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What a nice way to start off the past two weeks! Last week, Patricia brought me homemade Paki food...including Bindi, my FAVORITE! Today, sweet Pamela (who painted the picture for me previously posted) brought me chocolates and this beautiful rose. Thank you both for your generosity and thoughtfulness! It is soooo appreciated.

But this...this I have to say was the most thoughtful gift I have ever received from a patient. The talented and beautiful Pamela Fong painted this for me and even did the incredible framing! I was speechless to say the least. Thank you, thank you Pamela for your generous soul. I will treasure this always!

Yet another year of kind and thoughtful patients who pampered me this holiday season! I was showered with gifts and goodies and couldn't be more thankful.

-Terry & Donna gave me my yearly bounty of Leonidas
chocolates. THE BEST chocolates in the world, and I know
my chocolates, so trust me on this!
- Double boxes of delicious Lindt truffles from Ellen and SvenTech Dental lab.
-Adorable, sparkly earrings straight from Taiwan from Jennifer...I have worn them non-stop since last Monday!
-A cute mouth ornament from the Del Cid Family
-A super unique, flexible wood coaster from Lithuania from Indre. It truly is bendy wood. Never seen anything like it and so cool!
-Homemade, fancy decorated chocolate covered oreos from the awesome Lori V.
-And teeth magnets, including the ever-sought-after gold crown, from spunky Jo G.!

[12/20/19]   Over $635,000 raised for Children's Medical Center! That will certainly help so many kids!

It's that time of year again...when Children's National Medical Center is in need of our donations to help those less fortunate. Just gave $350 (which was matched for $700!) to this worthy cause and hope some of you will, too. I donate to them each December because I love kids, but also because my family, personally, has been the recipient of their excellent care on numerous occasions. My stepdaughter has had double digit surgeries there, including several brain surgeries, and just turned a happy and healthy 16 years old! Thank you Children's hospital--the doctors, nurses, support staff, garage attendants, and everyone else who contributes--for doing such a great job.
If you'd like to donate and be a 'miracle maker', yourself, please do so. Aside from all the money they raise during this 2-day fundraiser, they give 71 MILLION dollars a year in uncompensated care. Every little bit helps.
Happy holidays!
Dr. Dina

[11/23/19]   What a great way to end the week...with this email from a great guy...(pics coming soon!):

"Dr Dina,

Just wanted to let you know how amazing my teeth look!!! Veronica and I are so appreciative. I know it was a marathon yesterday but the results are great. Thanks again! You are a rockstar.


Been another recent exciting ride here in my dental office! This lovely lady just finished nearly a full-mouth overhaul and was able to hold back her tears just long enough for me to snap some photos! This is what you see on t.v. when they say "teeth in a day"--which really isn't a day. Temporaries in a day, yes. Final restorations with an implant-retained upper denture took exactly one year.

She presented with a failing long-span bridge on her upper front teeth, along with posterior missing teeth on the sides of her upper arch, with no option other than to remove them all. Missing teeth on the lower arch, also, along with a premolar that had to be removed. All these gaps and missing teeth led to a collapsed bite, too!

With the incredible talents of Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, we proceeded to remove all of her upper teeth and do sinus lifts on each side to make room for the upcoming implants. Once healing was complete, he placed several implants on the upper arch, along with 4 on the lower arch to fill in the gaps. I did some tooth colored restorations on her lower front teeth, in addition to minor reshaping, to give them a more even appearance. We then restored the lower implants with crowns and eventually gave her a final upper denture that is held in place with the implants. All the while, restoring her bite to it's normal depth and filling in the dark triangles that formed when she smiled due to the missing teeth (see photo). I think the outcome is fabulous, and beautiful, and so natural looking! Modern medicine can truly be life changing!

Just finished this case for this lovely young lady. Had a middle-of-the-night trip and fall into the toilet, years ago---the toilet won. Just put a new crown on one of her two front teeth. Betcha' can't tell which one it is!

[10/30/19]   Has nothing to do with teeth but we're gonna' be in the city tonight. Got our shirts and our red, white, and blue. We're locked and loaded....Go Nats!

Photos from Dr. Dina Bambrey's post

Great outcome with today's tough case! This guy (who would only allow me to show a tiny bit of him) had a traumatic injury as a child, lived with several 'fixes' throughout his life, until it could be fixed no more. The single hardest thing for 'us dentists' to perfect, esthethically! After an implant from the incredible Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche and ensuring we still had nice tissue in the area, the final appointment was today and the patient is thrilled with the results!

