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My husband and I just had our first dental appointments with Dr. Carter Reeves at First Impression Dental located in Ashburn, VA. Our experience there was fantastic. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The office is a bright happy place for us seniors and kids alike. The hygienists are thorough, with a gentle touch and made us both feel very at ease. Never have I had a cleaning where I could walk out saying, “It was pain free...kind of like a tooth message “ Dr. Carter Reeves is a “down to earth—people person”. He is very friendly, gentle and knowledgeable. I will be returning next week for a crown and a filling. This may sound strange, but, I am actually looking forward to having the work done and visiting with the staff again. I highly recommend giving Dr. Carter Reeves’ practice a try. I guess you can tell my husband and I are very impressed!
Just headed to the beach, and came across a song that makes us think of our dentist. 😂
Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community. Our Welcome Kits feature and direct these new families to a small number of local businesses for the goods, services & professionals that they need to find. Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one Dentist, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being the featured Dentist in our local Welcome Kits. It is worthy to note that, according to Dr. Cathy Goodwin in her book “Making the Big Move”, 70% of new residents and families seek out a new Dentist shortly after their relocation. As such, 7 out of 10 recipients of our Welcome Kits are actively looking for a new Dentist. I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail. Please reply to this email with your availability or call me at your earliest convenience. For a faster response, or if you prefer, feel free to text me on my cell which is listed in my signature. Thanks. Andi Hyman (571) 550-0359 [email protected]
Just got my teeth whitened for the first time ever! Thanks to my amazing dental heath team at First Impression Dental for helping my teeth look great and keeping them healthy!
Town Hall is now preparing Welcome Kits for new families that are moving into our community. Our Welcome Kits feature and direct these new families to a small number of local businesses for the goods, services & professionals that they need to find. Since our Welcome Kits are exclusive, and we can only accommodate one Dentist, I would ask you to kindly let me know if you are interested in being featured in our local Welcome Kits. It is worthy to note that, according to Dr. Cathy Goodwin in her book “Making the Big Move”, 70% of new residents and families seek out a new Dentist within 6 months of their relocation. As such, 7 out of 10 recipients of our Welcome Kits are actively looking for a new Dentist. I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail. Thanks.
Look at master of all situations & dentistry treating his staff out to lunch! 👨🏼‍⚕️

Family-Owned and Operated since 2012. Exceeding all of your dental expectations & treating you like family. If you are tired of the ordinary, come meet extraordinary!

Exceeding all of your dental expectations & treating you like family. If you are tired of the ordinary, come meet extraordinary!

We might not be able to help with everything you're going through, but we can help you smile through it!

We hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day yesterday and were able to remember our heroes!

Crunchy fruits and veggies stimulate saliva flow, which can help clean your mouth of bacteria. Also, eating crunchy veggies helps your body create vitamin A, which helps build strong teeth.

Don't chew on ice, pencils, or fingernails. Also, don't use your teeth to open things.

We love hearing from our patients! Be sure to leave us a review on Facebook and Google!

Chlorine can wear down your tooth enamel.

There's always something to learn from our mothers. Happy Mother's Day!

This is May.

We have really missed all of our clients the past two months, and our small business looks forward to re-opening starting May 4th. Being partially closed since early March and seeing emergency patients only, we have taken time to set up extra precautions in preparation for the full re-opening of our practice. Outlined below you will see what systems we have set in place to continue to minimize COVID-19 exposure and carefully balance the needs of our community:

-THE CHOICE IS YOURS: while many loyal patrons have contacted us several times to see what the soonest availability we have for them is, we understand others may want to continue to exercise their right to continue to self-quarantine. We treat patients who are in emergency level pain as well as people who ask to be seen for routine services every 4 months as a healthy precaution. We don't judge or ask questions. We got into this business to help people. It has been rewarding to be thanked for choosing to remain open from patients who have been in pain. Our team puts their own health at risk trying to manage all of the expectations during this challenging time. Please kindly let us know should you choose to reschedule your appt.

