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Cavity Treatment 14,000 Years Ago

In the past, rocks were used to treat cavities. Glad we don't use rocks anymore?

Be glad your dentist uses tools that aren't rocks

Job Searching Smile

Searching for a better job? Wearing a healthy smile is just as important as a nice interview suit, especially if you're a guy.

Mouthguards are effective in moving soft tissue in the oral cavity away from the teeth, preventing laceration and bruising of the lips and cheeks, especially for those who wear orthodontic appliances.

Happy 4th of July from East Windsor Dental Arts!

Snail Teeth Strongest

The title of the strongest biological material goes to... sea snail teeth. Check it out!

Introducing the limpet as the heavyweight champion of the animal kingdom

Photo Inspired Smile

If you're not smiling right now, there are so many reasons to!

I dare you not to smile while looking at these pictures presented by Mentos. Celebrate happiness and positivity with Mentos. Like our Facebook to learn more about the fresh, positive way of life fr...

Traditional Braces

Eating the wrong foods can loosen or break your braces. We love to see you, but try to avoid these foods to keep your braces intact and prevent unnecessary appointments!

Some foods can loosen or break braces and should be scratched from your kids' menu. This list will tell you what food not to eat until the braces come off.

Coconut Oil and Tooth Bacteria

Do you use coconut oil when you cook or bake? You may even start seeing it in cavity-fighting products!

Coconut oil attacks the bacteria behind tooth decay and could be used as an ingredient in dental care products, says Irish research.

Denture Eating Tips

Dentures may feel awkward at first, but don't get discouraged. Here are some tips to enjoy a variety of food. Remember, if your dentures hurt or don't feel secure, the problem can be fixed with a simple adjustment. Please call for help as needed.

Suggestions for making the adjustment

Happy Flag Day from East Windsor Dental Arts!

Tooth Tattoo Diagnosis

You may have heard of novelty tooth tattoos, but what if that very same principal could be applied to help checkups be more comprehensive and better enable you to stay on top of your periodontal health? Would you get one?

A graphene sensor equipped with RFID tag could let you know when it's time to see the dentist.

Natural Cleaning

Did you know that eating certain foods can brighten your teeth?

An apple a day keeps the dentist away

[06/06/16]   Happy Ramadan from East Windsor Dental Arts!

[06/06/16]   Finish this sentence: "To keep my teeth for the rest of my life, I'd be willing to give up ____."

Bacteria Immune Manipulation

Gingivitis may actually manipulate your immune system to make life in your mouth more hospitable.

A new research report shows how the bacteria known for causing gum disease -- Porphyromonas gingivalis -- manipulates the body's immune system to disable normal processes that would otherwise destroy it.

Flossing Excuses

Fess up! Which of these flossing excuses are you guilty of?

People have all sorts of excuses for not flossing their teeth. But dentists tell WebMD there are easy ways to floss that address every excuse.

Baby Teeth Inflation

Tell us in the comments, how much did the tooth fairy pay you for a tooth? How much does the tooth fairy give your kids today?

Kids found an average $3 per tooth under their pillows this year, up 15% from last year, according to a survey from Visa.

Toothpaste Guide

Do you ever feel a bit lost or overwhelmed when navigating the toothpaste aisle? This may help.

A colorful infographic listing tips and pointers about toothpaste ingredients, so the reader can decide which type of toothpaste is the best one for them.

Happy New Year from East Windsor Dental Arts!

Smile Secrets

Here are a few secrets that are actually good to share.

Secrets for pearly whites.

Toothbrush Abrasion

It's best to think of your toothbrush as a tool for preventing tooth decay, bad breath and other periodontal problems. Don't use it as a weapon against your teeth!

How to prevent toothbrush abrasion, and how to brush so you don't damage your teeth or gums.

Wisdom Teeth

Ever wonder why we have wisdom teeth?

Pictures and details about wisdom teeth and impaction types (classifications). | Reasons for impaction.

Elegant Dentures

Did you know that dentures can be stable and elegant thanks to the latest in cosmetic dental prosthetics? Call us for all of your denture needs and regain a smile that is truly yours.

Learn about this time-tested and affordable way to replace missing teeth.

Flossing With Braces

Only floss the teeth you wish to keep! Check out this article for a refresher on flossing with metal braces.

These step by step guides with dental photos will show you the proper way to brush and floss your teeth, brush your children's teeth, brush your teeth with braces, floss your teeth with braces, floss under a dental bridge and use a dental flosser.

Oral Cancer Detection

Many advanced complications with oral cancer are avoidable if detection occurs earlier than later. If you're over 50, use tobacco or drink regularly, or you have a history of cancer in your family, please make a visit for a comprehensive and advanced oral cancer screening.

Close to 45,750 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year. It will cause over 8,650 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. Of those 45,750 newly diagnosed individuals, only slightly more than half will be alive in 5 years. (Approximately 57%) This is…

Scaling for Health

Professional dental cleaning and tooth scaling may be a key measure in protecting yourself from stroke and heart problems. If you're having trouble sticking with your healthy diet, you can still do something good for your health by coming in for a cleaning!

Professional tooth scaling was associated with fewer heart attacks and strokes in a recent study from Taiwan.

Happy Thanksgiving from East Windsor Dental Arts!

Hobbies and Illness

Do we have any young musicians among our patients? Make sure you're not making you're not making yourself ill or compromising your smile while you're making music!

Research has shown that playing a musical instrument can help nourish, cultivate, and increase intelligence in children, but playing a used instrument also can pose a potentially dangerous health risk.

Mouthguard Care

Using a mouthguard to protect your teeth is smart, but make sure you're taking care of yours with proper cleaning to fend off against bacteria.

Brush it with toothpaste

What Is a Dental Implant?

Looking for a tooth replacement option that won't need to be replaced again in the future? Read about dental implants!

Dental implants allow your dentist to mount replacement teeth directly into a metal post or frame that has been surgically positioned in your jawbone. Learn more about this procedure and find information on the types of dental implants available.

TMJ Info

How familiar are you with TMJ? Learn about causes and treatments here!

TMJ are the joints and jaw muscles that make it possible to open and close your mouth, any problem that prevents TMJ from working properly may result in a painful TMJ disorder.

What You Need to Know about Braces

Are you getting braces soon? Check out this helpful article about what you need to know!

Getting braces can be a nerve-wracking process. Keep these Colgate tips in mind so you can feel prepared and comfortable when it's time to get them.

[11/11/15]   We would like to wish all those celebrating a Happy and Healthy Diwali!

Happy Veterans Day from East Windsor Dental Arts!

Smart Phones Detect Teeth Grinding

The world of technology is always advancing! Check out this awesome mouthguard that connects to a smart phone for detecting teeth grinding!

Smart mouth guard University of Florida If you’ve ever woken up with a weird headache and pain in your jaw during a particularly stressful time, it might be because you were grinding your teeth, a condition called bruxism. Don’t worry, though, you’re not alone—one in five Americans does it. Now a te…

Brushing with Braces

With braces, brushing should be done thoroughly and carefully! Learn about the right way to brush with braces here!

Whether your children have braces for six months or two years, one thing is certain: It is crucial that they learn how to brush ...

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