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Today's reward:

"Thanks to Dr. Dina I am enjoying corn on the cob for the first time in at least 15 years. (On vacay in Punta Cana too)"

This is what was shakin' here today on Pipeline Plaza...another tough, but slam-dunk case! This gal won't let me show her face but she said I could show the world her before and after photos! Which one is man-made? Betcha' have a tough time deciding.

Thank you Dr. Maharaj of Lansdowne Oral Surgery for your incredible efforts on this case. It wasn't easy! Thank you again, Sven Trummer, for your beautiful and lifelike work!

[04/30/19]   It's beginning to look a lot like...graduation time!! Love coming in to work and opening up a feel-good email. Thank you, J! So proud of you!

"Good Evening Dr. Dina,

Thank you so much for the card and the gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. That's so sweet of you. I would like to thank you for being my dentist, my sponsor for NHS, and my friend. You are a wonderful person and I will never forget you. I hope that I still see you when I'm in college. You are a blessing in my life, and a wonder to be around. Make sure you pick on 'A' more than you usually do. Have a wonderful night.

J(your favorite, right?)"

Guess who came for a visit today????? Lil' Ricky--and he just brightened my day. All 2 pounds of him! Thank you Sally for bringing a smile to my face, even though it was a quick visit.

I've said it before...it's not always about teeth! I would hope that my patients want (& appreciate) someone who possesses other skills and qualities in life. Volunteering has been a passion since I was a child. Last week, instead of donating free dental services or supplies, I donated my time to an amazing organization alongside my fellow UVA alums. We served Boulder Crest veterans' retreat in Bluemont and were blown away! I want EVERYONE to know about and spread the word on this amazing place! You can go to their website to get the full scope, but this is a recovery center for veterans, their spouses, and families. The designer and owner was a long-term military serviceman and he's now created a program that's run solely by other veterans. The things they do at this retreat are simply amazing, and they're trying to take it nationwide.

We were cleaning in preparation for an Eagle Scout ceremony to honor the scout who recently completed his project at this facility. I'd love to spread the word on that, too...there's so much to still be accomplished there that I'm sure they'd take 100 Eagle Scouts if they had them!
Their website also shows tons of monthly volunteer opportunities for anyone who is interested.

Another reason to love The University of Virginia--volunteering is such an enormous part of the culture there...important if you're applying to get in, important during your time on Grounds, and it continues indefinitely once you've moved on to other paths in life. WAHOOWA!

It reminds me, too, to thank those patients, family, and friends who have courageously defended our country. I certainly won't remember everyone, and I certainly have patients who I don't even know were in the military, but thank you to:

TJ Williams Justin Kinney Jeremy Fleming Elisa Poplawski Jeremy Pierce
Jason Totaro Joe Jackson Logan Brown Rick Casarez Havala Casarez
Terry Fong Larry Franklin Rob McClure George Orrell David Rustand
Greg Vaughn John Zbyszinski Nancy Zbyszinski Ken Petrocelli
Harry Mensh Vincent Hennessy ❤️

#volunteering #givingisthebestpart #MadisonHouse #UVAalumni #itisn'talwaysaboutteeth #payitforward

Pretty much sums it up. Thank you. Drive through please.

It doesn't always have to be about teeth!


T-minus 12 hours, 18 minutes, and counting! Leeeeeetttt's Gooooooooooo 'Hoooooooooooos!!!!!!!

[03/12/19]   Love it when I can allay fears and also have my efforts appreciated in emails like this one:

"Dr. Bambrey,
I wanted to personally thank you for working late in the evening last Friday. Our daughter was pretty emotional about her appearance and I can’t imagine how she would have reacted to having to wait several days for the repair. As always you were there for her. I greatly appreciate your excellence in dental care and your dedication to your customers.


In honor of National Dentist's Day, here's the case I promised 2 weeks ago...a week late! This lovely lady is one of my all-stars. She has made a complete turnaround in her dental health and I know she'll be with me until the end! And she is PROOF that coming to the dentist can be an enjoyable experience....we end up laughing until we're crying almost every time she's here.

She came in to see me not having been to the dentist in double-digit years. She had significant bone loss on her lower front teeth that rendered them hopeless (see Pic. 1). With the expertise of the world's best gum specialist, Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche, we removed her lower front teeth, performed a bone graft, and then placed 2 implants which allowed me to make her an implant bridge to fill the large space. She whitened her teeth in the interim, and, as you can see, the color of her new 'teeth' are a slam-dunk match to the rest of her mouth. I think her final smile tells it all!