Few days late in sharing, but this weekend's volunteer event was my first (but certainly not last!) chance to work with the Honor Flight Network. Everyone was dressed up in their patriotic gear (see the shoe pic!), holding signs, cheering louder than a tornado, and giving out handshakes and hugs to these WWII, Korean, & Vietnam veterans. There was even one woman in the group! (pic 5)

I encourage everyone to look into donating 2 hours of time every so often to this organization. These vets have no idea a crowd of appreciation is waiting for them when they deboard the plane, and some of the stories of how they were treated when they came home from their respective war(s) are truly heartbreaking. The tears they shed and the astonishment on all of their faces instantly tells you how much they appreciate this small gesture. This is something any age group can participate in and it is good for the soul! So please, check out the Honor Flight Network...they operate out of all 3 local airports!

Never one to break tradition, here is this year's haul to donate to ALIVE family assistance program!

4 club size packs of diapers
24 boxes Mac & Cheese
18 boxes Fruit & Nut bars
12 cans peas
24 cans corn
12 cans black beans
24 cans green beans
3 boxes peanut butter wafers
5 boxes oatmeal
6 boxes granola bars
12 cans garbanzo beans
3 packs applesauce cups
8 jars peanut butter
30 cans soup
6 boxes couscous
9 cans ravioli
2 boxes oatmeal cream pies
4 boxes juice pouches
16 cans tuna
8 bottles marinara sauce
300 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste

Chag Sameach!

Things in the dental world, as in life, ebb and flow. Been a tough coupla' days around here as I think about how much I will miss this sweet face. JoAnne was only with me for 3 and a half years and was the last member of her large family, who have been faithful followers of my practice, to come see me. We instantly connected---she had the mouth of a trucker but a heart of gold. She made me laugh out loud each and every time I saw her. We had deep conversations about life, travels, and of course, religion. Both intrigued in learning more about the Baha'i faith, she bought a copy for each of us of their 'book' and we had our own little 'book club' after reading it. I feel confident in saying most dentists...or professionals for that matter...don't have people say "I love you!" when leaving, but JoAnne has been saying that for well over a year. And she ensured that she called me to say goodbye and give me one more "I love you" before she departed this world so unexpectedly. As luck would have it, I took this picture of her at her last visit because she's so darn cute, and so happy I did! To her loving family and my faithful patients...Ellen, Aimee, Mike P., Kerri, Danny, Elisa, Mike R., & Kate...I am so very sorry for your loss but so thankful you brought her into my life!

Today's post is really a personal PSA and has literally nothing to do with dentistry. But that doesn't make it any less relevant. My patients know I'm a theater buff and last night I went to see the Tony-award winning Dear Evan Hansen at the Kennedy Center. A fabulous, heart-breaking yet uplifting, thought provoking story dealing with mental health and suicide. This is something every tween, teen, and adult should see! I've personally been affected by suicide on more than one occasion and we all know that mental health issues abound. The stresses on the youth, in particular, today, are astounding. Although I'm a dentist, I'm first and foremost a 'healthcare provider' and I try to help anyone who enters my office achieve better overall health, whether that is in their mouth, their heart, or their brain. I've had so many people come in and tell me all the struggles they're having in their personal lives. I work very closely with a wonderful therapy center in Ashburn (Insight Into Action Therapy) and have referred more patients than I can count, to them. All have had glowing outcomes. Dear Evan Hansen reminds everyone that mental health issues are real...but there are TONS of people out in this world who are more than willing to help, to listen, or to get you TO someone who can help. It's not shameful and doesn't imply weakness--in fact, quite the contrary. Recognizing you need help, even if only a little, is strength beyond strength! Dear Evan Hansen is also a reminder to put down the devices...have conversations with words not fingers, for parents to spend quality time with their kids, and if you think you're the "only one", you're not! I am here to help anyone that needs it...all you have to do is ask. #YouWillBeFound

How AWESOME is this?! This is my newest patient---every bit of that blond hair, and blue eyes of hers! And it only took me a second to find her ticklish spot. She did great at her first visit with me! She and her mama are special to me for several reasons...welcome L!!

Here's how I wrapped up the day...this sweet man and new patient has been missing most of his lower 3 front teeth for eons. He doesn't have enough structure to use for crowns and he didn't want to pull the teeth. So...a lot of tooth-colored filling material sculpted over a bonded fiber matrix and he's got some new teeth! They're not as tall as I'd like due to how his top center two teeth dip down, and they're not as beautiful as lab-fabricated crowns, but it's not too shabby! He's happy, his beautiful wife is thrilled, and that's all that matters. Meaningful Monday.

A good man, and dental school classmate, taken far too soon. Sending sincerest condolences to all those whose lives he illuminated.


Notes like this will never get old!

It's been a bit of a nutty week here at Pipeline Plaza but oh how I loved the ending to it this afternoon! Look at this smiling face that makes my heart s-i-n-g!!!!!!!!! This is Frannie...alive and well and back in my dental chair after receiving her new heart! She even told me today that her transplant surgeon commented on how lovely her teeth are. Out of alll my patients, she wins the gold for being with me the very longest--my oldest patient from my last office, so we've got a lot of years in our bucket. Welcome back, beautiful warrior woman!

