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I have had 35 years of experience in family and cosmetic dentistry. I am an artist on my time off and so enjoy the challenge of making and preserving teeth

Member of ADA, TDA, and the Dallas Dental Society. Practiced dentistry for 34 years and have done mission dentistry in over 8 countries. I use digital x-rays, silent electric handpieces, and many other modern forms of dental care for your comfort and safety. I practice preventive, cosmetic, family dentistry.

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Sugar Wars and Saving Lives | by Peter hofmann | LinkedIn 03/01/2021

Sugar Wars and Saving Lives | by Peter hofmann | LinkedIn

We are being bombarded by propaganda, marketing hype, and lies to get us to consume products that can do us harm. I wrote this article to get your attention and to save lives. Enjoy and let me know if the message is clear.

Sugar Wars and Saving Lives | by Peter hofmann | LinkedIn The purpose of this article is to point out dozens of myths, scams & falsehoods that cheat people of their health and billions in savings each year and to reveal products and concepts that will improve the health of your mouth and body. Did you know that five of the major causes of death are rel...


Dentistry Xposed

Started a Live Broadcast on my book Dentistry Xposed to occur on a regular basis. Skip the first 1.45 minutes as I was waiting for a prompt from the program--and did not get one so went ahead with the broadcast: https://www.facebook.com/dentistryxposed/live/

Dentistry Xposed New Book Dentistry Xposed will be out in October: The good & bad in Dentistry, the health of your mouth and connections to whole body health & Preventive Care.

Photos from Hofmann, Peter, Tooth doctor's post 02/11/2021

In my groundbreaking book called Dentistry Xposed: Protecting You, Your Smile, and Wallet, I point out dozens of myths, scams & falsehoods that cheat people of their health and billions in savings each year and show products and concepts that will improve your smile and even save your life. Did you know that five of the major causes of death are related to problems in the mouth? A healthy mouth will protect you from heart disease, bone loss, pancreatitis, cancers, dementia, and other disorders. There is an interconnection between mouth disease, the microbiome of the gut, colon cancer, diabetes, and bad sugars such as sucrose and HFCS.

There is, however, a miracle "super-natural" sugar that will save lives. The book includes a glossary of dental terms and answers tough questions related to mouth erosion, stress, vaping, Apple Cider vinegar, sleep apnea, poor-fitting crowns, dry mouth syndrome, alcohol, and safe disease prevention. For instance, there is an amazing super-soft toothbrush that will clean your teeth better and safer than other brushes; and there is a symmetrical sugar molecule, xylitol, that is stored in your cells and is also found in vegetables & fruit. It can prevent or stop tooth decay, strep throat, sinusitis, diabetes, and serious tissue changes including colon cancer.

I want to make you aware that we often manufacture disease. A good example is the 500 drugs and medications that create dry mouth which leads to periodontal disease feeds bacteria into our bloodstream. High Fructose Corn syrup, or HFCS, has been promoted because it is cheap vs. the natural sugar Xylitol which protects your tissues and lowers blood sugar levels. One causes type 2 Diabetes the other helps to prevent it. One causes fatty liver disease, the other counters constipation and microbes that can cause cancer.

Xylitol is a tasty food-medicine that can counter the effect of dry mouth & help a leaky gut. Most doctors and the modern media have not heard of it and that is one reason why Dr. Hofmann calls this the “Untold Story" which has been suppressed by big money and politics. It is time for a change. Over 80 years of research with a sampling of millions of people shows how effective and safe this simple sugar is. It is so safe that the FDA allows it to be sold as sugar-free.

The book reveals 23 widespread myths, 100's of amazing facts, 45 "truth-bytes" that will help you change the course of your life. For instance, alcohol in Listerine is OK but aged alcohol in bar drinks can cause oral cancer. However, there are political, economic and corporate powers that have prevented many of the answers from getting to the public. This book is guaranteed to save people a lot of money or they can have their money back. Most important it will save lives.

