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Welcome to our cheerful, serene, state-of-the-art office! Dr. Dina is a family & cosmetic dentist with an affinity for treating the elderly & special needs

For me, dentistry and life often mimic each other. In life, we have good friends and best friends; in my job, I definitely have good patients but I also have a few who are favorites because of the special friendship we’ve created. Today, as I write this through tears I cannot stop, I want the world to know about one of them. It’s hard to find the words to tell you about the amazing person Jamie Eubanks Tinschert was. Absolutely beautiful inside and out. Jamie was gentle-natured and laughed easily, but had a warrior spirit. She fought until the bitter end with a resolve and determination that few could. I remember the day 8 years ago that she told me she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. We cried together for a long while, and I went home and cried alone that night, knowing what her journey would likely be. Through it all, she truly never gave up the fight—she did boot camp daily through her chemo treatments, ran a 5k 6 months after her stem cell transplant, then came a half marathon, and then she hiked Mt. Havasu to raise money for research! I’m sure I’m forgetting something else amazing, but this shows her fortitude.

Jamie adored her husband and never failed to say something amazing about Ronnie every time I talked to her. Most importantly, she was an INCREDIBLE mother—her 3 boys are truly the kindest, most handsome, and empathetic kids I’ve ever known.

Jamie and I used to laugh at how far we’d come because it didn’t begin that way! I remember the day she walked in in 2007, unannounced, and I was typing notes at the front. I turned to see this woman standing there whose eyes were boring right through me! She began hurling questions so fast my head was spinning, and she was emphatically pounding her hand on the counter as she spoke. She had an arm full of bracelets and it was so noisy and I remember thinking “Is this woman gonna’ calm down?!” Looking back, I realize she just needed me to earn her trust. She had been through multiple rounds of braces and Invisalign and nothing worked, and she wanted a perfect smile. She ended up being my first cosmetic case in my new practice and the results were fantastic. When I see her pictures now I take comfort in knowing the smile looking back at me is the one we created together, and that I did earn her trust.

During our last phone 'date' a few weeks ago, we laughed as I reminded her of the many nutty things that seemed to happen when she was at my office, most notably the time she backed into my car. I still drive it and that little dent now takes on special meaning. 😊

The sadness is so raw but I am so thankful to have a goodbye note from Jamie that I can keep forever. How many dentists, truly, are that lucky?

To Josh, Justin, Kyle, Ronnie, & Todd…words are insufficient but she loved you…beyond. You created a family structure that most can only envy. I hope that brings you some measure of comfort during this difficult time.

Rest easy, beautiful friend. You are gone far too soon and will be missed more than any words can say. Your final words to me I’m sending back to you, now, “I love you so much.”

Josh Plumhoff Ron Tinschert

[05/03/20]   With the 'highs' come the lows. I've always used my office page to highlight great things patients say or send, beautiful outcomes of the cases we do, and to memorialize those who I have lost. Today is one of those days, sadly, for a memorium. This one didn't come to me readily...it took some searching to find out about Diana, whom I had been doing my best to keep tabs on. Diana was my sweet and gentle Italian mama who had been bravely fighting Stage 4 breast cancer for 10 years! Her visits became more infrequent so I'd call her every few months to check on her. When I didn't hear back, I knew something was wrong. Diana was just a likable lady...we bonded over our love of children. She was a proud mom of 4 and an elementary teacher. She continued to work these past 10 years, through the chemo., through the fatigue, and through the pain. That tells you what type of spirit she had! She was another one who would come in for an hour's visit and it'd turn into 2 hours at the end of the day because we'd talk so long. Through her tears she told me every, single time that she felt 'safe' in my office and that is why she opened up so much. I take great comfort in knowing I affected her that way. I have seen all of her kids over the last decade, but it was the two youngest I saw the most. #EmmaCierski and #OliviaCierski....I want you to know how often your Mom talked about you girls, how proud she was of you, and how very much she loved you. If she tells her dentist, that's sayin' something! I know you already knew these things but you can never hear it too many times. I am so very sorry for your loss but so thankful to have known your beautiful Mother.

[05/01/20]   I was so sad, yet HONORED, to receive this email yesterday! This is when I know I do impact some people's lives, sometimes, and that is a great feeling! He lives and works in Utah and I've never even seen his picture to put a face with a name, but I feel like I've known him for decades. Small gestures like this are super appreciated, especially in these wonky times.
Hi Dr. Dina,

I had to share the sad news with you, I am no longer employed by ###XX. As you are fully aware, Covid-19 has impacted the dental industry, hard! So hard, it reached the doors of ###XX and they had major layoffs. I will be honest, I didn't think my job or department would be impacted as much as it was.

