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At Brooklyn Dental Studio we help you with all your dental needs, from cleanings and exams to cosmetics and implants in a warm and caring environment.

Located in historic Brooklyn Heights, BKDS is an exciting prosthodontic dentist practice run by Kristin Wolfe, DDS and Marisa Patt, DMD. Our dentists specialize in restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry to promote a beautiful smile and a wonderful experience.

Our hygienists are the best! With almost 40 years combined experience, their main priority is your health and education. Olga specializes in deep, long lasting whitening, while Adonna enjoys taking on the more challenging patients that has not been to the dentist in a while and restoring their oral health. Learn more about them and their preferred treatments on our website. @ Brooklyn Dental Studio

People ask me what I do on my day off. Today I am stocking shelves at the park slope food coop. Yum yum. #parkslopefoodcoop #hiddentalent #brooklyndentist

New website launched today! Thank you to @pr_8309 and my whole team at BKDS for all your work (and putting up with all my edits) and thanks to my patients for picking the homepage photo. When I started my practice 3 years ago I never imagined the breadth and depth of things I would learn that having nothing to do with dentistry. Link in bio. Let me know what you think.. #brooklyndentist #dentalwebsite #brooklynheights

This lovely patient had a large composite filling on her left front tooth. It kept chipping and she also wanted to whiten her teeth. We decided to whiten her teeth and then place a veneer. This case is a great example of why we whiten to a brighter shade than the patient wants and then wait two weeks for the teeth to settle. Her result is brighter and natural. #porcelainveneers #toothwhitening @ Brooklyn Dental Studio

Final choices for the new site. Launching in a couple of days!! Homepage image? #185montaguestreet or #brooklynpromenade 📸 @captainlonghair @pr_8309

Out with the old in with the new. #dentalveneers @ Brooklyn Dental Studio

Out with the old, in with the new. Old veneers replaces to give her a healthier, cleaner, more natural appearance. #dentalveneers

Happy summer! Time for weddings, parties, the beach!The quickest, easiest way to brighten and enhance your smile is tooth whitening. Many of my patients who want veneers or crowns find out, after whitening, that they may only need a few veneers or eliminate the need altogether. Check out the link in the bio where Olga, our hygienist, explains the procedure. #toothwhitening #zoomwhitening

Spent the day with some of my favorite young dentists and my favorite seasoned dentist. #dentist #dentalfamily #mentor #mentee

Patient jewelry of the day! Happy bunnies!!

Two types of immediate load cases. Immediate load means that the implant and the temporary are placed in the same day. CASE 1: this patient lost her front tooth to trauma. The implant was placed and immediate loaded. The benefits are that the patient has a tooth and the gums heal around the temporary, creating a natural gingival contour. The drawback is that the tooth cannot function and must be out of contact with adjacent and opposing teeth.
CASE 2: this patient lost his teeth to severe gum disease and bone loss. He had all upper teeth and his lower front teeth removed in one day, followed by implant placement and temporaries. This way he never needs a denture. Both patients will get permanent teeth in a few months, once their implants osseointegrate.
#implants #dentalimplants #immediateimplant #brooklyndentist #prosthodontist #dentistbrooklyn @ Brooklyn Dental Studio

Over 10 million people in the US are affected by TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. I see TMJ in a lot of my patients. Many cases can be corrected with a splint or night guard, but for many of my patients that is not an option or not enough. I have had a lot of success by giving these patients botox injections. The injections provide relief and weaken the overdeveloped masseter muscles. I personally have trouble wearing a night guard, but was clenching so much that my teeth were chipping. Botox has worked great for me. #botox #tmj #therapeuticbotox

Happy National Prosthodontics Awareness Week! Most people know what an orthodontist or an oral surgeon is, but few people know about my specialty, prosthodontics. Check out the post below to read about my specialty, and how I use my training and skills to treat my patients at Brooklyn Dental Studio. Everyday is prosthodontics day for me (as evidenced by my t shirt)!
#prosthodontics #npaw

Kick off National Prosthodontist Awareness Week by learning how prosthodontist, Dr. Kirstin Wolfe enables her patients to achieve a fresh, healthy smile with porcelain veneers.
#porcelainveneers #dentalveneers #cosmeticdentistry #brooklynprosthodontist #drkirstinwolfe #nationalprosthodontistawarenessweek #gotoapro

This patient has severe wear from a history of bulimia and grinding her teeth. Due to the severe loss of enamel from acid erosion and wear, her bite has collapsed. In the second image she has temporarily crowns on her teeth. The temporaries serve as a test run to determine the correct, healthy jaw position and help is determine her final esthetics. #fullmouthrehabilitation #bulimiarecovery

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Dentists perform oral cancer screenings during appointments, but patients should be aware of the signs and symptoms. Diagnosing oral cancer early leads to significantly lower mortality and increases survival rate. See your dentist if you experience any signs or symptoms mentioned in our blog post
#oralcancerawarenessmoth #brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolfe #oralhealth #brooklyndentist #brooklynprosthodontist

Thanks To my fabulous sister, Dr Anya Wolfe, for the checkup! Loved checking out your office (I was starting to feel like the shoemaker’s kid without any shoes).

Happy Friday!
A little #feelgoodfriday dental humor to start your weekend.

Happy #internationalwomensday to my squad! I’m so grateful for this group of intelligent, hard working women. Check out our blog for my article on women and their oral health

Happy National Dentist Day to all my fellow dentists!!