-DIGITAL CHECK IN: Text the office when you are in your car, truck, van, Uber, or shuttle when you arrive on property. Your hygienist or team member will reply to you when your room is ready and directly escort you to your customized appointment.
*No waiting in the reception area. As always, all intake forms are to be completed digitally and in advance.

-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE, a common household name): As always, our team members will don the required and appropriate barriers to protect you, and them, from cross-contamination. Professional cleaning services have come to maintenance and clean the air filters/ducts/and HVAC pertinent to our operational system. Per the norm, we disinfect between every patient top to bottom of each room, so all remains safe and steady.

-FAMILY MEMBERS / SPECTATORS / STUDENTS / INTERNS: If you are a minor, or the parent of a minor, please note only 1 adult will be allowed in the operatory until further notice. While we know some folks may require a support system to get you through your dental work, we ask that adults fly solo to their appropriate appt time. We provide Valium and sedation services to help you have a better experience. Please do not bring your children with the expectation that a team member will be present to watch them while you are in the dental chair. While we previously welcomed the idea of family dentistry and babysitting, we have been forced to reduce overall contact with any life forms, so it is now frowned upon to offer this. In addition, we can no longer safely offer spring/ summer internships to rising grads and students interested in the field. We hope to re-open these services as Dr. Reeves has always loved giving back to our community in this way.

-BILL PAY / INVOICING: Customized links will be sent from our dental software alerting you to an account balance. The balance is paid using a secure link directly from our dental management software. If you do not have text capability, an email will generate and you can pay online using our secure web page or call in a payment. If you should have questions regarding your dental insurance, we encourage you to directly call your insurance company. They have thousands of agents ready for your call. As a small business, we will no longer be able to offer the service of auditing accounts and negotiating / discussing balances. These services have been provided ethically for the past 11 years. Your dental insurance acts as a coupon to reduce your charges, and there is always a copay/deductible/max benefit and alternate/non-covered service involved.

Orthodontic patients
Sleep Dentistry patients
Case deliveries
Retainers / band pickups
*Text the office when you arrive and a team member will bring our your appliance/case once your designated appt is scheduled.

New Patients
2nd opinions
Cosmetic questions
Full Mouth Rehabilitation questions
*Email/text/ or call to schedule your personalized time with Dr. Reeves. You will be sent a secure link and passcode.

-GREAT CARE AND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Dr. Reeves continues to offer these items at no additional charge.

We can't wait for this difficult time to pass and we are here to help! Please use legitimate resources to gauge your perception of this pandemic and maintain a healthy lifestyle. See below links for healthy choices you can make to combat all illnesses similar to COVID-19:

Happy reading,
Drs. Reeves

We do everything we can to save your teeth and keep your entire smile healthy.

Let's take good care of it. Happy Earth Day!

Make sure you schedule an oral cancer screening this year.

Happy Easter from our family to yours. Just a couple messages to hopefully make you smile. We miss you all! #quarantine2020 #porchprojectva #familydentist #smallbusiness

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We are here for the unexpected.

Dear Valued Patients , Friends, and Families,

Gov. Northam recently announced that all dental practices are going to have to postpone all elective procedures through April 24th, 2020. We have individually contacted patients who had routine appointments already scheduled and are re-scheduling appointments post April 24th. Call, text, or email with your preferred day or time.

*We are still seeing emergencies during this time. If you are wondering if your situation constitutes an emergency, please contact us via email at [email protected] or text 561.465.2114 with your questions / symptoms. As an extra layer of precaution we have an additional screening that must be filled out for all patients being treated in the office during this time.

*CURBSIDE DELIVERY: Offered for patients needing supplies such as SureSmile Aligners, Invisalign Aligners, extra bands, Viveras, retainers, and other cases being held in our office.

*Our thoughts are with everyone in the community and any families who have personally been affected by this trying time. Keep our staff in mind and please continue to support other small businesses who may be struggling with this adjustment.

