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Videos by Dental 32 Fresh Smiles in Ashburn. First impressions begin with a healthy and attractive smile! We offer a full range of dental services to help you enjoy a lifetime of outstanding oral health. Our brand-new office features a bright, modern, contemporary atmosphere that encourages relaxati

Zoom Whitening

How does Zoom whitening work? Check out the video below to watch us whiten from start to finish!

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Zoom Whitening
How does Zoom whitening work? Check out the video below to watch us whiten from start to finish!

Have a safe July 4th of July everyone! #happyindependenceday #longweekend #dental32freshsmiles #dentist #fireworks

We love our patients! Meet Winnie, one of our patients, we are so grateful to have her share her experience with us!

You can basically learn anything and everything on YouTube nowadays. We at Dental 32 recommend seeing a real dentist eve...

Why is posture so important?Let’s ask Dr. Dan Traxler at Connect First Family Chiropractic!

What’s an orthodontist and what do they do?Meet Dr Jordan Katyal with Old Dominion Orthodontics. He’s really good with p...

Are you tired of fighting for the remote at home? Come watch tv at Dental 32 instead while you get your smiles fixed! We...

Project FRESH SMILE! I am giving away a smile makeover! Listen for details on how to be considered! And make sure to sha...

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all heroes that made the sacrifices for our country.#memorialdayweekend #staysafe #rota...

What’s the best insurance?

If Michael Jackson was a dentist. #sterilization #dentist #dental32freshsmiles #ashburnva #nowopen

Enhanced Safety Measures
Your safety is our number one concern. Dental 32 follows and goes above all ADA and CDC recommended precautions to keep ...

Here at Dental 32 Fresh Smiles, we take great lengths to make sure your visit is clean and safe. #passthebrushchallenge ...

Meet the Dental 32 team!

Dental 32 is officially open! Check out our covid style ribbon cutting ceremony. #ribboncutting #dentist #ashburnva #toi...

When your dad is a dentist and it’s day 50 of quarantine. #Samoyed #freshsmiles #dogdad #dentist #ashburnva

To glove or not to glove? What should we do at the grocery store?

Free food at Cafe Rio today! 12-1 and 5-6.

Should we be worried about the Corona virus 19?To find the nearest department of health click here:

We are excited about the progress we have made since last time! There are walls now and the vision is slowly coming toge...

The Blind Date
The first impression is always a lasting impression.

What in the world is a rootcanal (therapy)?

Dental 32 Welcome Video
Hey guys, it’s Dr. Ninh. We are new to the community and would like to invite you in to get know us by checking out our ...

When should I premedicate for a dental visit?

Here at Dental 32 we are not only improving smiles, but we also want to support the community and it’s small businesses....

How to floss!(Might need to turn screen sideways, I can’t figure out how to rotate videos on here)

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