I wish I had taken a 'before' picture of this tooth, but I didn't! The patient broke it....too small for a crown, but too big for an 'in-office filling'. So, I fabricated this beautiful onlay! It's hard to see in these pics. what is natural tooth and what is the restoration...which means we nailed it!


Mayor John Suthers' son-in-law suffers serious brain injury after Denver traffic crash

So saddened by this news today...Mark was one of my classmates and friends in dental school. A soft-spoken, sweet and kind guy. Please send hopeful, positive vibes his way!


gazette.com Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers’ son-in-law was in critical condition Tuesday after a stolen vehicle fleeing Denver police struck the Uber he was riding in, killing its driver.

Yet another installment of "when life and dentistry collide" over the weekend. And what a wonderful 'collision' it was! I had the good fortune of being invited, VIP-style, by my multitalented patient @Jordan Markwood, to see Rock Ridge HS's performance of Bright Star. I love theater and I went into it thinking it was a high school play and it'd be an entertaining 2 hours, at best. How WRONG I was! I cannot put into words how incredibly blown-away, speechless, impressed, and moved I was by these kids and their talent. Their voices, helped along by Jordan's vocal coaching, were out of this world. I have told everyone I've seen today that it was better than half of the things I've seen at the Kennedy Center. They have been chosen as one of the premier performances in the entire country this year, and now I know why! Imagine my surprise, too, to see another one of my patients, @Cleopatra Barr, in the role of the Mom. (That's her, second from the right). I had NO idea she had vocal range and she was terrific! Kudos and utmost admiration to everyone who had a hand in that production...you all deserve it. Thank you, Jordan, for inviting me!!! I wish I could see it again.


Today's reward:

"Thanks to Dr. Dina I am enjoying corn on the cob for the first time in at least 15 years. (On vacay in Punta Cana too)"

This is what was shakin' here today on Pipeline Plaza...another tough, but slam-dunk case! This gal won't let me show her face but she said I could show the world her before and after photos! Which one is man-made? Betcha' have a tough time deciding.

Thank you Dr. Maharaj of Lansdowne Oral Surgery for your incredible efforts on this case. It wasn't easy! Thank you again, Sven Trummer, for your beautiful and lifelike work!

[04/30/19]   It's beginning to look a lot like...graduation time!! Love coming in to work and opening up a feel-good email. Thank you, J! So proud of you!

"Good Evening Dr. Dina,

Thank you so much for the card and the gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. That's so sweet of you. I would like to thank you for being my dentist, my sponsor for NHS, and my friend. You are a wonderful person and I will never forget you. I hope that I still see you when I'm in college. You are a blessing in my life, and a wonder to be around. Make sure you pick on 'A' more than you usually do. Have a wonderful night.

J(your favorite, right?)"

Guess who came for a visit today????? Lil' Ricky--and he just brightened my day. All 2 pounds of him! Thank you Sally for bringing a smile to my face, even though it was a quick visit.

I've said it before...it's not always about teeth! I would hope that my patients want (& appreciate) someone who possesses other skills and qualities in life. Volunteering has been a passion since I was a child. Last week, instead of donating free dental services or supplies, I donated my time to an amazing organization alongside my fellow UVA alums. We served Boulder Crest veterans' retreat in Bluemont and were blown away! I want EVERYONE to know about and spread the word on this amazing place! You can go to their website to get the full scope, but this is a recovery center for veterans, their spouses, and families. The designer and owner was a long-term military serviceman and he's now created a program that's run solely by other veterans. The things they do at this retreat are simply amazing, and they're trying to take it nationwide.

We were cleaning in preparation for an Eagle Scout ceremony to honor the scout who recently completed his project at this facility. I'd love to spread the word on that, too...there's so much to still be accomplished there that I'm sure they'd take 100 Eagle Scouts if they had them!
Their website also shows tons of monthly volunteer opportunities for anyone who is interested.

Another reason to love The University of Virginia--volunteering is such an enormous part of the culture there...important if you're applying to get in, important during your time on Grounds, and it continues indefinitely once you've moved on to other paths in life. WAHOOWA!

It reminds me, too, to thank those patients, family, and friends who have courageously defended our country. I certainly won't remember everyone, and I certainly have patients who I don't even know were in the military, but thank you to:

TJ Williams Justin Kinney Jeremy Fleming Elisa Poplawski Jeremy Pierce
Jason Totaro Joe Jackson Logan Brown Rick Casarez Havala Casarez
Terry Fong Larry Franklin Rob McClure George Orrell David Rustand
Greg Vaughn John Zbyszinski Nancy Zbyszinski Ken Petrocelli
Harry Mensh Vincent Hennessy ❤️

#volunteering #givingisthebestpart #MadisonHouse #UVAalumni #itisn'talwaysaboutteeth #payitforward

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