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Happy Friday!!!
"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"
-Patrick Henry

"Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an in dividual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person's life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit su***de. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror and general harassment. It is a "ganging up" by members of the community who follow an organizer and participate in a systematic "terrorizing" of an individual.

Organized gang stalking can involve a group in the hundreds to thousands harassing a single person or family 24/7. The victim is stalked en masse by car, foot, bike, and air in order alienate and isolate the victim. The goals of gang stalking are to: provoke the victim to assault someone and get arrested; make the victim seem delusional/ mentally ill (see "gaslighting"); make the victim so depressed they become suicidal. Tactics used are relentless color harassment, noise harassment, air harassment, hand signals, electronic monitoring inside the home and car (complete invasion of privacy; redirecting of phone calls, emails, postal mail), workplace mobbing, "directed conversation" and innuendo, erratic/ aggressive driving, bizarre/rude/bullying behavior in the community, and much more. Police and fire dept. are often involved in the stalking so the victim feels like they have nowhere to turn and it is hard to prove. This is extreme criminal activity that is becoming more common and needs to be outlawed."

At Leesburg Spa Dentistry, we provide outstanding ethical dental care in a patient-centered environment with a gentle touch.

Operating as usual

Photos from Leesburg Spa Dentistry's post 04/19/2021

Yesterday we remembered my Dad for all the wonderful lessons he taught us and the blessings he continues to give us. #remberance #8years #dadinheaven👼 #gratefulheart

Photos from Leesburg Spa Dentistry's post 04/19/2021

Congratulations Sam on 10 years Leesburg Spa Dentistry !

Timeline Photos 04/19/2021

Timeline Photos

It Starts With Gum Disease. But It Can Lead to a Lot Worse. 04/19/2021

It Starts With Gum Disease. But It Can Lead to a Lot Worse.

Happy Monday! Just a quick reminder to get back to your self care routine for Optimal Health. We are fully vaccinated and continue to have Covid-19 precautions in place for your safety.

It Starts With Gum Disease. But It Can Lead to a Lot Worse. People skipped going to the dentist during the pandemic. It’s time to catch up.


Cryoskin is fabulous!

Scientists work out why cold makes your teeth hurt (and how to stop it) 04/12/2021

Scientists work out why cold makes your teeth hurt (and how to stop it)

Scientists work out why cold makes your teeth hurt (and how to stop it) The researchers believe that hyper-sensitivity to cold may be a defence mechanism, used by the body to stop further injury to damaged teeth.

search.google.com 02/19/2021

Leesburg Spa Dentistry: C. Anne Saxena, DMD on Google

search.google.com TGIF! We are ending the snowy week with a Gorgeous Patient's Transformation. She is just a delight and beautiful inside and out. :)

[02/04/21]   Good Morning everyone! We are pleased to announce that we will be vaccinated with our second dose tomorrow. We are closed till Tuesday in order to recover. Please plan accordingly and we will re-open on Tuesday, Feb 9th at 8 am.
Just a reminder we do not accept cancellations over voicemail or via Facebook messenger or email within 48 hours. We are social distancing so we cannot accommodate cancellations as easily so please respect your appointment time and date.
Have a wonderful weekend :)


Tiny Buddha

forbes.com 11/19/2020

New Law Shows How Dentists Can Safely Operate During The Pandemic & Even Help Fight Covid-19


forbes.com Oregon’s first-in-nation law authorizing dentists to administer vaccines is being looked to by lawmakers in other states, both blue and red, as a model to adopt in the coming months. This reform points to the fact that not only can dentists operate safely during the pandemic; they can help fight i...


Happy almost Thanksgiving. Please remember to stay safe and still enjoy the Holiday with your loved ones from a safe distance. We are open Monday through Wednesday next week to help you get healthy for the Holidays.


Elly Brown

Happy Monday everyone. Here is an important story and lesson from a Oral Cancer survivor. Please do not let fear keep you from getting proper Exam and Screenings recommended by the ADA.


By the end, I wanted to call every family member 😭


Wisdom Wednesday! Remember self care is very important now more than ever. Call, email or book an Appointment online. We are happy to take care of you in a very safe environment 😊

healthline.com 10/21/2020

Dentists Are Reporting a Low Rate of COVID-19: Here's Why

Interesting read. Please don’t be afraid of keeping up with routine care and emergencies. It only gets worse if neglected.

healthline.com Experts say dental offices have had safety procedures in place for decades. They note that dental issues can lead to overall health problems.