*Our hope is that normalcy resumes soon and everyone stays healthy and safe. On a lighter note, we saw the first glimpse of spring on our family walk. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you amidst the chaos.

-Dr. Liz Ramsey & Dr. Carter Reeves



MARCH 19th, 2020:
*WE ARE OPEN ON A LIMITED BASIS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY, following all recommended COVID-19, ADA, and CDC recommendations and precautions.*
*We are continuing to do our part to flatten the curve and are seeing emergency patients only at this time. The team is in good spirits and utilizing their cross-training skills and getting a lot of training in with remote CE and videos. We are thoroughly deep cleaning the office each day and in between patients.
*We are receiving a lot of questions on our 24 hour text support line at 571-465-2114, so we thought we'd take time each day to post a helpful hint or the answer to some of the questions. Text us to schedule if:
A) You are a current patient who is mid-procedure, such as:
*Root Canal / Crown: if you have completed phase 1 RCT, and need to complete the procedure as you are currently having symptoms
*Crown / Crown Delivery: if you are having temporary crown irritation / pain
*Implant Placement / Implant Restoration: if you have a healing cap, but are having symptoms
*Extraction / Po-op Suture Removal: if you need to have your stitches out
- Our office will alert you when your case has arrived in our office and offer a designated appointment time to retrieve / complete your case
B) You are a new patient and not currently under the care of a dental professional. See below chart for "What is a Dental Emergency?
C) You don't know which category you fall into, and just plain have a question: Text Dr. Reeves at 571-465-2114.

*On a personal note, please keep your families safe and close and do not panic. The mass panic has caused many health professionals to be limited on supplies that they need in order to be fully operational and to care for our patients.

(Also, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hanks were released from the hospital, so this message comes to you in good spirits.

We are all in this together!

-Dr. Liz Ramsey & Dr. Carter Reeves

[03/16/20]   March 16th, 2020: We do not take this decision lightly as we know many families, team members, and clients will likely be affected by it. However, based on the current recommendations by the CDC and ADA, we are postponing non-urgent appointments starting today through March 30th, 2020. At this time, we are hoping self containment and isolation will help this virus not be allowed to seek another unassuming host. Please keep your families close and enjoy lots of Vitamin D, rest, and stay hydrated. Keep in mind the current recommended hand washing techniques and other hygiene protocols.
We can be reached via email, or by text, at 571-465-2114.
If you feel you or someone in your family may be suffering from an upper respiratory issues or have signs of a fever, we urge you to seek medical help so that we can contain this bug.
While we are uncertain of the impact this will have on our small family business, we are committed to following science and research and want to protect as many families as possible. This, unfortunately, means we need to close up shop for a while.
As always, there’s no crying in baseball. Stay positive, stay vigilant. Never give up, never surrender.