THE hardest feat in dentistry...a single-tooth restoration on a center front tooth that needs to mirror the one next to it. This Midwestern gal, who's fairly new to the area and my practice, was up for the challenge! After 40+ years of a crown that was too bulky, too long, and had no natural light reflection AT ALL, she walked out of the office a new woman today! Several trips to my local lab as he customized it with her there--those are his hands you see, hard at work. Took several attempts because her natural teeth are super-translucent. And, she requested we leave the diastema (space) between her two front teeth. Thank you Sven Trummer for your patience, persistence, and expertise! I also had to correct the break on the corner of the adjacent tooth and align the edges. Look at her smile...she is a happy woman!

[02/16/19]   Today was one of those Fantastic Fridays! They're not always that way, but grateful for today. How uplifting is it to end your day by receiving an email like this?!

**The little things. I can take a bite right into my
sandwich while I’m traveling. I haven’t been
able to do that in probably 10 or more years.
Thank you for changing my life.**

Those last 6 words...pack a punch. They are the most rewarding and heartwarming words we can hope to hear from a patient. I bonded with this lovely and hilarious lady almost immediately, and I think we're paired up for the duration! Stay tuned next week for her pictures!!!!

It's such a nice feeling when patients do something thoughtful for me. Today, my Southern Belle, Debbie, brought me a little pre-Valentine's Day gift. But better than the treats was the note that came with it. Thank you SO much for making my day and my whole freaking week, for that matter!

When career and home decorating overlap!

Happy New Year to everyone reading this! Though these pictures aren't great, I had to post them. I have some uber-talented patients, and this sassy lady is one of them! Was invited out this past weekend to watch her sing with her band, Shut It Down. I was NOT prepared to be as blown-away as I was. This woman can S-I-N-G and the band is fantastic. My favorite of the night was actually a mash-up of Don't Stop Believin' by Journey and Metallica's Enter Sandman. Whoa. Amazing. Thank you Joanne for inviting us and for the open mic shout out "Even my dentist is here!" (Not embarrassing at all.) 😁

December is always a crazy month in dental offices and this year is no exception. BUT, my day got an amazing start with Terry's kindness in bringing me this beautiful box of the best chocolate in the world! He gets it for me directly from Belgium and I'm beyond appreciative.

If that wasn't enough, the beautiful Pamela popped up this afternoon with the goodies in this gold bag. I must have told her at some point how much I love The Conche restaurant in Leesburg and she brought me this special box of gourmet chocolates from there! How incredibly thoughtful!

Thank you Terry & Pamela for making my exhausting Wednesday so much sweeter! 💗

This lovely teenager, whom I've been seeing since she could barely climb into my chair by herself, came to me today after a plunge into Costa Rican water left her with a broken tooth! This is the before and after...I'd say we hit it out of the park!


Cigarette Smoking Hits All-Time Low Among Adults, Report Says.
USA Today (11/8, O'Donnell) stated a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Cancer Institute indicates cigarette smoking has reached the “lowest level ever recorded among U.S. adults.” About 14 percent of adults – around 34 million people – smoked within the past 30 days. That is down from 15.5 percent in 2016. The report also showed “about 10 percent of people aged 18 to 24 years smoked cigarettes in 2017, down from 13 percent in 2016.”
ABC News (11/8, Jackson) reported that adult smoking rates have declined by 67 percent since 1965. CDC Director Robert Redfield said, “This new all-time low in cigarette smoking among U.S. adults is a tremendous public health accomplishment, and it demonstrates the importance of continued proven strategies to reduce smoking.”
CBS News (11/8, Welch) stated that “despite the progress, health officials say too many Americans are still using tobacco products.” The article noted the data showed that “about 47 million, or 1 in 5, Americans still use a variety of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, which are increasingly popular among young people.”
The ADA News reported previously that the American Cancer Society will hold The Great American Smokeout on Thursday, Nov. 15. The article noted that “the ADA has resources to assist dentists in talking with their patients about tobacco cessation,” including an online continuing education course, Tobacco Policy, Pharmacotherapy, and Dentistry; an ADA Science Institute-developed Oral Health Topics webpage on smoking and tobacco cessation; and the brochures “Tobacco and Oral Health” and “Get the Facts About Mouth and Throat Cancer.”

That's a wrap! Another successful case and a happy, beautiful patient! This lovely lady had crowns of different colors on her front teeth, her two center teeth were angled slightly towards the corners of her mouth, and the front six teeth were inconsistent in their size, shape, and positioning. We created lifelike restorations that are appropriately sized and follow the natural curvature of her smile. Her smile just makes me smile!

How super spectacular is this! My lovely and always thoughtful patient brought me this treat yesterday because we share a love of fine confections! She has brought me chocolate from all around the world. How have I not heard of this local place? They are all delish, especially the Sparkle Pops, and I cannot thank you enough for always thinking of me Michelle N.!!!

