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Our excellent service, friendly team and state-of-the art dental facility in Ashburn ensure you will receive the high quality personalized dental care you need and deserve.

Today, we would like to introduce our lovely Business Assistant, Karen!

Karen has been with us for her entire dental career. She's very dedicated to help solve any financial questions for our patients might have. Karen loves to continue her education; therefore, she is currently expanding her knowledge in dentistry by learning more of the clinical aspects of the office. Don't be surprised to see her in scrubs. She does plan to go to dental hygiene school in the up coming future.

Karen is a mother of three beautiful children.

Thank you, Karen for all your hard work! We love having you on our team!

Broken Tooth? Tips on Handling Broken Teeth

As scary as it may be, chipping a tooth is fairly common! Here's a great article to review what to do when you have a broken tooth. When in doubt, call us immediately! We are always happy to help. :) Teeth are remarkably strong, but a broken tooth is not uncommon. Visit to read the facts about broken teeth and what you can do to prevent them as well as information about what your dentist will do to fix a broken tooth.

Are Dental Crowns Safe? The 411 on Dental Crown Toxicity - Dental Health Society

There's *a lot* of misinformation out there about the toxicity of dental crowns. Here's what you might not know: Some people try to stoke fears about dental crown toxicity. The research shows that dental crowns are safe. There can be other challenges, however.

Congratulations To Our April Contest Winner!!!

3 Secret Links Between Motherhood, Pregnancy, and Oral Health Hidden in All That Dental Marketing - Dental Health Society

This Mother's Day, we want to recognize all mothers and expectant mothers. Here's some info to help new and expectant mothers know what to expect when it comes to their oral health: New and expectant mothers often don't have time to figure out “the right thing” when it comes to oral health. Here are three secrets buried in the research.

This week we would like to introduce Raven, our dental assistant.

Raven really enjoys helping those in need. She is very dedicated and thorough in everything she does. Raven is not one to shy away from taking on new responsibilities and challenges.

Raven recently got married to her loving husband, David. They are currently serving as youth pastors at Word of Life International Church in Sterling and Lucketts, Va. They are both very dedicated in serving the community and the youth.

They're excited to be expecting their first child this November!

Dealing with dry mouth

If you suffer from dry mouth, you know how uncomfortable it can be. We can help! A healthy adult produces about three pints of saliva each day. It's not the kind of thing you would give thought to very often, but that saliva plays a very important role in maintaining your health.

Meet another one of our dental assistants, Christine!

Christine actually moved from Germany to join our Dental Family! Although, she was very sad to leave her family in Germany, but we were able to give her a dental home. Christine has a degree in dental assisting, and has used it for the past 13 years. She has such an uplifting personality that will surely make you smile. She brings the office a new type of energy, which was especially needed on sluggish Monday's.

Christine loves to spend time with her baby boys, and her loving husband.

Teeth Whitening vs. Veneers: Which One is Best? - Dental Health Society

Know someone trying to decide between teeth whitening vs. veneers for making their smile look better? This is a nice comparison from the Dental Health Society that will help you find the best option: Are you weighing the pros and cons of teeth whitening vs. veneers? The two are completely different. Know the facts before deciding which is right for you.

Today, we would like to introduce one of our dental assistants, NEDA!

Neda has worked in the dental field for seven years, three of which she has spent here at Broadlands! Neda is currently in enrolled in school to further her education and pursue her dream to become a dentist. She loves helping patients in any way she can!

Neda is very close to her little sister, and often spends a lot of time hanging out with her. They enjoy spending time with their friends and family, but isn't afraid to hop on a plane to vacation alone.

April Egg Contest!

Guess how many eggs are in the jar to WIN an Oral-B Electric Toothbrush!!

How to enter?
-Like this post!
-Comment below on this post guessing the number of eggs in the jar!

Who can win?
*Anyone can enter this contest
*Winners will be announced Friday, May 10th at 5pm on our page.
*You must be able to pick up the prize at our office as prize will not be shipped or delivered.

*Disclaimer: no purchase necessary to win. Contest runs from April 19th to May 10th at 5pm. In the event of a tie or no correct answers, winners will be drawn at random.

Feel free to Share this post with friends and family so they can enter the contest as well and don’t forget to like our page so you can keep up with our events, promotions, and giveaways!

