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We offer complete quality dental care including Advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry. We also offer I.V. Sedation, Teeth Whitening, Implants. EMERGENCIES are seen promptly! We are respectful of YOUR TIME. We care about You AND Your Time! Dr. Hank Nichols and Dr. Aaron Fisher are your local hometown dentists in downtown Imlay City Michigan. We have been serving the community for Over 25 years.

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[10/24/13]   Do you ever worry that years of drinking soda, coffee and fruit juices have damaged your teeth's enamel? Using enamel-restoring mouthwashes in conjunction with fluoride toothpaste can help.

[10/22/13]   Patients with a significant amount of gingival tissue, or gums, can correct the look of their smile with a procedure known as gingivectomy. This procedure involves using a dental laser to remove a minimal amount of gum tissue. If the gummy smile is mild, surgery can occur without the need for sutures, and healing will be complete in about two weeks.

[10/17/13]   Cavities can be especially dangerous to your teeth and cause pain. Essentially, bacteria begins to eat away at the protective enamel of your teeth until it gets to the pulp, where the nerves are.

[10/15/13]   Be sure to keep any removable appliances clean, using a simple mix of baking soda and warm water. With an old toothbrush, clean them gently and then leave them to dry. This will help keep bacteria off your braces.

[10/10/13]   If you are a good candidate for whitening, your dentist will probably suggest that the best teeth whitening method is the in-office procedure. While it is the most expensive method, a professional teeth whitening procedure will give you the brightest, whitest smile in the shortest amount of time.

[10/08/13]   More advanced gummy smiles are corrected with extensive tissue reduction, called crown lengthening. Gum tissue is lifted off the bone and sutured into a desired new position. After healing for 5 to 7 weeks, porcelain veneers or crowns may be applied to achieve the best results.

[10/03/13]   Did you know that the average person in the U.S. spends about 39 days brushing their teeth in a lifetime? The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day for at least two minutes each time.

[10/01/13]   It's possible to find toothpaste in virtually every flavor, from spearmint and peppermint to strawberry and orange. In the days of ancient Rome, eggshells, oyster shells and honey were combined to rub against the teeth.

[09/26/13]   Did you know that capping or filling your teeth can help restore their natural white color? By stopping the spread of decay, there's less discoloration present to give your teeth a yellowed appearance.

[09/24/13]   Bad breath and the amount of saliva in your mouth are often connected. If you aren't properly hydrated, your body will automatically reduce the production of saliva. The result is dry mouth that often leads to bad breath.

[09/19/13]   Do you have a tooth that's decayed to the point of being unstable? When this happens, a regular filling may no longer be an option. Instead, a crown may be a more permanent solution.

[09/17/13]   Cosmetic dentistry differs from general or family dental practices since it offers elective treatments that repair the look of a patient's teeth. Today's cosmetic dentists use conservative techniques in an effort to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Those techniques coupled with advancements in natural-looking dental materials help achieve durable, natural results.

[09/12/13]   Toothbrushes first became common in England, France and Japan before mass production of the toothbrush reached the United States in 1885.

[09/10/13]   While good oral hygiene can play a significant role in determining the health of your teeth, very few people have naturally perfect teeth. Scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist can set you on the right track to both healthy and beautiful teeth.

[09/05/13]   Did you know that cosmetic dental treatments can correct everything from minor flaws in your smile to tooth discoloration, missing teeth, and uneven spacing between your teeth? Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist today to find out how he or she can improve your smile.

[09/03/13]   Did you know that the quality of your tooth enamel determines how bright your pearly whites will be? Following proper dental hygiene techniques can help speed along teeth whitening procedures.

[08/29/13]   Did you know that professional bleaching kits can be just as affordable as over the counter kits, plus they are more effective? Find out today if a professional bleaching kit may be right for your teeth and your budget.

[08/27/13]   Did you know that you aren't born with the bacteria that cause tooth decay? Kids actually received that from their parents.

[08/20/13]   Are you interested in a stellar smile with dental veneers? Schedule an appointment to find out if veneers are right for you, to receive an estimate on veneer applications and to learn about possible financing plans you may qualify for.

[08/15/13]   Although some commercials state that it's only necessary to brush teeth twice daily, this isn't quite true. Ideally, brushing teeth after each meal will get rid of bacteria before it has time to settle in.

[08/13/13]   Many dentists handle different types of procedures, such as braces and tooth extraction. We are happy to explain the range of dental services available without being referred to a specialist.

[08/08/13]   If you're trying to instill the value of regular tooth brushing in your children, consider making it a requirement before fun activities. For instance, no bedtime story if the teeth aren't brushed.

[08/06/13]   Remember, dark liquids like coffee, tea and soda can discolor and darken the enamel of your teeth. If you can't cut these beverages out, cutting back or using a straw when you drink them can help.

[08/01/13]   Have you tried over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits and been unhappy with the results? Ask a cosmetic dentist about professional teeth whitening options, since these are sure to improve your smile and give you beautiful, whiter teeth that enhance your self-confidence.

[07/30/13]   Left untreated, cavities can cause significant pain. Once the bacteria eat through your enamel, the exposed nerves will begin to send pain sensations when in contact with hot or cold temperatures.

[07/25/13]   Tooth pain can develop for any number of reasons. The most common causes of toothaches are cavities, cracked enamel, gum disease, loose fillings and various infections.

[07/23/13]   One of the biggest advantages of dental implants over bridges and dentures is that the implant actually replaces the root of the missing tooth and keeps other teeth from shifting. Also, they are made of titanium and thus are strong enough to serve as a foundation for crowns.

[07/18/13]   Talk to your cosmetic dentist to see what kind of maintenance plan he or she recommends after such procedures as implants, bondings, and veneers. Proper care will help protect your investment and keep your teeth looking great much longer.

[07/16/13]   Did you know that foods containing high fructose corn syrup can damage the enamel - and color - of your teeth? Essentially, these foods bathe your teeth in sugar, which can erode enamel.

[07/11/13]   If your teeth have been bonded, it is important to avoid smoking and biting hard objects, such as fingernails, ice cubes, or hard candy. Follow good oral hygiene and schedule regular visits to your dentist to maintain the integrity and appearance of your bonding. Bonding material should last for at least 3 to 10 years before a touch up or replacement is needed.

[07/09/13]   A great tool to help keep braces clean is an electric toothbrush. The electrically powered bristles are often able to get into small crevices between braces and teeth in order to remove small food particles.

[07/04/13]   Did you know that, according to a 1997 Gallup poll, dentists placed fifth as the most trusted medical professionals in the United States?

[07/02/13]   While the length of orthodontic treatment varies from person to person depending on the shape and alignment of the jaw and teeth, typical treatments can last anywhere from one to three years, with two years being the average.

[06/27/13]   Although porcelain veneers are immune to tooth decay, the uncovered parts of the teeth they're attached to are not. Thus, it's important to floss and brush diligently after meals, concentrating especially on those hard-to-reach places behind the veneer.

[06/25/13]   Did you know that the main cause of tooth discoloration is aging? As you grow older, the enamel on your teeth wears down and can result in a dull, discolored appearance. Your teeth can also become discolored from smoking and consuming large quantities of coffee or tea.




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