Loudoun Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Bluhm, Dorsch, Vandervort

Loudoun Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Bluhm, Dorsch, Vandervort


Dr. Dorsch and his team made my daughter feel at ease for her wisdom teeth extraction. I highly recommend this practice.
Loudoun OMS is amazing!! Caden, Diane & Dr. D performed another successful wisdom teeth removal X 4! Zero swelling for this patient! The care is amazing here! So grateful for this practice and the care they provide!
April 26th was an excellent meeting for doctors, hygienists, and staff. Dynamic speaker Marco Brindis presented so much important information on the Conus system for full mouth implant reconstruction. Greater Loudoun Study Club says a big Thank You to Dentsply for partnering with us to bring this cutting edge education to our members.
Thank you for your dedication to promoting trust in the marketplace! BBB Accreditation is an honor and not every business qualifies: https://www.bbb.org/us/va/ashburn/profile/dental-surgery/loudoun-oral-and-maxillofacial-surgery-0241-182412567.
Thank you for your dedication to promoting trust in the marketplace! BBB Accreditation is an honor and not every business qualifies: https://www.bbb.org/us/va/ashburn/profile/dental-surgery/loudoun-oral-and-maxillofacial-surgery-0241-182412567

Loudoun Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Andrew Bluhm, DDS, Steve Dorsch, DDS, MD, Gene "Jay" Vandervort DDS, MD

"Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the specialty of dentistry which includes the surgical and adjunctive treatment of diseases, injuries and defects involving both the functional and esthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region." -American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Over the past ten years, the training of contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMFS) has changed dramatically in response to medical and dental healthcare advancements. The training begins after completion of dental school and includes a hospital based internship as a prerequisite. Completion of an OMFS residency requires 4-6 years of hospital based training focusing solely on the maxillofacial region. It includes extensive training on traditional intra-oral surgery as well as maxillofacial surgical training. It also includes medical training and rotations such as anesthesia, critical care medicine, emergency room, internal medicine, general surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, etc ... OMFS residents also receive training in the administration of out patient anesthesia and are required to administer hundreds of anesthetics during their residency training including local anesthesia, general anesthesia and IV sedation. Contemporary residencies can be structured to include obtaining a medical degree. Fellowship training in areas of special interest is also available. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a surgical specialty which encompasses surgical and diagnostic services to treat diseases, deformities, injuries and cosmetic defects of the facial and oral region. OMFS are considered the "orthopedic and plastic and reconstructive surgeons of the maxillofacial region" (the upper jaw, cheek bones, the bones that support & surround the eyes, lower jaw, chin, jaw joints, associated facial structures, and the intra-oral structures including teeth and their supporting bone and gum tissues, salivary glands, and lining tissues of the mouth.) Many of the procedures performed are in an office ambulatory surgical setting. These procedures include the removal of teeth, management of oral and facial pathology, laser surgery to manage snoring, surgical placement of dental implants, regeneration of deficient bone and gum tissues around teeth and implants and cosmetic periodontal surgery to enhance gum tissue contours and beautify a patient’s smile. They also include minor cosmetic procedures such as chin and cheek-bone enhancements. Sedation and general anesthesia can be used to manage discomfort and anxiety. The remainder of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures Dr. Bluhm, Dr. Dorsch and Dr. Vandervort perform are done in the hospital. These procedures include corrective jaw surgery to treat jaw growth problems which can affect both the function and appearance of the oral and facial area, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) surgery, treatment of complicated facial injuries and fractures, reconstruction of jaw or facial regions resulting from trauma or pathology and management of tumors of the jaw and face. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon has extensive hospital based training in the delivery of inpatient and outpatient general anesthesia and IV sedation. Our staff is trained in assisting with surgery and anesthesia under the guidelines of the AAOMS within the state of the art office setting. Patients are continuously monitored during and after surgery.

Welcome to Loudoun Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery! Since 1994, we have established a long-standing reputation as a trusted oral surgery practice in Loudoun County. We have offices in Ashburn and Leesburg, Virginia, and serve the surrounding areas, including Sterling, Reston, Herndon, South Riding, Purcellville, Middleburg, Lovettsville, Lucketts and Winchester. We offer a wide range of services, including wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, treatment of oral and facial injuries and corrective jaw surgery. Most procedures can be done in our state-of-the-art office, with various anesthetic techniques, including IV sedation and general anesthesia.

Mission: We have a mission that is fourfold: To educate our patients, as we believe that well informed patients are more comfortable with their treatment decisions; to deliver high quality care using cutting edge surgical and anesthetic techniques; to always strive to further our knowledge and the knowledge of our professional community; and to work as a team to make our patients’ experience comfortable and streamlined.

Let’s think “Safe at home”, not “Stuck at home”. ❤️ We’re missing our office family and all our patients, but know this time will pass. 🦋 Stay safe everyone. •

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With the number of patients testing positive growing by the hour, AAOMS believes it is imperative that oral and maxillofacial surgeons continue to treat emergency patients in office to minimize the exposure risk to the public and to help ease the burden on our already overtaxed emergency rooms. While we are open for emergencies, we will continue to take as many precautions as possible. Call us at 703-729-8700

This is how our doctors practice #socialdistancing
Dr. B, his wife, and daughter did a 5 mile hike on the Signal Knob trail in the George Washington National Forest. While Dr.D and Dr. V both spent time working in their yards! We hope everyone is social distancing and staying healthy!