Knowing how to communicate with your dentist and having the knowledge to make the right decisions about your dental care will save you a lot of time, money, and pain. It will help you diagnose problems before they cause an emergency or weaken a heart, such as in the case of sleep apnea or sleeplessness in a co-worker or family member. It will show you how to create an effective Dental Emergency Kit for those tooth problems. Because sugar causes so many diseases, I will summarize more benefits of xylitol.

The logic of using sugar to heal problems caused by sugar does not register easily in one’s mind. However, I now call xylitol a “miracle molecule” and I use it on a regular basis as a mint, chewing gum, and spray. Amazingly, it stimulates the flow of liquids: saliva in the mouth, the dilution of phlegm or mucus in the nasal passages, and the softening of stools in the colon. Use it as a spray to stop strep throat and a nasal squirt to heal sinus, nasopharyngeal, or even middle ear infections. God gave us this super-natural sugar for a reason- yet manufacturers have promoted the disease-causing sugars for generations.

We can prevent serious problems like diabetes, colon cancer, and other diseases with the effective use of this simple yet powerful healing molecule. It is found naturally in strawberries, mushrooms, cauliflower, and raspberries and can be bought as a mint or raw sugar at nutrition and grocery stores. The only downside is that to a new user it can cause a runny stool and is not good for dogs. It may surprise you to know that Xylitol is the only sugar that is produced by your own cells. Each cell in your body stores xylitol in the mitochondria where it may repair ribose, a central component of RNA and DNA.

Xylitol is so safe that many countries give it to children or pregnant women to prevent tooth decay. It flows in the bloodstream and can pass through tissue, placenta, and bone barriers while causing no harm. Research is showing that it decreases preterm birth, heals chronic wounds, and can help fight both depression and the flu. I mixed xylitol with saline solution to heal my sinusitis, dry cough, and chronic strep throat problems.

Xylitol is sold in all nutrition-focused grocery and health stores, usually at a reasonable price. We are blessed to have this 5-Carbon food-medicine to counter the deadly effects of 6-carbon sugars. Diabetes for instance has made our population very susceptible to Covid-19. Xylitol’s extremely low glycemic index helps prevent diabetes and allows the diabetic to maintain stable blood sugar levels. When bad bacteria consume this 5-carbon sugar-alcohol they cannot metabolize and become inactive. They cannot multiply nor can they stay attached to the tissue they are harming. Xylitol then stimulates saliva flow or fluid flow in the area which washes away the bad bacteria and the acids that they had produced. It is a one-two-three punch that stops inflammation. We should do all we can to promote and use this wonder-sugar.

In preparing for this book not a single doctor who conversed with Dr. Hofmann knew anything about the power of Xylitol. Nurses he spoke to said they used it in the hospital for treating dry coughs. This may be explained by the fact the nurses are more involved in the day-to-day care of patients whereas doctors acting as overseers may be too distracted to learn from them. Dr. Hofmann is not surprised by this failure since he made the mistake years ago of buying some spray which he then left unused and unsold in his cabinet.

When I finally used the xylitol spray, it healed me of a yearly bout of Strep Throat and dry cough. No one is educating us from a medical/scientific viewpoint, and thus few are willing to try it. Note that like any new food you must start by taking it in moderation. Your GI tract needs to get used to this new vital form of sugar. If you get a super-soft stool just taper back until you adjust. The xylitol will help your gut by acting as a pre-biotic, helping to sustain good bacteria and decreasing the yeast Candida which can cause cancer of the esophagus, colon, and other mucous tissue.

This is another good reason to buy this book and share it with your dentist or physician. Most of them were not taught this in school and have little training in nutrition. I have included a lot of information on dentistry and disease prevention that I have accumulated over 44 years of practicing dentistry including a new substance that removes decay without the need for a needle or drill.

This amazing substance has been in use in many countries for over 5 years but the FDA banned it here because of a lack of research in our own institutions--no one wanted to spend the time and money since it is not a moneymaker for any company. Much of our research is initiated by companies interested in making a big profit. This is why a bottom-up type study from evidence-based research is so important.

