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Keep your teeth both great and white- Floss every day!

A Nanoscale View Of Enamel Might Help Us Treat Tooth Decay

By taking a closer look at the atoms that make up our anatomies, scientists are also discovering more about how things like enamel works, how it gets decayed, and so much more. Click here to review some of these findings, which just seem to be the tip of the nanoscale iceberg: Chew on this: Not all regions of our tooth enamel are created equal, and one of them might prove to be a good target for enamel-regenerating...

Cam Newton Flosses Teeth On Sideline During Loss To Broncos

Want to be an NFL MVP like Cam Newton one day? Make sure to floss daily! Cam even made sure to floss mid-game this past week…check out why here: Cam Newton watched the Panthers' 10-point lead at halftime dwindle to a surging Broncos squad that won the 2016 NFL season opener 21-20....

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How long have we been flossing our teeth?

Why Mountain Dew Rots Your Teeth More Than Coca-Cola | BIG 100

Soda is one of the most harmful beverages for both children and adults to consume due to its acidity breaking down your protective enamel. But this young man shares how some popular soft drinks are much worse and what it does to teeth over a very short period of time: Though they both are pretty disgusting.

How To Stop Grinding Your Teeth At Night With 8 Tips & Products That Can...

Do you grind your teeth at night? If yes, then know that you’re not alone! Click here to discover some tips and products that can help curb your bruxism and call our office to schedule an appointment today! If you’re grinding your teeth at night, you’re definitely
not alone — especially lately. It’s an issue that dentists and specialists are

The Huffington Post

We find that too many patients wait until their teeth are physically aching them to make an appointment. Click the following link to review some reasons why this practice must stop and why you should visit your dentist today!

Enjoy a safe and happy Labor Day!

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Don’t forget to this floss weekend!

Did you know? Improving your diet with dairy products can build your smile’s strength!

6 Ways to Ease Your Child's Anxiety at The Dentist

As parents, it’s never an easy task to bring your child to the dentist, for both the kids and the adults! Children typically grow up to fear visiting the dentist, which is why we’re here to help. Read more about how to help your kids feel more comfortable about their routine check-up: "It's time to go to the dentist," are seven words no adult or child wants to hear. While these are not words most people like to hear they are...

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Don’t forget your daily tee-th times! Good luck to anyone hitting the course this weekend!

Could More Fruits, Vegetables Make You Happier?

Fruits and veggies: not only the cornerstone of a great diet and amazing oral health…but the key to increased happiness? See how researchers say eating more peas and carrots can lead to more smiles and laughs: Eating up to eight servings of fruit and vegetables a day could make you feel happier, new research suggests.

Good oral hygiene linked to reduced risk of head and neck cancers

We don’t just brush our teeth for no reason. According to a recent study, maintaining an at-home oral health routine and keeping up with regular dental visits can reduce cancer risk in the neck and head areas. Check out more on the relationship of dental health and whole body health by clicking here: Daily tooth brushing and annual dentist visits may reduce the risk of some head and neck cancers by a small margin, according to a recent, large...

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Learn about how tooth decay progresses from mild to severe:

The Tooth-Friendly Diet

Maintaining a healthy smile has to do with more than just brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Your diet is an important part of keeping your teeth strong, so we want to share some foods that will work with your smile and not against it! Tooth friendly diet - Discover the top foods to keep your teeth, and your body, in shape.

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There are major consequences that come with poor dental health. Make sure you’re staying on top of yours!

Oral health matters

Believe it or not, the number one reason for visits to urgent care centers and emergency rooms is from dental pain. Maintaining your oral health is an essential component of your overall health and can have negative health effects if neglected. Read more to find out about things you can do to keep up your dental hygiene and avoid health problems. Did you know that one of the most frequent complaints bringing patients to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center is dental pain? Good oral...

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Don’t forget to keep your teeth clean on a daily basis!

Here are some items that can cause sensitive teeth:

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Even if you consistently take care of your teeth, most people are familiar with some form of a toothache. There are a number of different reasons that a person can be feeling some aches and pains. Learn more about symptoms and what you can do to relieve these issues:

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Just another reason why it is so important to keep your gums healthy! :

Could More Fruits, Vegetables Make You Happier?

We always recommend daily doses of fruits and veggies to ensure amazing oral health…but as it turns out, eating more of these can also make you happier! Grab an apple and grin reading over this new find: Eating up to eight servings of fruit and vegetables a day could make you feel happier, new research suggests.

Don't get enough sunshine? Your teeth will tattle on you

Not getting enough sun this summer, or in general? As it turns out- your teeth can tell if you are getting the right amount of vitamin D. Find out more about this sunny discovery here: Researchers at a Canadian university learn that dead mouths do tell tales in new research that examined teeth from the 1700s and 1800s.

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Eat what’s good for you to keep your teeth healthy and strong!

Check out some helpful flossing facts to improve your oral and dental health:

6 Things That Will Make Dentistry Less Painful

Dental technology continues to improve and advance in order to benefit patients all over the world! Digital technology allows us to use cosmetic and advanced procedures that last longer and look better: Faster braces, more comfortable crowns, and other ways technology is changing your trip to the dentist.

The New York Times

Neglecting baby teeth can set a child up for lifelong dental trouble.

The Teeth-Whitening Mistake That Darkens Your Pearly Whites

There is nothing better than having pearly white teeth. If you have your teeth professionally whitened or have a whitening regimen at home, you have to be careful about what you consume after. Read more about how some food and drinks are more likely to stain your teeth right after whitening. : If you’ve ever had your teeth professionally whitened, you’re probably familiar with the “no coffee, no berries, no red wine for 24 hours” edict....

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Dental fillings that heal teeth could forever change trips to the dentist

Could stem cell research one day lead to the complete elimination of root canals? Read more about this new, regenerative filling technology by clicking here: Dental fillings that regenerate teeth are "a new paradigm for dental treatments" and could end root canals.

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Fun Fact Friday! Can you imagine our teeth being that long?!

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