#loudouncounty #covıd19 #socialdistancing #oralsurgery #ashburn #wisdom #springiscoming
@ Loudoun County, Virginia

We wanted to take this time as an opportunity to share some of our sterilization procedures we have in place in the office. Cleanliness is of course always important, but now that its got everyone stressing, we wanted to bring you some peace of mind!
Debbie is our sterilization technician. Part of her duties are to move trays from completed surgeries through sterilization.
Trays are brought into sterilization and placed on the “dirty side” by an assistant on the case. Debbie first removes all sharps and places them in a trash container for sharps. Any trash with blood on it is placed in a biohazard trash container and the rest is thrown away. The tray is then sprayed with a disinfectant spray and wiped down with caviwipes, then dried and placed on the “clean side”
The instruments go through a three step sterilization process.
First, Debbie scrubs the instruments by hand with a brush and soap under hot water, this is mostly to simply clean the instruments off. Next the instruments spend 12 minutes in an ultrasonic shaker in soapy water to remove any stuck residue.
For the last step, the instruments are bagged in pouches to keep them sterile and placed in one of two machines, called an autoclave and a statim. These fill a chamber with sterile water, heat up, and pressurize to sterilize the instruments.
Meanwhile, the assistants spray and wipe down the countertops, tables, chairs, and monitors and replace headrest and lamp handle covers between each patient.

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We appreciate your understanding and patience during these times. Please reach out with any questions, we’re still here to help!

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Last night Drs. Lynda and Krystle Dean-Duru @kidzsmile_acd gave a fabulous presentation to our Hygiene Study Club! Their information on pediatric airway health gave our members new insights to pass along to their pediatric patients’ families! We are very happy to be able to bring Ivy League-level education to our Greater Loudoun Hygiene Study Club. Thank you Drs. Dean-Duru! 😁•

#dentalhygienist #pediatricdentistry #airwayhealth #OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA @ Leesburg, Virginia

Our Implant Coordinator Katie had some fun delivering treats to our referring offices today🌸Beautiful, organic, gluten-free macarons from @purelovemacaron. We are so grateful for all our referring doctors! •

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA @ Ashburn, Virginia


How Do Dental Implants Work? | What Are Dental Implants? | AAOMS

Excellent information

myoms.org Dental implants are composed of three parts: the titanium implant that fuses with the jaw, an abutment and a crown. Once healed, they feel and perform like normal teeth.

Your dental implant can last many years when cared for properly.

Hannah, Thank you so much for your 5 Star review! We are so glad your daughter did well and you had a good experience! 😊 •

•#oralsurgery #facialsurgery #wisdomteeth #dentalimplants #orthognathicsurgery #toothextraction #biopsy #pathology #sleepapnea #tonguetie #healthcare #loudouncounty #ashburnva

Leap Day 2020!

We love bringing top-level CE to our area dentists through the Seattle Study Club! Today Dr. Bradley Jones, Chairman & Program Direction of Oral Pathology at Walter Reed Medical Center presented the latest in oral pathology & oral cancer.
Great presentation! #oralsurgery #oralcancer #dentaleducation #loudouncounty #loudoundentist #ashburnvirginia #leesburgva @ Ashburn, Virginia

Dr. Bluhm and his wife Jeni have been enjoying some time on the slopes between lectures and meetings!

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Timeline Photos

More Continuing Education for the doc’s! Dr. Bluhm is at the annual meeting of American College of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, soaking up “educational lectures, sharing experiences, and connections with experts and colleagues.”
Topics this year include prosthetics, implants, nerve injuries, TMJ, OSA, and more!

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

She is still honored today by the annual Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award from the American Association of Women Dentists!

Today we saw one of our favorite patients, Mr. Thomas Toth, President and CEO of Toth Financial Advisory Corporation! Here he is with surgical assistant Katie, who he fondly refers to as “Bad News Betty” for her strict policy limiting cigars in the post-op period😁

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

If you are missing multiple teeth, these two great restoration options can help revitalize your smile!

Curious about the Coronavirus and how to protect yourself? Watch this video from the Seattle Study Club for more information!

Feel like missing teeth are bringing you down? Dental implants can restore function in your mouth and help you go about your day with a brand-new confidence in your smile.

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons - AAOMS

Bill was in significant pain after injuring his jaw in a motor vehicle collision. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon worked with Bill to alleviate his discomfort. Watch how Bill went from being unable to open his mouth properly to regaining normal function.

Happy Valentines Day!

We’re the most experienced oral surgery practice in Loudoun, but don’t just take our word for it! Find patient testimonials and reviews on our website, our Facebook, Google, and Yelp!
#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons - AAOMS

Brenna struggled to chew her food properly and speak clearly. Watch her story about undergoing corrective jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery.