Dentistry & Healthcare Xposed 02/07/2021

Dentistry & Healthcare Xposed

This will help you save a lot of money and will save lives. It will guide you as you practice good habits, preventive medicine, emergency techniques in dealing with problems in the mouth, and as you seek general treatment in a dental office. It will expose pitfalls, myths, and falsehoods while giving you new ideas, concepts, and products that will save you from pain, poor health, wasted time, and bad choices.

Dentistry & Healthcare Xposed WELCOME TO MY NEW BOOK WHICH WILL SAVE YOU MONEY AND YOUR HEALTH - EVEN YOUR LIFE This book is called Dentistry Xposed: Protecting You, Your Smile, and Your Wallet. I point out dozens of myths, scams & falsehoods that cheat people of their health and billions in savings each year and I will show...

Is Hell on Earth Next? 01/18/2021

Is Hell on Earth Next?

God takes no delight in the death of the wicked. He desires that all men and women come to Him in a relationship. The answer is not religion and works but a simple faith in Him.

Is Hell on Earth Next? What’s Next? What happens in the spiritual world and in the heart of man is invisible to the eye, yet it is felt by Spirit within us. Those with spiritual eyes know something is happening and have a sense that change is occurring.


Cosmic Crossroad Countdown

New information indicates that millions more people have had the Coronavirus than previously recorded. This indicates a natural or herd immunity that lowers the death rate tremendously. There is another study that is showing that sheltering in place may actually do more harm than good by weakening peoples immunity and increasing the spread of the virus to those who otherwise would not be so extensively exposed. Outdoor fresh air and Light helps to heal and protect the body from viruses.

Think of it for a moment: is it a coincidence that the 3 most notorious cities for immoral conduct have the worst Coronavirus crisis: Yep 1) Las Vegas the gambling capital of the world, 2) the Rotten Apple New York City where you can find the finest illegal merchandise the world has to offer- the grand money driven Babylon and 3) New Orleans the home of Amerian style Vodoo, Santaria, and just crazy drunken naked public displays.....

God does not measure value in humans in terms of brains, beauty, money, power prestige and pride. This invisible virus has sequested even the toughest, most talented, the brightest and the most beautiful of society, closing strip and gambling joints, transexual exhibitionist shows, gay pride parades, and every kind of public display of rebellion against the natural order of God. I have not missed the ego driven, money grabbing, self absorbed Hollywood, Sex-n-Music, Idolatry-n-sports, and the other narcisstic personalties who think of themselves as demi-gods---who seek the worship of crazed fans. They have all experienced a warning or foreshadowing of what a taste of darkness will be like unless they discover the Light of Life, Jesus Christ.

God desires that we should not store our Treasures on Earth but in Heaven. As David shared in the Psalm 22, "He is my Light and my Salvation." Think how light drives away darkness and penetrates to give life to cells. Light warms us, guides us on the path, can stop a virus, scare the wolf, energize a plant, expose detail, enhance color, and most of all pure Light is of God- and in Heaven He IS the LIGHT. It is no coincidence that God revealed who He IS to Moses in the "Burning Bush". God declared, "I AM that I AM." In Isaiah 43:10-13, God declares, "I AM He, before Me there is no God formed, and there will be none after Me....There is no Savior besides Me....Even from Eternity, I AM HE, and there is none who can deliver out of My hand." Jesus gave us a strong hint of Who he IS by saying to us, "I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life."

