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We are excited to provide comprehensive dental care for your child in a fun, kid-friendly, state-of-the-art environment.
We strive to provide our patients with optimal dental health care and a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Dr. Patel and his staff are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of quality care… personal, considerate, sensitive, and knowledgeable.

What should I do if my child has a toothache? First, rinse the irritated area with warm salt water and place a cold compress on the face if it is swollen, aee us as soon as possible!

In order to prevent dental problems, your child should see a pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears, or no later than his/her first birthday.

From 2010-2015, the percent of children with decay experience in preschool children has gone up 11%, in kindergarten children, it has gone up 4%, and in 3rd graders, it has gone up 4%. Make an appointment for your child today!

When parents get excited about maintaining oral health, so do their kids! Be a good example for your child to follow. Brush your teeth, floss and visit your dental professional regularly.

Candy is not what makes teeth decay; germs do. It's not what children eat, but how often they eat it - that is the problem!

Remember that tooth decay is a bacterial disease; this disease can spread anytime saliva is shared from person to person. Everyone knows that toothbrushes should not be shared – and spoons, forks, and other utensils can carry the same germs.

Wishing you a rainbow of happiness and good cheer. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We suggest you brush and floss your child's teeth for them until they're coordinated enough to tie their own shoes, usually around age 6.

[03/14/19]   Our patients are off to a great start this year! Congratulations to Andy C and Ashika D on being our cavity free club winners!
Keep up the great work!

We invite you to schedule an appointment with our dental office so that we can examine your child's teeth and teach them how to brush properly! Even if your child is already brushing, there is a good chance that they are doing it wrong and missing a lot of the plaque that has built up on their teeth.

Cavities are the number one most commonly occurring infectious disease among children. This leads to children experiencing toothaches in high numbers, missing days from school, and experiencing overall discomfort. Give us a call today so we may ensure your child's teeth are healthy!

Don't have your child be a part of the statistic! Schedule an appointment with us today.

Preventing Cavities in Children | Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center

Learn why these two reasons are causing cavities in children to be more common than ever and how you can help prevent them! Preventing Cavities in Children - Most dental patients only want to hear one thing during an appointment, “No cavities!”. Unfortunately, this isn’t being said by dentists as much nowadays,

What do we spy here? Share this with someone you're going to make smile today!

Are your kids brushing with the right amount of fluoride toothpaste?

Siblings make brush time more fun!

[02/20/19]   Happy snow day Wednesday! The office is closed this morning due to the inclement weather. We will re-evaluate in a few hours about the afternoon. Stay warm!

It's true!

Protect children from unnecessary toothaches with regular dental visits and preventive care. The AAPD recommends that every child has a dental home by the child’s first birthday.

Reasons to Visit the Dentist in Winter | Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center

We know that the cold winter weather and dry air wreak havoc on the skin. Did you know that these weather conditions can also facilitate dental problems? Reasons to Visit the Dentist in Winter - We know that the cold winter weather and dry air wreak havoc on the skin. Did you know that these weather conditions can also facilitate dental problems?

Sneaky Elfa at it again! She didn’t earn those tokens!

She’s baaaaaack! Elfa has put out the mailboxes incase anyone needs to mail their letters to Santa!

Do you have lots of candy taking up space? APDC is doing its annual candy buyback! $1 per pound of unopened candy! Bring it in during regular office hours!

Sugar isn't the best for our bodies or our teeth. Take extra care of your teeth and rinse your mouth with water if you're planning on enjoying some sugary treats!

Even vampires need to brush their teeth! Be sure to pay extra attention while brushing your teeth tonight!

Does your little one play sports? If they do, make sure they have the right sports gear and mouth guard if necessary! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, or AAPD, states 10 to 39 percent of children in dental accidents are caused by sports incidents.

Your tooth enamel can't regrow itself, but it can be remineralized! Fluoride brings important minerals back into the tooth enamel. This in turn strengthens and hardens your teeth.

A reminder to floss your teeth! We oftentimes have hidden bits of food, as well as plaque-causing bacteria hiding in between our teeth. Brushing alone will not reach these!

Eat for a healthy mouth: limit between-meal snacks. If you crave a snack, choose something nutritious. Consider chewing sugarless gum afterward to increase saliva flow and to wash out food and acid.

On average, 3 million teeth are lost at sporting events annually.

The lifespan of a taste bud is 10 days.

Snail's heads are small, but they can have over 20,000 teeth! Imagine having to brush all of those!

78% of Americans have had at least one cavity by age 17. Make sure to teach your kids good dental hygiene tips!

Say "Aaahhhh!" Tongue depressors push the tongue down to allow for uninterrupted inspection of the mouth and throat.

When Should My Child Get Braces? - Pediatric Dentist Ashburn, VA

Check out this blog by Blog Find out if it’s the right time for your little one to get orthodontic treatment. You’ve begun to notice that your child’s permanent teeth are starting to grow in a little crooked. Or maybe they are dealing with gaps between teeth or overcrowding. If so, then you may be wondering

Did you know? The roof of your mouth is one of the only places on your body that you can tickle yourself!

Is it time for a checkup? Make sure that your children are getting their teeth cleaned and examined regularly!

Did you know? When you eat, you're not only feeding yourself, but also the plaque bacteria that live on your teeth! They love foods that lead to tooth decay, like sugars and starches, which is why it's important to practice good dental hygiene!

Fluoride, although it's great for your teeth, can be dangerous in extreme quantities! Make sure to supervise your child while they brush their teeth.

[09/03/18]   Happy Monday! APDC will be closed today to observe the Labor Day holiday. We will be open at 8am tomorrow! Enjoy your day!

[08/01/18]   Congratulations Abdurahmane S! He was the cavity free club winner for July! Keep up the great brushing!

We want to wish you a happy 4th of July! Celebrate our freedom with pride and love!

Straighten Your Child's Smile Discreetly - Pediatric Dentist Ashburn, VA

Check out this blog by Blog Most teens balk at the idea of getting braces to correct bite and tooth alignment issues. At Ashburn Pediatric Dental Center in Ashburn, VA, pediatric dentist Dr. Ajit Patel and our orthodontist Dr. Joseph Errera offer Invisalign clear aligners, a quicker, easier, and discreet way to strai

Your smile is the best thing in your closet! Remember to wear it every day!

A snail's mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, but it can have over 25,000 teeth!

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