery Hurst DDS's cover photo


Dr. Jeffery Hurst DDS's cover photo


[09/03/20]   Cracked tooth: common causes
Generally, teeth are quite durable, designed to hold up to daily crunching, biting, and chewing of all kinds of solid foods. Sometimes, however, a one-off incident like a fall or blow to the mouth – or a chronic condition like nighttime teeth grinding – can generate enough force that a tooth becomes cracked or fractured.

People with a history of tooth decay, large dental fillings, and root canal treatment may also be more susceptible to a fracture.1 Want to learn how to avoid a cracked tooth? Read on for some of the most common causes.

Do you think you may already have a cracked tooth? Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

Common causes of a cracked tooth

A cracked tooth can be the result of many possible incidents. In some cases, you may have little idea what caused the fracture, especially if it happens overnight as a result of teeth grinding (bruxism) or if it forms gradually over time. The following are the most common causes of a cracked tooth:

Teeth grinding: Chronic teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can cause cracked teeth due to repetitive stress and friction. Since teeth grinding often occurs during sleep, individuals may not be aware that it’s happening – thus leading to “mystery” cracks in teeth. These cracks may start out as minor stress fractures but can become more significant and painful over time if the root cause is not corrected.
Weak teeth: Weak teeth, characterized by long-term wear or erosion of enamel, or lost tooth structure from large fillings, are far more susceptible to cracks. This is due to a deficient tooth structure, unable to withstand the normal rigors that teeth endure. With this weakened tooth structure, cracks and fractures may occur more easily and even extend throughout the entire tooth. Weak or eroded enamel can be a result of genetic factors as well as grinding, diet and certain health conditions such as acid reflux.2
Hard foods: Hard candies, stale bread, ice cubes, and un-popped popcorn kernels are all frequent perpetrators of cracked teeth. It’s not difficult to mindlessly bite into a piece of food at just the right angle to create a fracture. To avoid this mishap, make sure to chew slowly and navigate pitted fruits and similar food items with care.
Accidental blows to the mouth: A direct hit to the mouth can cause chipped teeth, fractures, and other serious oral injuries. Most often these are the result of a sports incident, unexpected fall, or an auto accident. These types of tooth fractures may involve other complications: A blow to the mouth that causes a cracked, loosened, or knocked-out tooth should be considered a dental emergency that requires prompt attention.
Extreme temperature changes: When tooth enamel is rapidly exposed to opposite temperature extremes – for example, immediately biting into an ice cube after burning your mouth on a piping-hot cup of tea – it can lead to hairline cracks. This is because enamel expands and contracts during temperature changes. If it does so too quickly, fractures are likely to form, or existing cracks may worsen.
Age: With a lifetime of use comes weaker enamel and teeth that are generally more susceptible to injury.3 This is why older individuals tend to experience cracked teeth more frequently. To prevent cracks, worn-down enamel should be properly repaired.


Dr. Jeffery Hurst DDS's cover photo

[08/06/20]   What are cavities?
A tooth cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when your enamel breaks down, usually from plaque and bacteria in your mouth that eat away at your tooth. Tooth decay may take years to develop into an actual cavity. Caught very early, tooth decay may even be reversed through the use of fluoride or other preventive care, you can discuss this and any other questions you may have at anytime, we are here for you.

What are some causes of cavities?
Bacteria in your mouth.
It’s not just about candy and soda. Cavities can also be caused by frequent consumption of starchy, refined carbohydrate foods such as chips, crackers and cookies and high sugar drinks such as fruit juices and energy or sports drinks.
Not keeping up with your daily oral health routine, including brushing and flossing.

How can I prevent tooth decay?
Brush with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day, and floss regularly.
Eat nutritious meals and limit snacking and sugary treats.
Check with us about the need for topical fluoride and sealants to protect you or your child’s teeth from tooth decay.
Visit us regularly for preventive care. We love your smile!

[08/06/20]   Just how bad is soda for your teeth?

Soda, pop or soda pop. Whatever you call it may likely depend on where you live or what region of the country you grew up in. But, the bottom line is they can be bad for your oral health and deliver a blow to your teeth. Sugar itself doesn’t do the damage, but the bacteria in your mouth feeds on the sugar to create acid, and that can erode the enamel that protects your teeth. Soda itself is very acidic. Between the bacteria feeding on the sugar and creating acid, every time you sip, soda starts an acid attack that lasts about 20 minutes. These ongoing acid attacks weaken the tooth enamel. This leads to an increased chance of, you guessed it, tooth decay.

If you’re a soda drinker, we’re not going to ask you to stop, but we do have some quick tips to help reduce any potential harm they may cause:

Cut back. Drink soda in moderation. Try not to have more than one a day.
Don’t let it linger. The longer it takes to drink a soda, the more time the sugars and acids have to damage your teeth.
Rinse. If brushing isn’t an immediate option, rinse your mouth with water after drinking a soda. Flushing your mouth with some water will help wash away any remaining sugars and acids.
Drink plenty of water, possibly in place of that extra soda you may have. Fluoridated tap water is best for your teeth.
Brush with a fluoride toothpaste and floss.

[06/25/20]   Welcome back.
We are up and running at full capacity and ready to help with all your dental needs.
We can’t wait to see your beautiful smiling faces!
Give us a call today!


Kristi and Linda say:


We hope to see you all very soon!






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