New information indicates that millions more people have had the Coronavirus that previously recorded. This indicates a natural or herd immunity that lowers the death rate tremendously. There is another study that is showing that sheltering in place may actually do more harm than good by weakening peoples immunity and increasing the spread of the virus to those who otherwise would not be so extensively exposed. Outdoor fresh air and Light helps to heal and protect the body from viruses.

dentistryxposed.com 03/14/2020

Dentistry Xposed – Protecting You, Your Smile, & Your Wallet

We have to be proactive and apply this experience to our future and to preventive medicine. Also this is worldwide emergency has many spiritual consequences. Is God trying to get our attention? We have focused so much of our time and money on sports, politics, lobbys, Hollywood mania, music mania and other god-worship mentality that we have forgotten that the true God wants our hearts and minds.

dentistryxposed.com Order your book here- DENTISTRY XPOSED: Protecting You, Your Smile & Your Wallet. Amazon Orders: view E-Book and Preview. Or order the book at this link: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=dentistry+xposed&i=stripbooks&ref=nb_sb_noss This ground-breaking book exposes fraud, scams, and falsehoods in dentistr...

[04/17/14]   We would love to share not only Quality Dentistry with you but also some Texas hospitably by giving you an inspirational book, a cup of Spring water, an uplifting conversation, and some good healthy advice. It is a joy to be able who help others who have "lost hope" or who have "lost faith" in the system. I am always innovating and applying my 35 years of experience to provide great care for a very reasonable price. God Bless

[04/17/14]   Just finished a course this weekend on "All on 4) a technique to restore the entire mouth to a stable, functioning, and esthetic condition despite total tooth loss and function. This is a rather simple method considering the severity of the situation...and can not only restore a mouth but also the "life" of a person. The LIfe is represented by not only how the person looks and how that person feels about themselves but also by the sheer quality of life that improves due to eating better, breathing better, and speaking better.

answersontherock.com 05/16/2013

Answers On The ROCK - Home

I just updated my website! Check it out: http://answersontherock.com via #Vistaprintwebsites

answersontherock.com ANSWERS on the ROCK - dallas, TX. He is my Rock & my Salvation (Ps.62:2)

answersontherock.com 05/16/2013

Answers On The ROCK - Home

I just updated my website! Check it out: http://answersontherock.com via #Vistaprintwebsites

answersontherock.com ANSWERS on the ROCK - dallas, TX. He is my Rock & my Salvation (Ps.62:2)

[06/25/12]   Recently I was part of a nationwide sharing of technology and materials in Dentistry. This Real World dental conference is something that I have attended many times over my 35 years in dentistry in order to keep me up to date on new effective materials and concepts....and to keep me within the bulls eye of patient care with the best technology and materials to improve patients dental health.

[06/21/12]   one thing that most Marines do not have are wisdom teeth. The obvious reason is that they are pulled before "boot camp" to prevent the classic dental emergency "pericornitis". Pericornitis usually happens under stress and around 3rd molars..unfortunately that is when a Marine is most needed - during the stress of battle or perparation of battle.


I have had 35 years of experience in family and cosmetic dentistry. As an artist and doctor of dental surgery, I enjoy the
challenge of making and preserving teeth so that they look esthetic and real. If you wish for me to give you an estimate please let us know. We offer dentistry at a very reasonable rate and we Love Cowards. My number is 972 960-1913. I am a member of all the major dental associations and have modern digital x-rays and other "green" technology.

dentalrescue.com 02/08/2012

North Central Dallas Dentist - Peter Hofmann DDS | (972) 960-1913

Welcome to a "safe" place to fulfill your dental needs. Info that you have not been told: sugar does not cause tooth decay. An acid level of ph 6.7 or lower is required for the bad bacteria to take control of your mouth. If you maintain a ph level of 6.8 or higher you will not get any cavities no matter how much sugar you eat. Go to dentalrescue.com on facebook to learn why.

dentalrescue.com Peter Hofmann DDS in Dallas has been in business 33 years. Our clients consistently rank us as one of the best Dentist services in North Central Dallas. We provide the following services: General Dentistry,Crowns,Emergencies,Root Canals,Dentures,Zoom Whitening . Exam, Cleaning & 4 Bite Wing X-Rays f...




dentalrescue.com, dentalcrownsdallas.com, dentalemergencydallas.net, and TrueSTUF.com, and the blog [email protected].


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