-Drs. Carter and Liz Ramsey-Reeves

Dentist in Ashburn, VA | First Impression Dental


*In light of recent developing events and CDC recommendations, we are encouraging patients with routine scheduled hygiene appts who have traveled out of town in the past 30-45 days to voluntarily reschedule their services until after April 13th, 2020. We are concerned for the safety of our Doctors, Hygienists, team, and other patients and would like to encourage isolation methods at this time. If you have a pre-scheduled urgent dental or medical service already planned, please contact us prior to your appointment in an effort to manage your expectations, noting any flexibility or concerns at that time. We will be able to screen concerns in an effort to triage the specific situation.
*If you are able to voluntarily reschedule your appointment post April 13th, it would be much appreciated. At this time, we will not be taking any future walk-in or emergency visits and encourage patients to seek medical help as needed.
*As a friendly reminder, we do not carry any narcotics or prescription medications on hand. Narcotic prescriptions will be electronically filed starting July 1st, 2020 per VA updated regulations.
*We are taking extra precaution to ensure the cleanliness of our office by disinfecting our regularly used tablets, head sets, bluetooth earphones, electronics, phones, computers, and other patient dispensed items not only after each patient but at the beginning and end of each business day. In addition to regular cleaning services, we are assigning team members to complete a thorough deep cleaning of chairs, and other regularly used patient items daily.
*Our team members are also taking additional precaution with accessible sanitation stations, utilizing proper hand washing techniques, donning fluid-resistant masks and gloves, and following all other recommended safety measures issued by the CDC.
*Any person exhibiting visible signs or symptoms of a respiratory illness such as coughing, sweating, fever, or sneezing, will be asked to leave the premises immediately and is encouraged to seek emergency medical services or further medical testing in an effort to keep other patients & our healthcare team safe. Decreasing the overall volume of patients we are physically treating over the next 30 days will therefore reduce the threat of contamination.
*To be clear, there is fortunately no present health concern residing in our practice. We are simply taking this preventive action as a method to ensure the safety of our community, neighbors, friends, team members, and families in high-risk categories.
*In the interim, we encourage anyone, current patient or not yet a patient, to remotely dial in or utilize text or email communication methods with any concerns or questions. Dr. Reeves has kindly offered his services via face time and electronic communication to anyone in the community in order to virtually answer any questions during non-clinical and even after hours. This service is available on a first come first served basis and will be answered in the order in which we receive the communication.
*Thank you for supporting our family owned & operated small business. We hope to have peace and resolution of this global health concern in an expedient manner. Stay tuned for future notices.

*Methods of communication with our practice:
-Office Phone Line / Text communication: 571.465.2114
-Office email : [email protected]
-Facebook messenger / chat service
-Yelp private business messaging service
-Digital Fax : 571.223.0015

~Our thoughts are with anyone directly affected by or in close contact with this threat.~

Dr. Liz Ramsey, Dr. Carter Reeves, and First Impression Dental Team Thank you for visiting our dental office in Ashburn, VA. Take some time to learn about our practice and dentists!

Sydney S.'s review of First Impression Dental

Sydney, thank you so much for your review. It really means a lot that we have earned your entire family's trust. Thanks for letting us take care of both you and your parents. You are the best! Doctor Reeves is the real deal! I've searched for years for a great dentist and he has surpassed all my expectations. I live in in Texas now and still go...

Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums and use short, back-and-forth strokes.

Leap Day 2020!

Check out Dr. Carter Reeves, First Impression Dental.

Take a moment to give Dr. Carter Reeves a shout out today! Thanks for all the hard work, Doc. Best of Ashburn 2020

We are grateful for the country we are a part of. Happy Presidents' Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Congrats to Dr. Reeves for officially being endorsed by Hybridge Full Arch Restoration Technique. Do you or someone you know suffer from tooth loss or inability to enjoy a nice meal? We have the solution to these and other problems you may suffer from.
Please call or text our office at 571-465-2114 to secure a complementary consultation to see if you are a candidate and to answer any questions you may have.

Congratulations to Dr. Reeves of First Impression Dental on becoming Hybridge Dental Implant Certified. We are eager to change lives together!

Check out Dr. Carter Reeves, First Impression Dental.

Congrats to Dr. Carter Reeves for being nominated again this year for Ashburn's best of 2020 list. We appreciate all of the votes and would love your help to make the final round! Vote daily until 2/29/20.

THANKS! Best of Ashburn 2020

Instead, choose water or beverages that help build enamel strength.

Happy Groundhog Day!

We love our neighbors and our friends. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!

Photos from First Impression Dental's post

Happiest birthday, sweet Jen. Thanks for all you do for our office & your dedication over the past 4 years. May this be the best year yet! 🥰🥳✌🍾🧁🎂

Our Story

At our office, patient comfort and satisfaction go hand in hand. Instead of a sterile, clinical feel, you can enjoy relaxing music, water features and Netflix in a spa-like atmosphere. We have blankets, pillows and a selection of refreshments. All of this is coupled with state-of-the-art technology designed to ensure a lifetime of great smiles. We welcome patients from around the area, including Broadlands, Waxpool, and Brambleton. Our office is also the site of a future Metro stop!

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