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Smile! You're in good hands. Nord Family Dentistry has been providing quality dental care to the greater Grand Forks Community for 3 generations.

It begin back in the early 1940's by Dr. Brian's grandfather Dr. Oscar C. Nord. Dr. James C. Nord then took over the practice in 1975. Since 2008, Dr Brian has been running the practice. He enjoys providing dental care for the entire family. All ages our welcome and he strives to make even the youngest patients feel comfortable at the dentist. Dr Brian J Nord graduated from The University of Minnesota Dental School in May 2008. Prior to studying there he attended the University of North Dakota and recieved his Bachelor of Science degree in 2003. Dr Brian grew up in Grand Forks and enjoyed playing hockey. He graduated from Red River High School in 1999. He also has a love for the outdoors and enjoys fishing and hunting. Dr Brian is married to Jackie, and together they have an infant son Oscar. They enjoy spending time at the lake during the summer and also enjoying attending various UND atheltic events.

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Diabetes and Teeth - American Dental Association

People with diabetes are more prone to gum disease and dry mouth. Make sure you're seeing your dentist for regular checkups. Learn the facts about diabetes and teeth and how it can affect your oral health.

Sensitive Teeth - Heat and Cold Sensitivity - American Dental Association

Teeth sensitivity can happen because of a number of things, including tooth decay, gum disease, and exposed tooth root. Learn what causes heat or cold sensitive teeth and how you can treat them.

Healthy Teeth and Gums - Adults Over 60 - MouthHealthy

It's important to maintain dental hygiene habits, even in your 60s! Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is important for older adults. Learn healthy habits like daily brushing and flossing, cleaning dentures, visiting your dentist, quitting smoking and drinking fluoridated water.

Are veneers worth it? Procedure, Uses, Cost, Pros/Cons, and FAQs

If you're not fond of your teeth and are looking for a change, talk to your dentist about Veneers. These are tough porcelain shells that cover each of your teeth. It's a great way to get a whole new smile! Dental veneers don’t last forever, but they can give you 10-15 years of a brand new smile if your teeth are discolored or damaged. Are veneers right for you?

What Burning Mouth Might Mean For Your Gut Health

A burning sensation in the mouth, along with dryness or pain, might indicate stomach problems. Talk to your dentist about these issues and what you should do. The mouth is a window into the health of the body. If you're experiencing burning mouth, it could mean an issue with your gut.

Most people need to wear a retainer after orthodontic treatment, and here's why:

Oral Cancer: Diagnosis, Stages, Treatments, Prevention & More

Your dentist checks for signs of oral cancer each time you visit for your six-month checkup. Catching it earlier makes it easier to treat! Cancer of the mouth occurs in people over 40 in about 95% of cases and frequently overlooked in stage 1. It may affect lips, tongue, teeth, gums, and more.

10 Treatments for Cracked/Chipped Teeth - Ask the Dentist

Contact your dentist right away if you're worried you chipped or cracked a tooth. Both of these need quick treatment. Chipped/cracked teeth are a dental emergency. The Dentist covers 10 treatments, including home remedies & costs, plus ways to avoid damaging your teeth.

What Exactly is a Cavity? (Infographic) | Dr. Dental

Not brushing or flossing your teeth regularly results in cavities. But what exactly are they and what should you do about them? This colorful infographic has all the answers! Many people have cavities, but aren’t aware of them. Others show signs of developing cavities. What is a cavity, and how can you prevent them?

At-Home Dental Care Tips | Dr. Dental

The dentist can only do so much. You are the one responsible for brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Here are some helpful tips to keep your teeth in perfect condition. At some point, you have to practice solid dental care habits at home to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The more consistent the habits, the better.

Sensitive Teeth: Common Causes and Solutions - from 123Dentist

It's normal for your teeth to ache when you bite into an ice cream cone. It's only when this starts happening all the time that it indicates a problem. Learn about teeth sensitivity and a few possible causes. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, learn more about some of the common causes and different solutions you can try to get some relief.

Are you getting braces soon? No need to fret! This simple guide tells you all you need to know.

Early signs of a dental problem include things like teeth sensitivity, mouth sores, and bleeding gums. Schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

Nord Dentistry wishes you a happy and safe Labor Day!

How to Handle Six Common Dental Emergencies | Dr. Dental

Did you lose a tooth during your hockey game or felt something crack when you bit into an apple? No need to panic! This infographic has everything you need to know about dental emergencies! Here's an infographic of some common dental emergencies, along with a few tips and tricks to help you handle these unexpected situations.

What Happens When You Skip Brushing Your Teeth for a Day

You should never skip brushing your teeth for a day and here are the reasons why: One day of skipped brushing can lead to bacteria buildup and all sorts of dental risks. Here's what happens you leave your toothbrush idle for only 24 hours.

Five Signs of Gum Disease and How to Address Them | Dr. Dental

Gum disease doesn't appear overnight. It is an aggressive condition that creates serious consequences. Learn what the early signs of gum disease are and how to treat them. Do you know the signs of gum disease? Learning the symptoms to look out for will help you know how to address gum disease.