4 Types of Dental Bridges | Colgate® Oral Care

Have you been considering a dental bridge? We can help you figure out the right type of bridge for your smile! If you have missing or decayed teeth, there are four types of dental bridges that your dentist may recommend. Learn more about the types of dental bridges.

This week, we would like to introduce our hygienist, Hasina!

She's moved from Arizona to be part of our team! Hasina is very passionate in what she does. She is known for her gentle hands and her thoroughness when treating patient. She wants to establish a great relationship with each one of her patients. She values each of her patients concerns and works to help them overcome any challenges to obtain a healthier smile.

Hasina comes from a very big family; unfortunately, she's the only one from her family that resides in Virginia. Therefore, she tries to fly out to visit her family whenever she has a chance. She loves cooking and baking. She isn't afraid to try new recipes, even complicated ones.

Call and Schedule your appointment with Hasina, she's very excited to meet all her new patients.

Types of Dental X-Rays and Why You Need Them - Dental Health Society

Why do dentists insist on taking dental x-rays? Here are the different types and what they are used for: A dental x-ray (or dental radiograph) is an important diagnostic tool, giving your dentist a better picture of what's going on with your teeth.

Oral, Head and Neck Cancers 2019 Quiz - On Medicine

April is Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month! Test your knowledge with this quiz about oral cancer myths and other common diseases! April marks Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness month. This year, we’ve created a quiz to complement our author blog addressing commonly held myths about this set of diseases and a curated list of research on oral, head and neck cancer. Find out how much you know, and tweet @OncoBioMed to share y...

Dental Fillings: A User’s Manual - Dental Health Society

Suppose you got a filling. Would you know what to expect next? Do you know what's typical, and what is a sign that you should go back to your dentist? Do you know how to care for them so they last as long as possible? Here are some answers to these and other questions: There are things you should do, and not do, to extend the life of your dental fillings. There are also some situations when you should contact your dentist.

Meet another one of our fabulous team members, this week we would like to introduce is Genesis.

Genesis moved from Virginia Beach to join our practice, and she's very excited to be here. She originally worked at an orthodontist office, before moving here. She has a passion to resolve any concerns patients might have, in order to make their experience hassle free. Making her the perfect addition to our practice!

Genesis has a beautiful voice, and loves to sing. She is actually a professional singer, as well as a piano player. She is passing her talent along to her two little girls, who are also finding their singing voice, and sharing it with the office when they stop by.

Does a Root Canal Hurt as Much as They Say? - Dental Health Society

The words "root canal" have become synonymous with pain in our culture. But are they really as bad as people assume? Here's what patients can really expect from a root canal: Does a root canal hurt that badly? The truth is that the procedure is not more painful than other dental procedures, and not getting one can hurt even more.

Answers to 9 Common Questions About Dental Care for Kids - Dental Health Society

We get a lot of questions about dental care and dental care procedures for kids. Here are the 9 most common, answered by our experts: As a parent, you will have a lot of questions about dental care for kids. What procedures are necessary? How safe are they? Here, we answer you concerns.

Meet our Business Assistant, Maddi!

Maddi moved from New Jersey in July 2018 after getting married to her soul mate, who already resided in Virginia.

She has worked in the dental field for 5 years and will continue her passion to help patients better understand their insurance. Our BA's call her the "Insurance Queen" due to her knowledge in dental insurance.

Maddi is an animal lover who rescued her Chihuaha/Jack Russell named "Berry", who also moved down with her. Besides her passion to help patients, she also loves music and dancing!


Happy Birthday Dr. Pooya!!!

National Puppy Day!

Here's a picture of our team's furry friends!

Are Teeth Whitening Kits Safe? - Dental Health Society

DIY teeth whitening kits are still popular. But are they safe? And what are the alternatives? Most teeth whitening kits are safe to use at home, but some people may experience troublesome reactions to them. This article addresses the risks.

International Day of Happiness!

Tell us what makes you happy?

Happy National "No Smoking" Day!

We are offering FREE ORAL CANCER SCREENING in honor of this day!

Ever wonder what smoking does to your oral health?

-Smoking actually decreases the oxygen flow in your bloodstream, this slows down the healing process of infected gums. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. Not only does smoking slow down oxygen flow and the healing process, it has many other negative effects. In fact here's a list of them:

• stained teeth
• bad breath (halitosis)
• tooth loss
• gum disease
• loss of taste and smell
• reduced blood supply to the mouth
• increased build-up of plaque and tartar on your teeth
• delayed healing following dental extractions and other oral surgery
• increased risk of oral cancer

Let us help you get your oral health back on track! Please call and schedule your appointment, make sure to mention this post.

