Ashburn Children's Dentistry, Ashburn, VA Video March 26, 2019, 2:19pm

Videos by Ashburn Children's Dentistry in Ashburn. Welcome to Ashburn Children's Dentistry! We practice from the heart - delivering outstanding, advanced, customized dental care in an environment where childhood memories are made into healthy lifestyles! ❤

Thank you Julia for sharing your Myo journey to help other parents and patients!

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As the COVID-19 curve continues to stabilize, we are actively working to determine how to safely resume patient care. Our office will be temporarily closed until further notice. Please bear with us as we prepare for your safe return! 💜 Our team will continue to respond to calls and emails during this time. Patients with a true dental emergency will be triaged and provided care as determined. 💜 Thank you for your understanding and be safe! We're looking forward to seeing you soon! 💻 #ashburnchildrensdentistry #smileon #wewillgetthroughthistogether #airwayfocused #integrativepediatricdentistry #kidswellness #laserdentistry #ashburnva #growinghealthyfaces

TGIF💜ACD family! 🌟 Let’s seize the moment like this awesome girl. Don’t forget to enjoy life no matter how hard it may seem. 🌟 Have a great weekend❗️ #creativekids_ig #playmatters #integrativepediatricdetistry #healthykidshappykids #wellness #startearly #ashburnmoms #AshburnChildrensDentistry

Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise
Looking for a great workout during this time that helps boost your immunity? Come join Dr. Lynda, Dr. Krystle, Dr. Traci Jones, Maria and Ethan in the Nitric Oxide Dump exercise! Developed by Dr. Zach Bush, MD, who devised this 4 min exercise that can be done anywhere! Your body produces nitric oxide for vasodilation, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels, causing them to widen and increase circulation. Nitric oxide production is essential for overall health because it allows blood, nutrients and oxygen to travel to every part of your body effectively and efficiently. **Do you feel energized? Do your fingers and toes feel warmer?** Comment below, let us know how you feel! Stay healthy and Safe! #NasalBreathingisBest #NitricOxide #BreathewellBeWell #DrZachBush #Osteopathy #IntegrativePediatricLaserDentistry #AshburnChildrensDentistry

😃Everyone had a blast singing our brushing song 🎶 #pediatricdentistry #pediatricdentist #ACD #smile #healthysmiles #healthylifestyles

Celebrating #worldemojiday ! 😋😬🤓😘☺️😎

We are going to miss our amazing patient and family!! Thank you for trusting us with your little one! ACD wishes you all the best on your new move! 💜💚

Thank you Julia for sharing your Myo journey to help other parents and patients!

Thank you Paolo for sharing your Myo story!

Thank you Nyomi for sharing dental experience with everyone and it makes us happy you enjoy ACD so much!

Natan thank you for sharing your Myo experience and letting us know how you work to keep up with your exercises!

Here’s how our patient Ekya is doing with her Myobrace and the changes she noticed over the last few months! We are proud of our Superstar patient!!

Thank you Malachi for your thoughtful gift and thank you for giving to Toys for Tots!

Happy Birthday Dr. Lynda! Only doctor I know that can make wearing a birthday card as an accessory look this good!

Thank you Bagi family for your donations!

Dante thank you for your wonderful donation to Toys for Tots!

Nora VanDenburg had such a great first dental visit she wanted her own desk!

Thank you to the VanDenburg family, Olivia and Nora for their generous donation to Toys for Tots #skateboard#pjmasks#giving#holidayspirt

Thank you Mrs. Cheriathundam for your review and sharing your story!

Thank you so much for sharing your story of how Jaylen’s Myo appointments are going! As well as the improvements and how you overcame some of the impediments to doing treatment.

We love to see our patients so excited about their visits! Thank you Myra!

Thank Spohia and Mrs. Serice for being awesome parent and patient!

Thank you Diana and Gianna for being great parent and patients!

Thank you Medina for being a wonderful patient!

What you may not know...
Why is nasal breathing so important?

Last Call for Patients!
In case you have ever wondered what the Doctors do when the last patient leaves.... #kidzsmile #acd #funny #meme #pediatricdentistry

Amazing Patient Review!
Patient Review: Dani Walker #ashburnchildrensdentistry #Kidzsmile #acd #WeloverourPatients #pediatricdentistry

Check out these #upcoming #kids #movies! Let us know what movies you want to see in the office. What's your favorite kids movie? #kidzsmile #acd #newmovies #updates #pediatricdentistry #moviefone #instavideo #incredibles2 #toystory4 #wreckitralph2

Name That Tune
Ms. Carla wanted to share with us her new found #talent! Lynda Dean-Duru #namethattune #kazoofun #dentalassistant #allaboard #kidzsmile

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