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At Gateway Dental, we constantly strive to give our patients quality care with a personal touch, with an emphasis on minimal non-invasive cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain lumineer veneers, porcelain onlay and inlay.

Welcome! Gateway Dental is conveniently located off of Route 7, at Ashburn Common Plaza shopping center. Our office is happy to serve Northern Virginia communities such as: Ashburn, Sterling, Broadlands, Landsowne, Leesburg, Cascades, and Herndon. We are open M-Sat with evening hours on M-W-Th. Our staff is great with children and we always take new patients. We accept most PPO dental insurance and provide financing (Care Credit). Review our list of insurance companies. Learn a little bit about us! Dr. Eghtessad has been practicing in Sterling for the past 15 years and was named one of the Top Dentists by Washingtonian Magazine in 2009. At Gateway Dental, we constantly strive to give our patients quality care with a personal touch, with an emphasis on minimal non-invasive cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain lumineer veneers, porcelain onlay and inlay. We offer prostodontic treatment such as crowns and bridges, invisible orthodontic braces (Clear Correct), NTI migraine and TMJ therapy. We also offer non-invasive periodontal (gum) therapy and Laser Whitening (ZOOM). Dr. Eghtessad is certified in oral sedation and comfort denture (denture over implants).


With and without dentures

Space maintainer.
Social distancing between permanent and deciduous teeth.😉

Tissue graft for recessing gum. Before and after

Fused teeth with single root.root canal therapy

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Learn more about preventive dentistry and the ways sugar can affect your oral health. #PreventiveDentistry #Teeth Preventive dentistry centers around a few core values: Practice good daily oral hygiene, never skip a dental cleaning and avoid sugar. Steering clear of sugary food and drinks is one of the pillars of dentistry. Read on to discover the seven things you need to know about the connection between sugar...

In office whitening with zoom light

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Find out three easy ways from a preventive dentist to protect natural teeth from the things that can damage them. #Preventative #Dentist #Ashburn Natural teeth serve a very important function, and a preventive dentist can ensure they stay protected. They are the first line of the digestive system as they are used to grind down food into smaller bits that can be easily swallowed. Teeth also help in speech and communication. They are necessary....

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Gateway Dental

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Looking to find a Dentist in Ashburn? When looking for a Ashburn dentist, we hope that you will consider scheduling an appointment with us. Dr. Michael Eghtessad and our staff at Gateway Dental are dedicated to patients, creating an atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable, relaxed, and at home. We understand that you have several local dentists to choose from, and our goal is to provide the best patient experience in the greater Ashburn area.

Our staff educates patients, and provides detailed information about their diagnosis and treatment options. Gateway Dental believes that an informed patient will be more comfortable with whatever procedures they undertake.

Dr. Michael Eghtessad has improved the dental health of families throughout the greater Ashburn area. We understand that good oral health is essential for keeping the entire body healthy.

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