Food for thought! Remember gratitude is the way to ultimate happiness.


cnn.com 09/25/2020

FDA warns popular dental filling could cause health problems for some patients

Just an interesting warning from the FDA. In our office, we support this point of view from the FDA. In addition, you should know that mercury is highly toxic to the environment, waterways and ocean wildlife.

cnn.com The US Food and Drug Administration warned Thursday that silver dental fillings, known as dental amalgam, may cause health problems for some high-risk groups.

search.google.com 08/07/2020

Leesburg Spa Dentistry: C. Anne Saxena, DMD on Google

search.google.com Severe Tetracycline Staining Smile Makeover!!!


Happy 4th everyone. Enjoy the day while staying safe.

Happy Independence Day! The Fourth of July marks the ratification of the Declaration of Independence in the United States Congress in 1776.


Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend 😁

Oh dear! 🤣

Credit: https://feltgoodvibes.com/

fastcompany.com 06/17/2020

MIT researchers say these are the unsafe businesses to avoid during COVID-19, and these are okay

fastcompany.com The study, in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Science,’ identifies the businesses that have the best overall risk-benefit profiles.


The Kokomo Post

Happy Friday Eve! Something cute to get us to the weekend. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. Please remember your Oral Health is important as ever and we are one of the safest places to visit right now with our current Social Distancing Protocols.

Have you tried on your jeans lately?🤔




Happy Thursday! Just a little note and hello from our friendly staff at Leesburg Spa Dentistry. We have been practicing very rigid Social Distancing and Safety Protocols in order to serve our patients in the safest environment possible. Please email or request an appointment online so we can take care of you and your Family.

[05/05/20]   Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. I am pleased to inform you we have reopened as of Monday and are seeing patients by appointment only. Please avoid walking in to the office. You can call, email or message us here or on our website for an appointment request. We will be enforcing strict Social Distancing protocols as well as additional PPE, N95 masks and pre treatment rinse for all patients. We look forward to serving you in the safest way possible. Stay safe and healthy everyone.


Happy Anniversary to our hard working Office Manager, Samantha. Here is to almost a Decade together helping patients Smile brightly and restore their optimal Oral Health. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and friendship. Here is to many more years to come. 👑🎶🥂🍾

[03/26/20]   Hello Everyone,
A quick update following the VA Governor's Order yesterday to postpone all Elective Treatment and Surgeries. We have made the decision to close from April 1 to May 1 in order to preserve PPE for the Front Line Workers and assist the State in measures to contain the spread. I will be available for Virtual Consultations over this period. Please message me first on Facebook only and we can discuss when to do this. We will only be using this as a Telemedicine visit for coding and will not be participating with Insurance during this Emergency Period. We are here to serve you once we reopen on May 1st. Stay safe and healthy.


Thank you for the sacrifice 🙏

Thank you to those, who are keeping us safe during this time. ❤️


A little Weds wisdom. 🥰

[03/16/20]   Good Morning Everyone. I wanted to update everyone on the current situation with Covid-19. Our office will close temporarily till Sat, March 21st. We will be available for emergency and surgical post op patients only. You can reach me on my cell phone at 703-508-8992 or best to message me here on Facebook. We will be minimizing patient contact in the waiting room and have you wait in the operatory. Please don't bring any people to accompany you unless you are medicated and must do so to minimize contact. We hope that this time will pass quickly and appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to help the State to control infection in this difficult time. Prayers to all of you and your Families to stay healthy. 🙏


We got this! 😷💯


[03/10/20]   We want you all to know that in these times of stress and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus safety for our staff and patients are, our number one priority. If you are not feeling well we ask that you reschedule.
In addition to complying with all OSHA regulations we are screening all patients on the phone before scheduling. Rest assure that we are using hospital grade disinfectants for all areas of the office, hand sanitizers is available for all patients to use before being taken back and as an added measure, all clinical staff members are using disposable gowns, face sheilds along with masks for all procedures. You will notice that even our pens and clip boards are being cleaned with lysol after each use.
I hope this comes as a comfort in knowing that we can provide a safe, clean environment for you and your family.


Happy Weds! A little humor to remind us to take care of our Smile 😁. Schedule your appointment conveniently online anytime.

reachmd.com 01/17/2020

The Brass Tacks on Bruxism: Diagnostic and Treatment Updates

Happy Friday Everyone. Just sharing a Podcast that is very informative on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Bruxism, also known as Night Grinding of the Teeth.


reachmd.com Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is more highly prevalent in the population than is commonly believed. It can occur for many reasons and can trigger multiple other health issues such as migraines, jaw dislocations, and exposed enamel roots. Joining host Dr. Prathima Setty to discuss this important proble...


Monday Motivation to start your New Year right. Keep working on your Health and Goals 🌼.

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