I wanted to say goodbye - for now! I have hopes of returning to further my career. It will take some time to get back to the level of representative needed to service the dental community, but I will be waiting and ready to join when that time comes.

Truth be told, you are the only Doctor I said goodbye to. From our first interaction years ago to our latest, I've always been impressed with your ability to be more than just a Doctor, but a good friend as well. My interaction with most, if not all Doctors is 100% business, 100% of the time, but not you! And because of that, I say thank you!

I hope you and your staff have been healthy and safe throughout this pandemic. I know I don't need to ask about the financial impact this has had on your business. I hope and pray you can get back to work soon and re-establish your day to day activity with a smile and an optimistic approach to the future.

It's been a pleasure working with you, but most important, I'm grateful for your friendship.

Best of luck,

[04/30/20]   Helllloooooo everyone! I don't know how many patients actually read my FB but I'm trying to reach out any way I can, en masse. I have already received so many messages from peeps wanting appointments. It is gratifying that so many of you are ready to go! But...in light of the Governor's conference yesterday I do have to make some things clear. Just because we got the 'go ahead' doesn't mean I/we can. Most of us in the dental community find it ironic that being in THE riskiest profession we were given the okay to be the first to open. Doesn't really add up.
For me, personally, I still am not sure when I will be able to reopen, as I cannot do so until I have proper PPE in my office. The supply chain for the needed PPE is still empty--in fact, today one of my suppliers said "It's the wild, wild west out there" and trying to source things from legit vendors is getting harder and harder. There are so many fraudulent dealers.
This week we also received a 52 PAGE MANUAL from the ADA on all the rules and protocols we must put in place in order to see patients. Setting that in motion doesn't happen overnight.
From a patient perspective, you need to be aware of what is coming and how things will change. I know we are horribly behind on appointments and that won't end any time soon. We will be seeing FAR fewer patients each day, certain procedures are still not encouraged, and many are being encouraged to be modified. Once we reopen, it is still highly likely that current appointments will be cancelled and rescheduled in order to prioritize needs and meet protocols. I have not yet determined what I will personally do but it is being encouraged NOT TO POLISH teeth with toothpaste during cleanings. We are to remove all the bacteria and 'big stuff', per usual. But, you may not leave with that slick, squeaky clean feeling.
There is a fairly extensive "precheck" patients will need to do prior to their appointment. Taryn will be performing most of these by phone, and I will be posting the required documents on our website so that you can print and complete as much as possible at home, to save time.
Per the requirements, we will no longer be allowed to have patients waiting in the reception area. Including parents. You will have to wait in your cars, call us upon your arrival to let us know you are here, and then we will call you back when we're ready for you to come inside. There will be a hand sanitization that you will have to do, immediately, along with a health questionnaire, and temperatures must be taken. ALL PEOPLE ENTERING MUST ALSO BE WEARING A MASK. I know that sounds crazy since you'll be opening your mouth for the subsequent hour, but we don't make the rules.
I suggest everyone bring a sweater because the office will now be VERY COLD due to the Ghostbuster attire I have to wear. The surgeons and endodontists who saw our emergency patients for us these past 6 weeks have said it's almost impossible to breathe through the n95 masks and it tires you out quickly. Thus, we need cold temps. and will have to schedule longer appointments. Dentistry requires 100%, non-stop concentration. It was already exhausting...COVID takes it to another level.
This has been a novella but there's no way around it. I am glad to know everyone I've spoken to by phone or email is healthy. I only had 1 patient contract the virus, to my knowledge, and she is okay. Congrats. Michele N.!!
Taryn and I look forward to seeing everyone. And though our faces will be basically saran-wrapped, we'll be smiling beneath.
Dr. Dina

[04/17/20]   Hey gang! Me again. I've been in the office all day trying to notify patients, again, of appointment cancellations. As of this afternoon, the Governor's new orders are mandated closures through May 8th. Any of you scheduled up to that date need not show up. :) I'm amazed at how many people have been checking the website and our FB page for updates...thank you! There is a TON of chatter about it being through June. We have to wait and see. Beyond the 'okay' to open, we still have to wait to get our PPE back in stock. NO ONE has anything. Not a mask in site, of any sort. We're also awaiting the ruling on whether we will have to do onsite testing of patients for the virus before we are allowed to treat them that day. I'll keep doing my best to keep ya'll informed. I only know of 1 patient who had the virus and she's all good to go now...hope that's my only one!

Remember, with not much to do it is an EXCELLENT and EXCUSE-FREE time to get in the habit of flossing or Water Pik-ing. Jus' sayin'.

#CavaliersCare UVA Clubs

Who had these yesterday?????

