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Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week! 11/22/2016

The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter

The Norwegian secret to enjoying winter -- koselig. Residents of Norway view their long dark winters as something to celebrate. How it's possible to be cheerful for the next four months.


93.7 B-93

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Dr. Johnson is now an Associate Fellow in the Academy of General Practice Orthodontics.


Grand Forks County Historical Society

A steamboat towing a barge traveling north on the Red River at Grand Forks around 1910. Photo taken from the original point bridge (then called the Minnesota Bridge) looking south. Notice the Russel Miller Elevator and smokestack for the power company on the left and the Great Northern Railroad bridge in the background.


Medical Minute: Halloween Candy and Dental Care

With Halloween just days away, one of the scariest things about the Holiday is the damage that some of those sweet treats could potentially do to your teeth. 10/21/2015

'Back to the Future' Day is finally here - "Back to the Future" is being rereleased Wednesday, and fans can compare its vision of the future with the realities of 2015. 10/17/2015

Ancient Romans in Pompeii Had 'Perfect Teeth'

Mediterranean diet (low-sugar foods, fruits, and vegetables) and flourine in Pompeii associated with pearly whites. A new study reveals what life was like in Pompeii — and how it ended when Mount Vesuvius erupted


Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colors!

During the fall, the Minnesota landscape is splashed with golden, ruby and tangerine hues. Discover the gorgeous fall colors with these #OnlyinMN photos.

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Photo credit: @phillip.j.anderson @alphonsote (Maplewood State Park) @ryanpetereggen (Palisade Head) @chadkriese (Paul Bunyan State Forest) @ashjathin (Minneapolis) @cmarshall222 @freckledhilltop @vdana07

[10/02/15]   Dr. Johnson is scheduling new orthodontics patients in mid October. Call 773-3304 if you would like a free consultation.


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