In honor of the last victim who was laid to rest in Squirrel Hill today, and who reminds me of my grandmother who was a faithful worshiper for her 99.5 years of life, I'm reposting my message from Monday in hopes that it continues to spread the message....

Happy Halloween!

[10/30/18]   5710 Munhall Rd.

This is the address at which I lived from 1996-2000 while attending dental school in Pittsburgh. The 4 years prior to that I lived in a lovely, better-known city named Charlottesville. It is ironic that just last week I discussed Squirrel Hill with two different patients in my office. I was explaining to them that it is my favorite ‘city’ I’ve ever lived in and that the people of Squirrel Hill, and Pittsburgh in general, are so very friendly. They regularly say hello to each other as they pass on sidewalks, or when you enter a Giant Eagle grocery you are always greeted by a friendly worker. I knew nothing of that little burb within the ‘Burgh when I moved there. I was in utter shock after only a few weeks when I realized what a throwback to the 50’s or 60’s it was. Specifically, kids were always outside playing in the neighborhood, unattended, without fear of something bad happening. Their little squeals of laughter and energy were always a welcomed sound. At dinnertime you’d hear the mothers yelling their names to come in to eat. No one locked their cars or the doors to their homes. On Saturday mornings, families would walk to their synagogue for services, pushing beautiful, ornate old-time baby prams. The first year of dental school was beyond grueling. I would routinely get off the city bus at 1 or 2 in the morning after leaving the anatomy lab and have to walk 3 blocks to my little rented room. I NEVER feared for my safety nor looked over my shoulder.

I also loved the blending and sharing of so many ethnicities and faiths. We would go every year to the Greek Food Festival at the Orthodox Church near the dental school or to the Jewish Food Festival hosted by the JCC down the block from me. There were also the Italian, Russian, and Ukranian neighborhoods that offered up their food and hospitality. Great memories that I still remember vividly.

There were 5 or 6 synagogues within my small neighborhood, and Tree of Life was at the border of it, a stone’s throw away. I was in utter disbelief over the news of the killings this weekend. But, happy and proud of the community that has rallied around that temple and demonstrated the type of support and blending that I know as ‘my’ Squirrel Hill. I don’t know the answer to end all this senseless violence in our country but I do know good and bad will always exist. I’m reminded by the sadness of the weekend to judge people as individuals and not as a group based on ethnicity, religion, color, education, sexual preference, etc...Make good choices and do the right thing!

Kindness and love win in the end—even if it’s hard sometimes. As a Jewish female happily married to a kind and loving Muslim man, I speak firsthandedly. We are trying to be the change we wish to see in the world. Won’t you join us…
Dr. Dina

[10/20/18]   A super-duper HUGE congratulations to my patient, Cheryl, who came in for an appointment this morning and left me waiting anxiously for information....at midday, she informed me she passed her Virginia Bar Exam! This is a second career for this single Mom who worked full time while putting herself through law school at George Mason. Congratulations to you! You earned this! So proud of you and excited to see where this new path leads. Celebrate!!!!


I LOVE it when I realize my repetitiveness pays off and my patients truly hear what I say! For those who I'm fortunate enough to have as part of my practice...you will understand this.
I had my back to him when this awesome guy came in and announced "I figured we needed cocktails for our 'date'! So here's what I brought for you. The guy at Starbucks says this is what the ladies like the most."
This was for me, and green tea for him. THANK YOU, Marcelo!!!! You made my day. A generous patient who is part of one of my favorite families. They're all just stellar people.

It may not look like much, but it truly is 118 items for donation in 2018 to ALIVE family assistance program!

Pretty awesome day here in this dental office. A HUGE thank you to that lovely hygienist I highlighted in my last post, for the first delivery of the day. You are an amazing hygienist, colleague, and friend! Thank you to Dr. Bidgoli--world's BEST Endodontist--for my second delivery. And a super special thank you to a super special dude for my flower delivery.

Dentistry has definitely allowed me to form some amazing relationships over the years with both patients and coworkers. I met these two crazy kids at my very first job out of my residency, when we worked in Silver Spring, Maryland. It was a nutty office environment, but having great people to work alongside made it tolerable. Trudy was my very first hygienist, and though she's moved out of the country and back in and lives way down South, we have stayed friends over these 16 years! Dr. Obeid was the prosthodontist in the office, doing the big smile makeovers. He happened to precede me in the same Advanced General Dentistry residency I completed, so we were able to connect over our experiences with the doctors and patients in that program. So happy to spend an evening with these two again, laughing and reminiscing!

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