Ugghhh, my favorite holiday and we had to postpone it. Darnit! Anyways, a little humor for the day. Happy Passover to my peeps!

I've never been one to post much beyond before/after pics, or my heartfelt thoughts on/for my patients. I'm not about to start launching into posting dental science anytime soon, I'm all about the funnies right now....

[04/02/20]   Happy Thursday everyone! I know this doesn’t reach even half of our patients but trying to keep everyone abreast every way I know how. As of yesterday, April 1st (no, not an April Fool’s joke), the VDA, ADA, and CDC extended the guidelines for dental and medical office closures until April 30th at the earliest. I will make my way back in next week to call everyone scheduled the last week of April. I had to take a few days hiatus after the 120+ calls I already had to make! This closure is likely to be extended further.
Additionally, with the global supply chain of PPE being so extraordinarily strained, and US supplies of PPE so critically low, we have all been donating what we have in our offices to help the frontline workers in the hospitals. Not only do we have to wait for a date that we are allowed to safely reopen, but we have to figure out how we are all going to restock our offices with masks and gloves and gowns in order to provide proper care to our own patients.
I thank everyone who has reached out to me or whom I have spoke to, for your thoughtfulness and patience!
Keep flattening the curve!

In times like these, I love receiving messages like this from my amazing patients!

"Still true 9 years later. If I could count on both hands the people that have had the most profound impact on my life - you would be one of them.

Kate 💜"

[03/26/20]   To our patients and friends...we just received a text from the Governor’s office now MANDATING we close our office until at least April 24th. The mandate is shown below. I’ll be in the office next week to make calls, personally, and assist in rescheduling everyone. I hope everyone is safe and healthy!
Dr. Dina

Gov Update Rotator
Order of Public Health Emergency No. 2

Mar 25, 2020 by W. Scott Johnson, Esquire
Overview of Executive Order of the Governor and State Health Commissioner
Governor Ralph Northam and Dr. Norm Oliver, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH, issued today an Order of Public Health Emergency No. 2 in response to the COVID-19 disaster. The Governor has issued Executive Order 51, declaring a disaster related to COVID-19, and this Order is in furtherance.

Duration and Effect
This Order is effective March 25, 2020 and is in effect until April 24, 2020. The Order may be extended or renewed as the April 24 date approaches, depending on the COVID-19 status. Any patients you have elective procedures scheduled for during this time should be rescheduled.

The recent recommendation made by the VDA Board of Directors on practice closures due to COVID-19 was voluntary and did not carry the force of law. The Order is mandatory. This Order carries the effect of law. You must follow it.

Overview of Order
The Order applies to certain procedures and surgeries in the Commonwealth in an effort to reduce use of personal protection equipment (PPE) and has certain exclusions and parameters, addressed below.

General Rule
The Order prohibits all inpatient and outpatient surgical hospitals, freestanding endoscopy centers, physician offices, dental offices, orthodontic offices and endodontic offices in the Commonwealth from providing procedures and surgeries that require PPE, which if delayed are not to be anticipated to cause harm to the patient or negatively effect the patient's health outcomes or leading to disability or death. There is no specific reference to offices of oral surgeons, nor ambulatory care centers, but the intent of the Order as articulated by the Governor's remarks in the press conference today, infers inclusion of these two practice settings.

This blanket prohibition is further emphasized in that the Order to provide that procedures or surgeries may be performed by health care providers if the delay or cancellation would result in the patient's condition worsening. Health care providers should be cautious not to interpret this emphasis as being a pathway to circumvent the prohibition in every case.

Received this lovely email from a sweet patient on Saturday...I wasn't even aware of the day! Thank you so much Rasa for your kind words!!!
Hi Dr. Dina,
Happy National Dentist Day! Thanks for all you do!!!

Have a great weekend.


What a fabulous Friday here at Pipeline Plaza! To begin the day, my dear friend and former office manager dropped in to deliver us this awesome tooth card and a thoughtful gift card in honor of International Women's Day! (I didn't even know that existed!) Some of you know my Cathleen, as she used to work in my office on Fridays. I met her when I interviewed for my first job after moving back to NoVa...she was bustling around the office as the owner was interviewing me and she just had this aura about her. At the end of my SIX HOUR INTERVIEW he asked me what I wanted to do and my only comment was "I wanna' be wherever she is..." and the rest is history. So here we are 17 years later....
Then, my beautiful (inside & out) new addition to my office left me this note as she headed out early today to serve her post in the AF Reserves. I am so very touched and so very thankful to have you by my side Taryn. You make every day brighter and better, and little gestures like this show what a thoughtful lady you are. You are definitely a dynamo! Thank you for ending my week on such a positive note and thank you for serving our country. 💗

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