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Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: rotated bracket

Rotated bracket? No problem! Dr. Kortam shows you how to manage this common issue.

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Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: rotated bracket
Rotated bracket? No problem! Dr. Kortam shows you how to manage this common issue.

Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: bracket loose
Do you have a bracket loose? Learn what to do in this helpful video!

Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: rubber bands explained
Ever wonder what rubber bands do? They keep the wire in the bracket! Learn more here:

Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: power chains
Is your power chain off the bracket? Dr. K says to give it a trim to solve the problem.

Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: MORA rubber band is irritating
Today's tip! If you have a MARA, taket he rubber band off if it's irritating, or snip it if you need to.

Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: understanding a MORA
In this video Dr. Kortam explains a Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance (MARA). Check it out!

Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: Retainer feels tight
Today's tip for at-home management of orthodontic appliances: Does your retainer feel tight? Trim across the top to alleviate pressure! Learn how!

Dr. Kortam's at-home tips: Retainer is bothering you
Dr. Kortam has tips for at-home management of orthodontic appliances when we can't see one another in person. One common challenge is a plastic retainer that's bothering you. Dr. K says to give it a trim! Learn how here:

Rainbow right now!
What a beautiful rainbow right now! A great reminder that after a storm comes beautiful things!

@devon_marie_saunders AKA #anna demonstrates our sheer joy when we can see our patients again! We miss you!!! #coronationday #frozen #parody #fyp

Curbside pick up brought to you by Elsa!
Curbside pick up of your aligners or rubber bands! Just give us a call & we will deliver it curbside!

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Grab the glue and other supplies to create this smile craft with your kids for National Craft Month. Once you’ve completed your mouth, make sure it’s healthy by practicing brushing and flossing with your little ones.

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We had a tiny break-in at Ashburn Orthodontics... #leprechaun #shenanigans #mustbemarch

As we celebrate National Women’s History Month, we want to recognize Gertrude Locke, also known as the First Lady of Orthodontics. She was one of the founding members of the American Society of Orthodontists.

Smile! Today’s a bonus day! What are you going to do with this year’s Leap Day?

As part of National Children’s Dental Health Month, the American Dental Association is raising awareness of fluoride in tap water. By filling up a reusable water bottle, you’re helping the Earth and your teeth!

These dance monkeys are making the #standingbroomchallenge nearly impossible! Come to our office to adopt yours ASAP! 🙈🙉🙊

Proud supporter of Apex gymnastics! Dr. Kortam boys were competing today at the Above the Bar meet! With Sahira Kortam & Amr Behiri

Happy Valentines Day from Ashburn Orthodontics!!! ❤️💞🎁🎀💘💋💗

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love having you as our patients! <3

Birthday Celebration!
What a caring, creative, adventurous team! They took me to celebrate my birthday with a wonderful new experience: ax throwing! With Sahira Kortam and Anna Romanko and Devon Marie Saunders

It’s National Toothache Day! This is a day we don’t want you celebrating! But it’s a great reminder to take care of your teeth!

You may not know this, but gum disease (periodontitis) could lead to an increased risk of developing heart disease. And with February being Heart Awareness Month, we want to remind you to take care of your mouth! Keep brushing and flossing and don’t forget to see your dentist twice a year!

It’s game time! Which team are your rooting for you: the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs? Or do you just love to watch the commercials?

Raise your mugs, it’s National Hot Chocolate Day! Are you Team Marshmallow or Whipped Cream? Let us know below! And after enjoying your delicious warm cup of goodness, make sure you brush your teeth! Hot chocolate can stain your teeth and has lots of sugar that can cause cavities.

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What’s YOUR New Years Resolution?! Here’s a video-bomb asking for Anna and Megan’s! 😂 #2020 #ashburnbraces #newyearsresolution2020 #videobomb

Meet our new office mascot! What should we name him?! Make your suggestions, we will pick our favorite and you will get a special treat next time you’re in the office. 😃❤️🐿 #ashburnbraces #mascots #squirrels #nameourmascot

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May your teeth be white, your eyes be bright, and your capacity for love at its height!

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