How to Prevent the 5 Most Common Childhood Dental Problems | Dr. Dental

Just because baby teeth aren't permanent doesn't mean you can neglect them. Your child's teeth still need the appropriate amount of care and oral hygiene. Aside from chronic conditions and disease, childhood dental problems are preventable. Here are some ways to prevent dental problems from happening.

About Hairline Tooth Fractures (cracks) - from 123Dentist

Maybe you bit down on hard candy and heard a snap or got hit in the face during a sports game. If the pain quickly diminishes, returning only when you eat or perform similar activities, you might have a hairline tooth fracture. Learn what you should know about hairline tooth fractures, how they occur, the symptoms you might experience, and what you can do about them.

COVID-19: What to Expect When Your Dentist’s Office Reopens

Your dentist is taking care to protect everyone from COVID. Here are some safety precautions you might expect to see. Dental offices already have a number of infection control procedures in place to protect staff and patients. Due to COVID-19, you may notice some additional steps being taken to protect you at your next dental appointment.

Why Sugar Isn’t the Cause Tooth Decay

Sugary foods and drinks aren't the only things that cause cavities. A wide arrange of bacteria can also be at fault. Learn about oral health, cosmetic and general dental procedures. Search our dentist directory, find a dentist in your area and improve your smile!

Energy Drinks: An Acid Trip For Your Teeth

There are much healthier ways to get a boost of energy than drinking an energy drink. Not only do they destroy your tooth enamel, but they create the perfect conditions for tooth decay. Learn about oral health, cosmetic and general dental procedures. Search our dentist directory, find a dentist in your area and improve your smile!

Surprising Facts About Your Tongue | Smile Guide

Your tongue is an important aspect of your oral health. You should try brushing it every day! Learn about oral health, cosmetic and general dental procedures. Search our dentist directory, find a dentist in your area and improve your smile!

Crohn’s Disease and its Effects on the Oral Cavity - Today's RDH

For patients with Crohn's disease, inflammation and other symptoms reap negative complications on the mouth. What is Crohn’s Disease? “Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract; this disease belongs to a group of conditions known as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).1” This disease can be triggered by an autoimmune reaction in your body; what happens is the i...

5 Mouth Myths Debunked - Today's RDH

With information directly at our fingertips, many people still find themselves believing dental myths. This guide addresses a few of these common myths and the actual truth behind them. There are many misconceptions regarding oral hygiene and the mouth that some of our patients believe to be true. With a large amount of false information found online, it’s no wonder our patients can be easily led in the wrong direction when it comes to oral health. It’s always important to reme...

Health Check: why do my gums bleed and should I be worried?

Do your gums bleed when you eat or brush? Schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. You might be experiencing gingivitis, an early stage of periodontal (gum) disease. Bleeding gums are very common but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. They’re usually a sign of gum (periodontal) disease. If treated in its early stages, periodontal disease can be easily reversed…

The flossing flap: Mind your dentist, and floss every night

You might be able to fool yourself, but you can't fool the dentist about your flossing habits! You should be flossing at least once a day for maximum results. Millions smiled last week when it was reported that there's no evidence to support the flossing of teeth. A dentist sees it differently and suggests we continue the practice.

Choosing a new toothpaste can be overwhelming, there are so many different choices! The first step is deciding what benefits you want specifically.

Explainer: what are wisdom teeth and should I get mine out?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding wisdom teeth, and whether you should get them out. This quick guide gives you the rundown! Wisdom teeth can be a pain. Here's when you should have them removed.

How to (gently) get your child to brush their teeth

There's no need to scare your child into brushing! Be gentle with them, and show them the skills for keeping their teeth clean. If toothbrushing is forced form a young age, kids can become resistant to dental care practices. Make it fun.

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

For most patients, getting their teeth cleaned twice a year is a perfect amount. This isn't always the case. Certain patients need more frequent cleanings, especially if they suffer from other medical conditions. Do you really need a dental clean every six months? Most healthy people will probably be OK if they go anually. But some people are at higher risk of cavities or gum disease, and should go more often.

Can we heal teeth? The quest to repair tooth enamel, nature's crystal coat

Recent scientific research points to the possibility of regrowing tooth enamel that is destroyed. A recent study was the first to establish a way to regrow tooth enamel. But what is tooth enamel and why is it so important?

From all of us at Nord Dentistry, have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Tooth whitening – don’t gamble with your teeth

Though over-the-counter teeth whitening products are available, it's recommended you talk to your dentist first. They may have at-home whitening kits or can recommend some safe products. Cheap, over-the-counter tooth-whitening kits could end up costing you a pretty penny.

Why some kids are more prone to dental decay

Have you ever wondered why children seem to get more cavities than adults? The answer lies in baby teeth! Because these teeth are meant to fall out, they're a lot softer! This makes it much easier for bacteria to corrupt them. Having your child practice good oral habits can prevent cavities from forming. Despite good oral hygiene, some children have weak teeth that are more prone to decay.

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