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Welcome to the dental practice of Vidya Reddy, DMD. At our Concord office, Dr. Reddy is dedicated to creating beautiful, long lasting smiles and maintaining the oral health of our patients.

We deliver the highest quality general, restorative and cosmetic dental care in an atmosphere of warmth, kindness and respect. Whether your dental needs require a complete exam and cleaning, a full mouth restoration or anything in between, we promise to provide you with exceptional care, every step of the way. We specialize in all areas of cosmetic and implant dentistry, using the most advanced techniques and materials. Dr. Reddy has been providing excellent and affordable dental care to Concord, Acton, Sudbury, Maynard, Boxborough and surrounding areas for over 10 years. We accept and work with most insurance plans. To see if we accept your insurance please call the office.

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According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1 in 4 (27%) adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay. |


At the office of Dr. Vidya Reddy, DMD, we offer a comprehensive selection of dental services to help patients of all ages maintain optimal oral health. |


A whiter, brighter smile can be yours today. With a teeth-whitening procedure, you can turn a dull, drab smile into one that dazzles! |


Missing teeth can do more than create unsightly gaps in your smile. They can also age your appearance, creating a more haggard and sagging look. |


While adopting a softer diet over millions of years has made it easier to chew, the evolutionary changes to jaw size over time means there is now less room for wisdom teeth in our mouths. |


While emergency dental care is a service we hope you'll never need, you can rely on the office of Dr. Vidya Reddy, DMD to get you back on the road to oral health and help you once again smile with confidence and ease! |


Here's a fun fact: There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people on planet Earth! |


Why is vaping bad for your smile? It turns out, vaping alters the natural bacteria found in the mouth, which leaves you more vulnerable to oral infections and inflammation. |


With porcelain veneers, you can achieve a whiter, brighter smile while also improving the size, shape, and alignment of your teeth. |


Looking to restore the youthful radiance of your smile? A professional teeth whitening procedure from the office of Dr. Vidya Reddy, DMD offers a quick, non-invasive, and highly satisfying solution to brighten and lighten your smile. |


Yes, smiling does in fact help you feel better! Smiling signals your brain to release dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which are your body's natural feel-good chemicals. | 01/05/2021

Vidya Reddy, DMD

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Clean, modern, pleasant and friendly staff and the Doctor is very knowledgeable and friendly.
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Unlike bones or other parts of the body, the teeth cannot self-repair. Dental restorations are necessary to rebuild the teeth, while protecting them from further damage. |


While the world's oldest recipe for toothpaste dates back to 400 AD, the first commercially prepared toothpaste arrived on the scene in 1873. |


According to researchers, taking care of your smile supports longevity. Seniors with 20 or more natural teeth at the age of 70 demonstrate a higher life expectancy. |


While people have been performing dental procedures since ancient times, the world's first dental school was established in Ohio in 1828. |


Grinding and clenching your teeth not only contributes to jaw and facial pain, but it can also wear away tooth structure to increase your risk of cavities, sensitivity, and fractured teeth. |


Want to make a lasting first impression? 48% of adults say your smile is your most memorable feature. |


Ever wonder how dark colored food and beverages can cause your teeth to stain and discolor? They're high in chromogens, which are pigment-producing substances that can stick to tooth enamel. |


Bad breath in the morning? Here's why: | 11/11/2020

Vidya Reddy, DMD

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Staff is amazing! First time was very welcoming and clean
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If you're feeling self-conscious about missing teeth, contact the office of Dr. Vidya Reddy DMD. We can help you rebuild a complete and beautiful smile that you'll feel confident sharing with the world. |


Only 17 muscles are required to smile, while it takes 43 to frown. It's easier to smile! 10/28/2020

Vidya Reddy, DMD

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Best Dentist for easy painless fill-ins. I previously needed laughing gas for certain procedures due to my fear of the Dentist. Dr. Reddy is so soothing and patient and her expertise is un-matched. I will never switch dentists!
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Vidya Reddy, DMD

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I don’t think you will find a more professional, compassionate and skilled dental practice. Just love Dr Reddy and the entire staff!!
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A cracked or broken tooth may just need a filling or a crown to alleviate symptoms. However, to rebuild its form and function, sometimes a root canal procedure is necessary to save the tooth. |


Not only does it help you stay hydrated, every sip of water you take cleanses your smile to wash away leftover food and residue. |


Are you suffering from tooth sensitivity? A visit to the office of Dr. Vidya Reddy DMD is the best way to achieve a healthier, pain-free smile. |


In the United States, three million miles of dental floss are purchased each year. That's enough floss to stretch to the moon and back six times. |


Almost 40% of dental injuries are sports-related. To play it smile-safe, speak to your dentist about the best mouthguard to protect your smile. |


With dental implants you can reestablish a complete and beautiful smile that looks, feels, and functions like a natural one. |


One key to avoiding setbacks during the academic year is for children to begin school with a healthy smile! |


Have a toothache? Contact the office of Dr. Vidya Reddy DMD for the skilled and experienced care you need to get your oral health back on track. |


Which comes first, brushing or flossing? According to the American Dental Association, it doesn't matter as long as you do it every day. |


Looking long in the tooth? Your dentist can help you maintain optimal periodontal health to help prevent & treat gum recession. |


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