We had a day full of presentations from world class doctors on dental implant placement and bone grafting procedures! Thanks to Dr. Stephen Chu, Dr. Istvan Urban, and Dr. Wael Garine!

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

You cannot drive for 24 hours after receiving anesthesia.

Day 2 begins!!

End of a first class evening of dental CE. Don’t you wish you were here?

Kicking it off! Dr. V is at Seattle Study Club Symposium in Phoenix. Today his focus is finding speakers who will bring the most up-to-date information to our Greater Loudoun Study Club next year.

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

Timeline Photos

This Sunday Dr. Bluhm’s “Saturday Morning Brass Project” performed in Leesburg. Founded by Dr. B in 2010 this group of professional and accomplished amateur brass musicians are dedicated to the performance of a wide variety of brass music. The musicians in the ensemble are from the Northern Virginia region and have played or currently play with groups including the US Army Band, Maryland Symphony, Loudoun Symphony, Fairfax Symphony, Capitol wind Symphony, American Pops Orchestra, Washington Symphonic Brass, and Cathedral Choral Society Orchestra to name a few. It was a wonderful performance! Catch them next time!

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

This Sunday Dr. Bluhm’s “Saturday Morning Brass Project” performed in Leesburg. Founded by Dr. B in 2010 this group of professional and accomplished amateur brass musicians are dedicated to the performance of a wide variety of brass music. The musicians in the ensemble are from the Northern Virginia region and have played or currently play with groups including the US Army Band, Maryland Symphony, Loudoun Symphony, Fairfax Symphony, Capitol wind Symphony, American Pops Orchestra, Washington Symphonic Brass, and Cathedral Choral Society Orchestra to name a few. It was a wonderful performance! Catch them next time!

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

Dental implants are worth the investment!

Drs. Steve and Lee Dorsch took a weekend trip with their daughter Abby to 7 Springs in Pennsylvania for some skiing!

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA @ Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

In the effort to bring cutting-edge dental education to our community Loudoun OMS is a chapter of Seattle Study Club, through which we sponsor many continuing education programs for our member dentists and dental hygienists. Last night was an awesome night with a combined program featuring Parag Kachalia’s “Technology in Dentistry” program with discussion, followed by tech fair rotations with 3 different oral scanners demonstrating their products. Many thanks to Zimmer Biomet whose presentation on Digital Workflow gave us great information and tied Dr. Kachalia’s lecture with the tech demos. First Citizen’s Bank helped sponsor and answered finance-side questions. Great evening!

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

Upgrade today and enjoy the stability of implant-supported dentures!

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons - AAOMS

Time to make those appointments!

Did you know spring and summer breaks are a peak time for wisdom teeth extractions? Parents often schedule their child’s wisdom teeth removal during these breaks to allow their child sufficient time to heal without missing school. Learn more about wisdom teeth removal and schedule a consultation with an OMS today.

We’re the most experienced oral surgery practice in Loudoun, but don’t just take our word for it! Find patient testimonials and reviews on our website, our Facebook, Google, and Yelp!
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Meet the newest addition to our team, Sierra!
Sierra joined us this fall as a surgical assistant after graduating from Virginia Tech last spring with a degree in biochemistry. If she’s not working, she might be spending time with her three cats (bam bam, cuddles & puddles) dog (Bentley), and chickens, or tending to her house plants. Her favorite music group is The 1975 and her favorite food is chicken abodo, a traditional Filipino dish.
#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA
@ Virginia Tech


Corrective Jaw Surgery | Correcting Jaw Misalignment | AAOMS

myoms.org Jaw misalignment can be caused by birth defects, injuries and different growth rates for the jaws. Learn about treating jaw misalignment with corrective jaw surgery.

Happy Birthday to our recent office birthdays! Dr. Dorsch’s was yesterday and Sara’s was on Christmas. Jacki and Bhavna’s birthdays are coming up soon! 🥳🥳
#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

Listen to Catherine’s story and others on our website, link is in our bio!⬆️
#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

Follow all post-op instructions carefully to ensure optimal recovery.

Congratulations to Jacki, our front staff employee of the quarter, and Katie, our clinical staff employee of the quarter! Jacki is Dr. Bluhm’s treatment coordinator. Katie is Dr. Vandervort’s lead surgical assistant and our implant coordinator.
Thanks for all your hard work!

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #LoudounVA

Today’s #MeetUsMonday is Cristina! Cristina has been a surgical assistant with us for over a year now. She’s also a college student studying biology. When she’s not in class or at the office, you might find her responding to emergencies with Loudoun’s Emergency Rescue Team! She’s really excited to start driving ambulances soon. She also spends time on her family’s farm (she especially loves working with the goats) or playing with her adorable dog Ivy. Cristina enjoys playing the french horn, painting, and traveling places that she can explore. These action shots of Cristina and Dr. V are from the day she volunteered to help do free surgeries for the underprivileged!

#OralSurgery #FacialSurgery #WisdomTeeth #DentalImplants #OrthognathicSurgery #ToothExtraction #Biopsy #Pathology #SleepApnea #TongueTie #CorrectiveJawSurgery #SinusLift #iCAT #Healthcare #EMT #LoudounVA @ Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company

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