It's here! Get special pricing on Invisalign at our office, this week only! Call us today, you deserve it!

We're gearing up for Invisalign Week! Call us today to learn more about this limited time offer!

Tooth Fairy Ideas | Colgate® Oral Care

Is your tooth fairy needing some creative guidance? ;) Although many countries around the world have unique traditions to mark the loss of a child's baby teeth, the tooth fairy legend is believed to have originated in the United States in the early part of the 1900s. This custom has remained popular, and even today, many parents search for fun and creat...

Is the government shutdown affecting you and your family?

Our patients mean the world to us, and we are here for you every step of the way. If you have an upcoming appointment with us, but haven't received a paycheck due to the government shutdown, please give us a call! We are happy to defer your payments and customize a payment plan specifically designed for you and your family's financial needs during this difficult time.

Dental maintenance is important; don't place your oral health on the back burner. Call us today to see how we can help your family!

Smiles are Contagious | Giovanni Maroki | [email protected]

Check out Giovanni's stance on sharing a smile with others! :)

When you smile at someone, they smile back...smiles are contagious! 1st grade student at Vista Grande Elementary School This talk was given at a TEDx event u...

Looking After Your Teeth: Five New Year's Resolutions for a Healthier Mouth

If you can't decide on a New Year's resolution, consider your smile! If you want to take better care when looking after your teeth and gums this year, these five simple resolutions can keep you diligent:

5 tips to get your breath mistletoe-ready | Covington-Maple Valley Reporter

Is your smile ready for the holidays? By: Kyle Blair, DDS

Good Thanksgiving Foods for Your Teeth - American Dental Association

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?! Find out if it's fit for your smile! Or you can share a recipe with us right here! Everyone in our office LOVES to eat. How teeth-friendly is your Turkey Day menu? Find out what foods to sink your teeth into on Thanksgiving.

Let us show you our appreciation. Call us today to learn more about our deals during Patient Appreciation Week!

Diabetes and Teeth - American Dental Association

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month! Learn the facts about diabetes and teeth and how it can affect your oral health.


Holiday season is approaching. We know you're busy buying gifts for all your family and friends.

Dr. Park and Dr. Pooya want to gift YOU an opportunity of a lifetime!
IMPLANTS for JUST $3,000! Its a limited time offer for the month of November only!

Hurry quick, and call our office at 703.687.4320 to schedule a FREE consultation. Please see this flyer for more information:

Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween - American Dental Association

Halloween is only one week away! How will you protect your child's pearly whites this October? Keep your teeth healthy during Halloween with this advice from the American Dental Association.

Poor Dental Health Associated with Other Serious Health Risks | American Council on Science and Health

Your dental health is SO important to your overall health! Schedule an appointment with us to make sure you're on the right track! :) (As a matter of fact, I do let it slide sometime and I could be a lot better at it. But it's not that big a deal, right?)

Celebrate Orthodontic Health Month with us! Talk to us about special Invisalign pricing next week!

Dr. Park, Dr. Pooya, and the Broadlands team want to give a huge shout out to Dr. Dustin Bowler and the Potomac Surgical Arts, P.C team that came and helped! We really appreciate their tremendous efforts to make our Free Dental Day a great success!

Thank you again for coming out and helping us give back to the community!

Sponsors for Free Dental Day

What a rewarding experience this past week! We were able to see almost 100 patients and give back to our community!

Dr. Park, Dr. Pooya and the team would like to thank all the volunteers who came out and made this day a success. Most importantly, appreciating all the patients who came out and gave us this opportunity to serve them.

TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

Gabrielle Union shares her smile's story!

Gabrielle Union shares why she loves her teeth – after years of braces, headgear and buck teeth – and how she used to struggle with accepting compliments.

How to (gently) get your child to brush their teeth

Brushing can be fun! If toothbrushing is forced form a young age, kids can become resistant to dental care practices. Make it fun.

Meet the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Tooth Defenders

Show your kiddos this awesome video about oral health! Tooth Defenders to the rescue! :)

Share the adventures of Dr. Rabbit and Dr. Brushwell with children in this fun video. Meet ordinary characters who turn into Super Dentists and Tooth Defende...

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