February is American Heart Health month. Research has provided evidence that oral health and cardiovascular disease are connected. The focus of the research is on chronic inflammation from bacteria that causes gingivitis and periodontitis. Read more here about protecting your heart.
#hearthealthmonth #cardiovasculardisease #oralhealth #oralsystemichealth #gingivitisandheartdisease #heartdisease #gingivitis #periodontitis #healthmouthhealthyheart

So thrilled and excited reading reviews from our amazing patients. Read all of our five star google reviews.

Monday is President's Day. Established in 1855 to celebrate George Washington, President's Day is now viewed as a day to celebrate all US presidents. In honor of the holiday on Monday, lean about some presidential smile secrets.
#brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolfe #brooklynprosthodontist #presidentsday #presidentialsmiles

Wishing all of our patients a very happy Valentine's Day! Wishing all of our patients a very happy Valentine's Day! Here are some tips from the American Dental Association to help make your mouth even more kissable this Valentine's Day.
#laynemartindds #valentines #valentinesday #centralparkdentist
#valentinesday #brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolve #brooklynprosthodontist

Winter is cold and flu season. #DYK cold weather can also impact your oral health. Read our #wellnesswednesday tips for maintaining your oral health this winter.
#brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolfe #brooklynprosthodontist #brooklyndentist

Do you feel insecure about showing your teeth? You're not alone. A study conducted by Snow Teeth Whitening shows that more than half of Americans feel insecure about their teeth. We can help you achieve a smile you're proud to show off. Call us today for a consultation at 646-844-4479
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Patient of the day! It’s good to coordinate your jewelry with your appointments! Cool or Gross??? I, of course, think they’re awesome! Look at those spindly roots. Take good care of your gums with regular cleanings, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. If your gums are inflamed, it can cause recession and bone loss around those spindly roots, which are traps for bacteria. Keep your gums healthy and your teeth will stay strong. #flossing #wisdomteeth #periodontaldisease #jewelry

This case was a labor of love. Severe spacing and underbite corrected with Invisalign, a new denture and resin bonded bridges (a non invasive way to replace a missing tooth without implants and without drilling adjacent teeth). #prosthodontics #marylandbridge #resinbondedbridge #invisalign

Do you notice your teeth look a little dull in photos or you are relying too much on your red lipstick to make your smile pop? Olga, our hygienist, has perfected the deep whitening with Zoom. Contact us to inquire, mention you saw this post. I’ve just begun and already see a big improvement without giving up my coffee as much as I expected! Standby for before/after photos! #toomuchcoffee
#zoomwhitening #toothwhitening @ Brooklyn Dental Studio

The first semi-work week of 2019 is almost in the books. We hope all of our patients had a great start to the New Year!
#newyear #newyearnewyou #brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolfe #2019 #brooklynprothstodontist

We wish all our patients a wonderful holiday and happy New Year full of joy, success, health and happiness from our hearts to yours.

#happyholidays #brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolfe #holidaycheer #healthandhappiness

We've partnered with Philips, and now offer Zoom in-office whitening. Visit the website below for a $50 rebate on Zoom from Philips. Also available for sale in our office are Philips Sonicare toothbrushes and Airflossers.
#sonicare #oralhygiene #zoom #teethwhitening #brightsmile #drkirstinwolfe #brooklyndentalstudio #cosmeticdentistry

For those with dental insurance: Most insurance benefits reset on Jan 1. Any benefits that are not used in 2018 will NOT roll over into 2019. Call us at 646.844.4479 or click the link to schedule your appointment before you miss out on using your 2018 benefits.
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Wishing all our patients a warm and happy Thanksgiving!
#thanksgiving #turkeyday #brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolfe #bethankful

Good Thanksgiving Foods for Your Teeth - American Dental Association

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you might be wondering how turkey day foods impact the health of your teeth. Thanks to the American Dental Association for this breakdown on the positives and negatives of Thanksgiving foods:
#brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolfe #brooklynprosthodontist #thanksgiving #turkeyday #oralhealth #nutrition How teeth-friendly is your Turkey Day menu? Find out what foods to sink your teeth into on Thanksgiving.

New smile with implants and new crowns. #cosmeticdentistry #brooklyndentist #naturalsmiles

Fun Fact Friday:
Did you know... that every smile is unique? And that your tongue can be used as identification? And, even identical twins do not have exactly the same set of teeth? . . .

#yoursmile #brooklyndentalstudio #smile #beyou #drkirstinwolfe

Help us celebrate World Kindness Day, highlighting good deeds and actions in society. Here are a few great suggestions on small gestures we can do that will have a positive impact: on those around us:
Don't forget to share this post with so they can participate in making the world a kinder place.

We want to thank all veterans that have served our country, protecting us, and our freedoms. Happy Veterans Day
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Have you voted yet? Make sure your voice is heard. Need help finding your polling center?
For NY residents
For NJ Residents
For CT Residents
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Happy Halloween! We hope you're all smiles today,. If not give us a call, - we can help.
#halloween #trickortreat #brooklyndentalstudio #drkirstinwolfe

Celebrating Halloween early this weekend? Know how fall holiday treats, including chocolate confections, affect your oral and overall health.
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Good impressions! Loving my new T shirt (maybe too much 😁) #prosthodontics #goodimpressions #brooklynheights #geekingout #christophniemann thanks @flightlevel212

Do you grind your teeth? Botox treatment relaxes your masseter and surrounding facial muscles, eliminating the root cause of teeth grinding. No more headaches, neck aches, and sore jaw! Click to read more and receive $200 off Botox Treatment for Teeth Grinding -
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October is National Dental Hygiene month. Click the link below to make an appointment before the hectic Holiday season
#nationaldentalhygienemonth #oralhealth #oralhygiene #timeforacleaning #dentalhygienist #dentist #brooklyndentalstudio

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